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Hillary and aides defy court orders despite threat of perjury charges (sneering royals)! ^ | 8/8/15 | Jim Kouri 

A Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit seeks government and State Dept records about the employment status of Huma Abedin, then-Deputy Chief of Staff to Secy of State Hillary Clinton who also held positions with The Clinton Foundation and a third position as a consultant to Teneo Strategies---an international consulting firm that boasts Bill Clinton as a board member.
.....a July 31, 2015, court order requires former Secy of State Hillary, and her former top aides, turn over all government documents and records in their possession, requesting government material be turned over immediately and that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills -- provide detailed descriptions of their use of Mrs. Clinton's private server to conduct government business, according to J/W---a non-governmental watchdog that investigates and exposes government and political corruption.
Mills and Abedin, responding through attorneys, disregarded Judge Emmett Sullivan’s request, under the threat of federal perjury charges..... or worse....numerous media reports were not responded to by Mrs. Clinton, as of Friday.
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Four’s Company? After Gay Marriage, Polyamory is Next

ACCULTURATED ^ | Andrew Stiles 

Just hours after the Supreme Court declared a constitutional right to same-sex marriage on June 26, Politico published an op-ed explaining why “group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.” If your first reaction was to dismiss this out of hand, you haven’t been paying attention. As the 21st century progresses, it is going to become increasingly difficult to answer the question “what is marriage for?” or even “what is marriage?” And, no, don’t blame it on the gays.
If the Internet is to be believed, “open marriages” are, quite possibly, the next social frontier that, sooner or later, could even merit a “national conversation.” Polyamory, which, for the record, Microsoft Word refuses to recognize as an English word, but refers to individuals who engage in “consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy,” appears to be inching its way into the mainstream. (Note: I was planning to write something here about how polyamory “doesn’t have its own flag yet,” but I should’ve known better.)
Polyamory is Next, And I’m One Reason Why,” writes Sara Burrows at The Federalist, citing her Ron Paul libertarianism as a contributing factor in her decision to “save” her relationship by casting off the shackles of monogamy. As it turns out, salvation is a recurring theme in polyamorous lore. For example: “My Husband And I Had A Threesome And It Saved Our Marriage.” Something, presumably, is being saved by the fact that “These Five People Are Having a Baby Together.”
Then there is the amusing tale of Michael Sonmore, who described in the pages of New York Magazine how his feminist ideology (along with “an ocean of red wine”) compelled him to embrace his wife’s request for unlimited extramarital excursions. “Honoring our vows and fulfilling her desires was a false choice,” he realized. Now he longs for the nights when she comes home late, crawls into beds, and tells him all about her hot sex with “Paulo.”
This is actually a textbook example of “ethical cheating,” a term coined by Brandon Wade, the thrice-married founder of, a website for people looking to embark on a “journey toward polyamorous partnering”—or, perhaps, for those who are hesitant to join the (proudly unethical) cheating platform Ashley Madison after hackers breached the site and threatened to expose its millions of users. Wade’s ethical cheaters are advised to openly discuss their intentions with their spouse, and are warned to “expect a bit of defensiveness.”
It’s not just something people write about on the Internet. Recent polling shows that 16 percent of Americans find multiple-spouse relationships “morally acceptable,” up from 7 percent in 2001. On the other hand, just 8 percent said the same about married individuals having an affair, although they were presumably referring to the “unethical” variety; the pollsters failed make the distinction. It certainly hasn’t gone mainstream—yet. Give it time.
I’m not married, but probably will be at some point. By then, monogamy may be as socially frowned-upon as celibacy is now (and celibacy will be even lamer, like wearing a fedora). Group sex will be the new “hanging out,” and children’s television shows will be subtitled in pornographic emojis. Letting your wife cheat on you will be like watching the WNBA; you should at least pretend to enjoy it in the interest of fairness. Open marriages will become more popular if only due to the unassailable power of FOMO. Bill Clinton will be devastated.
And who knows? Maybe we should all just embrace our polyamrous future, and everything will be, sort of, okay? Maybe divorce rates will go down on account of all the “saved” relationships? Some people find the thought of being contractually obligated to have sex with only one other person until one of you dies unappealing. At the same time, they like the idea of getting married and having a fun wedding and bachelor party and having kids and letting them choose their own gender and raising them to be the Michael Jordan of NFL punters and so on. They want the best of both worlds. It’s a free country. Fine.
But if the standard, two-person marriage really is a crucial element of our society—one that is a primary indicator of economic success—and it represents a meaningful commitment to something greater than ourselves and whatnot; if years from now we somehow manage to screw that up along with everything else, we should at least figure out who to blame. And it won’t be the gays, and it won’t be Paulo; it will be me and all the other Millennials who were taught from birth to believe that we’re all super special and should get whatever we want all the time, free of consequence, and go our entire lives without encountering an uncomfortable thought—that things like “commitment” and “upholding vows” and “the Constitution” and “getting a job” are just meaningless abstractions from a bygone age. Who knows what these things were once used for? Who the hell even cares?

Study: More People Developing Dementia Earlier, Death Rates Soaring ^ 

Researchers found that people are developing dementia a decade earlier than they were 20 years ago, possibly due to factors such as pollution and insecticides, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch.
The study compared data from 21 Western countries between 1989 and 2010 and found that the disease is more commonly diagnosed in people in their late 40s, in addition to climbing death rates.
The research suggest the issue is particularly severe in the United States. Study authors say neurological deaths in men over the age of 75 have nearly tripled, and have risen more than five-fold in women. Scientists partially attribute this rise to environmental factors and widespread use of pesticides, according to the London Times.
Deaths caused by neurological disease have risen in 55- to 74-year-olds and have almost doubled in those over 75 years old, according to the study. Sixty percent of the increase in deaths were due to dementia, with 40 percent of deaths attributed to other neurological disease like Parkinson’s and motor neuron disease.
“The rate of increase in such a short time suggested a silent or even a hidden epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just aging,” lead study author Colin Pritchard said.
Other researchers are careful to note that environmental factors are only a possible element of the findings, and in no way proven.
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