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RINO-Corporatist/Political Profiteer Karl Rove Escalating (Failed) War with TEA Party

And that's just fineno time like the present for that inevitable defining battle with the wretched political-consultant class that has driven the GOP over the cliff for going-on eight years now. The victors in this power struggle (my $ says constitutional conservatives) will have momentum into the 2014 elections, with time to consolidate Republican power and roll Hillary to the curb in 2016.

The only reason the unloved RINO racket Rove operates is even still around is the mechanism they've established that draws large corporate (and other special interest) donations, then utilizes that mountain of cash to control incumbents/primaries/elections and line-the-pockets of lavishly-overpaid professional drivel generators... like Karl 'Pop-n-Fresh' Rove, ferinstance.Ask the average Republican voter, and they wonder how such a failed consultant could retain major GOP influence with next-to-no actual grassroots support.

Now the Rovester and his minions are prepping the ground for their next chosen son, the blobular Chris Christie. But early polls show conservatives ain't goin for it, not after this same self-serving failure rammed Romney down our throats last time with BS promises of victory. 

It wasn't just Mittens doing a face-plant, Rove completely tanked in 2012 with those he and his Big Bux donors chose to back. We're talking spendinghalf a billion dollars to lose 67% of the races in which Rove PACs were involved. 

Many of these GOP candidates were weak-willed tools willing to do as Rovewould have told them to, just as long as he kept them in their seat. Unlike the TEA Party-driven 2010 election, 2012 voters responded with a resounding 'no thanks' and here we are today, with the influence/power of the Republican Party at the lowest of lows.

'Perfect candidate' Mitt Romney's lame performance in the presidential campaign -vs a feeble, radical, incompetent incumbent- made clear to all the narrow appeal of unprincipled Republican squishes. Obviously, most in the Party don't want what Rove's clients are attempting to purchase (open borders, cheap money, corporate welfare) through him, so as opposition to Obammunism continues to build- we need to pivot to a genuine antidote for Obama's poison... not still more crony-capitalism and 'Obama Lite'.

If we have to boycott Rove donors' businesses, mobilize TEA Party patriots/$ in primary districts under attack by American Crossroads (or other shady Rovite Super-PACs), or even VOTE DEMOCRAT in some rare instances to strategically remove those who've chosen to do battle with the base of their own party... so be it. 

No reason for conservatives to feel bad about breaking Reagan's 11th Commandment as we set-out to destroy the Rove machine, either... after all, he declared war on us, and now that this evil Boll Weevil is establishing serrepticious front groups to hide all the 2014 dirty tricks that he's drawn up on that stupid little whiteboard of his... all I can say is 'bring it on' and screw you Karl Rove, when the dust has settled -and Christie gets crushed in the primary- history will surely treat you like the Vichy Republican p.o.s. that you are.

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'Ultra-Right', 'Extreme' John Birch Society Saw It ALL Coming Down the Pike . . .

50 years later,  history is proving them right-
as it will soon enough the TEA Party

The John Birch Society was founded in 1958 by Robert Welch, a retired candy manufacturer who saw collectivism as the main threat to Western Civilization, with useful-idiot-type liberals serving as "secret communist traitors" that provided cover for a move towards world socialist government   The organization took its name from an American Baptist missionary (and US intelligence officer) who was shot dead by Red Chinese forces in August 1945, therefore it was that John Birch was honored as 'first fatality of the Cold War'. 

The agenda was pro-family, pro-Christian, anti-communist, anti-UN, and anti-big government, while treating the principles of the US Constitution/Bill of Rights as sacrosanct. The JBS charter was based on opposing plans of what they said were a small group of 'Insiders' working surreptitiously both in and outside of government to bring the this country's free-market enterprise system to it's knees while incrementally stripping America's sovereignty and inflicting a socalist society upon our people. But they also felt both the USSR and US governments were under the influence of the same international cabal, one keen to bring about a collectivist 'New World Order'... all orchestrated from behind the scenes and by-hook-or-by-crook.

Naturally such conspiracy theory brought massive derision 
-particularly from those it exposed- and the John Birch Society was mocked as paranoid and delusional, among other things. But just listen to what the man had to say back then in '73 -most of this quoted from their 1958 charter- and you tell me he's not talking about the internationalist-socialistSorobama regime that's currently ripping this country a new one...
John Birch Society

Agenda of the NWO 'Insiders', according to JBS (1958):
  • surrender of American sovereignty to UN
    and other international organizations
  • greatly expanded government spending... 
    'as wastefully as possible'
  • higher (and then much higher) taxes
  • increasingly unbalanced budget-
    despite tax increases
  • wild inflation of our currency and
    destruction of our savings
  • greatly increased socialistic controls over every operation of our economy... and every activity
    of our daily lives
  • correspondingly huge increases in federal bureaucracy, and both cost and reach of government 
  • far more centralization of power in Washington
    (and gradual erosion of states' power)
  • creeping federalization of education system
  • anti-war propaganda, "peace" at all costs...
    thus inevitably on enemy terms (of course)

Just 'cuz you're paranoid
doesn't mean they're not after you:

If you find that level of conspiracy theory to much to swallow, consider this: The second head of the John Birch Society was Congressman Larry McDonald from Georgia, who was killed on September 1, 1983, when the Soviet Union shot down KAL 007... the only congressman killed by the Soviets during the Cold War.

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Who are the Real Liberals?

American Thinker ^ | September 20, 2014 | Benjamin Aguda 

A few hundred years ago, humanity went through a remarkable period of transformation, the Enlightenment. A number of different developments enabled this transformation to take place, and the impact of the Enlightenment has been tremendous. One area where the Enlightenment had particularly strong influence was in political theory. Before the Enlightenment, it was common knowledge that all men were natural slaves. We were slaves to our parents and slaves to our rulers in the same way that we were naturally slaves to God. This ancient doctrine justified the despotic political systems that had existed in one form or another throughout most of history.
The Enlightenment changed this tradition. Enlightenment thinkers began to see the world as dominated by physical forces put in place by a benevolent God. Man became a naturally free and rational creature who can choose his own life. Man has dignity; he is intrinsically and individually valuable. He owns himself and the products of his labor. His rational nature enables him to build a free society where he is not a slave to his rulers. This philosophy, the belief that man has inherent dignity, is now known as Classical Liberalism, and it was the philosophical inspiration for The American Revolution.
Our founding fathers were steeped in the liberal tradition. One classical liberal that was particularly influential to the founding of our country was an Englishman named John Locke (1632-1704). Locke was so influential that Thomas Jefferson listed him as one of the most influential men in his own thinking and was even accused of plagiarizing Locke while writing the Declaration of Independence.
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