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Ann Coulter Dot Com ^ | 6 Nov 2013 | Ann Coulter 

So now it turns out Obama knew that 93 million Americans would have their health insurance canceled the whole time he was claiming, "If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period."

Obama lied. Period. "Hope and Change" was actually "A Sucker Is Born Every Minute."
Even without the 2010 Health and Human Services (HHS) report admitting that 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance, anyone with half a brain (which is a pre-existing condition) knew that millions of Americans would be thrown off their insurance plans under Obamacare. Under the law, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is to determine what every health insurance plan must cover -- and any plans that don't are illegal.
As a result, gay guys are now going to be forced to buy plans that cover maternity care. Mormons will have to buy plans that cover gambling addiction therapy. Elderly couples can buy only insurance that includes pediatric dental care. Catholic hospitals will be required to provide birth control and abortions.
Our federal overseers, led by the arrogant and smug gender-feminist Sebelius, know what's best for us. (Which is so nice of her since, as she recently pointed out, she doesn't work for us.) Her idea of flexibility is not requiring Catholic priests to perform abortions. Not yet, anyway.
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True Unemployment Is 13.6 Percent as High Rate ‘Becoming Permanent’

Moneynews ^ | Wednesday, 06 Nov 2013 09:32 AM | Peter Morici

The Labor Department on Friday is expected to report the economy added 120,000 jobs in October, below the 148,000 recorded in September and the trend for months prior. …
Adding discouraged adults, who have quit looking for work altogether, and part-timers who want full-time employment, the unemployment rate is 13.6 percent. Even with more full-time positions, the pace of jobs creation is well short of the estimated 360,000 needed each month to lower unemployment to 6 percent over three years. That pace would require GDP growth in the range of 4 percent to 5 percent. …
The increased cost and slow pace of regulatory reviews curb investment spending. Robust assessments necessary to protect consumers and the environment must be at minimum cost and timely to add genuine value. Otherwise, excessive compliance costs send jobs to Asia and impose great social costs. …
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Obama-Tied Firm Got $100k to Create Michelle’s “Let’s Move” Logo ^ | November 5, 2013

In the wake of reports that First Lady Michelle Obama’s classmate at Princeton earned the no-bid contract to build the failed Obamacare website, we learn of another no-bid deal going to a marketing firm with close ties to President Barack Obama.

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, Shepardson, Stern & Kaminsky was the recipient of a plum no-bid contract for $100,000 to design the “Let’s Move” logo for Mrs. Obama’s childhood obesity campaign.

An arrangement that violates federal contracting rules and is acknowledged by federal officials as an “unauthorized commitment,” the documents show.

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Hospital was warned about cancer waiting list fiddling two years ago [Britain's NHS]

Telegraph UK ^ | November 7, 2013 | Laura Donnelly and Hayley Dixon

Two junior clerical workers say they told NHS managers that they were being ordered to falsify data, so that it seemed that patients were being treated far more quickly than was the case.
Police are considering whether to launch a criminal investigation after regulators the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found evidence that staff were put under pressure to falsify data, leaving some patients waiting up to four months for urgent treatment.
The chief inspector of hospitals has said lives may have been risked by “shocking” decisions taken at Colchester Hospital University Foundation trust to delay crucial treatment for cancer patients, while allegedly manipulating waiting list records to hide the truth.
An NHS review is now examine the records of all cancer patients treated by the trust in the past three years to see how many people may have been affected.
Last night the widow of one patient who died of cancer last year, aged 43, after being denied vital scans and treatment for months, said she was left “crying down the phone” to medical staff, pleading for them to treat her husband.
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Unions to Receive Obamacare Exemption...more graft and corruption!

Political Realities ^ | 11/07/13 | LD Jackson

Unions On Obamacare

I had thought I would not write at all today, much less write about Obamacare. I am weary with telling the tale of this train wreck and what it is doing to the American people. It seems, however, there is just no end to the depths to which the Obama administration will go to further its agenda and help its friends. Just ask the unions how they feel about Obamacare.
When the Affordable Care Act was first being considered in Congress, the unions were asked to support it, even though it appeared the legislation would not be optimal for them. They threw their support behind the bill and have complained ever since. Their latest gripe concerns a little item called a reinsurance fee that starts at $63 per insurance plan member in 2014. It goes down from there, but the unions have not been a happy camper about their members having to pay the fee. If I am not mistaken, this is the fee on what the President referred to as "Cadillac health plans" and the opposition of the labor unions has been extensive. It seems that their opposition has been duly noted and their support for President Obama remembered and rewarded.
Kaiser - Weeks after denying labor’s request to give union members access to health-law subsidies, the Obama administration is signaling it intends to exempt some union plans from one of the law’s substantial taxes.Buried in rules issued last week is the disclosure that the administration will propose exempting “certain self-insured, self-administered plans” from the law’s temporary reinsurance fee in 2015 and 2016.
That’s a description that applies to many Taft-Hartley union plans acting as their own insurance company and claims processor, said Edward Fensholt, a senior vice president at Lockton Cos., a large insurance broker.
Insurance companies and self-insured employers that hire outside claims administrators would still be liable for the fee, which starts at $63 per insurance plan member next year and is projected to raise $25 billion over three years.
Unions, a key Obama ally, have increasingly criticized the Affordable Care Act as threatening the generous medical plans held by many members.
Eliminating the reinsurance fee was one of several resolutions adopted at the AFL-CIO’s September convention, along with giving union plans access to ACA tax credits for lower-income members.
In September the White House said the law disallowed health-law tax credits for union members on top of their company insurance. Now the administration seems to be moving toward part — but not all — of what labor wants on the reinsurance fee.
While it intends to waive the fee for 2015 and 2016, unions also wanted it scrapped for 2014, when it will be greatest. Taft-Hartley plans are collectively bargained and run jointly by unions and employers to allow workers to move from job to job without losing coverage.
The AFL-CIO did not respond to a request for comment.
Although it’s too early to tell whether the Department of Health and Human Services will give union plans all of what they want on the fee, last week’s language “is how HHS often breaks controversial regulatory news,” benefits lawyer R. Pepper Crutcher, Jr. wrote last week. It's not known when the administration will put out a new regulation on reinsurance.
When a politician or our government does something this blatant, our standard method of response is to declare how we can not believe they would do something that so openly pays back their supporters with a financial gift. We like to tell how outrageous the government rule or regulation is. That much is true, but I am completely out of feigned surprise at anything the Obama administration does. They are giving every indication that they are about to pay back their union supporters with their own, handcrafted Obamacare exemption, and/or subsidy and there doesn't seem to be a thing normal Americans can do about it.
Therein lies the beauty of Obamacare. If you are a liberal, that is. It is an open-ended law, designed specifically for a federal government that has no qualms about reaching far past its Constitutional boundaries. Once Obamacare was passed, it was open season for the Obama administration to start writing regulations and designing how the legislation would work. If some of their supporters cry foul, they can easily write or change a rule that cushions them from the effects of Obamacare.
Admittedly, the Obama administration is trying to keep this proposed ruling quite. They really don't want us to know what they are about to do. Hence, the burying of the rule in the Federal Register, with little or no fanfare. This administration is particularly adept at keeping these rulings hidden. Hence, I plan to keep writing about Obamacare. The debacle it has become, along with the way it is being managed to the benefit of the supporters of President Obama, is a story that needs to be told.
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Yes, Virginia, the GOP Establishment did stick a shiv in Ken Cuccinelli

American Thinker ^ | 11/7/2013 | Matthew Vadum

Reagan conservative Ken Cuccinelli lost his bid for the Virginia governorship because the patrician, turf-protecting Republican Party establishment in his state wanted him to lose.

It's really that simple.

Cuccinelli campaign strategist Chris La Civita suggested on election night Tuesday that the federal government's partial shutdown last month may have hurt his candidate in parts of Virginia where many federal employees and contractors live.

He also suggested that Cuccinelli could have won if he had received more money from national GOP sources, which he said dried up as of Oct. 1.

"There are a lot of questions people are going to be asking and that is, was leaving Cuccinelli alone in the first week of October, a smart move?" La Civita said.  "We were on our own. Just look at the volume [of ads]."

Cuccinelli lost by a mere 2.5 percentage points in a state that until somewhat recently had been solidly Republican.  Even with Cuccinelli's various tactical mistakes (and there were many), it is still very difficult to believe that the GOP machine couldn't have gotten another fifty-odd thousand voters to the polls to support him if it really wanted to.
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If You Like Your Current Government, You Can Keep It- Obamacare and All ! ^ | November 7, 2013 | John Ransom

The obvious takeout from the elections on Tuesday is the Fat Guy—not me—wants to go from being governor of the United States to president of the United States.
He wants the country to resemble New Jersey.
In other words: If you like your current government, you can keep it.
"I know tonight, a dispirited America, angry with their dysfunctional government in Washington,” said newly reelected Governor Chris Christie, “looks to New Jersey to say, 'Is what I think happening really happening? Are people really coming together? Are we really working, African-Americans and Hispanics, suburbanites and city dwellers, farmers and teachers? Are we really all working together?'”
Oh, please God, no.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for people working “together,” but New Jersey? Really.
That’s what we are striving to become?
I’d set my sights a bit higher, say like, Romania, if the other choice is New Jersey.
Or perhaps New Colorado, coincidentally and colloquially known as Ransomtopia.
On Tuesday night, six of eleven counties in Colorado voted to leave the state and form a more perfect union. The largely rural, northeastern part of the state that voted for secession would need legislative approval—which they won’t get—and the approval of the governor—which they won’t get—to form a new state.
We’ll tentatively call the new state Ransomtopia, not for any personal reasons, but because I’m that generous and it has a certain ring to it.
It wouldn’t be named after me per se, but I would allow it to be named after my dog, Lexie Ransom, who would need my approval anyway, being a dog, and which, I would not withhold.
She’s a good girl.
In other election results, Old Colorado soundly rejected a billion dollar tax increase supported by government unions and they rejected union-backed candidates in school board races across the state.
In my home county of Douglas—soon to become the home to the capital of Ransomtopia—voters retained a slate of reformers who kicked out the union, instituted a voucher program to support more choice in education and a pay-for-performance plan that gets rid of teacher tenure.
“And no other local school board election anywhere in the country has so galvanized parents and politicos and attracted national attention and the financial resources of outside groups,” reported Denver’s KDVR, “all convinced that Tuesday’s votes here can be an inflection point in the national debate around education, a critical test case of just how far reform can go.”
It can go far, baby, really far.
“I think there are a lot of school districts who would like to take on these reforms they’ve done in Douglas County but they’re afraid the teachers unions are going to do exactly what they’re doing in Douglas County,” said Dustin Zvonek, who is both a personal friend and head of Americans for Prosperity in Colorado.
So let’s just say that New Jersey isn’t the only—or even the best—example of reform.
Denver also elected a slate of “reformers,” as did Jefferson County, the largest district in the state. And while those reformers may not be as bold as the folks in the capital of Ransomtopia, they represent a real change from the 100 year old, failed model of education that has been dominated by unions, professional educrats and special interest who always shout “Show me the money.”
Kind of like the failed, big state model that New Jersey is operating under.
Don’t get me wrong: For an East Coast Liberal, Christie makes a heck of a conservative, just as Mitt Romney made a heck of Republican in blue state Massachusetts.
But the media love affair will last only until he becomes the Republican nominee, and then he’ll just be another Tea Party extremist, like John McCain and Mitt Romney were to the media.
And Christie thinks that the “real problem” with Obamacare was that people weren’t told the truth. Well that doesn’t help, but it’s not the “real problem.”
The real problem is that Obamacare won’t work and when it collapses another generation will have clean up the mess, just like Social Security.
Just like all big government schemes.
It’s clear from all this that Christie will tinker around the edges of government. But he won’t solve the structural imbalances that require wealth to be redistributed from say New Jersey to, say Kentucky. Or from 18-25 year olds to 59-death year olds.
Christie, in short, thinks that if you like your current government, you can keep it, Obamacare and all.
And unlike Obama, he means it.