Thursday, September 18, 2014

At tense VA hearing, doctors link delay to patient death!

Stars and Stripes ^ | September 17, 2014 | Heath Druzin 

Doctors say deaths, can be linked to delays. A starkly different view than the one painted by VA inspector general’s report. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., questioning of acting VA IG, Richard Griffin, about whether IG was corruptly influenced by VA officials.... Miller banged his gavel to stop acting shill Griffin's speel. “You want the truth?” Griffin, incredulously.
"As a physician” Katherine Mitchell, I believe the OIG case review systematically overlooked relationships between delays and deaths. Mitchell, joined by VA doctor Samuel Foot. Foot, "VA IG’s office used a criminal activity, as damage control, rather than using it to get to the bottom of major deficiencies in the system. Calling the IG report a foot-dragging, whitewash, designed to minimize the scandal and protect perpetrators. Foote, and VA employees have brought to light a system where patients languished without care, many died. Organized corruption spun out glowing efficiency reports. Congress passed a $17-billion bill enabling the VA to hire more doctors and nurses and "under performing" officials.
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As Poll Numbers Worsen for Wendy Davis, Democrats Forced to Hire Canvassers!

Breitbart Texas ^ | September 17, 2014 | Sarah Rumpf 

AUSTIN, Texas -- Democratic nominee for Governor Wendy Davis has come a long way since the heights of her pink-sneakered glory days back in June 2013, when she captured the national attention of abortion advocates for her eleven hour filibuster against Texas’ abortion bill. Today, less than two months before the general election, it seems that her party is reduced to hiring roles that should be filled by basic volunteers to keep operations going.
Davis’ attempts to rebrand herself as a defender of second amendment rights flopped, her book is not exactly tearing up the charts but did get her an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show (as well as an ethics complaint), and multiple cutesy messaging gimmicks, like the #BeyonceVoters tumblr blog -- abandoned after a flurry of posts in July, never to be heard from again – have failed to gain traction, as Davis finds herself facing ever-worsening poll numbers....
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Elevator Operators in the Capitol make Big Bucks Pressing Buttons for Senators! ^ | November 2013 

Many people have probably never seen an elevator operator these days. Jobs like elevator operator and bathroom attendant seem to be extinct. However, if you should happen to become a United States Senator, get used to having someone push the elevator buttons for you.
Over the last five years, Uncle Sam has paid out over $1.2 million to pay operators who man the Capitol’s senators-only elevators. The longer the elevator operator pushes the right buttons, the more money they will rake in. The longest tenured elevator operator has seen a salary increase each of the last five years. That operator has earned over $210,000 over those five years, giving them an average salary of around $42,000 a year.
So why can’t Senators just select their floor on their own? The Senate sergeant at arms office, which employs the operators, defended the presence of the elevator operators by saying that they provide services to the Senators besides the obvious. They listed nine roles and responsibilities of the operators that are separate from the physical operation of the automated elevators. Many of these other responsibilities deal with providing a clear and safe path for Senators to move through quickly, pointing confused tourists in the right direction, and working in the galleries during Senate recesses. The sergeant at arms office also noted that all elevator operators are certified in first aid and CPR.
In 2011, the sergeant at arms office decided that elevator operators would be among the furloughed nonessential staff. However, even after the Senate identified the taxpayer-funded operators as nonessential, no evidence exists to suggest that they plan on eliminating or reducing the funding for those positions. So if you hate pressing the buttons on elevators on your own, all you have to do is become a Senator!

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