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In South Carolina, Cruz blisters Obama, GOP establishment

Associated Press ^ | Jan 18, 2015 2:22 PM PST | BILL BARROW 

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) - Sen. Ted Cruz urged archconservatives on Sunday to help nominate a Republican from their own ranks in 2016 or risk losing a third consecutive national election. The unspoken message: someone like him.
Cruz called GOP nominees like Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008 and Bob Dole in 1996 "good, honorable and decent men" but not conservative enough. All lost their bids for the presidency.
"If we nominate a candidate in that mold, the same people who stayed home in 2008 and 2012 will stay home in 2016 and the Democrats will win again," Cruz told hundreds of activists at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.
South Carolina will cast the South's first primary ballots in 2016, shortly after the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.
Cruz's appearance came days after Romney confirmed at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting that he's considering a third White House bid. Romney weathered an uneasy relationship with the GOP's conservative wing in 2012 in part because no single candidate among several conservative alternatives could sustain a viable campaign.
But this time former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are in the picture, courting some of the same donors, consultants and media attention that went to Romney four years ago. Neither has committed to a campaign yet.
Tea party convention goers from several states this weekend have expressed optimism that the new dynamic could create an opening for Cruz or another establishment critic if he can consolidate rank-and-file conservatives who distrust the GOP's traditional power structure.
Cruz, beloved among tea party conservatives for his role in the partial government shutdown in October 2013, pointed to the GOP's success in the November midterms as proof that the nation is ready for an unapologetically conservative president.
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Incest: The next frontier in 'reproductive freedom'

WND ^ | Matt Barber 

Like a plastic Piggly Wiggly bag fluttering about in the alley, those untethered from God’s natural law are violently tossed to and fro by the gusting winds of moral relativism. Jenny Kutner is one such Piggly Wiggly bag. A 20-something assistant editor at, she describes herself as “focusing on sex, gender and feminism.”
By “focusing on sex, gender and feminism,” and as you will soon see, this young “progressive” means to say that she spends her days rationalizing each and every conceivable form of sexual deviancy, as well as trying to otherwise deconstruct that which she and her fellow feminist travelers view as an artificially constructed culture of “heteronormativity” – the sinister brainchild of the evil-man-led global patriarchy (for those interested, we meet Tuesdays at noon at the Golden Corral on Wards Road). Along with a growing number of secular leftists, Kutner’s latest sexual taboo for de-stigmatization is incest.
Those of us defending the institution of legitimate marriage and fighting to preserve respect for sexual morality in our culture have long warned of the greasy slope made slippery by the advent of counterfeit “same-sex marriage.” If you artificially remove one requirement for marriage – in this case, the binary male-female prerequisite – then there is no justification, logically or legally, for not removing all requirements. If we yank one foundational brick from the marriage wall, then, as in the days of Jericho, the whole danged thing comes a-tumblin’. That is to say, in the wake of America’s burgeoning “gay marriage” tsunami, we can soon expect to dog-paddle the ensuing sewage of legalized polygamy, incestuous marriage and heaven-knows-what-else.
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America's Top Killing Machine

The Atlantic via MSN ^ | 1/17/15 | Adrienne LaFrance 

For the better part of a century, the machine most likely to kill an American has been the automobile.

Car crashes killed 33,561 people in 2012, the most recent year for which data is available, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Firearms killed 32,251 people in the United States in 2011, the most recent year for which the Centers for Disease Control has data.

But this year gun deaths are expected to surpass car deaths. That's according to a Center for American Progress report, which cites CDC data that shows guns will kill more Americans under 25 than cars in 2015. Already more than a quarter the teenagers—15 years old and up—who die of injuries in the United States are killed in gun-related incidents, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
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A Libral’s Dream: Legislation A Result of Made-up Testimony

Flopping Aces ^ | 01-17-15 | Warren Beatty 

Then Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced, on July 14, 2014, the Civilian Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (CEJA), designed to ensure that government employees and contractors working overseas can be prosecuted for criminal acts they commit abroad. His committee had heard testimony from Jamie Leigh Jones, a 20 year old woman from Texas who took a job with Halliburton/KBR in Iraq in 2005. Jones testified that, during her first week in Iraq, she was drugged and gang-raped by coworkers. Haliburton/KBR, she said, moved her into a locked trailer when she reported this assault. She testified that she was kept by armed guards and freed only when the State Department intervened.
Jones, when she signed her employment contract, agreed to binding arbitration, thereby forfeited her rights to a jury trial. But about what Jones signed:

I didn't even know that I had signed such a clause, but even if I had known, I would never have guessed that it would prevent me from bringing my claims to court after being brutally sexually harassed and assaulted. I had no idea that the clause was part of the contract, what the clause actually meant, or that I would eventually end up in this horrible situation.
Yet Jones signed the contract. I guess Jones never heard of reading a document before signing it.
About arbitration, Leahy said:
There is no rule of law in arbitration. There are no juries or independent judges in the arbitrations industry. There is no appellate review. There is no transparency. And... [for] Jamie Leigh Jones there is no justice.
Despite signing an arbitration agreement, Jones got a court case in Houston, TX, in 2011. But...
After fighting for four years to reach the inside of a courtroom, Jamie Leigh Jones has lost her rape and sexual harassment lawsuit against military contractor KBR. After a day and a half of deliberations, a federal jury in Houston answered "no" to the question of whether Jones was raped by former firefighter Charles Bortz while working in Iraq in 2005. It also found that KBR did not engage in fraud in inducing Jones to sign her employment contract to go overseas.
The trial highlighted several discrepancies in her story. The federal trial judge threw out large portions of her case. Evidence introduced raised the question of whether Jones has exaggerated and embellished key aspects of her story. Jones claimed in her lawsuit as well as in congressional testimony that she was the "subject of a brutal sexual attack by several attackers." There was no eyewitness testimony or other physical evidence in the case supporting the allegation that Jones was attacked by multiple people. A lab analysis of the rape kit shows DNA from a single man. After reporting the alleged attack to a KBR co-worker, who drove Jones to the Army hospital, she was examined by a doctor, who took urine and blood samples, which tested negative for Rohypnol or any other date-rape drug. Testimony undermined Jones' credibility and created doubts in jurors' minds. Based on the evidence presented in court, Jones probably made up all allegations.
The extensive injuries Jones claimed to have suffered, including torn pectoral muscles and damage to her breast implants, weren't in the medical reports taken by the Army doctor who examined her after the alleged rape, nor did Jones mention those injuries to her doctor at home. Jones did have to get her breast implants fixed, but the evidence at trial suggests it was for unrelated reasons. Under questioning, Jones denied ever having claimed to have been gang-raped, even though her extensive media appearances say otherwise.
In the Rahm Emanuel (You never let a serious crisis go to waste) school of Public Relations, Democrats lined up to support Jones. Her charges seemed to confirm the worst about the war in Iraq - whose key promoter, Dick Cheney, was a former Halliburton CEO. She was invited on a host of news shows to tell her story. Then-Senator Hillary Clinton called for an investigation. And Senator Al (Stuart Smalley) Franken got legislation passedas a result of her lies.
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Remembering Robert E. Lee: American Patriot and Southern Hero

Robert E. Lee and Traveller
Robert E. Lee and Traveller
Sir Winston Churchill called General Robert E. Lee, “one of the noblest Americans who ever lived.”
Please let me call to your attention that Monday, January 19, 2015, is the 208th birthday of Robert E. Lee, whose memory is still dear in the hearts of many Southerners. Why is this man so honored in the South and respected in the North? Lee was even respected by the soldiers of Union blue who fought against him during the War Between the States.
What is your community doing to commemorate the birthday of this great American?
General Lee’s portrait adorns the State Capitol in Atlanta where the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans hosted their 1st Lee birthday in 1988. The SCV will host their annual Robert E. Lee birthday celebration on Saturday January 17, 2015 at Georgia’s Old Secession Capitol on Greene Street in Milledgeville. Read more at:
During Robert E. Lee's 100th birthday in 1907, Charles Francis Adams, Jr., a former Union Commander and grandson of US President John Quincy Adams, spoke in tribute to Robert E. Lee at Washington and Lee College's Lee Chapel in Lexington, Virginia. His speech was printed in both Northern and Southern newspapers and is said to had lifted Lee to a renewed respect among the American people.
And In Lexington, Virginia events are scheduled for the birthday of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson on January 16th and 17th. Read more at:
Dr. Edward C. Smith, respected African-American Professor of History at American University in Washington, D.C. , told the audience in Atlanta, Ga. during a 1995 Robert E. Lee birthday event, quote 'Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee were individuals worthy of emulation because they understood history.' Unquote
During January students, teachers, parents, Joe and Jane America and indeed the world will hear much praise and tribute to the late Civil Rights leader and Baptist Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia…But, will parents and educators also teach young people about General Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee born during the same month…Will the American Media give fair news coverage to those who honor these two great American-Christian men of Southern valor? Their birthday is not on calendars, but….
Robert E. Lee’s birthday is January 19th and Stonewall Jackson’s is two days later on the 21st. Their memory is still dear in the hearts of many Americans and folks all around God’s good earth.
Booker T. Washington, America's great African-American Educator, wrote in 1910, quote 'The first white people in America, certainly the first in the South to exhibit their interest in the reaching of the Negro and saving his soul through the medium of the Sunday-school were Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.' unquote
American Presidents who have paid tribute to Lee include: Franklin D. Roosevelt, who spoke during the 1930s at a Lee statue dedication in Dallas, Texas, Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower who proudly displayed a portrait of Lee in his presidential office.
During a tour through the South in 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt told the aged Confederate Veterans in Richmond, Virginia, quote, 'Here I greet you in the shadow of the statue of your Commander, General Robert E. Lee. You and he left us memories which are part of the memories bequeathed to the entire nation by all the Americans who fought in the War Between the States.' Unquote
Georgia's famous Stone Mountain carving of Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee was dedicated on May 9, 1970. William Holmes Borders, a noted African-American theologian and pastor of the Wheat Avenue Baptist Church, was asked to give the invocation. The many dignitaries attending this historic event included United States Vice President Spiro Agnew. Thousands of people bring their families each year to see this memorial to these three great Americans.
Who was Robert E. Lee that has been praised by both Black and White Americans and people from around the world?
Robert E. Lee, a man whose military tactics have been studied worldwide, was an American soldier, Educator, Christian gentlemen, husband and father. Lee said quote, 'All the South has ever desired was that the Union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved, and that the government, as originally organized, should be administered in purity and truth.' Unquote
Robert E. Lee was born on Jan. 19, 1807, at ' Stratford ' in Westmoreland County, Virginia. The winter was cold and the fireplaces were little help for Robert's mother, Ann Hill (Carter) Lee, who suffered from a severe cold.
Ann Lee named her son 'Robert Edward' after two of her brothers.
Robert E. Lee undoubtedly acquired his love of country from those who lived during the American Revolution. His Father, 'Light Horse' Harry was a hero of the revolution and served three terms as governor of Virginia and as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Two members of his family also signed the Declaration of Independence.
Lee was educated at the schools of Alexandria, Va., and he received an appointment to West Point Military Academy in 1825. He graduated in 1829, second in his class and without a single demerit.
Robert E. Lee's first assignment was to Cockspur Island, Georgia, to supervise the construction of Fort Pulaski.
While serving as 2nd Lieutenant of Engineers at Fort Monroe, Va., Lee wed Mary Ann Randolph Custis. Robert and Mary had grown up together, Mary was the daughter of George Washington Parke Custis, the Grandson of Martha Washington and adopted son of George Washington.
Mary was an only child; therefore, she inherited Arlington House, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., where she and Robert E. Lee raised seven children, three boys and four girls.
Army promotions were slow. In 1836, Lee was appointed to first Lieutenant. In 1838, with the rank of Captain, Robert E. Lee fought in the War with Mexico and was wounded at the Battle of Chapultepec.
Lee was appointed Superintendent of West Point in 1852 and is considered one of the best superintendents in that institution's history.
President to-be Abraham Lincoln offered command of the Union army to Lee in 1861, but he refused. He said, 'I cannot raise my hand against my birthplace, my home, my children.'
The Custis-Lee Mansion 'Arlington House' would be occupied by Federals, who would turn the estate into a war cemetery. Today Arlington House is preserved by the National Park Service as a Memorial to Robert E. Lee.  <>
Lee served as adviser to President Jefferson Davis, and then on June 1, 1862, commanded the legendary Army of Northern Virginia.
After four terrible years of death and destruction, Gen. Robert E. Lee met Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia and ended their battles.
Lee was called Marse Robert, Uncle Robert and Marble Man.
Lee was a man of honor, proud of his name and heritage. After the War Between the States, he was offered $50,000 for the use of his name. His reply was: 'Sirs, my name is the heritage of my parents. It is all I have and it is not for sale.' His refusal came at a time when he had nothing.
In the fall of 1865, Lee was offered and accepted the presidency of troubled Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. The school was later renamed Washington and Lee College in his honor.
Robert E. Lee died of a heart attack at 9:30 AM on the morning of October 12, 1870, at Washington College. His last words were 'Strike the tent.' He was 63 years of age.
He is buried at Lee Chapel on the school grounds with his family and near his favorite horse, Traveller.
On this his 208th birthday let us ponder the words he wrote to Annette Carter in 1868: 'I grieve for posterity, for American Principles and American liberty.'
Robert E. Lee was a great American who should not be forgotten.
                             * * *
Johnson is a speaker, writer of short stories, author of book “When America stood for God, Family and Country” and Chairman of the National and Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate History and Heritage Month committee.

The Obama Administration Is Now Boasting About How Many Illegal Immigrant Children It Resettled ...

National Review Online ^ | January 16, 2015 | Ryan Lovelace 

Complete Headline: The Obama Administration Is Now Boasting About How Many Illegal Immigrant Children It Resettled This Summer
The Department of Health and Human Services is touting its handling of last summer’s massive influx of unaccompanied alien children in an end-of-year report, despite the fact that its own failures worsened the situation.
Nearly 58,000 unaccompanied alien children arrived before the end of fiscal year 2014, almost as many as arrived in the past five years combined, according to the report from HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement.
“ORR and its partners worked tirelessly throughout the summer influx, addressing emergent medical issues and implementing protocols to prevent backlogs in placements, to ensure that the children received appropriate medical screening and care,” the report says. “Faced with unprecedented numbers of children arriving at [Department of Homeland Security] border patrol stations faster than space could be found in the network to accommodate them, the team worked tirelessly and creatively around the clock to clear the backlogs at over-crowded border patrol stations, and move the children quickly and safely into appropriate shelter beds.”
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Senator’s husband stands to profit big from government deal!

Page ^ | January 16, 2015 | RIchard Johnson 

Ever wonder how lowly paid lawmakers leave office filthy rich? Sen. Dianne Feinstein is showing how it’s done.
The US Postal Service plans to sell 56 buildings — so it can lease space more expensively — and the real estate company of the California senator’s husband, Richard Blum, is set to pocket about $1 billion in commissions.
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