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’Carly Fiorina Was Right': Group Releases Full Abortion Video Mentioned in GOP Debate!

Breitbart ^ | 29 Sep 2015 | John Sexton 


The Center for Bioethical Reform, in partnership with the Grantham collection, has released the full version of a video which became a source of political controversy after the 2nd Republican debate.
The 13 minute long video shows the birth of what CBR describes as a “17 1/2 week fetus.” The fetus is placed in a metal pan with a clamp attached to its umbilical cord. A comparison demonstrates the new video is the source of the brief segment that appeared in a video produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), a pro-life investigatory group which has produced undercover videos critical of Planned Parenthood.
The graphic video of a “fully formed fetus… its legs kicking” appears in episode 3 of a multi-part documentary produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). This video shows former tissue procurement specialist Holly O’Donnell describing how she was shown an intact fetus with a beating heart. O’Donnell says of this moment, “I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead, or it’s alive.” O’Donnell was then asked to harvest brain tissue from the same fetus by cutting through its face.
As O’Donnell narrates her gruesome experience, the video shifts to 10 seconds of a fetus in a metal bowl which is still moving. The video is clearly labeled as coming from the Grantham Collection & Center for Bioethical Reform. It is not video of the fetus O’Donnell is describing but was inserted by the producers to illustrate what a living fetus at this gestation would look like.
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Communist Party Admits Infiltration & Takeover of Democratic Party!

Tap Wires ^ | October 01, 2015 | Jack Hammer 

After hearing Mr. Obama’s recent speech in which he claimed that slavery and Jim Crow laws (supported by Democrats) were done in the name of Christ, it’s impossible for anyone with a brain in their head to still deny that this man is a Marxist.
Here’s an excellent article by Alex Newman in which the Communist Party admits taking over the Democratic Party:
Communist Party USA boss John Bachtell boasted in a recent column that his Marxist-Leninist organization, a tentacle of the Soviet regime in America for decades, “utilizes” the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance its totalitarian objectives in the United States. Writing in the Communist Party propaganda mouthpiece People’s World, Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a “radical third party” would become a viable option to advance communism in America. However, for now, he argued, fending off what he calls the “ultra-right” — essentially anyone to the right of Obama, whom American communists openly backed in both elections — requires the CPUSA to continue utilizing the Democrat Party as a “vehicle.”
In his column, Bachtell, who was selected last year to serve as the national chair of the Communist Party USA, offers a wide array of arguments for why communists must continue to work through the Democrat Party. For instance, at least in the collectivist communist mind, the Democratic Party is “home” to “African Americans, Latinos, other communities of color, women, most union members, young people,” as well as various “social and democratic movements.” In reality, of course, there are plenty of blacks, Hispanics, women, and young people who boldly reject statism and the extremist Democrats promoting it.
Still, as many Democrats do, Bachtell lumps unique individuals into “constituencies” based on arbitrary characteristics such as melanin content, and declares that the Democratic Party is their “home.” He contrasts that with the GOP and “extreme right-wing elements” such as pro-lifers, climate realists, “right-wing” Christians, the Tea Party, social conservatives, and others, broadly categorized as “ultra-right.” By working with and through the Democrat Party, Bachtell purports to be building the “broadest anti-ultra right alliance possible,” even openly welcoming a “section” of what he describes as “monopoly” capital on Wall Street into the Communist Party war on liberty.
“This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party,” Bachtell explained, adding that some on the Left “underestimate the danger” from the Right and “overestimate” the willingness of “key class and social forces” to leave the Democratic Party right now. “Second, our objective is not to build the Democratic Party. At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda. We are about building the movements around the issues roiling wide sections of people that can help shape election contours and debates.”
Finally, the Communist Party USA participates in what Bachtell referred to as “coalition campaigns” that challenge the “Wall Street wing” of the Democrat Party and “galvanize forces around a progressive agenda, mainly in Democratic primary elections.” Among other examples, he cited “labor activists, progressives, socialists and communists who emerge from movements and run as candidates, backed by broad coalitions.” Having self-declared socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont run within the Democrat presidential primary, for instance, “would help do just this,” he added. Sen. Sanders has said publicly he would decide by March whether to run for the White House in 2016 as a Democrat.
“If the CPUSA is to be a mass political party it must be a mass electoral party, immersed in every aspect of electoral politics and the process toward political independence,” Bachtell continued, explaining to communist lackeys why they must continue to support and infiltrate the Democrat Party to advance more draconian tyranny later on. “Municipal elections are a key arena of battle in 2015…. Clearly, there is an immense amount of electoral activism and movement building that is laying the foundation for the eventual emergence of a mass radical third party.” For now, though, the Democrat Party will be “utilized” as the “vehicle” to advance Communist Party totalitarianism — at least until the “Right” is totally crushed.
Commenting on the explosive but hardly surprising admissions, anti-communist analyst Trevor Loudon, author of The Enemies Within exposing subversion at the highest levels of power in the United States, noted that much could be learned from communist strategy. “The Communist Party often upsets less mature Marxist groups because of their refusal to abandon the Democratic Party, despite not always getting every item on their agenda immediately,” Loudon explained. “As an experienced Communist, John Bachtell understands that in spite of difficulties and disappointments, the Communist Party agenda is far better served by infiltrating the Democrats than by marching in the streets yelling revolutionary slogans.”
As Loudon points out, “the Communist Party and their only marginally less radical Democratic Socialists of America allies can point to real achievements under their ‘friend’ Barack Obama.” From ObamaCare and amnesty for illegal immigrants to the ongoing attacks on the military and restored relations with the mass-murdering communist dictatorship in Havana, numerous CPUSA goals have been advanced through the Democrat Party just in recent years. Of course, the glaring similarities between the positions and policies of the Communist Party USA, the Democrat Party, and the Obama administration have now become fully obvious, at least to anyone who cares to look.
In 2004, for example, the CPUSA platform included, among other elements, demands for “free” healthcare, unrestricted abortion, government-funded education from pre-kindergarten to college, more federal “job” programs for “minorities,” more farm subsidies, a higher minimum wage, a ban on “discrimination” against homosexuals, international treaties to stop “global warming,” and much more. When compared with the Obama agenda that was unleashed upon America beginning in 2008 and that continues to be foisted on an outraged America today via lawless executive decrees — and funding from the GOP Congress — the parallels are impossible to deny.
In fact, comparing U.S. policy today to the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto — government education, progressive income taxes, central bank with monopoly on credit, and much more — key points of the communist agenda have been on the march in the United States for generations. And unsurprisingly, the Communist Party’s affinity for advancing its nightmarish vision of total state control via the Democrat Party goes back decades, too, as summarized and extensively documented in KeyWiki. In 1972, for instance, then CPUSA boss Gus Hall outlined the party’s policy to do precisely that.
“Our electoral policy has for 25 years been expressed in the phrase, ‘the three legs of a stool.’… The stool was constructed at a time when the Party was under sharp attack … a reflection of the Party’s response to the difficulties,” he wrote. “The flexibility was contained in the idea that no one leg of the stool was the main leg. Depending on the political pressures, one could choose a particular leg or legs. In fact the concept was built on the idea that when the other two legs, namely, the Communist Party and the forces of political independence, got strong enough, then and only then would the stool sit on three legs. But until that day comes the one operating leg would be the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.”
More recently, a 2010 report for the Communist Party’s National Convention was prepared by members of the Young Communist League USA. “Currently, the conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open Communists for office,” the report stated. “When members do run for office, it is within the auspices of the Democratic Party. Otherwise, we find ourselves supporting progressive (and in some instances not-so-progressive) Democratic candidates. Despite how much many of us would love to run comrades for office as Communists, we all agree that this is how we currently have to function in this political climate.”
In late 2012, meanwhile, a report delivered at the 14th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Beirut, Lebanon, praised Obama and the advances he had made for the cause. “The Communist Party USA not only welcomes the reelection of President Barack Obama, but actively engaged in the electoral campaign for his reelection and for the election of many Democratic Party congressional candidates,” explained the report, prepared by CPUSA International Department operative Erwin Marquit. “We regarded the 2012 election as the most important in the United States since 1932, an election held in the midst of the Great Depression.”
The CPUSA’s “present strategy,” the report continued, was to “build alliances both inside and outside the Democratic Party.” After Obama’s re-election in 2012, the so-called “progressive caucus” in Congress — masterfully exposed in Loudon’s work — will “be playing an important role in contributing to the mobilization of mass activity on critical issues to bring pressure on the Congress and administration to act on them.” The report also openly proclaimed that “the victory of Obama is a welcome aid for us in our domestic struggles.” Obama’s political career, of course, began in the home of Communist terrorist Bill Ayers, whose Weather Underground terror movement in the United States was backed by Communist mass-murderer Fidel Castro.
In his comments on Bachtell’s most recent admission, Loudon said Americans have a lot to learn. In the same manner that the CPUSA has “utilized” the Democrat Party, constitutionalists who hope to preserve liberty and the Republic bequeathed to Americans by the Founding Fathers ought to work within the GOP, Loudon argued. “Bachtell understands that prematurely breaking with the Democrats, on some quixotic adventure of forming a new leftist third party, would almost certainly hand the next few elections to the GOP,” Loudon wrote. “He fears that a revitalized GOP, led by Ted Cruz, or some similar figure, would roll back most, or all of the Communist Party’s hard fought gains.”
“If U.S. Constitutionalist conservatives and Tea Party activists can show similar political discipline and maturity, they will abandon plans for a suicidal third party agenda — for now,” Loudon wrote. “Instead they will work through the GOP, as the Communists have through the Democrats. Learn from the opposition. Utilize the GOP machinery and voting base to build a big Constitutionalist base inside the GOP. Build your strength, do as the Communists have done, primary any vulnerable GOP candidates who will not support your Constitutionalist agenda.”
Loudon argued that today, less than 1,000 hardcore Communist Party operatives and their few thousand allies in the Democratic Socialists of America “effectively dictate Democratic Party policy.” If the far larger constitutionalist and Tea Party movement could learn from the opposition’s tactics, “they can have a real shot at restoring the Republic.” In the end, Loudon argued, the battle for America is not between Democrats and the GOP. Instead, it is between constitutionalists and communists. If constitutionalists want a chance to win that battle and preserve liberty, he concluded, understanding and learning from the opposition is crucial.
The process of communists using other parties and movements to enslave populations is hardly new — it works the same from Brazil to South Africa and everywhere in between. Communism and communist regimes, of course, murdered well over 100 million people in the last century alone, making the “movement” by far the most murderous and bloodthirsty in the history of humanity. However, as The New American has documented extensively, there have always been even more sinister forces operating behind the communists and their legions of useful idiots. If liberty is to survive, exposing and countering them remains essential.

Campaign Finance Caper? Hillary Clinton and the Ghost of Scandals Past ^ | October 3, 2015 | Brian Birdnow 

Last week, amid fulsome rhetoric concerning Pope Francis, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Islam and assorted sundry items, the mainstream media generally disregarded the quiet return of a serious potential scandal, one that will be strong enough to shake the foundations of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and, in fact, may topple the Democratic front-runner, and her presidential aspirations for good. This overlooked scandal is not one of the newer variety concerning Benghazi, nor does it concern the e-mail tangle and the shifting rationales, sophistries, and alibis trotted out by Clinton campaign flunkies, desperately trying to explain the problem away, much like Lady Macbeth vainly scrubbing at blood stains. The re-emerging scandal may be much more serious and damaging than the current difficulties, and, judging by Hillary’s new and combative tone, she knows this and is going on the offensive, even though her campaign was retooling last week and trying to convince the public that Hillary, despite all appearances, is actually very “nice”.

What is this re-emerging scandal? Last week the Associated Press reported that Ng Lap Seng, a Chinese billionaire, was arrested and ordered held without bail, as the US authorities try to find out what happened to the millions of dollars that he brought into the USA illegally over the last five years. As the AP story said, “One of the world’s wealthiest people, a Chinese real estate mogul at the center of a Democratic campaign fundraising scandal two decades ago, has been grounded from his fleet of private planes, and stripped of his $200,000 watch after his incarceration without bail as the United States probes what he did with millions of dollars he brought into the country over the past few years”. The story goes on to say that Seng failed to convince U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn that he would return to appear in court if released on bond. Netburn, citing the fact that Seng had skipped bail once before, rejected the legal request that Seng be released, and ordered him held without bond, pending his court appearance.

At this point we must ask all of our readers to step back into time, to the mid-1990s, during the halcyon days of the Bill Clinton administration. Those thrilling days of yesteryear offered most political watchers unforgettable scandals, many of the low comic variety, complete with girls falling out of every closet, and harried Clinton staffers scrambling to contain the damage. Interspersed, however, between bedroom farces were a number of serious transgressions, which sadly, were not given the scrutiny they deserved by a media fixated on Monica Lewinsky. One of these misdeeds was the Clinton-China campaign finance scandal. This problem developed out of a 1996 Democratic National Committee strategy of burying the rival Republicans under a tsunami of cash, regardless of the source. Newspaper accounts of financing irregularities began appearing as early as the summer of 1995, and they began picking up in speed and accuracy in 1996. Briefly put, reports of massive amounts of money supplied by shadowy figures in Communist China, including Ng Lap Seng, funneled through John Huang, and Little Rock, Arkansas restaurateur Charlie Trie circulated through the American press during the 1996 campaign. Huang’s cash payments have been called the most serious breach of government ethics since the Teapot Dome scandal, but the Clinton administration resolutely refused to empower a special prosecutor, or to conduct a serious investigation. With a compliant press on his side, and the important witnesses fleeing the country, Clinton swept this scandal under the rug. The former first family, having dodged this bullet, probably never expected it to trouble them again, but they may have been wrong.

We will look at this situation and its perils for Hillary Clinton in a moment, but first we might ask a question. Why is this happening now? Some might simply dismiss it as a case of stupendously bad timing, or bad luck, for which Hillary is becoming known. Yet, at the time when the Clinton campaign is already playing the prevent defense game due to the corrosive effect of the continuing e-mail affair, this is the last thing that the tottering campaign needs. Certainly the candidate knows this, as she lashed out at her critics Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press”. She brought up the 1990s without prompting from questioners, likening the e-mail investigation to Whitewater, Filegate, the theft of government property from the White House, and the pardon scandal, among other things. Of course, Mrs. Clinton admitted to no wrongdoing in these dust-ups, she simply blamed the GOP for being unsporting enough to pursue them. She stopped just short on Sunday of warning about a new “…vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Now, the main question is simple. What does this mean for the Hillary campaign? She and her acolytes will attempt to characterize this as another example of Republican dirty tricks and skullduggery. It is fairly clear, however, that GOP operatives did not order the arrest of Ng Lap Seng, nor did a Republican Justice Department order him held without bail. On the contrary, this new scandal will bring back all of the memories of the 1990s and the Clinton Scandals. The old questions about the Clintons’ lack of ethics, conscience and morality will once again rear their ugly heads. The Hillary spin machine will no doubt try to disassociate her from her husband’s sordid administrations, but, as those who studied the 90s know, Hillary was at the center of all of the Clinton scandals, including attempting to cover up her spouse’s relentless amours. This was all done in the pursuit of power and shows that Hillary is as obsessed with status as her husband was obsessed with girls. The central question of Hillary’s slippery and untrustworthy nature will once again reassert itself, despite her campaign’s efforts to lay this to rest.

It is difficult to predict what the immediate future holds. Mr. Seng won’t talk for a little while. This may be good for the Clintons, or it may be bad. Certainly, nothing incriminating will come out immediately, and the Clinton spin machine can go about the business of character assassination and ruining Mr. Seng with no pushback for the next few months. Still, the story stays alive and if Seng agrees to testify in exchange for a plea, we may see this issue pop up next year, in the heat of another general election campaign. It is hard to predict where scandal will go, but it does not seem that this will be easy for Team Hillary to sweep under the rug.

Undoubtedly there are many nervous Democrats out there who are now more than a little worried about Hillary and her ever growing baggage list, and the possibility that this will drag down the entire party next year. Does anyone really think that the Obama people are not behind the current push for Joe Biden to enter the race? There are also rumors that former Vice-President Al Gore is considering throwing his hat in the ring, if the stars should align properly. Circumstances will surely change between now and the primary election season, but for the moment this new scandal portends nothing but more trouble for the smartest woman in the world, the inevitable Hillary Clinton.

Why does Barack Obama only care about white gun crime?

The London Telegraph ^ | October 2, 2015 | Crystal Wright 

There are plenty of gun control laws in America, but the President isn't enforcing them. Maybe that's because the illegal guns are used by blacks to kill blacks.

After the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon, President Barack Obama once again took the opportunity to lecture us Americans with righteous indignation about guns in America.
“Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We’ve become numb to this.”
Chris Harper Mercer, a 26-year old white man, killed 10 people and wounded at least seven others at Umpqua Community College. Police killed Mercer in a standoff. Obama reacted.
Now, anytime a deranged gunman kills innocent people it is a tragedy. Period. But what has truly become “routine” is Obama expressing outrage when young white men kill but ignoring the number of blacks killing each other and others daily in cities across America. Here are just some examples from this summer in the nation’s capital - Obama’s own backyard.
On Georgia Avenue, a main route through DC, a black gunman executed a man, standing over the victim and shooting him three times. In May, a stray bullet killed a young black reporter, Tamara Gliss. Meanwhile Matthew C Shlonsky, a 23 year-old graduate of American University, was killed by gunfire getting out of a cab in DC....(continued)
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Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her — Time to lawyer up!

New York Post ^ | October 3rd, 2015 | Ed Klein 

One of the Clintons’ oldest and most trusted legal advisers has urged Hillary to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent her in case she’s indicted for mishandling classified documents on her private e-mail server and for lying under oath.

The adviser, who has been a Clinton confidant for more than 30 years, laid out his concerns about Hillary’s legal exposure in a wide-ranging interview.

“This e-mail thing is spiraling out of control,” he said. “To paraphrase John Dean of Watergate fame, it’s a cancer on her candidacy.

“Frankly,” he continued, “I am used to my advice on legal matters being taken very seriously and acted upon by the Clintons. I’ve told them repeatedly that this FBI e-mail investigation could go in a very dangerous direction very quickly.

“I think Bill takes the matter seriously. But Hillary is still acting as though it’s a political smear job by right-wing zealots.”
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