Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Did Obamacare destroy the Democratic Party?

Los Angeles Times ^ | December 3, 2014 | by Michael Hiltzik 

Was heathcare reform a fatal political blunder by the Democratic Party? That thesis of Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, received a respectful airing this week from the veteran political journalist and New York Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall.
Schumer's position--that the Democrats should have delayed healthcare reform at the start of Obama's first term and focused instead on policies to help the middle class--goes to the heart of what it means to govern. It's proper to give it a closer look.
It's even more important to examine the misconceptions about Obamacare that lie at the heart of Schumer's analysis. The fundamental flaw in that analysis is a misunderstanding of Obamacare, as some of Edsall's own data reveal. The lesson, as I've written before, is that the Democrats' blunder was not in passing the bill, but in running away from it once it became law and abandoning it to be defined--misdefined--by their Republican opponents.
"We must convince the middle class that the only way out of their morass is by a stronger and effective government, not by demeaning or running away from it," Schumer told his audience. But by trampling over the Affordable Care Act, he became part of the problem.
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Working-Class Disgust with Democrats Hitting 'Dangerous Levels'

breitbart ^ | Dec. 3, 2014 | Wynton Hall 

Progressive New York Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall wrote on Tuesday that Democrats' embrace of Obamacare's redistribution scheme has angered and alienated working-class and middle-class Americans.

"Even though midterm elections favor Republicans, the 2014 results show middle and working-class dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party rising to dangerous levels, which threatens the party's growing demographic advantages," wrote Edsall.

As Breitbart News reported last Wednesday, the latest Gallup poll finds that President Barack Obama's approval rating with working-class white voters has hit an all-time low 27%. Moreover, the Gallup poll's findings were taken from opinion data collected prior to racially-charged riots in Ferguson, Missouri.
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'The World Is On Fire'

Yahoo ^ 

AP/Tony Gutierrez Senator Ted Cruz. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attacked what he described as " the Obama-Clinton foreign policy" in a wide-ranging speech on Tuesday.
"It's almost as if the whole world is on fire right now," Cruz said at a Washington event hosted by Concerned Veterans for America. "Leading from behind doesn't work."
As an alternative, Cruz presented his own three-part plan for "r easserting American leadership in the world." The first step, Cruz said, was making sure the US government again becomes a voice for freedom.
"We should be a clarion voice for freedom. Never underestimate the power of the bully pulpit of America," Cruz said, citing former President Ronald Reagan's speech urging the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall. " One of the most striking and inexplicable aspects of the last six years is the almost complete absence of American leadership speaking out for freedom."
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