Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ted Cruz Presidency makes Dan Pfeiffer nervous

The Myrtle Beach Examiner ^ | December 20, 2014 | Jesse Broadt 

Dan Pfeiffer, White House senior adviser, admitted that he is concerned about a Ted Cruz presidency, which would almost certainly result in an overturn of Barack Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty action. This indicates that Ted Cruz is likely the biggest threat to the progressive left for the upcoming 2016 presidential race.
The executive action game
Yesterday, Pfeiffer told the Wall Street Journal that the first 100 days of Obama's presidency was spent attempting undo many of W's policies through executive action, but admitted he hopes he will never be sitting somewhere reading about a President Ted Cruz doing the same regarding Obama's policies. Perhaps he sees the double standard there or perhaps he does not. At any rate, Pfeiffer said that 2014 was “a year of great progress” because of Obama's executive amnesty, the latter of which, according to Pfeiffer, was a great day for the “progressive agenda.” We certainly agree with that statement. The progressive agenda does many destructive things, and granting amnesty to criminals by executive action is just one example....
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