Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Obama: Putin’s not challenging my leadership in Syria, and besides, I’m ‘leading on climate change’!

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/12/15 | Robert Laurie 

Delusional in Chief. Remember: War is peace, Ignorance is strength, Freedom is slavery, and Putin isn't "challenging" anything
If you were worried that your President was a feckless foreign policy failure who was being outplayed by an old Soviet hardliner, think again. Obama’s international “leadership” remains unchallenged - at least in Obama’s own mind - and he’s actually at the vanguard of the only foreign policy issue that really matters. It’s not ISIS, it’s not trade, and it’s not the Iran nuke deal.
If Obama is to be believed, Putin is acting out of weakness, and his “definition of leadership” rests on his holy crusade against unspecified varieties of “climate change.”
The President made his remarks after he was pressed by 60 Minutes interviewer Steve Kroft, who dared to suggest that maybe Putin was somehow attempting to take the upper hand in the Syrian situation.

Global warmists tell feds: Use anti-mafia law to prosecute ‘climate deniers’!

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/12/15 | Dan Calabrese 

And one of those making the demand is a U.S. senator.
Before you say this could never happen, let me ask you: Did you ever think people would be given six-figure fines for declining to bake a cake? And not only that, but see significant numbers of Americans agree with it happening? Orthodoxies are powerful things, and just as the left is riding one that defines non-participation in gay weddings as “discrimination,” it also thinks it can gain mainstream support for the idea that dissent on the global warming orthodoxy is some sort of crime.
Actually, if Democrat U.S. Senator Sheldon White House gets his way, a very specific type of crime - the same kind created to prosecute the mafia:



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Hate Crime






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