Wednesday, November 5, 2014

‘Election Eve Dump:’ Eric Holder Releases Fast and Furious Documents That Got Him Cited for Contempt!

National Review ^ | 11-4-2014 | Joel Gehrke 

Justice Department officials provided House investigators with thousands of documents related to Operation Fast and Furious that President Obama had previously claimed were exempt from congressional review.

In an “election eve dump,” as House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) put it, DOJ handed over 64,280 pages of documents, a release that is still only a partial fulfillment of the committee’s request.

“This production is nonetheless a victory for the legislative branch, a victory for transparency, and a victory for efforts to check Executive Branch power,” Issa said of the release.
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Scott Walker: Success is Measured by How Many Are No Longer Dependent On Gov't! ^ | 11/5/14 | Scott Walker 

Governor Scott Walker's Victory Speech
He sounds like a winner.

Why the GOP Blowout Is So Scary for Democrats

The Atlantic ^ | November 5, 2014 | Peter Beinart 

Does Tuesday night’s GOP blowout presage anything for the presidential election that starts in earnest on Wednesday? The conventional answer is probably still no. First, as a million pundits have correctly noted, midterm voters are older, whiter and thus more Republican-leaning than voters in presidential races. Second, the key 2014 Senate races were disproportionately located in red states (although Democrats fared poorly in purple ones too). Third, the GOP trained its fire on President Obama, who won’t be on the ballot in two years.
But despite all this, there is one big takeaway from tonight’s Republican landslide that should worry Democrats a lot: The GOP is growing hungrier to win.
It’s about time. As a general rule, the longer a party goes without holding the White House, the hungrier it becomes. And the hungrier it becomes, the more able it is to discard damaging elements of party orthodoxy while still rousing its political base. Between 1932 and 1952, it took Republicans five election defeats to convince their partisans to rally behind Dwight Eisenhower, who accepted the New Deal. Between 1980 and 1992, it took Democrats three defeats to convince their base to get behind Bill Clinton, a former head of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council who supported cutting taxes and executing murderers.
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Time for a Shake-Up: Obama needs to clean house, starting with Valerie Jarrett!

US News and World Report ^ | 11/5/14 | Mark W. Davis 

Get rid of your Rasputin, Mr. President.
Whole tea plantations in Nepal will now be stripped bare to supply all the leaves needed to read President Barack Obama’s strategy in response to this Republican wave election. Will the president negotiate in earnest for tax reform and immigration? Will he finally come out of his hermit crab shell and engage in the hard, squalid and frustrating business of sitting down with members of Congress to hash out compromises?
Or will Obama seem to do these things, while positioning himself to exploit the ideological divisions within the GOP in a continuing effort to avoid responsibility and shift blame? Perhaps Obama will simply upend the legislative chessboard entirely, and assert unprecedented extensions of executive authority to ram through cherished goals, like the legalization of millions of illegal aliens.
Here’s the only tea leaf you need to read: You can tell the president’s intentions, stance and strategy by whether or not he shakes up his White House staff, beginning with Valerie Jarrett, a staffer who has accumulated the power, resources and the formal trappings of a prime minister.
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For Obama Administration, spending other people’s money is so much fun!

Coach is Right ^ | 11/5/14 | Kevin "Coach" Collins 

Republican Senator Tom Coburn has compiled a list of some of the government’s more infuriating wastes of our tax money. These are some of the worst of the worst.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) will burn through $171,361.00 observing monkeys gambling to determine how to combat gambling addiction in humans. The NSF also flushed away over $200,000 of our money to understand why Wikipedia is sexist – really?
The (NSF) spent over 856,000 dollars to “teach mountain lions how to walk on treadmills as part of a research project whose aim was to better understand mountain lions’ instincts.”
Because the United States Coast Guard is no longer allowed to stop illegal aliens sneaking into our country by water, it has been given a new assignment. Now our Coast Guard patrols swank beaches outside of some of the country’s “most exclusive real estate” to stop uninvited guests from being party crashers. The cost of this folly is carefully hidden but even one of these assignments is too many.
Besides this outrage the Department of Homeland Security is also wasting $450,000 a year to buy its upper level managers memberships in state of the art gyms and spas in Washington D. C.
Homeland is also sitting on 56,000 vehicles they have purchased to make the auto industry appear to be thriving...
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Obama's reverse Midas touch: 'Everything he touched turned to crap'

washingtonexaminer ^ | No. 5, 2014 | Brian Hughes 

President Obama hardly had the golden touch in the few marquee political contests he got involved in ahead of the 2014 midterms.
Facing tough political headwinds, the president played a do-no-harm strategy, mostly sticking to events with Democratic governors in seemingly safe states.

It turns out that many of those contests weren’t so safe after all.

President Obama saw the Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin and his home-state Illinois lose after personally stumping for them in the waning moments before Election Day.
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Climate change supporters suffer losses (Flushed a lot of money down the terlet!)

The Hill ^ | 11/05/14 | Laura Barron-Lopez 

Despite millions spent to make climate change a wedge issue during the midterms, environmentally friendly candidates didn’t fare well on Election Day.
Green groups funneled an unprecedented amount of money into top Senate races that determined control of the upper chamber but fell short.
The nation’s top environmental groups including the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate spent at least $85 million on six Senate races.
Out of those six races, only two candidates willing to take action on climate change won their races.
In Michigan, Rep. Gary Peters (D) won, and in New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) held on to her seat. But Republicans picked up crucial Senate seats in Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina.

Obama Aide: “He Doesn’t Feel Repudiated.”

FrontPage Mag ^ | 11/5/2014 | Daniel Greenfield 

75 percent of voters say that he needs to rethink his policies. An unprecedented landslide squashed his party. Exit poll after exit poll shows angry voters expressing dissatisfaction with him.
His own party candidates did not want to be seen with him. Some actually ran against him.
So why would Mr. Ego feel repudiated?
Mr. Obama bristled as the last campaign that would influence his presidency played out while he sat largely on the sidelines. He privately complained that it should not be a judgment on him. “He doesn’t feel repudiated,” the aide said Tuesday night.
Of course not.
Now pivot to Amnesty, the War on Women, arming Syrian Jihadis, creating Green Jobs with taxes and 3D Printers, celebrity appearances, fundraisers, vacations, golfing and unilateral imperial rule.
Not a thing needs to be changed.
Keep telling Americans that the economy is doing great. Blame Congress. Blame someone. Blame anyone. Go golf.
“He’s going to be aggressive. He’s ready to go,” said another senior official, who like others did not want to be identified discussing plans before the election results were tabulated. “We’ve got a lot of important stuff to get done in the lame duck. He’ll talk about that tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of important stuff to get done in the last two years. He’s anxious to get going on that.”
There you go. Pay no attention to those pesky voters.

The 29 States Where You Can Be Fired for Being Straight!

American Thinker ^ | November 5, 2014 | Brandon Brown 

In an era where few things are deemed as laudable as coming out as gay, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) has continued the trend by officially announcing his homosexual orientation. Seeing himself as an influential leader, he conveyed the responsibility he feels to fight for so-called equality of gays. To support his claim of inequality of gays, Cook proclaimed that "there are laws on the books in a majority of states that allow employers to fire people based solely on their sexual orientation." Almost instantly, the media flooded the web with articles like, "The 29 States Where You Can Still Be Fired for Being Gay" – complete with colorful maps to pinpoint the bigots. Horrible, isn't it? States that actually allow you to fire people because they are gay! But like many liberal chants, the statement is incredibly misleading and the truth isn't quite as simple.
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The danger of listening to polls!

Coach is Right ^ | 11/5/14 | Kevin "Coach" Collins 

“Oh boy this is going to be a nail biter; a real long night; and we might not know who will control the Senate until January!” Reading sites like Real Clear Politics (RCP) this was the only reasonable position to take yesterday.
In race after race across the country we were told that Republican candidates were losing the strong lead we intuitively knew they had. We heard from RCP and elsewhere that Tom Cotton’s lead had fallen to just 2 points when that same day another poll had him plus 12. Both were factored in and of course that diluted the real number down to 6 points. “Two points; maybe all of this happy talk is just that – happy talk,” we were supposed to believe.
So why did this happen? What skews the otherwise clear thinking brains at RCP? The answer seems to shout itself to us. They use obvious psy-ops, or psychological operations polls – lies made up by the media and the Democrats designed to dampen the enthusiasm of their victims. . The naïve RCP guys developed a theory that really sounded reasonable a few cycles ago. It holds that by throwing in every poll that pops up, even knowing some were psy-ops polls, they would get an accurate picture of what was happening in various races because “Things would balance out.” Well they didn’t “balance out” in a few very important races and this was no accident.
Like everything else in politics the polling process has been polluted by the Left.
By falling for, or willingly cooperating with, liberal psy-ops polls in its final projection, RCP had Colorado Georgia and Iowa as toss up Senate races...
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The Polls Were Skewed Toward Democrats

ESPN.Com ^ | 11/5/2014 | Nate Silver 

For much of this election cycle, Democrats complained the polls were biased against them. They said the polls were failing to represent enough minority voters and applying overly restrictive likely-voter screens. They claimed early-voting data was proving the polls wrong. They cited the fact that polls were biased against Democrats in 2012.
The Democrats’ complaints may have been more sophisticated-seeming than the ”skewed polls” arguments made by Republicans in 2012. But in the end, they were just as wrong. The polls did have a strong bias this year — but it was toward Democrats and not against them.
Based on results as reported through early Wednesday morning — I’ll detail our method for calculating this in a moment — the average Senate poll conducted in the final three weeks of this year’s campaign overestimated the Democrat’s performance by 4 percentage points. The average gubernatorial poll was just as bad, also overestimating the Democrat’s performance by 4 points.
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Raining Skunks!

 photo 2d9a2h4.jpg

Wendy Davis Was The Face Of ‘War On Women’ Politics. How’d That Go?

The Federalist ^ | November 4, 2014 | Mollie Hemingway 

This was a year when the War on Women messaging — previously employed so successfully by the Democrats — failed to yield the desired results. Most of the discussions about that failure have focused on Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado. Udall’s obsessive focus on the “War on Women” playbook became so annoying that journalists and even his own supporters dubbed him “Mark Uterus.”
But it is absolutely unfair that Udall be tarred with all the failures of the War on Women messaging. No one better encapsulates the Democratic playbook than Wendy Davis, who ran for governor of Texas.
Her campaign was launched in vintage War on Women style. By filibustering a popular late-term abortion ban in Texas, she immediately gained the support of many in the mainstream media. They feted her with free in-kind advertising in the form of puffy profile pieces, cover stories, and other effusive coverage.
Sarah Kliff, who famously dismissed the Kermit Gosnell story as nothing more than “local crime” and therefore unworthy of coverage, covered Davis extensively while at the Washington Post and later when she moved to Vox. For instance, she tweeted this on the night of Davis’ filibuster:
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Pro-life tsunami: Republicans sweep midterms in historic victory! ^ | Nov. 5, 2014 | Ben Johnson 

Pro-life candidates swept into office nationwide... fueled by opposition to the poor economy, President Obama, and his signature accomplishment: ObamaCare...

Those candidates most outspoken on abortion outperformed those who were reticent to engage the pro-life community.

The results support life and traditional marriage. National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown says NOM spent $200,000 ... in grassroots efforts...

"It's time for the GOP... to wake up and realize that marriage is a winning issue, in red states and blue," Brown said. "We look forward to working with Congress to advance the cause of marriage.”

Democrat Senator Manchin Unloads On Obama

Breitbart Big Government ^ | 11/5/14 | Wynton Hal 

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted President Barack Obama Tuesday night in the wake of a devastating Democratic defeat in the midterm elections. "It doesn´t make sense that we have to fight so hard against our own government and our own administration and our President to try to find a balance," said Manchin on MSNBC. Manchin said West Virginians have "the perception of the government attacking them, which basically is what´s happening." Manchin added, "The people are speaking loud and clear. They don´t like what they´re seeing. I don´t like what I´ve been involved with the last four years and I´ve
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Hard to fathom!


The Scream!


Encumbent fear!


Ignore the signs!


Typical Conservative!


Nothing to fear!








INsulting Lie


Human Wrecking Ball!








Bill Clinton






Pity The Fool Barack Obama - A pariah in his own time!

The American Spectator ^ | November 5, 2014 | Ross Kaminsky 

"In a generic way, he tied the “political millstone” to Democrats across the country a month ago when he said, “I am not on the ballot this fall.… But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”
Democrats realize it now — that, as with another former community organizer named Jim Jones, followers are expendable — but it’s too late for them despite Harry Reid’s best efforts to shield them from tough votes and cast Republicans as obstructionists when Reid himself is the source of American electoral constipation.
Poor Barack. He was kept away from every important race and most unimportant ones. How hard that must be for a man with an ego so large that it makes most Hollywood movie stars look modest.
How frustrating for someone who embodies the clinical definition of narcissism, including “Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”
How difficult for a man whose every speech is replete with first person pronouns.
How unacceptable for the candidate whose nomination was to presage the end of every ill from poverty to rising seas. (Seriously, was that not the most politically narcissistic comment since “L’État, c’est moi”?)
How humiliating for the Democrats’ hopey-changey rock star, now not even fit to be a roadie for the warm-up band.
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No Obama pivot after midterms (Obama "Defiant")!

Politico ^ | 5 Nov 14 | CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN 

Voters demanded change from Washington on Tuesday, and Republicans say it’s now up to President Barack Obama to deliver it.

But don’t count on that happening.

The White House that emerges after the midterm elections won’t look, act or sound drastically different than the one battered for months by Republicans and abandoned by Democrats desperate to hang onto power. The president will seek some common ground with Republicans, but there are limits to how far Obama wants to go — and Senate Democrats will let him go.
Despite losing the Senate, Obama doesn’t think too much should be read into election results from a handful of states that never approved of his job performance in the first place. Obama acknowledges that he needs to do better, and he will make modest adjustments to his staffing, messaging and legislative strategy in response. But he won’t pivot to the right, as he did after his self-proclaimed shellacking in 2010, White House officials said in interviews this week.
Obama will strike a tone of compromise and accountability during his public remarks Wednesday, promising to work with Republicans who are interested in working with him. He’s gone almost two years without a major legislative achievement, leaving him “very willing” to start cutting deals, a senior administration official said, possibly on trade, corporate taxes and patent reform. Still, this posture isn’t much different than the one he’s projected for years.
At the same time, Obama won’t back down from using his administrative powers, including plans to issue an executive order on immigration that could be the most aggressive unilateral action of his presidency.
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Yes we can't!


Big Brother!


Trick or treat?

Who did this?

What wave?

In Box!


GOP rout a referendum... on Obama!

bostonherald ^ | Wednesday, November 5, 2014 | Joe Battenfeld 

The Republican rout sweeping Democrats out of power in Congress effectively sends Barack Obama’s presidency to a screeching halt and drastically alters the political landscape — including the 2016 White House battle.
Obama had said he wanted the election to be a referendum on his policies, and it was — much to the dismay of the president and fellow Democrats. Republicans rolled up U.S. Senate wins in places like Iowa, Virginia, West Virginia and Arkansas, kicking Democrats and Harry Reid out of their majority perch.
This was a personally devastating blow for Obama, whose low approval ratings appeared to be a big reason for Democratic losses, and he will likely get much of the blame from his own party for the poor showing.
Voters sent a clear signal they were unhappy with Obama and Democratic incumbents in general.
“It was a good year to be unopposed,” Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) said in an interview with Boston Herald Radio.
Republican gains mean that Obama will have very little clout in Congress and be virtually powerless to pass any of his agenda without offering major compromises to the GOP.
After the Republican rout, Democrats last night were already urging the White House and their party to shift gears and focus more on economic issues and jobs.
“I want us to go back to focusing and giving the message that made me a Democrat. That’s economic policies,” Capuano said. The Massachusetts congressman downplayed GOP gains in Congress, saying even with a GOP takeover that lawmakers would have to compromise to get any legislation passed.
The end of the midterm election season last night also marks the beginning of the coming presidential campaign and will give Republicans more hope of taking back the White House in 2016.
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