Tuesday, August 25, 2015

American voters: Donald Trump’s candidacy is no joke!

Personal Liberty ^ | 8/21/2015 | Sam Rolley 

The Republican Party elite dismissed Donald Trump as a joke candidate from the onset of his campaign, but average Americans are convinced that the billionaire businessman is the contender most likely to take the GOP nomination.
That’s according to a poll from Rasmussen, which found an astonishing 57 percent of likely Republican voters believe that Trump will win the party’s nomination. Just two months ago, only 27 percent of Republican voters felt Trump had a shot.
But it isn’t just Republicans who believe Trump has an edge over his fellow candidates. Forty-nine percent of all voters say that Trump will be the Republican choice, up from 23 percent.
The wealthy celebrity businessman continues to lead the Republican primary field, polling at 22 percent in the latest Real Clear Politics average. Following Trump are Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 9 percent. Tied for fourth, with 7 percent each, are Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.
According to a recent report in USA Today, Trump’s campaign team is currently working to “consolidate the leads he enjoys in Republican polls; then turn out enough supporters to win early state contests; then ride a wave of new and energized anti-establishment voters to the Republican Party presidential nomination and beyond.”
From the newspaper:
Whatever happens in the next six months or so, the New York-based billionaire has put his political stamp on the summer of 2015, and Republican opponents will have to deal with him one way or another, sooner or later. At this point, Trump has convinced a large cadre of volunteers that he can go all the way by stressing issues like immigration and trade and attracting potential voters who have sat out previous elections because they dislike traditional politicians.
Trump on Friday planned a massive rally in Alabama, an event seen largely as a move to secure support across the Deep South.

IRS finds yet another Lois Lerner email account!

The Washington Times ^ | August 24, 2015 | Stephen Dinan 

Lois Lerner had yet another personal email account used to conduct some IRS business, the tax agency confirmed in a new court filing late Monday that further complicates the administration’s efforts to be transparent about Ms. Lerner’s actions during the tea party targeting scandal.
The admission came in an open-records lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm that has sued to get a look at emails Ms. Lerner sent during the targeting.
IRS lawyer Geoffrey J. Klimas told the court that as the agency was putting together a set of documents to turn over to Judicial Watch, it realized Ms. Lerner had used yet another email account, in addition to her official one and another personal one already known to the agency.
“In addition to emails to or from an email account denominated ‘Lois G. Lerner‘ or ‘Lois Home,’ some emails responsive to Judicial Watch’s request may have been sent to or received from a personal email account denominated ‘Toby Miles,’” Mr. Klimas told Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, who is hearing the case.
It is unclear who Toby Miles is, but Mr. Klimas said the IRS has concluded that was “a personal email account used by Lerner.”
Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said it was stunning the agency was just now admitting the existence of the address.
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Frontpagemag.com ^ | August 25, 2015 | Daniel Greenfield 

Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb. There was no surprise there.
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How Can You Be a Smart Moron?

Vanity | 8/25/2015 | CharlesOconnell 

The best look at how a battle of the morons would shape up is to look at an old Biden appearance on Charlie Rose. It was pretty interesting talk until Camille Paglia reminded us of what we forgot after Bubba, W and Big Br'O: the (still ) most powerful person in the world has to command a certain awe with other world leaders by at least appearing presidential. The battle of the morons could never come out that way if one's head could be transplanted on the other's shoulder and you could vote for both at once: you still wouldnt get 1/2 a President.



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