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Bibi Just Nailed It: The Real, Immediate Danger Of Obama’s ‘Bad’ Iran Deal Nobody’s Focused On

Western Journalism ^ | APRIL 6, 2015 | NORVELL ROSE 

Nearly all the discussion and debate about the controversial deal involving Iran’s weapons program has focused on the potential for the radical regime to someday obtain nuclear weapons. However, there’s another, more immediate threat posed by the likely easing or ending of sanctions against Iran, says the Israeli prime minister.
Benjamin Netanyahu identified that clear and present danger during an appearance Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” That threat, said the Israeli leader, is the re-fueled “terror machine” that has been wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East and continues to cause chaos as it supports various terrorist organizations.
If and when sanctions are lifted, Netanyahu pointed out, Iran will have billions more dollars that can be used right away to destabilize and destroy governments across the region, even as the Iranian nuclear program continues to be developed.
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OBAMA: Setting records and making history

The Hays Post ^ | April 6, 2015 | Les Knoll 

I had a recent submission titled “A president like none other.” In my writing, I mentioned Barack Obama’s upbringing as a Muslim, his admission to doing drugs in high school, mentored by a card-carrying communist, friends with an American terrorist, supported in his campaigns by many socialist groups, accusing Christians of killing in the name of God, and agreeing to a treaty that allows Islamic Iran a pathway eventually to a nuclear bomb.
I didn’t have to think long and hard about how Obama in many other ways makes him extraordinarily unique in the history of America’s presidents, at least recent ones. Looks to me our president is setting records and making history all over the place.
For example, has this country ever had a major piece of legislation, namely Obamacare, which was passed in such a nefarious way, not even getting one single Republican vote? “You can keep your doctor and insurance” came to be a complete and total untruth, although our president said that would be the case over 20 times. Has any other piece of legislation been changed some 40 times out of the blue by our president, changes to the law that should have gone through Congress? Obamacare will go down in history as a failure in its attempt to take over a sixth of our economy unless major changes are made to it.
Before going on with more, let me remind readers our founders envisioned vigorous debate about our government, particularly about those in power. My letter is not hate speech since I do not make up things about Obama. To some, the truth may hurt, but in a democracy, it’s essential to look at the facts. I would remind my dissenters that the left preyed on George W. Bush relentlessly as if he was the devil, and much of what was said by liberal media was stretching the truth. GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is getting accused of being crazy as we speak by liberal media as they try taking him out, even though millions upon millions totally agree with what he says.
Does anybody believe a Republican president would avoid impeachment with the same record Obama has? Media would make sure there would be impeachment.
Obama set a record for the nation’s debt, now up to $18 trillion. He has added more debt than all the other previous presidents combined. Bush added to our debt, but Obama has exceeded that by whopping margins. Mathematically, it may be impossible to pay it down as this government has mortgaged to the hilt our children and grandchildren’s future. History in the making!
I quote John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., and expert on the Middle East as he says, “Barack Obama is going to sign the worst deal made by a western power since the British sheepishly tried to appease Hitler. Iran is our enemy, and we’re foolish to think they will honor any deal we make with them.” Does Obama’s Muslim upbringing have anything to do with his many concessions to Islamic Iran? It makes one wonder, and it’s not hate speech to question where he’s coming from. Our national security is at stake.
What president would use taxpayer money ($350,000) to defeat Israel’s Prime Minister? Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and has always been an ally, but Obama’s behavior makes one wonder. America has always been throughout most of our history a Judeo-Christian nation, but no longer as we listen to Obama. Iran has said time and again, “it will wipe Israel off the face of the earth, the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable, and death to America.” What is Obama thinking as he partners with our enemy and throws a friend under the bus?
There’s so much more that has occurred since January 2009. My head is exploding as I just think “off the top of my head” how much has changed in America. I have lots more to present and although I just joked about it, we’re at a crossroads like never before in our history. For example, more people than ever on food stamps, more people than ever living in poverty, fewer people in the labor force, fewer full-time jobs and more part-time jobs, lower middle class incomes on the average, etc.
How do you explain a president incessantly preaching income inequality, while under his watch the rich are getting richer? Socialism is many things. In particular, it is big government. Our government has never been bigger or more invasive.
The Obama beat goes on and on in record breaking and historical ways, therefore … to be continued with a Part II.
Les Knoll lives in Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.

Democrats Surrender To Iran

INN ^ | Sunday, April 05, 2015 12:40 AM | Jack Engelhard 

So what did you expect? The “framework” to delay (not to stop) Iran’s nuclear program is a deal that renders us all sitting ducks to the whims of the ayatollahs. For this we can thank the Democrats who spent months working as lawyers for the other side.
Well, it sure seems that way, since the Islamic Republic got everything it wanted and John Kerry came back with nothing.
Why did it take weeks of negotiations when a quick phone call would have been enough, simply saying, “You win. We lose.” Iran gets to keep its nuclear arsenal intact.
President Obama came out to say, “It’s a good deal.” For them, yes. The entire effort, concluded on Thursday but to be continued, again, into June, is a production of the Democratic Party. The Republicans had no say. Will the GOP-controlled House and Senate get a word in edgewise before papers are signed? We don’t know. Obama has the pen.
Immediately after the Democrats, with a straight face, declared, “It’s the best we can do,” the ayatollahs entered laughing. “We got everything we wanted,” they crowed for the cameras. …
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Like Breasts? Then You're a Sexist

Pundit Press ^ | 4/5/15 | Aurelius 

A feminist magazine has declared that men who like breasts are sexist.
In an article titled, “So You’re a ‘Breasts Man’? Here Are 3 Reasons That Could Be Sexist,” Jenika McCrayer explains why men who are sexually attracted to women with breasts are misogynists.
McCrayer explains that “under a patriarchal system… we’re taught to believe that the female body exists solely for a man’s sexual pleasure and entertainment.” She then explains several reasons why liking breasts is a bad thing.
First, “It Dangerously Conflates Attraction and Fetishization.” She explains, “breasts are not solely for aesthetic or sexual purposes. They have a function. And there are painful consequences to fetishizing body parts associated with womanhood.”
More than that, “it’s cisnormative to equate breasts with femininity and womanhood. Not everyone who has breasts is a woman, and not all women have breasts.”
Second, “Fetishization Leads to Objectification and Dehumanization.” McCrayer writes, “Reducing people to their anatomy creates this space that some if not most of us exist outside of because we don’t fit into the male gaze’s narrow categories of what it means to be attractive or a woman.”
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PolitiFact Wisconsin Vets Scott Walker's Sweater

NewsBusters ^ | April 5, 2015 | P.J. Gladnick 

Does anybody know what Barack Obama was doing during his college years?

We know that he was the president of the Harvard Law Review but do we even know what articles, if any, he wrote for it? Beyond that his college years are almost completely blank as to his grades or activitivies to the extent that his time at Columbia University has been completely erased from memory. No professor nor student from that time even remembers him attending classes at Columbia. Compare that big MSM yawn to the recent mainstream media frenzy which included a 2223 word front page Washington Post story devoted to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's college career which ended before graduation. And now we have something of an MSM Crime Scene Investigation carried out by Politifact Wisconsin about Scott Walker's claim that he recently purchased a sweater at Kohl's department store for only a dollar.

So let us now enter the area marked off by the yellow tape. It is CSI Wisconsin, I mean, Politifact Wisconsin doing an in-depth investigation of if and how Scott Walker scored a dollar sweater at Kohl's. We await the results of their investigation with bated breath. The future of the nation could depend on its momentous outcome:
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The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much

New York Times ^ | APRIL 4, 2015 | Paul Campos 

ONCE upon a time in America, baby boomers paid for college with the money they made from their summer jobs. Then, over the course of the next few decades, public funding for higher education was slashed. These radical cuts forced universities to raise tuition year after year, which in turn forced the millennial generation to take on crushing educational debt loads, and everyone lived unhappily ever after...
In fact, public investment in higher education in America is vastly larger today, in inflation-adjusted dollars, than it was during the supposed golden age of public funding in the 1960s. Such spending has increased at a much faster rate than government spending in general. For example, the military’s budget is about 1.8 times higher today than it was in 1960, while legislative appropriations to higher education are more than 10 times higher...
By 1980, state funding for higher education had increased a mind-boggling 390 percent in real terms over the previous 20 years. This tsunami of public money did not reduce tuition: quite the contrary.
For example, when I was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan in 1980, my parents were paying more than double the resident tuition that undergraduates had been charged in 1960, again in inflation-adjusted terms. And of course tuition has kept rising far faster than inflation in the years since: Resident tuition at Michigan this year is, in today’s dollars, nearly four times higher than it was in 1980.
State appropriations reached a record inflation-adjusted high of $86.6 billion in 2009. They declined as a consequence of the Great Recession, but have since risen to $81 billion. And these totals do not include the enormous expansion of the federal Pell Grant program, which has grown, in today’s dollars, to $34.3 billion per year from $10.3 billion in 2000.
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