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John Boehner Boasts How He'll Cruise to Re-Election, Ram Amnesty Thru, and Won't Repeal Obamacare

Reaganite Republican ^ | 05 March 2014 | Reaganite Republican
For some reason Gee Oh Pee 'leader' John Boehner decided to tell the truth to his the local (Cincinatti Enquirer) newspaper back home in his OH-8 district -in contrast to the tripe he usually feeds the rest of us.
And that truth is just as bad as any contstitutionally-aware patriot may have imagined: not only is he detached and arrogant -laughing off serious primary challenges from J.D. Winteregg and saying the floor vote for Speaker "won't even be close"- but came right out and told them he won't be putting any effort into repealing Obamacare. Rather, AMNESTY for illegal aliens is his top priority- "get it done" was the way he put it.
Alas, all he's getting done is electoral anhilation of the Republican Party- but not all of us are laying back and learning to enjoy it.

WE -the frickin Tea Party- handed this unprincipled ingrate the speaker's gavel in 2010, enduring media attacks, slander, and tax audits along the way to victory... and this is the thanks we get?

Hyper-patriot Mark Levin -for one- has been at the forefront of recent efforts to pull the rug out from under Agent Orange, even if it means rallying conservatives to vote Democrat in OH-8 in order to sacrifice just that one seat-- and rid our party of Obama's chief enabler.

Seems the primary route would be far preferrable, tho... you listening, Ohio congressional district number eight? We would like to see a Republican in that seat, just not this Republican. Capeche?

In a perfect world, this should never come to a vote in the House next January- the citizens of his Ohio district can spare us another couple years saddled to this misuided nothing... and I pray that you do, one way or the other

Doug Ross put it succinctly-

• Boehner doesn't give a crap what the people of OH-8 think.

• Rather than protect America's defense budget, combat unemployment, push for Keystone XL, or investigate the most lawless administration in American history, Boehner's priority is Amnesty and handing Obama a political victory.

• And, once again violating a promise, Boehner has no intention of repealing Obamacare -- he's going to 'fix' it.

And I think Mark Levin is right about something else... Boehner has cut secret backroom deals with Obama, and may have some over-arching, long-term agreement. That, or the NSA has pictures of him with West Chester farm animals...