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Time Bombs in Democratic Coalition ^ | April 18, 2014 | Mona Charen
The Republican Party is roiling with internal conflicts, say the analysts. The tea party is confronting the establishment. The noninterventionists are at war (forgive the expression) with the interventionists. The libertarians would like the party to endorse same-sex marriage. Fair enough. These conflicts will play out during the primaries in 2016, and we'll discover whether they are serious fault lines or merely squabbles. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, supposedly the firm fortress of the middle class, minorities and women, is actually showing some internal stresses as well. Little fissures are snaking through the crust, perhaps reflecting tectonic movement beneath. The president's approval rating has been tumbling downhill. Obamacare, the poor economy and now also foreign policy are considered weaknesses. A recent Associated Press-GfK poll found that 58 percent disapprove of his handling of foreign affairs. Nearly twice as many Americans believe the economy will worsen in the coming year as say it will improve. The Institute of Politics at Harvard reports that among voters between the ages of 18 and 39, 57 percent disapprove of Obamacare. By a 2-1 margin, voters under 30 believe that the quality of their care will get worse as a result of the law. The grand alliance of minority groups, young voters, public employee unions and women that propelled President Barack Obama to two comfortable victories may be fraying. Though the Democrats encourage the fiction that members of their coalition have the same interests, this is not the case. Children, especially black and Hispanic children, have an interest in school choice and charter schools. The teachers unions have an interest in preventing reform of the public schools. Asian-Americans have an interest in eliminating racial quotas in education, as quotas tend to set ceilings, rather than floors, on their acceptance to college. Black and Hispanics think (though it's a matter of vigorous dispute) that their interests are served by maintaining racial quotas. (Count me among the doubters: Proposition 209 in California, the 1996 referendum that outlawed racial preferences, actually increased the number of black and Hispanic graduates at the University of California.) Asian-Americans now constitute about 15 percent of California's electorate. Since the 1990s, they've leaned toward the Democrats. They gave Obama 72 percent of their votes in 2012. This has confused some Republicans, who note that Asians tend to uphold the kinds of values Republicans champion: high rates of marriage, self-reliance, entrepreneurship and educational achievement. It may be that Democrats have done a better job courting them. Or it may be that Asians' liberal views on gay marriage, immigration and abortion incline them toward the Democrats. But recent moves by Democrats in California to reinstate preferences in higher education have met with a backlash. Writing in The American Magazine, Abigail Thernstrom notes that when a constitutional amendment was proposed that would have overturned Proposition 209, Asian-Americans rebelled and forced Assembly Speaker John A. Perez to table it. This is the first time Asians have broken with the Democratic Party over this issue. In New York, one very liberal Democrat, Mayor Bill de Blasio, met resistance from a slightly less liberal Democrat, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, when he struck at charter schools. Charters are precious to voters who are strongly attached to the Democratic Party -- blacks and Hispanics. They are anathema to another loyal Democratic constituency -- the teachers unions. The sound you hear is the cracking of an alliance. As for the "war on women," it may be wearing thin. Wendy Davis, a candidate for governor of Texas, who has carried all the familiar liberal standards into battle, is trailing her Republican opponent even among women voters, only 32 percent of whom view her favorably compared with 46 percent who are unimpressed. Sure, that's Texas. But a November 2013 poll found that Obama's approval rating among women had dropped by 10 points since the election. The Paycheck Fairness dog-and-pony show, choreographed by the White House, elicited some snickers when Jay Carney was confronted with the fact that women in the White House earned only 88 cents on the dollar compared with men. The point was not, as Carney seemed to think, that the administration had been caught in hypocrisy, but that comparing gross wages of the two sexes without considering other factors is inherently fraudulent. Republicans, meanwhile, have advertised the fact that poverty among women has increased from 14.4 percent to 16.3 percent during Obama's term. The Democrats may be able to hold their coalition together in 2016, but the fissures suggest openings for challenge.

Obama's Plan: Taxes, Spending And Debt

IBD ^ | 04/18/2014
Remember President Obama's vow that, if re-elected, he'd pursue "balanced" deficit reduction? Either he forgot, or he hopes voters have, because a new report shows his latest budget is entirely unbalanced. When Obama released his budget this March, he said it included "smart spending cuts" and closed "tax loopholes" that benefit only "the wealthiest Americans." Obama added that his budget would put "our debt on a downward path as a share of our total economy, which independent experts have set as a critical target for fiscal responsibility." As with just about everything Obama says, none of these claims turns out be true. When the Congressional Budget Office scrubbed Obama's budget, it didn't find a balanced or responsible plan at all. In a report Thursday, the CBO says the 10-year deficit cut is half what Obama claims, and all of it — 100% — comes from tax hikes. Worse, Obama's "road map" would leave us with a massive and rising national debt. Whereas Obama's budget claims $2.2 trillion in deficit cuts over the next decade, for example, the CBO found only a little more than $1 trillion. And unless Obama thinks balance means raising taxes and spending, his budget is about as unbalanced as you can get. It not only doesn't cut spending; it also increases outlays by $338 billion.
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Sheriff Mack: federal snipers at Bundy ranch are mercenaries, hit men

DC clothesline ^ | Apr 18, 2014
Sheriff Mack: federal snipers at Bundy ranch are mercenaries, hit men Posted on April 18, 2014 by Dr. Eowyn BLM-snipers-outside-of-Bundy-Ranch In an interview with TPN’s Dylan Scott Wednesday, April 16, 2014, Richard Mack, former Arizona county sheriff and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), said: “One of our CSPOA members who was there earlier and got there before I did was phoning me and telling me that they were going to be killed. The federal snipers, several of them — I don’t know if you know this — but they were paid mercenaries. They’re contractors. They’re paid hit men. He saw all the equipment and all the military weaponry that they had, and then he said, ‘Sheriff, they warned us that they were going to arrest us. Then they warned us that they were going to shoot us.
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Labor supporting Media Matters not super-keen on SEIU unionizing its employees!

Hotair ^ | 04/18/2014 | Mary Katharine Ham
One for the hypocrisy hall of fame:
Media Matters for America is apparently resisting an effort by Service Employees International Union Local 500 to unionize its staff.Last week, the union filed a representation petition with the National Labor Relations Board, indicating that the nonprofit media watchdog organization rejected an effort by the union to organize MMFA’s staff through a Card Check election.A filing with the NLRB does not necessarily mean that the union and management are in direct confrontation. For example, although Volkswagen tacitly backed the United Auto Workers’ recent effort to organize its Chattanooga, Tenn., plant, the company still insisted on an NLRB-monitored election.
Media Matters has retained a law firm whose focus is representing management in labor disputes. It’s forcing its employees into a secret-ballot election, which is the kind of vote card-check proponents like the good folks at Media Matters decry whenever Republicans insist it’s important to maintain.
It is unclear why Media Matters did not opt to allow its employees to organize through a card check campaign, in which a union submits signed petitions from employees expressing their interest to join the union. MMFA, its attorneys, and the SEIU did not return requests for comment.Media Matters has a long record of slamming Republicans and conservatives who want to protect secret ballot union elections.The organization published multiple pieces celebrating the Democrat’s so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for unions to organize through card check campaigns and prevent employers from forcing a secret ballot election.Media Matters researcher Meagan Hatcher-Mays took to the organization’s blog to criticize “a wave of Republican anti-union legislation [that] has placed obstacles between workers and union representatives and disrupted opportunities for workplace productivity.”
The “obstacles” Media Matters is more than happy to employ when its own employees start exercising the rights Media Matters advocates. We can all hope maybe someone over there will go on strike.

Labor Fascism in Chattanooga: UAW refuses to take the Volkswagen workers' "no" for an answer!

American Thinker ^ | 04/18/2014 | Matthew Vadum
As the labor movement tells the story, two months ago, the silly, ungrateful Volkswagen factory workers in Tennessee foolishly rejected the generous invitation of the company and the United Auto Workers to welcome the Detroit-killing union with open arms. In an election supervised by the federal National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the workers in VW's Chattanooga plant rejected UAW representation by a vote of 712 to 626. Amazingly, the UAW and the automaker both refuse to take the workers' "no" for an answer. The two sides are acting in unison to overturn the democratically expressed will of the workers. Nullifying an election by fiat with the collusion of corporate management and organized labor is something we would expect to see in a nation dominated by fascism, a dangerous foreign ideology embraced by President Obama and the so-called progressives of the early twentieth century and today. And this push to eviscerate the legal rights of VW employees is yet more proof that the management philosophy of the automobile manufacturer founded by Adolf Hitler hasn't evolved much since the fall of the Third Reich. Many Americans don't know that in 1937, Hitler's government created the then-government-owned automobile manufacturer originally called Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH (German for "Society for the preparation of the German People's Car"). It was soon renamed Volkswagenwerk (German for "The People's Car Company"). At a 1938 National Socialist German Workers' Party rally, the Nazi dictator boasted, "It is for the broad masses that this car has been built. Its purpose is to answer their transportation needs, and it is intended to give them joy."
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"If I were the devil."

If I were the devil…If I were the Prince of Darkness, I’d want to engulf the whole world in darkness, and I would know in the darkest recesses of my blackened heart that I have succeeded.
I’ve subverted the churches, first with a campaign of whispers, then with an outright assault, using the crimes of a few to impugn the many, until I had convinced the masses that religion was corrupt, that its teachings were outdated, that its message was one of hatred and bigotry.
With the wisdom of a serpent, I whispered to you as I whispered to Eve: “Do as you please, and feel safe knowing that the doctrine of moral relativism has replaced any notion of absolute right and wrong.
The bearing of false witness is good politics, covetousness is encouraged every commercial break, adultery is a way of life, and even murder is a woman’s choice.
To the young, I whispered that the Bible is a myth, and then shouted through a thousand movies and a million television shows that science has killed religion, man is destroying the planet and that the only salvation is subservience to government’s will.
What’s bad is good, abstinence isn’t possible, sex at 12 is acceptable, and generations of children having children without a thought as to how to raise them is the goal, because now they belong to me.
I have taught you all to pray, “Our Father, which art in Washington, subsistence is thy name. Give us this day our daily bread, and rent, and utilities, and health care, and cell phones and deliver us now into dependence so that those leading us into the temptation of complacency might stay in power.”
And to challenge that power is racist, to defy that authority is intolerance, to refuse to bend to its will is bigotry; accusations that I weaponized so readily that I stripped you of your ability to recognize real racism, or intolerance, or bigotry.
And I’ve gotten organized. Authors now write bondage pornography in fifty shades, movies without enough gore are ignored, and grand theft auto isn’t a crime, but a game. I presented a call of duty to kill, to maim, to live vicariously through the depths of depravity.
And even when they tried to tell the story of the Bible, I filtered it through my lens, tinting it with the vestige of political correctness so that even the story of Noah made no mention of God.
I pedaled narcotics to the streets, then hooked the rich on the pills that led them to the streets for the same high. Addiction is pain relief and alcoholism is a culture.
Families were at war with themselves until I destroyed the family and replaced it with the hand of government, and I had that government mesmerize an adoring media with empty promises of hope and change.
I encourage the schools not to refine young intellects, but to massage young egos, to replace learning with cultural enrichment, to ensure that knowledge is replaced by a common core of ideological nonsense that equips young minds for nothing but dependence on me.
I evicted God from the schoolhouse, from the courthouse, from the halls of Congress and I called anyone who dared to speak his name a zealot, but praised and elevated those who worship at the altar of self-satisfaction.
I replaced the meaning of Christmas with stampedes of greed on Black Friday and replaced Easter with spring in every mention, from break to bunny, so that its message was all but forgotten.
I took from those who have, gave to those who could help me most politically, and called it stimulus for all. I would set liberation from work as the end, government handouts as the means, and I drove millions from the workforce into my embrace.
Freedom now means free lunch, free love, and free benefits subsidized by the working whom I vilified as predatory capitalists. Patriotism is embarrassing, the American flag can be a symbol of hate, marriage is whatever I say it is, and if you speak up or speak out, I will monitor you, scrutinize you, target you, and demonize you.
In other words, if I were the Devil, I would feel pretty good about all the bad I’ve done.

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'He Makes Stuff Up': Krauthammer Reacts After President Says ObamaCare Is 'Working'

Fox Insider ^ | April 18, 2014 | Charles Krauthammer
The Special Report All-Star Panel weighed in after President Obama touted the success of ObamaCare in remarks at the White House, lashing out at Republican critics.  “We now know that the number of Americans who’ve signed up for private insurance in the marketplaces has grown to eight million people. ... They said nobody would sign up. They were wrong about that. They said it would be unaffordable for the country. They were wrong about that," Obama said.
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