Friday, April 3, 2015

When the Iran Deal Hits the Fan

Canada Free Press ^ | 04/03/15 | Douglas V. Gibbs 

Muslim nations are rubbing their hands together waiting for the next gift they will get from Obama and his global minions
Neville Chamberlain’s name will live in infamy. Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain when the Nazis were on the rise in Germany prior to the Second World War. Neville was a pacifist, a guy that, if alive today, would have peace signs plastered throughout his office. His foreign policy was much like Barack Obama’s, filled with “negotiate first” and “appeasement” insertions to the point that it was disastrous.
Chamberlain’s the guy that believed Adolf Hitler was a character that could be negotiated with, and Neville was a part of a European team that formed a disastrous deal with Nazi Germany that gave a part of Czechoslovakia to Germany in 1938 as a peace offering to the furious fires of Nazi Germany’s inevitable war march. Hitler was happy to receive the gift, that Czechoslovakia had no say in, and then promptly invaded Poland the following year.
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Know when to hold ‘em, Barack?

Coach is Right ^ | 4/3/15 | Ed Wood 

Transparency is a good thing. After he was elected, Barack Obama promised the American people the most transparent administration in the nation’s history. And in a way, he kept his word. After all, it really hasn’t been too difficult to see through what he has been doing, has it?
Now that might be OK for us homefolk. But there should be a limit to showing your hand when dealing with those who promise “Death to America!”
For example, it has always been a pretty good rule of thumb that: 1. You don’t show your hand when you are playing poker. 2. You don’t show your hand when you are planning to remove your troops from the field of battle. 3. You don’t show your hand when you are negotiating with the enemy — especially if the survival of much of the world could be at stake.
In the recent Iranian nuclear negotiations, the Administration has been eager to display its strength and brilliance to the world, with Barack Obama claiming “…if this framework leads to a final comprehensive deal, it will make our country, our allies and our world safer…” In short, declare victory and come home. After all, another Nobel Peace Prize may hang in the balance!
Iran, however, shares no such sense of urgency. They are in the process of building a nuclear arsenal and need time to complete it. So it is obviously to their advantage to stall as long as possible and Middle Easterners are masters of the technique. Indeed they are taught in the Quran to lie, proceed at their own speed...
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