Saturday, June 6, 2015

Blue Cross parent posts big loss in first year of Obamacare!

Crain's Chicago Business ^ | June 5, 2015 | By: Bob Herman 

Health Care Service Corp., the largest not-for-profit health insurer in the country, suffered large losses in 2014, the first year Americans could buy individual coverage through the public exchanges.
HCSC recorded a $281.9 million loss in 2014, compared with a $684.3 million surplus in 2013—a swing of almost $1 billion. The losses were somewhat expected.
Chicago-based HCSC, the Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurer for Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, said the inaugural year of the Affordable Care Act's exchanges disrupted the insurance industry, particularly the individual market. Medical claims were up significantly, reflecting the needs of a sicker membership. HCSC's prescription drug costs rose 43 percent.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas, for instance, lost almost $400 million on individual policies in 2014. Claims outpaced premiums by $280 million at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois.
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Wife of Ousted Egypt President Sitting on Death Row Drops Bombshell About Hillary

Conservative Tribune ^ | 6/05/15 | ?Conservative Tribune??? 

The current front-runner for Democrat nomination for the 2016 presidential election is looking decidedly less electable almost daily. And this new revelation isn’t going to help her case any.
A complaint filed with Attorney General Hisham Barakat of Egypt argued that Naglaa Ali Mahmoud, the wife of imprisoned former Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi, admitted to collaborating with Hillary Clinton to oust current Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah Al-Sissi. But it gets better — although probably not from Clinton’s point of view.
In an interview granted to Turkey’s Anatolia news agency, Mahmoud allegedly made a number of statements that could lead to Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes looking a lot like my hopes of fitting back into my old Army uniforms — theoretically possible, but not terribly realistic.
“I have between my fingers, a treasure trove of secrets from the White House and Mrs. Clinton fears my wrath,” Mahmoud reportedly said.
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Bankroller of Democratic Voting Rights Cases? George Soros!

New York Times ^ | June 5, 2015 | By Maggie Haberman 

A Democratic legal fight against restrictive voting laws enacted in recent years by Republican-controlled state governments is being largely paid for by a single liberal benefactor: the billionaire philanthropist George Soros.
Mr. Soros, the Hungarian-born investor whose first major involvement in American politics was a voter-mobilization drive in the 2004 presidential race, has yet to commit the many millions of dollars that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s allies hope he and other like-minded billionaires will pour into the “super PAC” directly aiding her campaign.
But it turns out that Mr. Soros had already agreed to put as much as $5 million into the litigation effort, which Democrats hope will erode restrictions on voter access that they say could otherwise prove decisive in a close election.
The lawsuits — which are being led by a lawyer whose clients include Mrs. Clinton’s campaign — are attacking a variety of measures, including voter-identification requirements that Democrats consider onerous, time restrictions imposed on early voting that they say could make it difficult to cast ballots the weekend before Election Day, and rules that could nullify ballots cast in the wrong precinct. . .
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Democrats Are The Only Ones Responsible For The Chaos Of Obamacare

The Federalist ^ | June 4, 2015 | David Harsanyi 

If the Supreme Court decides that there will be no more retroactive legislating and upholds Obamacare as written, terrible things will happen to America. No doubt, you’ve heard some of them. We might, for instance, find out what health insurance in fabricated, state-run “marketplaces” actually cost.
Yikes, indeed. But her contention isn’t exactly right. Insurance plans in federally run exchanges already cost 650 percent more than consumers pay. The difference is picked up taxpayers. Kaiser estimates that the 37 states that have declined to set up exchanges will see an average spike of 287 percent should the King v. Burwell decision not go the administration’s way.
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Best Years

Reagan Brought Us Eight of the Best Damn Years this Country's Ever Seen- Yet We Learn NOTHING
Reaganite Republican ^ | 06 June 2015 | Reaganite Republican 
Posted on 6/6/2015, 5:54:49 AM by Reaganite Republican

-as a nation, anyway

But with stupidity and ingratitude in fashion -and meritocracy out of style- 
who has time to hear about Reagan's towering success?

Some of us in this country do still honor Ronald Reagan's memory -and heed the lessons of his glowing example,
i.e. Ted Cruz- and yesterday, Fri June 5th was the 11th anniversary of The Gipper's passing- hard to imagine missing another politician the way I do this very, very great man.

Sure wish he was here to talk some sense into our wayward nation... 
and smack the beatniks, losers, and communist agitators upside the head.

Nancy Reagan places flowers on Ronald Reagan's gravesite at
the Presidential Library in Simi Valley on Saturday, June 5 2015