Saturday, January 24, 2015

In Iowa, Cruz imagines ‘reigniting the miracle of America’ (he's running)

The Houston Chronicle's Texas Politics ^ | January 24, 2015 | Theodore Schleifer

Ted Cruz unveiled a possible new theme for a 2016 presidential campaign — “reigniting the miracle of America” — as he wooed the Iowa conservative activists critical to a victory in the Republican caucuses next year.
“It is the most important cause that unifies us together, and Iowa believes in the miracle of America,” he said Saturday.
Appearing at the Iowa Freedom Summit, the unofficial kickoff of the race to win the Iowa caucuses, Texas’ junior senator appealed to the evangelical voters who could cast about half of the votes in February. Cruz spoke thoroughly about both Mayor Annise Parker’s subpoena of area pastors this past fall and about his father’s journey from alcoholism to priesthood after discovering Christianity.
“Men and women here have experienced miracles like that throughout our lives,” Cruz told the Iowans in Des Moines, who are hearing from two dozen conservative speakers throughout the day. “Compared to that, the challenges facing this country are nothing.”
Billed in his introduction as the day’s “main event,” Cruz had three prescriptions for “reigniting the miracle”: growing the economy, protecting religious freedom and restoring American leadership in the world....
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There’s Much More To “Free Tuition” Than Obama Wants You To Know About

Flopping Aces ^ | 01-24-15 | Warren Beatty 

Cash for College
Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama has been on an education kick of late. On January 20, 2015, he proposed in his State of the Union speech "free tuition" to Community Colleges for anyone.
To make sure that community college is accessible for everybody, put simply, what I'd like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who's willing to work for it.
Obama announced a series of tax proposals that would raise taxes on financial institutions and wealthy individuals, and simplify education tax credits to pay for his plan for free community college education.
Wow! Sounds great.
So great that a closer examination is in order. Let's begin with the phrase "... everybody who's willing to work for it."

If we use dropouts to represent those NOT willing to work, we find that about 1 in 4 high school students does not graduate from high school with his or her class. Nearly 4 in 10 minority students do not graduate with their class. The total number of high-school dropouts annually is presently about 3,030,000, or about 8,300 per day.

But, hey, most community colleges don't require high school graduation, so everything's cool. Those not willing to work can still feed at the free public money trough.
The national graduation rate for Community Colleges is nothing to brag about. Only 21 percent of students graduate with a two-year degree three years after beginning to attend community college. Yes, that's correct - three years, two year degree, 21 percent graduation rate.
Obama's plan includes ensuring that community college credits are transferable to four-year schools. But, so what? Only 16.2 percent of community college students with an associate degree went on complete a four-year degree. And only 9.8 percent of students who left a community college without an associate degree went on to graduate from a four-year college.
Holders of a Community College Associate Degree earn 94 percent of the median weekly wage of all workers. True, they earn more than those with no degree of any kind, but an associate degree holder isn't going to be rolling in money.
What does all of this sum to? Not much "bang for the buck." Taking

Obama's numbers, we can expect about 1.9 million community college graduates each year (21% of 9 million). At a cost of $7.2 billion each year (21% of $34.2 billion).

But let's examine yearly cost from another angle: we get NOTHING from the 7.1 million students (79% of 9 million) who receive "free" tuition amounting to $27.02 billion each year (79% of $34.2 billion) who don't complete an associate degree.
Obama is the master of "sound bite" politics. Those who oppose Obama's latest community college proposal will be chastised in the MSM as "against education." The MSM will ignore all this provided information (that they could find) that demonstrates that Obama's latest "free tuition" scheme does not support education at all.
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