Monday, December 8, 2014

Mothers don’t let your kids grow up to be Millennials

Canada Free Press ^ | 12/08/14 | Judi McLeod 

Save America!
Pity the grandchildren of this generation. They will be the first generation to grow up without a country.
If they are still being educated in schools that teach them how to read, the history they will read is destined to include the final chapter about how they came to be raised in the world’s first borderless country: They will read that “One day, circa 2015, the United States of America quietly disappeared off the map”.
Incredible as it will seem, one day America was there. The next day it wasn’t.
Oceans of tears were shed, but history will show that not a single action was taken.
These children of the day will learn that their grandparents were Tea Party members, whose government had made all they said not to matter. Branded as bigots and smeared as racists, no one in the media of the day had anything good to say about them.
The children will read how everyone thought there were two parties to choose from in the November, 2014 midterm elections. But there was in reality only one party filled with varying degrees of ‘progressives’; and read about how the one thought to be the Republican Party won a majority of seats in both houses, without making any noticeable difference.

There Has Never Been A Greater Portion Of America Living On Food Stamps!

Zero Hedge ^ | 12/08/2014 | Tyler Durden 

Friday's jobs data proves it - America is back baby!!! Or is it all totally manipulated statistical shenanigans? A quick glimpse at the following charts two rather uncomfortably 'non-recovery-like' lines - of structural unemployment and the percent of the US population of Food Stamps - would suggest thatfor much of America, the recovery never happened... and in fact has got worse...

Enough of the ‘Open Season’ on Police ^ | December 8, 2014 | D. W. Wilber 

Among the legacy of the Obama Administration, along with a weakened and disrespected nation overseas, will be a nation afflicted with severe racial divisions here at home.Racial division and unrest encouraged and fed by Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder and others in the Obama inner circle, as well as the race hustlers and frauds like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
Since August when Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed in self-defense black teenager Michael Brown, and the most recent tragic accidental death during the arrest of Eric Garner in New York City, racial tensions in America have boiled over.Exacerbated by a White House that continues to inject itself into local events.
As a result of the obvious concerted effort orchestrated by the Obama Administration to undo Republican gains in the recent elections through the use of civil unrest, law enforcement in America has come under a withering attack.
In Missouri Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, Chief of Police Tom Jackson, and the County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch have had ‘bounties’ placed on their heads.Two members of the New Black Panthers were recently arrested conspiring to use pipe bombs to kill both Jackson and McCulloch.Reports from around the country seem to indicate that this is no longer isolated to Ferguson.
In fact, it seems that police agencies across the country are being warned to take extra precautions out of concern that radicals and activists are intent on exacting revenge for perceived grievances against law enforcement, when the facts and statistics tell a very different story.
While the attacks and murders of police officers in the line of duty around the U.S. continues unabated, a large percentage perpetrated by the minority community, the reality is that police officer’s using deadly force seldom happens in relation to the millions of police-citizen encounters annually.Better recruiting, technology and training have helped law enforcement reduce the level of deadly force situations.
Historically one of the most successful ways to “fundamentally transform” a nation is to undermine the legal authorities and sow dissention and civil unrest. Lessons the Obama Administration has seemed to learn well from their apparent inspiration, Saul Alinsky.
Police Officers across the country are beginning to hesitate taking aggressive action against crime for fear of being placed in a use of force or deadly force situation.Will actions they take in a split second end up being ‘second-guessed’ by an administration with a racial and social agenda, caring little about the rule of law and even less about a police officer and his family’s well-being ?It certainly appears that way.
Using allies in the SEIU and other leftists organizations, as well as some useful idiots who miss or missed out on the ‘Sixties’, and are trying to claim for themselves a bit of nostalgia, the Obama Administration has ginned up civil unrest around the country to help the administration remain relevant for the next two years.It’s apparent that the remainder of Obama’s term in office will be dedicated to continuing efforts to undermine American institutions, and complete the “fundamental transformation” of the United State of America.
Among the institutions they intend to undermine as part of this effort is law enforcement, by encouraging and creating a cavernous division between the police and citizens.The once respected ‘Thin Blue Line’ of police professionals stands in the way of achieving the social changes desired by the Obama Administration and their leftist allies.
Creating suspicion between citizens and those who serve them in law enforcement reduces police effectiveness, and will allow for vast and sweeping changes in how laws are enforced in this country.
And in how the U.S. Constitution is protected, preserved, and defended.A document Barack Obama has said on previous occasions stands in the way of him doing what he wants.

13 Complete Soldier's Kits From The Armies Of 1066 Until 2014. Wow.


1066 huscarl, Battle of Hastings

‘The Anglo-Saxon warrior at Hastings is perhaps not so very different from the British “Tommy” in the trenches,’ photographer Thom Atkinson says. At the Battle of Hastings, soldiers' choice of weaponary was extensive.
1066 huscarl, Battle of Hastings...

1244 mounted knight, Siege of Jerusalem

Re-enactment groups, collectors, historians and serving soldiers helped photographer Thom Atkinson assemble the components for each shot. ‘It was hard to track down knowledgeable people with the correct equipment,’ he says. ‘The pictures are really the product of their knowledge and experience.’
1244 mounted knight, Siege of Jerusalem...

1415 fighting archer, Battle of Agincourt

Having worked on projects with the Wellcome Trust and the Natural History Museum, photographer Thom Atkinson has turned his focus to what he describes as ‘the mythology surrounding Britain’s relationship with war’.
1415 fighting archer, Battle of Agincourt...

1485 Yorkist man-at-arms, Battle of Bosworth

‘There’s a spoon in every picture,’ Atkinson says. ‘I think that’s wonderful. The requirement of food, and the experience of eating, hasn’t changed in 1,000 years. It’s the same with warmth, water, protection, entertainment.’
1485 Yorkist man-at-arms, Battle of Bosworth...

1588 trainband caliverman, Tilbury

The similarities between the kits are as startling as the differences. Notepads become iPads, 18th-century bowls mirror modern mess tins; games such as chess or cards appear regularly.
1588 trainband caliverman, Tilbury...

1645 New Model Army musketeer, Battle of Naseby

Each kit represents the personal equipment carried by a notional common British soldier at a landmark battle over the past millennium. It is a sequence punctuated by Bosworth, Naseby, Waterloo, the Somme, Arnhem and the Falklands – bookended by the Battle of Hastings and Helmand Province.
1645 New Model Army musketeer, Battle of Naseby...

1709 private sentinel, Battle of Malplaquet

Atkinson says the project, which took him nine months, was an education. ‘I’ve never been a soldier. It’s difficult to look in on a subject like this and completely understand it. I wanted it to be about people. Watching everything unfold, I begin to feel that we really are the same creatures with the same fundamental needs.’
1709 private sentinel, Battle of Malplaquet...

1815 private soldier, Battle of Waterloo

Kit issued to soldiers fighting in the Battle of Waterloo included a pewter tankard and a draughts set.
1815 private soldier, Battle of Waterloo...

1854 private soldier, Rifle Brigade, Battle of Alma

Each picture depicts the bandages, bayonets and bullets of survival, and the hooks on which humanity hangs: letter paper, prayer books and Bibles.
1854 private soldier, Rifle Brigade, Battle of Alma...

1916 private soldier, Battle of the Somme

While the First World War was the first modern war, as the Somme kit illustrates, it was also primitive. Along with his gas mask a private would be issued with a spiked ‘trench club’ – almost identical to medieval weapons.
1916 private soldier, Battle of the Somme...

1944 lance corporal, Parachute Brigade, Battle of Arnhem

Each photograph shows a soldier’s world condensed into a pared-down manifest of defences, provisions and distractions. There is the formal (as issued by the quartermaster and armourer) and the personal (timepieces, crucifixes, combs and shaving brushes).
1944 lance corporal, Parachute Brigade, Battle of Arnhem...

1982 Royal Marine Commando, Falklands conflict

From the cumbersome armour worn by a Yorkist man-at-arms in 1485 to the packs yomped into Port Stanley on the backs of Royal Marines five centuries later, the literal burden of a soldier’s endeavour is on view.
1982 Royal Marine Commando, Falklands conflict...

2014 close-support sapper, Royal Engineers, Helmland Province

The evolution of technology that emerges from the series is a process that has accelerated over the past century. The pocket watch of 1916 is today a waterproof digital wristwatch; the bolt-action Lee-Enfield rifle has been replaced by laser-sighted light assault carbines; and lightweight camouflage Kevlar vests take the place of khaki woollen Pattern service tunics.
2014 close-support sapper, Royal Engineers, Helmland Province...



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