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The states people are fleeing in 2014

Forbes via MSN ^ | February 13, 2014 | Susan Adams
More people are moving out of New Jersey than are moving in. The same is true for Illinois and New York. Those three states top the "outbound" list compiled by United Van Lines, the big St. Louis-based moving company that has put together an annual survey of where Americans are moving for the last 37 years. The company analyzed a total of 125,000 moves across the 48 continental states and the District of Columbia in 2013 and came up with a picture of migration patterns across the U.S. According to Professor Michael Stoll, chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California Los Angeles and a consultant to United Van Lines who studies American migration, the moves reflect long-term shifts in the U.S. economy and the hit to employment in many states resulting from the slow recovery. Of the top nine states where more people moved out than moved in, four are in the Northeast: In addition to New Jersey and New York, Connecticut (No. 5) and Massachusetts (No. 8) make the list. The list also reflects Americans’ desire to leave the frigid states in the north for warmer climes. "Over the last 20-30 years there has been a general shift of the population from the Midwest and Northeast to the South and West, which we think of as a move from the frost belt to the sun belt," Stoll says.
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Robert Gibbs: If Dems Lose Senate, ‘Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over’

Cybercast News Service ^ | March 17, 2014 - 10:16 AM | Curtis Kalin
Former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appeared on the “Meet the Press” roundtable Sunday and laid bare truths about Washington, and his former boss’s spokesman. As the show’s featured guest, White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer painted a ludicrously optimistic portrait of the 2014 midterm elections for Democrats, stating emphatically, “I believe we will keep the Senate.” Later in the show, Gibbs admitted the Democrats could “absolutely” lose the Senate. He added: “If [Obama] doesn’t get more involved in raising money and making this a choice, as Dan Pfeiffer said, you lose the Senate. And, if you lose the Senate, turn out the lights because the party’s over.” …
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Anatomy of a Democratic Midterm Freakout (Dem panties in a twist)

THE WIRE ^ | 3/17/14 | Philip Bump
National Democrats are in a near panic — with a "poisonous" president unable to use his popularity to sway voters, a "screaming siren" warning about mid-term turnout, and Republicans on the offensive on Obamacare. 1. The midterms were always going to be bad for Democrats because of turnout. Republican David Jolly won the special election in Florida last week was that turnout was very, very low. Obama advisor David Plouffe didn't mince words. "We have a turnout issue," he said. "This is a screaming siren that the same problems that afflicted us [in 2010] could happen again." In 2010 — Democrats lost 63 seats. "No prominent Democrats predict their party will win back the House," The New York Times drily notes. 2. President Obama is near all-time lows on his approval ratings. "One Democratic lawmaker, who asked not to be identified, said Mr. Obama was becoming 'poisonous' to the party’s candidates." .... being tied to an unpopular president can be an anchor. Democrats are eager to get Obama's vaunted-but-diminished voter engagement apparatus involved in their races, but Mr. Obama is welcome to remain in Washington, thank you very much. 3. Republicans have figured out how to walk the line on Obamacare. In the wake of Jolly's win last week, Republicans clearly feel emboldened to return to thr attack on Obamacare......which GOP Chair Reince Priebus called "complete poison out there." Reuters reports a Democratic pollster sent out a memo after last week's race, explaining that "'keeping parts' of the Affordable Care Act that work and 'fixing those that don't' drew higher numbers than 'the Republican message of repeal.'" House Republicans have shifted toward a package of fixes. The Washington Post's Robert Costa describes the proposal as a sort of greatest hits of Republicans' 50 or so reform proposals. It's important to note that in order to rebut the Democrats on the campaign trail, Republicans only need an alternative in-hand, not necessarily for anything to pass. 4. Outside Republican groups are outspending their opposition. Jolly and the Republicans were outspent 3-1 by his loser Democratic rival and her allies in Florida, that's not the case nationally. The Times reports that "Republican groups have spent about $40 million in this election cycle, compared with just $17 million by Democrats" — largely focused on a repeal of Obamacare. 5. Republicans are expanding the number of races where they want to compete. Democrats money will need to be spent in places they would rather not have to. Onetime Massachusetts senator Scott Brown entered the NH Senate race, forcing the DNC to spend money in a year when they're already desperate to hold existing seats. 6. Democrats freaking out will only make all of the above problems worse. Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne despairs, "Listlessness is bad politics. Defensiveness is poor strategy. And resignation is never inspiring." Obama and his party are in danger of allowing the Republicans to set the terms of the 2014 elections, just as they did four years ago. The fog of nasty and depressing advertising threatens to reduce the electorate to a hard core of older, conservative voters eager to hand the president a blistering defeat. Dionne's message is that Democrats need to change their attitude, and quickly. Which, of course, is like telling someone suffering from depression to get over it. The problem runs a little deeper than that.

Clueless Voters Explain Why They Voted for Obama & Now We Know How America Got Here

ijreview ^ | 3/16/14 | Kyle Becker
Director John Ziegler captured the utter ignorance of people who voted for Obama in November of 2008. After his “last election,” President Obama’s Gallup approval rating is now 16 points upside down: Only 39% approve of the president, while 55% disapprove.  Why people have to go through five years of utter nonsense to figure out that “it’s not working” just goes to show absolutely insulated from reality “low information voters” are: they live in cocoons of politically biased entertainment and pop culture, and any news they are likely to get is slanted towards Democrats.
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Finally: Mississippi to Start Drug Testing Those Receiving Financial Aid Benefits! ^ | March 16 | Heather Ginsberg
It looks like Mississippi is taking the right steps to reducing fraud when it comes to government assistance. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) will now require new applicants to submit a questionnaire that will evaluate the likelihood of substance abuse. Residents who apply for this temporary assistance from the state will have to submit to drug testing if the state deems they are likely substance abusers from this questionnaire. Testing positive once would require a TANF recipient to undergo treatment for substance abuse. For testing positive a second time, the recipient would be kicked out of the program for 90 days. A third positive result would remove the recipient for up to a year. Governor Bryant said, “The TANF program is a safety net for families in need, and adding this screening process will aid adults who are trapped in a dependency lifestyle so they can better provide for their children.” The state will be using federal funds earmarked for TANF to administer the questionnaires and testing. They estimate the cost of testing will be only $36,000 each year. There are currently only 9 other states that have passed legislation requiring TANF applicants to be screened for drugs. And there are at least 24 more that are looking into this type of legislation too. This seems like a great way for the state to spend a minimal amount in order to save the system a lot of money. What many people will think here is how Republicans hate poor people and how we don’t want to help them, but in all reality we want to help those who really need it and aren’t abusing the system. The governor of Mississippi and his legislature have figured out a way to do this, and I say “kudos” to them!

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Republicans to Officially Present Alternative to Obamacare! ^ | March 17, 2014 | Katie Pavlich
Republicans have voted more than 50 times to repeal or alter Obamacare as the popularity of the legislation continues to be nearly non-existent. In the process, Republicans have been criticized for failing to present an alternative piece of legislation to replace Obamacare. More than a dozen alternative plans have been crafted on the Hill, but Republicans haven't been able to rally around a single plan. Now, that's changing as Republican prepare to present Americans with an official alternative to the Affordable Care Act:
The plan includes an expansion of high-risk insurance pools, promotion of health savings accounts and inducements for small businesses to purchase coverage together. The tenets of the plan — which could expand to include the ability to buy insurance across state lines, guaranteed renewability of policies and changes to medical-malpractice regulations — are ideas that various conservatives have for a long time backed as part of broader bills.

But this is the first time this year that House leaders will put their full force behind a single set of principles from those bills and present it as their vision. This month, House leaders will begin to share a memo with lawmakers outlining the plan, called “A Stronger Health Care System: The GOP Plan for Freedom, Flexibility, & Peace of Mind,” with suggestions on how Republicans should talk about it to their constituents.

The timing for this legislation is great for Republicans who just came off of a special election win in Florida where Democrat Alex Sink lost by running on a fix, don't repeal platform. Not only can Republicans running for election in the fall run against Obamacare, a law that will only continue to make the lives of Americans worse and more expensive, they can run on a new alternative.

Obama and The Democrats Plot To Control America: The Worst is yet to come!

am thinker ^ | 3/17/14 | e lasky
Barack Obama’s presidency will come to an end. The legacy of pain he will leave behind will not -- at least for years to come. He and his fellow Democrats plan to keep their grip on the levers of power-even if they lose control of Congress and the White House. And they will do so with “invisible hands” gone but not forgotten. Every first-term president has a single compelling desire: to win a second term. But for Obama and his liberal allies to accomplish a second major goal, to “fundamentally transform America,” requires more than two terms. Their agenda depends on fundamentally transforming our government and how its vast powers will be deployed. How was this done? The trillion-dollar so called “stimulus” bill was the first major step to vastly increase our spending and deficits. It was a sign of things to come. Budget-breaking binges have followed with no serious efforts to control our massive federal debt. The Democrats have run up more red ink than all previous administrations combined. The entitlement crisis has been a crisis that has not been allowed to go to waste. Under Obama’s feeble economy and sputtering “recovery” (the weakest in modern history), spending on welfare, food stamps, and disability payments have soared. Hooking people onto the government IV line is an excellent way to increase dependency and the number of future dependable Democrats. It is also an excellent way to bankrupt America.
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Obama's Drug Train - Hauling Tons Of Heroin Over The Border

JoeClarke.Net ^ | 03/17/2014 | JoeClarke.Net

Not only has President Obama officially represented himself as "My Brother's Keeper," in his latest program to somehow encourage young Black and Hispanic Men to become more respectable in society, the President, Homeland Security, and Eric Holder have also become more protective of illegal aliens, many of whom, are nothing more than drug mules supplying a gigantic network of heroin users in the United States.

The President and Democrats have taken extraordianary (illegal) measures to add illegals to the Dem voter rolls, despite the fact that they have helped heroin use to become the latest national drug epidemic. Regardless of the claims of pro drug Dems, the War On Drugs has diminished the use of crack and cocaine, which not only disabled the users, but also caused the multitude of drug related killings up into the 2000's, which have now been all but forgotten - especially by the lib mainstream media. The push for legalization of marijuana will also bring unfortunate results, although denied by liberal intellectuals.

Only conservative news outlets, such as Breitbart, are reporting the vast amounts of heroin being smuggled across the borders via cartels which can deliver tons of horse in fake Walmart semi trailers which are allowed a free and uninspected delivery directly into "sanctuary" cities like Chicago.

Here is a partial list from a border TV Station (KSWT) of the many drug busts in the Yuma Arizona, Imperial California area where there seems to be no end of the ways the drugs are smuggled: in body cavities, inside tires, through drug tunnels, and every other conceivable way that might elude law enforcement. The Obama administration has deliberately decided to tone down border enforcement and the Mexicans are taking advantage of the Democrats Open Arms campaign to illegal immigrants and the drugs they pack.

And, here is a Chicago Magazine article explaining why Chicago is a preferred outlet for distribution of drugs compliments of large Mexican drug cartels.

Several recently retired border agents attested in a Breitbart article that

"According to those retired border agents, by refusing to secure our border the Obama administration is openly facilitating the trafficking of drugs into the United States…
“Most heroin, cocaine, meth, and marijuana marketed in the United States is produced outside of our country, and then smuggled into the United States,” they wrote. “The placement of trusted foreign employees inside the United States is imperative to insure success in continuing to supply the demand, and returning the profits to the foreign organization. Members of these vicious transnational crime syndicates are already well established in more than 2,000 American cities and their numbers are increasing as networks expand and demands accelerate. These transnational criminals present a real and present danger to all Americans, and they live among us.”
Since Obama has become President, there has been a very conservative estimated increase in heroin of over 300 to 400 percent compared to the previous President Bush. Other estimates claim that Obama's open door immigrant policy has allowed much more of an increase in drugs flowing across the border, according to the FreeBeacon.Com.

Despite the Obama Administration's claim that he has deported a high number of illegal immigrants, there is much evidence that he has "juiced up" the numbers, and contrarily, Obama and company have deported the least number of illegals since the 1970's. From The Blaze.

Finally, to prove absolutely that the Obama Administration can claim the World's Biggest Patsy Award, we have the story of an Illegal Immigrant Suing Fire Safety Rescuers, because they did not "act fast enough" to save him from his flooded car, and, as a result, he now has "bad dreams.". Legal and illegal aliens have certainly been given signals by the Democrats that they can pretty much run over the good graces of Americans, and even get away with many crimes, including murder, because the Dems want their votes in the worse way. And, I do mean worse way. BTW, the above illegal alien suing his rescuers only wants $500,000 in reparations. Has Eric Holder been assigned, yet, to plead his case?

Listening to Karl Rove is like drinking raw eggs!

Coach is Right ^ | 3/17/14 | Kevin "Coach" Collins

Listening to what Karl Rove has to say about elective politics–or most everything else–is about as inviting as swallowing a few raw eggs. He is so consistently wrong that only the consistently wrong GOPe can stand to listen to him. Half-truths and ignoring reality comprise his inexcusable M.O. Almost before the last bit of confetti fluttered to the floor at David Jolly’s victory party last Tuesday night, Rove was leading the GOP establishment’s charge to “caution against thinking he won because of Obamacare.” Despite Democrat Alex Sink’s support of the mess Barack Obama made of our once great healthcare delivery system Rove was unable, or more to the point, unwilling to acknowledge she doomed herself by talking about “repair not repeal.” Sink brought many tangible advantages into the campaign to fill a vacant Congressional seat, but Jolly won largely by...

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