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Manners Before Truth: The Usual RINOs Pile on Ted Cruz

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Sen. Ted Cruz's public accusation that Mitch McConnell lied to fellow Senators has not gone over well among the GOP leadership. Establishment Republicans are predictably going after the Texas Senator and rebuking him for violating Senate etiquette.
Cruz made waves last week when he accused the Majority Leader on the Senate floor of telling a bald-faced lie to Republicans -- a lie that Cruz says opened the way to a vote on the Export-Import Bank, which conservative Republicans would have blocked if they had known the Majority Leader's plans. The Senate ended up voting to renew the Ex-Im Bank on Sunday evening. Cruz and other conservative Republicans have persistently fought the Ex-Im Bank, calling it a classic example of corporate welfare and congressional corruption.
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was among the first to attack Sen. Cruz's comments.

"I think it was outside the realm of Senate behavior," said Sen. John McCain, who has clashed with Cruz in the past. "I would never contemplate going to the floor of the Senate and impugning the integrity of another senator. Just not something we do here. I really think it was a very wrong thing to do."

Wrong, perhaps -- unless Cruz's claim is actually true. Wouldn't a straight-up lie warrant a slight breach of genteel manners? Would not a breach of trust warrant a breach of cordiality?
Perhaps it is this stubborn politeness, after all, that has for so long kept noble reformers from upending the money-changers who rule Congress and lie in bed with lobbyists. Perhaps it is McCain's profound and unrivaled concern for niceness that keeps the Senate awash in cronyism. Perhaps it is this unwavering devotion to the status quo, which rules the hearts of so many GOP leaders, that millions of Americans voted to oust last fall. Sadly, their votes have affected little change.
McCain is not alone in his overt concern for niceness over truth. Sen. Orrin Hatch threw in his own two cents on the matter.

"Squabbling and sanctimony may be tolerated in other venues -- or perhaps on the campaign trail -- but they have no place among colleagues in the United States Senate.

I see. So Cruz was simply grandstanding, perhaps trying to catch up to Donald Trump in the presidential polls. Whatever his motives, he couldn't have been expressing righteous indignation at a misguided Senate leader who goes to bat for K Street every day.
At least Cruz remained unfazed. His response to these criticisms was short and sweet.

"I do not believe speaking the truth is anything other than in the very best tradition of the United States Senate," Cruz said to reporters.

The Audacity of that Hopeless Reprobate Clinton (HRC)

Mononymous1/Wordpress ^ | 8/2/2015 | Mononymous1

What seems to be missing from the discussion of what Mrs. Clinton has been up to is the utter audacity, chutzpah, of the woman. Here we have someone, the Prince Charles of American politics as I have previously referred to her, whom we all know has lusted for the power of the presidency since, well, at least 2007. This person had to have known for sometime now and particularly during her time at the State Department, that she will run again for the office. And yet, with the run likely being a near certainty (with the possible exception being for her health), she knowingly, willfully and with reckless disregard for security, setup her very own email server in Chappaqua. This, necessitated by the single “fact” that she didn’t want to carry more than one mobile device. Who, out there, actually believes this?

More well-qualified people will inform us about the legal ramifications of what she has done so, let’s focus for a minute on what it suggests. What it shows is a person who simply does not believe that the law and rules should be an impediment to her ambitions or personal interests. The “smartest” woman in the world had to know that her use of a personal server would become public or at minimum, that the risk of this exposure could be problematic and yet, she forged ahead in the unprecedented manner (nevermind the spin from her eunuchs about Colin Powell, etc.). So, what made her do it? Did she really think it was not a problem (knowing differently and again, presumably, knowing the security risks), did she think it would have been kept hidden or did she do it because she thought there was no downside at all? We have to eliminate the first of these because, surely, someone would have advised her that the security risk alone was not worth it (it is simply unbelievable that Mrs. Clinton has actually attacked the Chicoms for hacking into the US Government protected OPM database and yet, some how, we are to believe that her little server in Chappaqua escaped attention). This leaves us with either the thinking that the server would have been kept secret (willing accomplices in the media) or that the risk of exposure and potential damage from it were far outweighed by whatever there was to gain; that is, carrying only one mobile device, does anyone believe this?

If you don’t, you have to think what this says about Mrs. Clinton and what it’d mean if she has unfettered and fully confidential access to the levers of power in Washington, D.C. The audacity of this person and her history (and we only need go to the infamous Youtube/Benghazi lies for affirmation) should disqualify her from even running for the presidency in the minds of most fair and serious minded persons. Mrs. Clinton needs to understand that at some point, her baggage will and should make a difference.

Why criticizing ethical vegans and animal rights activists will soon become a hate crime!

DC: Infowarrior ^ | June 2, 2015 | DC: Infowarrior 

As many of you know, so-called “fat pride” activists have launched an all-out attack on anybody who advocates fitness, erects billboards promoting health and fitness, or merely asks why there is an obesity epidemic by labeling any dissenting viewpoints on obesity as “hate speech” and even reporting obesity skeptics to police for “hate crimes.”
Now I have learned that there is a possibility that ethical vegans – vegans who convert to veganism not for health reasons, but for animal rights reasons – will take a cue from the fat pride activists and have any dissenting viewpoints on ethical veganism and animal rights declared to be hate speech.
How will the ethical vegans accomplish this goal? By having veganism officially recognized by governments as a religion on par with Christianity, Islam, Zionism, and atheism.
In December 2012, Sakile S. Chenzira, at the time a customer service representative for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, was fired for refusing to take a vaccine because it contained egg products. In return, Ms. Chenzira filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that her dismissal was in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on religious beliefs (or lack thereof).
In late 2013, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center reached a settlement.
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Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have best records for doing what they promise!

The Examiner ^ | August 2, 2015 | Jack Dennis, San Antonio Examiner 

When Ted Cruz and Donald Trump meet on Thursday, it will be their second one-on-one get-together since mid-July. The two are gaining in popularity according to the latest polls released this weekend. They both know Jed Bush is the man to beat for the Republican nomination for President. Also recognized, by penetrating the sacred, powerful and shady capitalist’s protected turf, the vicious fury of the GOP and Democratic leadership is about to be unleashed against them in the media.
Bush, with the power of the Republican establishment in his corner, has raised about $104 million in campaign funds from super Political Action Committees (PACS). Cruz has netted about $37 million while Trump doesn’t need their money. He can be self-funded. Cruz, through private donations, has raised $15 million versus Bush’s $12 million.
Trump appreciates Cruz’s wisdom. Cruz is, after all, intelligent enough to separate from the crowd of presidential contenders, special interest activists, and politicians taking shots condemning Donald Trump. Like a heavyweight champion punching in the face to the media, big business, and big government elitists, Trump keeps pounding.
Millions of citizens, fed up with Washington rhetoric and broken promises, are tempted by Trump's refreshing messages, spiteful and boasting as they are. Cruz is maintaining his brand by delivering his honesty without demeaning the character of his fellow candidates. His sensible approach is to disagree with facts on issues without being loathsome.
Cruz can spar with the best of them. He repeatedly delivers answers to the media many of them don’t want to receive....
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