Monday, February 9, 2015

The fade of the liberal left

The Iowa State Daily ^ | February 9, 2015 | Clay Rogers 

A tectonic shift is occurring in American politics. The old guard of the Democratic Party will soon be far too ancient to contest an election. This creates serious problems for the party once 2016 passes. It’s obvious that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden will soon announce their candidacy, but who will fill the ranks when they’re gone?
It’s important to know that there was once a socially conservative generation deemed "The Greatest Generation." These, the heroes of Anzio and Guadalcanal, gave birth to a litter of selfish creatures called "baby boomers." The baby boomers soon colonized communal settlements known as colleges. Yes, it was here in this garden of earthly delight that millions of children sowed the seeds of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, which would destroy our civilization.
This is the cultural revolution that most prominent democrats belong. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are all remnants of that era. The '60s revolutionaries were fierce and brazen because liberalism was brazen during that time period. But now, times have changed. Liberalism predominates and modern Democrats are left with nothing to rebel against. The revolution has ended and the time of the milquetoast liberal has begun.
In her youth, Hillary Clinton dipped her hands in the blood of the revolution that uprooted our Christian society. She and her contemporaries were fanatical, and their fanaticism helped turn them into popular politicians. Indeed, I challenge any reader to produce an example of a new Democratic face that could compete with Hillary. There is no competition even among her own cohort.
It is my firm belief that in two years we’ll have another Clinton in the White House. "Uncle" Joe Biden is the only other serious contender for the Democratic nomination. According to polling data, Hillary runs 40 points ahead of her nearest Democratic competitor in the state of Iowa. If one supposes, as I do, that Republicans cannot win a national majority in 2016, then there’s no way she can lose. But what happens after she’s gone?
The Republicans have time on their side. While the Democratic lower ranks are barren, the Republicans have no shortage of rising stars. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Joni Ernst will all be around for decades to come. Though none of these people stand much of a chance against Hillary, they may sweep the field in the 2020s. Where is the new generation of democratic leaders who will stand against them?
We caught a glimpse of the future last fall. The Republicans swept congress because Democratic resistance was so feeble. The Iowa race was a great example. Leaving politics aside, Ernst was infinitely more interesting than Bruce Braley. A motherly war veteran who packs a gun in her purse faced a sort of awkward-looking white guy. And Democrats ran awkward candidates across the entire country.
The difference between the parties is quite profound. Conservatives hate their establishment, and wait like hyenas around a dying elephant for its departure. Democrats have nothing but an establishment. What will happen when the Bruce Braleys of this world inherit the party? The Democratic tribe does a very good job at stirring itself up into a wild frenzy during presidential campaigns, but will the tribe be so inspired when its champions are gone?
Well, that’s the future, what about the present? In 2016, Republicans will probably commit election suicide as usual. They run elections so poorly that I’ve come to believe they actually enjoy losing. If Jeb Bush gets the nomination, then the election is as good as over. They’ll split the conservative vote among four or five minor candidates and allow a liberal Republican like Bush to take the nomination. Most true conservatives would rather be hit by a train than vote for Jeb Bush.
Liberals have the habit of not turning out in mid-term elections. With the Democratic warrior queen leading them into battle, turn out will not be a problem in 2016. Republicans may have youthful candidates on their side, but the culture is not. It goes without saying that our country is now center-left. The new liberal majority has many members in the GOP wanting to shift left. This adds another incentive to run a suicidal candidate like Jeb Bush.
Though the culture war ended many years ago, the culture warriors survived. Cunning, ruthlessness and cruelty hoisted them to the top. It’ll be a different society when they’re gone. Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech will almost certainly be the last gurgling bubbles of a sinking ship.