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Hillary's Email Caper Is 'Pure Clinton' ^ | March 10, 2015 | Henry I. Miller 

“There are few politicians alive today who have a better understanding than the Clintons of the perils of paper trails—and the benefits of not having them. It really wasn’t all that long ago that Mrs. Clinton was failing to answer questions about how her Rose Law firm billing records vanished. Or using executive privilege to sit on documents that showed her involvement in the Travel Travel Office firings. Or grappling with testimony from a Secret Service agent who said Mrs. Clinton’s top aide had removed files from Vince Foster’s office. Or explaining herconnection to Sandy Berger, who was prosecuted for stealing Clinton-related National Archives records.
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Hillary Clinton is Going to Jail

Conservative Daily ^ | 03-11-2015 | Joe Otto 

We’ve learned a lot about Hillary Clinton over the past few days and as the evidence against her continues to stack up, it is becoming clear that she will likely be charged with a crime. If convicted, it’s likely she could face jail time.
I stayed up late last night reading into all of the allegations against Hillary and it is worse than we previously thought.
A few days ago, it was revealed that during her entire time at the State Department, Hillary Clinton only used a private email address (even to conduct official business).
Now, we’re finding out that Hillary Clinton’s email was actually run off a server in her own home!
You don’t do this unless you’re trying to cover something up!

Scott Walker earns intense GOP approval: 79 percent of Republicans call him a ‘strong leader’

Washington Times ^ | March 12, 2015 | Jennifer Harper 

Republicans definitely have distinct good feelings about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as the wrangling continues between the GOP presidential hopefuls. Yes, Mr. Walker is making all the required campaign stops and grassroots visits in New Hampshire, Iowa and other key states - while his reputation and image win over many Republican hearts and minds.
“Scott Walker could be a formidable candidate for the Republicans in 2016, combining conservative credentials with a good national profile,” says Kathy Francovic, a YouGov polling analyst. The organization released these numbers on Tuesday.
79 percent of Republicans say Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a “strong” leader.
74 percent say he cares about the problems of average people;
70 percent say Mr. Walker is “honest.”
68 percent say he is “intelligent”;
67 percent say Mr. Walker shares their values.........
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