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Al Sharpton - No Fleece, No Justice

Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 12-13-2014 | MOTUS 

Washington remains on hold while the Senate continues to grapple with the trillion dollar CROmnibus bill which passed – or more accurately, was punted - by the Republican held House:
“…you punt on fourth down, not first down. And right now, the House leadership, for whatever reason, thinks it’s best to punt without running a play.” - Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) note: this is a must-read
In addition to being on hold, D.C. will also be in gridlock: the Reverend Al Sharpton is holding his traffic blocking “Justice for All Blacks Killed by White Cops, Butt Not Blacks Killed by Black Cops or Whites Killed by White or Black Cops” march on Washington today. Because in Al’s world ‘tis always the season of fleece peace on earth and racial divisiveness/animosity towards all men of good will. Unfortunately not all of Al’s pals will be able to join him today.
The Reverend Jackson will probably be in Chicago, protesting the thousands of black men killed by other black men, or Christmas shopping on the Miracle Mile with his armed guards. And, Ms. Pascal, well, she’ll be in Hollywood, grappling with the fallout from Sonygate:

jolie and amy Hello Amy; have you ever had chicken pox?
Butt back to Reverend Al’s bobbleheaded Justice for All march: apparently not everyone is on board with it:
“I would instead prefer a march for increased job opportunities for black Americans and better educational options in urban communities," said Project 21 Co-Chairman Cherylyn Harley LeBon,
"Al Sharpton seems to have one agenda, and that's garnering money and influence for himself within the liberal establishment," said Project 21's Lawrence B. Jones III,
“Violent riots in Berkeley, protesters intimidating and disrupting Christmas shoppers at a Toys 'R' Us in New York City and a militant group now threatening to shoot members of the NYPD clearly shows protests are devolving into anarchy," said Project 21's Niger Innis
“I wonder when we will march, protest and show righteous indignation over black-on-black crime and lift up our so-called collective voices with similar moral outrage," said Project 21's Reverend Steven Louis Craft
Hmmm. Maybe Al should cancel his visit to Justice and instead stop by Treasury, pay his tax bill and then go home to New York. If he stops rabblerousing in person, he would have time to write stories for Rolling Stone, where facts don’t matter either.
Then he could once again become a man-in-full.
Annie Leibovitz’s 1988 portrait,
web_AlSharpton_Leibovitz (1)“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”
Instead of the not-so-funny little bobblehead he’s turned into.
bobblehead al-25-WM
After all, the country can always use another jolly Black Santa.
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An Open Letter To The Republican Leadership In Congress [Excellent Read] ^ | Dec 13, 2014 | John Hawkins 

While it would certainly be cathartic to flog the GOP for the lousy omnibus bill House Republicans just passed, it seems more productive to tackle a bigger issue. After a historic, yet unearned (Obama was the real GOP MVP) election victory, isn’t it time for the Republican leadership to try to heal the rift with the base that’s tearing the party apart?
Do Republican leaders REALLY want to spend the next two years of a presidential election cycle getting trashed the way they are right now by activists, Tea Party leaders and radio talk show hosts? Anyone who thinks the base is going to sit down and shut up or that the GOP can thrive over the long-term with this kind of intra-party feuding going on is kidding himself.
So realistically, here’s what the Republican Party leaders need to do to help get everyone back on the same page.
1) They should never, ever, under any circumstances trash their base again. That means if the words "Tea Party, "Senate Conservatives Fund," "Mark Levin," “Rush Limbaugh,” “Club for Growth,” “Heritage Action,” etc., etc., come out of their mouths, then they better be saying something nice at best or neutral at worst. Additionally, staffers who mouth off about the base should be unceremoniously fired. At first, Republican politicians shouldn’t expect to have that favor to be returned, but if you’re a politician who wants unconditional love, go buy a dog.
2) The GOP has to keep its promises -- and quite frankly, more than a few Republicans seem to have a pre-YouTube era mentality about that. They think they can say anything they want on the campaign trail and then do something completely different in the office without people being any the wiser. For example, after the NRSC backed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio, I fought it tooth-and-nail over that decision. After he won, Marco Rubio was one of my favorite politicians, but the moment he lied to us by breaking his campaign pledge to fight amnesty, he was dead to me. I will NEVER forgive Rubio for his dishonorable behavior, no matter what he does. Don’t lie through your teeth to people who took you at your word and then expect us to be stupid enough to trust you again.
3) It's fine for the Republican Party to recruit candidates, but it should ALMOST NEVER be involved in primaries. If you want to know what an exception looks like, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. were right to endorse the guy running against David Duke back in 1989. Everybody has a role to play and an organization that is supposed to represent all Republicans absolutely should not be involved in a race between two Republicans. It creates an ocean of bad blood so big that there aren’t enough towels in Texas to clean it up.
4) The GOP leaders need to open up some lines of communication and if they have good motives, explain what they're trying to do and the strategy they're using with talk radio hosts, big websites, activist groups, etc. Locking influential conservative groups out of discussions of what the GOP should be doing BEGS for them to make trouble because it’s the only way they can get their opinion heard.
4A) A few years back, Republicans in leadership did reach out a bit and while it may have helped a little, it ultimately wasn’t very effective because they looked at it as a way to try to sell what they were doing instead of having a conversation about shared goals. A lot of people, myself included, suspect the reason this isn't done is because we don't have the same aims on a lot of major legislation any more. I don't think the GOP leaders have any intention of seriously trying to stop Obama’s executive amnesty. I don't believe they're committed to the repeal of Obamacare. I was even forced to agree with NANCY PELOSI and ELIZABETH WARREN (vomit) about the GOP’s omnibus bill decision to make it easier for big banks to gamble with derivatives and the sleazy campaign finance reform that was designed to undercut activist groups. Would the GOP leadership really want to explain something like that beforehand? Ultimately, it wouldn’t be that hard to get grassroots leaders to line up behind smart strategies to achieve conservative policy goals, but it’s an open question whether the GOP’s leadership believes in the Republican Party’s own platform enough to fight for it anymore.
5) Speaking of fights, the GOP leaders need to prove they're willing to fight and WIN on something that really matters to conservatives. At this point, the expectation of the Democrats, the mainstream media and even the GOP base is that the Republican Party is going to cave in every time. At some point, Republicans have to prove they can go head-to-head with the Democrats and win on something that matters. Of course, congressional aides could probably name 10 things that people don't care about that much where they’d claim to have "fought and won," but that’s like a football team that’s behind 70-0 complaining it isn’t being given enough credit for all the 1st downs it’s gotten in the game.
6) People feel so burned by Boehner and McConnell that it would take AN INCREDIBLE amount of work for them to ever be trusted again. If someone like Jeb Hensarling took over in the House or John Thune took over in the Senate, he’d immediately get a much longer leash from the base because he’d be given the benefit of the doubt while people evaluated his performance. On the other hand, when it comes to Boehner and McConnell, symbolic gestures aren't going to cut it because we’re at a Cold War level of trust. It doesn’t matter how much Castro tells you he loves democracy and freedom; you’ll believe it AFTER Cuba has a free election.
Last but not least, there's toxic residue in this area that goes all the way back to the end of Bush’s first term that has never been addressed by the GOP leadership in an effective manner. There are a lot of conservatives who feel like they've been SCREAMING at the GOP for a decade and haven't been respected or heard. As long as the GOP leadership insists on maintaining a system where the only way conservative activists can make an impact is by raining hell down on the GOP leaders, they better keep a lot of ice water handy because that’s exactly what they’re going to continue to get.

Feds Creating Robots for Old People (like you)

The Washington Free Beacon ^ | December 12, 2014 | Elizabeth Harrington 

The federal government is financing the creation of robots that can assist the elderly and make sure they are eating healthily.
A nearly $800,000 project from the National Science Foundation (NSF) is pairing the University of Pennsylvania with a robot company to create the machines, which will be able to deliver glasses of water to senior citizens.
The government said that the project is necessary due to a demographic crisis in America where soon there will not be enough young people to take care of their elders.
“This Partnership For Innovation project develops and tests the use of service robots to monitor and improve health of the elderly,” the grant for the project, awarded in August, states. “The growing elderly population coupled with low birth rates in the developed world is creating a crisis in healthcare. The number of senior citizens is outgrowing the number of working-age adults to care for them.”
“In the U.S. alone, the number of seniors over age 65 is projected to double from year 2000 to 2030, reaching 71.5 million,” it continued. “With the scarcity of care options available, affordable robots are a welcome solution for assisting elders with small tasks that would normally be done by a caregiver.”
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, led by Mark Yim, a professor in the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) department, are joining with Savioke, a California-based company that is building robots for the services industry.
The robot developed by the NSF project will be able to perform a “limited set of elder-relevant manipulation tasks,” including “picking up dropped items or filling a water glass.” The machine will also be used for data collection on seniors’ health.
“This mobile manipulator robot will be used to perform service tasks, such as delivering water to elders,” the grant said. “The data gathered by these robots and how elders use them in the field will provide information about how robots can help create a larger data-driven health monitoring system.”
“While helping elders with activities of daily living in an elder care facility, the system learns about them,” it added. “It can then do things such as help ensure that they are eating or drinking healthily.”
The project, which is expected to continue until 2017 and has cost $799,860 so far, is building off of Savioke’s robots, including the recently released “SaviOne.”
SaviOne provides room service to guests at an Aloft hotel in Cupertino, Calif. The machine looks like a moving trash can with an iPad on top, and makes beep noises to sound like a robot.

The company calls SaviOne its “robot butler,” and encourages people to take selfies with it, like this hotel guest, who was disappointed after paying $300 a night only to find the robot out of order.
The University of Pennsylvania is currently working on adding a “prismatic joint arm” to Savioke’s robots.
“We are passionate about delivering easy-to-use yet sophisticated robots that can help people,” the company says on its website.
Savioke believes that personal robots can help people to “achieve their potential,” and wants them “anywhere people sleep or eat.”
“Over time, personal robots will help people to achieve their potential, enhancing our strengths, overcoming our weaknesses, and endowing us with new capabilities we are just beginning to imagine,” they said. “We are inspired by people who use technology to overcome disabilities, and we believe that robots have the potential to make all of our lives better.”
Savioke’s CEO, Steve Cousins, formerly was president of Willow Garage, a robot company that helped found the Robots for Humanity initiative. Robots for Humanity was successful in helping Henry Evans, who suffered a debilitating stoke at 40 years old leaving him mute and quadriplegic.
“It took me several years, but with the help of an incredibly supportive family I finally decided life was still worth living,” Evans told an audience in alecture 3,000 miles away in Washington, D.C., from his bed in California. “I became fascinated with using technology to help the severely disabled.”
Through robotic technology, Evans is now able to communicate, shave, open his refrigerator, and fly drones, only with the movement of his head.
A Japanese company has already developed robots that are used as companions for the elderly. “Paro,” is designed to resemble a baby harp seal, and elderly residents at a California retirement community mistook the robot for an animal.
The NSF is also investing in machines for children, committing $10 million to build robots that will act as kids’ “personal trainers,” in an effort to influence their behavior and eating habits.

Attorney General Eric Holder: International Law Trumps The Constitution!

Christian Political Party ^ | November 29, 2014 | Christian Political Party 

Every now and then, news breaks in the Obama administration that is so stereotypical, it is actually depressing. You might want to sit down for this.

Attorney General Eric Holder, made infamous by Operation Fast and Furious, is currently arguing before the Supreme Court that United Nations treaties trump the United States Constitution.

That’s right. The sitting Attorney General, charged with upholding and defending the Constitution, is arguing before the highest court that international law is in fact the law of the land.

The case in question, Bond v. United States, is actually pretty ridiculous. The defendant is charged with using a toxic substance to harass a friend who was having an affair with her husband. Under the law, this case would normally be handled at the State-level. But Federal prosecutors instead charged Bond with violating the Chemical Weapons Convention. This would be like taking a perpetrator of a domestic hate crime and instead charging him or her with genocide.
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