Saturday, March 22, 2014

How a Watchdog Blew the Lid Off the GM Recall Scandal [Obama Motors recall delay killed 12 people] ^ | March 20, 2014 | Eric Pianin
The alarm bells first went off at the Center for Auto Safety on Feb. 13, when General Motors announced a recall of more than 780,000 model year 2005-2007 Cobalts and Pontiac G5s with faulty ignition switches.  Those ignition switches were so sensitive that even a slight jostle or heavy key ring could immediately shut down the vehicle’s power steering and brakes and prevent air bags from inflating to protect the driver and front seat passenger in case of a crash.  What really caught the auto safety watchdog’s eye was GM’s disclosure that six people had died in crashes related to the ignition problem. “I said, ‘Six deaths? That’s a lot,’” Clarence Ditlow, the long-time executive director of the center, recalled this week. “The average recall doesn’t have a single death let alone six.”Two weeks later, GM added 842,000 Ion compacts (model years 2003-2007), and Chevrolet HHR SUVs and Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sports cars (2006-2007) to the list of cars being recalled for the ignition switch problem. Now GM was saying the number of fatalities had been revised upward to 12. By then, Ditlow and his colleagues at the Washington-based auto safety center that had been co-founded by consumer advocate Ralph Nader were on the case. The revelation of GM’s extraordinarily lengthy delay in recalling the faulty cars had the whiff of scandal to it, according to Ditlow, who is no stranger to high-profile auto industry controversies and cover-ups.
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ObamaCare Mess Continues to Pile Up ^ | March 21, 2014 | Rightwingerpatriot
Contrary to the thoughts of liberals, the ObamaCare mess continues to pile up. Every measurable yardstick that would spell failure in the private sector is being touted as a success in the pubic sector. If any business acted in the manner that the federal government has, they would be sued mightily and face prison time. Since it's only taxpayer dollars being wasted and our liberties curtailed, then it's just the new normal as the mainstream media turns a blind eye to what Obama and his cronies have been doing. One of the key cons of the ObamaCare mess is that healthy young people need to sign up to subsidize older people. The problem is that they're not doing it at all. As of March 1st, a grand total of 4.2 million had signed up on the ObamaCare website (still no numbers of how many actually paid and became real customers). Of that number, only 25% were between the ages of 18 and 35 (a total of 1.076 million). That does not bode well for the entire ponzi scheme that the Affordable Care Act is. It's estimated that over 55% of new enrollees (and there had be millions of them) are needed to stabilize the system. That's why you see Obama going on the dopey Between Two Ferns on the Funny or Die website or appearing on Ellen. His administration is desperate to get more young people enrolled for something they do not need. Why should young people sign up if they're carried by their parents until they're 26? They have other priorities during that time such as chasing the opposite sex and having fun with their friends. Another bit of bad news for ObamaCare is that insurance premiums are going to skyrocket before the midterm elections. Obama has done everything possible to mitigate the negative effects of his policy by delaying it almost thirty times. Insurance industry analysts predict a rise of a double or triple increase in premiums right before the November 4th elections. (Wonder why Democrats are always pushing early voting? I expect that they would push for early voting now so as to fleece the public.) This rise in premiums contradicts what Kathleen Sebelius said, but that's understandable as I would verify the fact that the sun was shining or that it was raining if she told me so. The price of ObamaCare has hit a tentative $2.6 trillion over the next ten years, and I'm sure that number will go up. In other news, the American Medical Association has been panicking over part of the Affordable Care Act that could leave medical institutions and doctors on the hook for patients who do not pay. Currently the ACA allows a 90 day grace period for patients who are not paying their premiums to keep their coverage. The first 30 days are paid for by those evil insurance companies but the remaining 60 days are all on the medical practitioners. I find this hilarious as the American Medical Association put all its weight behind ObamaCare, but now that they're getting stuck with part of the tab, they're freaking out. Hypocrites. Our last facet of the ObamaCare mess takes place in Oregon. Their state website to sign up enrollees for ObamaCare has not signed up single person, despite receiving 300 million taxpayer dollars. That's a new level of government inefficiency, of which I'm sure bonuses and promotions will be tossed out like confetti for a job well done.