Friday, August 14, 2015

Trump on the 40 Yard Line

Coach is Right ^ | 8/14/15 | Peggy Ryan 

I’ve written several pieces on Donald Trump. Reaction to these musings either fire up the Trumpster’s wrath or garner me their instant support. I’m accused of being an establishment lackey or I’m lauded as a Trump supporter. But nothing I’ve written is that black and white. My takeaway from these responses is that I’m not getting my point across.
However, being nearly as stubborn as Trump, I refuse to give up. So today I’ll approach the subject in a manner that all men and most women will get. I’m going to use a sports analogy. Football. Oops, is that sexist?
Anyway, in this scenario Republican conservatives are the offense. For non-sports types that means we have the ball and to win the game we must move it across the goal line. The Red team has three wide receivers, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Scott Walker. It’s their job to catch the ball and run with it. Our tight end is Donald Trump. He can both receive and block.
The Republican establishment and their crony allies are the defense, the Blue team. They had the ball and were halfway down the field when the Reds intercepted. Now they’re the defense, meaning they have to stop the Reds. They’re flush with 400 lb. line-backers and tackles with just one mission–to annihilate the Reds.
And we have our referees, each being a member of the mainstream media. It is their duty to enforce the rules.
Unfortunately, going into the game, most of the Red receivers suffer from injuries sustained in previous contests. Not enough to take them out but enough to slow them down.
Governor Walker was hit with a blitz while quarterbacking for Wisconsin. He was rushed by the powerful unions and their Democrat team mates who...
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Memo from Clinton campaign to supporters: Don't panic!

Politico ^ | 8/13/15 | Nick Gass 

A memo sent by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to her supporters this week urged them to remain calm, invoking, of all past examples, Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.
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So, is this Hillary's Nixon's "I am not a crook" moment?You know, having to issue the statement "Don't Panic"!


Washington Post Calls Claim That “Abortion is Only 3% of What Planned Parenthood Does” a Lie ^ | 08/14/2015 | Aug 13, 2015 

Planned Parenthood has long been able to promulgate its 3% abortion lie, and the mainstream media has eaten it up hook line and sinker, not once questioning the veracity of the largest abortion provider in the U.S.
That is all changing.
For the first time, the mainstream media has begun to question Planned Parenthood. The gruesomeness of Planned Parenthood’s barbarity – selling murdered babies for parts – has been exposed, and the mainstream media has been forced to look at the stark reality of the Culture of Death.
Yesterday, the Washington Post – no friend to the pro-life movement – lobbed the first salvo at Planned Parenthood’s unbreachable – and equally absurd – assertion, bluntly concluding that Planned Parenthood is “misleading,” “using meaningless and incomplete comparisons to make their argument, and the public should wary . . . .”
Planned Parenthood’s lie is simple, “Three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services.”
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