Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chicago Democrats Make Appeal To Republican Candidates (NPR Interview)

NPR ^ | 06/13/2015 | SCOTT SIMON 

Pastor Corey Brooks, of the New Beginnings Church of Chicago, has invited all of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates to speak to his congregation. Pastor Brooks joins us now from our studios in Chicago. Thanks so much for being with us.
COREY BROOKS: Glad to be on your show.
SIMON: Pastor, why have you made this appeal to Republicans?
BROOKS: Well, for far too long, Democrats have taken advantage of our community and just always felt as if we're just going to be there for them without having to do the things that are necessary in our community. The Republican Party has overlooked this, simply because they thought that - out of tradition and out of culture
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In 2008, ABC News 'reported' that by today, 'global warming' meant NYC would be flooded! ^ | 6/13/2015 | Thomas Lifson 

Only seven years ago, a disgraceful fear-mongering ABC News Good Morning America broadcast that “reported” doom would be upon us by today. Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters reported at the time the outlandish attempt to panic Americans into supporting drastic centralized economic control and higher taxes.
Whitlock takes a well-deserved bow, in a flashback on Newsbusters:
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The Art of Voter Amnesia: What's an ID?

Self | 6/13/15 | Me 

Democrats never say they are committed to stopping voter fraud, merely that they're dedicated to "everyone" voting. This smug admission tells you everything you need to know, or in other words, nothing you didn't already suspect. The truth is Voter ID doesn't discriminate against or disenfranchise anyone. How can it when everyone is held to same standard of accountability?
If you can't even verify your identity, validate and protect the authenticity of your vote, how are you a victim of anything other than your own ignorance and apathy? People have TWO YEARS in-between elections to get a damn photo ID; yes, the very same pertinence you need to drive a car, file for welfare, cash a check, win the lottery, buy beer, board a plane, adopt a pet, or attend the Democratic National Convention! There are excuses and then there are outright lies. Professional con artists like Hillary Clinton welcome, invite and encourage voter fraud because 99% of its existence favors leftist candidates. How else could you indiscriminately pocket 85% of charitable relief funds for your own personal ambitions? Criminals hate red tape almost as much as they mysteriously misplace their mug shots. Apparently cameras are racist too.
Any party, movement or politician that cannot stand on the merits of their own convictions and record without the benefit of voter fraud is inherently wrong for America and a disgrace to the people they claim to serve. If you need to invent injustice and incite animosity to rally support for your withering candidacy, perhaps your chauffeur can wipe the blood off your "Forward" bumper sticker as you bypass the ghetto graveyard of liberal lies on the way to your sprawling estate. Yes, not only is it painfully obvious Democrats have little regard for the integrity of our elections, the viability of our laws, they possess absolutely no concern for the sovereignty of this nation. If you actually believe illegal immigrants and radical Islamists know what's better for America than everyday, law-abiding citizens who are privy and loyal to our founding ideals, your God-given liberties, then you deserve to live in a socialist cesspool as your freedoms and property are slowly stripped from your naive grasp.
Anyone that zealously courts or engages in voter fraud solely to win an election - albeit through bribery, unregistered, repetitive or non-citizen voting - is a stain on the soul of those men and women who died to procure and protect our way of life. If I need photo identification to buy a gun, then so should those casting a vote to potentially strip me of my Constitutional right to bear arms and defend myself against all threats; both foreign and domestic.

Ted Cruz is right on the trade deal

The Examiner ^ | June 13, 2015 | J. Maropoulakis Denney 

TPA, or similar a law, has existed for decades. The recent vote in the U.S. Senate was a renewal of the TPA, and Senator Ted Cruz, perhaps the foremost constitutional conservative in the Senate, supported it because it created a process in which the president could be held accountable. TPP was never voted on in the Senate or the House, and its language has not even been finalized.
My objection, at this point, to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is that it is secret, and only members of congress are permitted to read it. Ted Cruz has read it, and has issues not only with the secrecy, but on other points that he intends to address in the Senate. He especially wants to insist that any trade agreement with any of our Pacific partners under the TPP will get an up or down vote in congress within 60 days.
Trade in the Pacific has become crucial, because the un-named elephant in the room is communist China, who wants to dominate the region. Some sort of TPP must be passed; there is more than free trade at stake here, national security is tied to this....
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If Republicans can't beat Hillary, they should disband the party

The Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential ^ | June 13, 2015 | Philip Klein 

Hillary Clinton certainly has a flair for the ironic. "There may be some new voices in the Republican presidential choir," Clinton observed in Saturday's re-annoucement that she was running for president. "But they're all singing the same old song — a song called 'Yesterday.'"
Clinton was accusing Republicans of being trapped in the past in the same speech that she began by referencing a speech Franklin Roosevelt gave in 1941. And in doing so, she quoted a song the Beatles released in 1965 — before Republicans Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal had even been born.
The reference was also an indication that Rubio has already gotten into her head.
If you recall, back in April, Clinton announced her candidacy for the first time. A day later, Rubio launched his campaign, stating, "Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back."(continued)
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