Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Top Five Takeaways From The #SOTU

RedState ^ | 1/20/2014 | Caleb Howe 

Tonight the President delivered his State of the Union remarks. It was a grandiose speech with lofty ideals, delivered with all of the considerable rhetorical charms at his disposal, sure to go down in history as a prime exemplar of "how it's done." Wait .. hang on. I've just been informed that I was watching March of the Penguins. My bad. As it turns out, the President's speech was pretty humdrum and more than a little silly in places, delivered with all the contrived bluster of his considerable self-regard and gift for delusion. Eh, close enough.
Nevertheless, in the spirit of togetherness and common purpose these speeches are known for, I will herein break down for you the five most important takeaways from tonight's speech:
NUMBER 5: It was boring Erick called it "cheap fluff", and indeed it was. The President's speech drifted back and forth between trying to convince people he's done a great job so far and delivering bland applause lines. Democrats were pretty pumped about his sassy tone, with Juan Williams in particular going giddy on Fox News, but overall the substance was enough to tempt everyone into pulling a Ruth Bader Ginsburg. From closing Gitmo to "oil is bad" to "middle class economics", this was standard and oft-repeated fare.
GITMONUMBER 4: We should close Gitmo ... um, still The President wants to fight "the bankrupt ideology of violent extremism" by closing down Gitmo. Because it is a "recruiting" tool for terrorists. Yes that old campaign promise from 2008 is still hanging around outside the school smoking a cigarette and saying "alright alright alright," and the President is ready now/still/again to get the job done.
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