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Was it lesbian references that Hillary really cleared from her email records?

Coach is Right ^ | 4/19/15 | George Spelvin 

Hillary Clinton’s E-mails might have mixed up the names of her alleged lesbian lovers (plus, perhaps, any salacious details of the ladies’ intimate relationships) with confidential information relating to her service as the U. S. Secretary of State according to a world exclusive story just being released by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER! (1) Perhaps that explains why the Presidential candidate, America’s former first lady, ERASED her personal E-mail accounts.
Was she really trying to protect her lady lovers? In a full blown investigation by its staff of experienced reporters, the Enquirer details possible love affairs with the daughter of a highly placed government official, a gorgeous, thirty something model, a movie star and another stunning model who, allegedly, may have boosted her own career by sleeping up with Hillary!
Clearly the most dangerous alleged lesbian lover Hillary may have wanted to protect when she did the E-mail erasures is Huma Abedin, a longtime personal assistant. The ENQUIRER refers to one cyberspace communique that mixed up some detail about personal decorating interests with political communications!
Bill Clinton had an affair with a woman named Gennifer Flowers who wrote a book about it. When she, Gennifer, asked Bill “if Hillary is a lesbian, he laughed and made reference to her being more experienced with women than he is.” (2) Abedin lived in a $649,000 condo and wore designer suits, all on a governmental salary which was listed at $9,999 per year. Abedin’s husband is former NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner who lost his position as a New York congressman thanks to a perverse interest in emailing nude selfies to a series of stunned, female acquaintances.
If actually a fact, the Abedin affair is very damaging to the USA, its foreign affairs and the entire national security interest...
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Barack Hussein Obama—A Legacy of Desecration

Canada Free Press ^ | 04/19/15 | Obie Usategui 

Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama, or whomever this obscure character is, I chose to call him out on everything he has done to destroy our nation!

For the past seven years, maybe a little more, since back at the time when the 2008 presidential elections were reaching their peak of political controversy upon the unsightly possibility that a quisling candidate with a dubious pedigree by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, threatened to become the next president of the United States of America, I forewarned the world, especially the American people, of the magnanimous menace this enigmatic man represented to all of us and to the world.
In my article “The Beginning of the End”, written in October 2008, followed by my book bearing the same name, and many other articles written in the last seven years, I have vigorously tried to reach out to every American and every free citizen of the world, pleading for everyone to open their eyes to the clear and present dangers that lied ahead embodied in the persona of this Barack Obama character.
Throughout all my writings, I did make it a point, and went out of my way to support my assertions with factual evidence. I did so, as I knew, eventually, the enemy would try their best to discredit my dissertations as, they [the enemy] were, and still are, uniquely adept at distorting the truths. Notwithstanding, however, my obsession for genuineness and accuracy, I did exercise my rights to openly express my opinion(s) – invariably averring a profound, almost neurotic dislike for someone whose political career, was hideously plagued with ‘un-Americanism’.
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Big Idea: California Is So Over ^ | 04/19/15 | Joel Kotkin 

California has met the future, and it really doesn’t work. As the mounting panic surrounding the drought suggests, the Golden State, once renowned for meeting human and geographic challenges, is losing its ability to cope with crises. As a result, the great American land of opportunity is devolving into something that resembles feudalism, a society dominated by rich and poor, with little opportunity for upward mobility for the state’s middle- and working classes.
The water situation reflects this breakdown in the starkest way. Everyone who follows California knew it was inevitable we would suffer a long-term drought. Most of the state—including the Bay Area as well as greater Los Angeles—is semi-arid, and could barely support more than a tiny fraction of its current population. California’s response to aridity has always been primarily an engineering one that followed the old Roman model of siphoning water from the high country to service cities and farms.

New Opposition Research Resource: Hillary’s Gaffes and Goofs

Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 4-19-2015 | MOTUS 

Judging from the lack of MSM coverage, most of America would have thought that the first, historic, female prezzy’s campaign opener gaffe was her first and last. Butt actually, Hilz has been pulling boners (can I say that) since she entered the public scene and the gaffe rate seems to be increasing at Joey Biden speed.
UT0038718Hillary Rodham Clinton, reporting for duty!
Don’t believe me? Check out Blonde Gator’s Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs that is now available to the Republican pollsters for use as an excellent opposition research resource. BG began gathering data just 4 days ago and her log is already jam packed with classic gems like this, from the Brian Williams “I Looked Into the Eyes of Death” collection:
“Run! Save yourselves boys! Chelsea and I’ll cover you”
The Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs will be the first stop, every day for staffers working on a less historic candidate’s campaign, whether you’re a political operative like Doug Stamper from “House of Cards,”
16178-house-of-cardsPoint-man, hit man and chief of staff to President Underwood
or a self-described political junkie like uncle Chuck, now explaining American politics to the masses every Sunday morning on Meet the Press,
Chuck “Mr. Inside Baseball” Todd, he’s as “pi**ed off as you are” – yada yada yada.
or just in it for the laughs, you’ll find all the up to the minute red meat you need.
BG is no political neophyte. Unless you live off the grid in a cave, you’ve visited her Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes & Goofsfeaturing historic gaffes like:
So scamper on over to BG’s Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs early and often to load up your own quiver to do battle in 2016 quiver. I know I will.
And I know the list will continue at a rate that will put Barry to shame.
Not to mention poor old Joey B, who I suspect will be left in Hilz’ dust.
On second thought maybe Hilz should get a binky too.


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