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UPDATE: CHAD ADMITS HE DOESN’T HAVE OBAMACARE — Obamacare poster boy may be pulling a fast one…


Looks like the media may have latched on to a fraudster:
Chad Henderson is the media’s poster boy for Obamacare. Reporters struggled this week to find individuals who said they had been able to enroll in one of the law’s 36 federally run health-insurance exchanges.
That changed yesterday, when they found Henderson, a 21-year-old student and part-time child-care worker who lives in Georgia and says that he successfully enrolled himself and his father Bill in insurance plans via the online exchange administered at
But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad’s father Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can’t get enough of. What’s more, some of the details that Chad has released are also at odds with published rate schedules and how Obamacare officials say the enrollment system works.

5 Obamacare Scams and How to Avoid Them

Next Avenue ^ | 10/4/2013 | Richard Eisenberg

Despite the government shutdown, the doors to the Obamacare health insurance exchanges have swung open (kinda, sorta), which also means scam artists are strutting through them, looking for ways to defraud Americans eager to buy health coverage.
As Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Edith Ramirez recently said, “At the FTC, we know all too well how scammers invariably try to take advantage of developments in the marketplace and new government programs.” Consumer watchdogs expect the fraudsters’ schemes will get worse over the next four to six months.

Before I run down the scams to watch out for, a couple of words about the health insurance exchanges (sometimes called marketplaces) themselves.
Health Exchanges: Not Ready for Prime Time
If you plan to start pricing a policy through your state’s exchange, prepare for some frustration. Here are just a few examples of what consumers around the country can expect, according to Saturday’s New York Times:
• Oregon residents signing up for their exchange will have to go through an insurance agent or a community group until at least mid-October.
• The Washington D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority’s executive director discovered a “high error rate, about 15 percent” in pre-launch tests determining whether its users would be eligible for tax credits or Medicaid.
• During October, Coloradans who want to know if they’ll be eligible for an Obamacare subsidy won’t find out online; they’ll have to call a customer service representative.
• Maryland’s small businesses won’t be able to buy coverage until January. (Small businesses can't shop for insurance or compare plans until Nov. 1 at exchanges the administration is running for 36 states.)
So you may want to wait a few weeks until more kinks are ironed out. You have until December 15 to sign up for coverage that’ll kick in January 1, 2014.
The 5 Obamacare Scams to Avoid
On to the scams. Be on your guard against sleazeballs pushing these five Obamacare fakes — and help keep your parents from being victims, too:

1. The nonexistent Obamacare card. The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning not to fall for the line that you need to get an Affordable Care Act insurance card in order to buy coverage.
“The simple fact is there is no Affordable Care card. It’s a scam,” says Carrie A. Hurt, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
As you might expect, con artists pitching the cards say they need to get your personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account, before they can send one.

2. The phony “government employee” phone call. As my colleague Caroline Mayer recently wrote, law enforcement officials say elderly Americans are prime targets for this scam.
The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs, she noted, said an older resident was tricked into providing her Social Security number and medical information by someone claiming to be from the federal government who wanted to “confirm her eligibility” for Obamacare.
If you get a call like this, hang up. And tell your parents to do the same. Federal agencies generally contact people by mail, not by phone or email.

3. Bogus Obamacare navigators. The Affordable Care Act created a designated breed of advisers known as navigators; they generally work at places like the United Way and local agencies and their job is to help the public sign up for coverage. But Kiplinger’s Kim Lankford recently wrote that fraudsters are calling and emailing posing as navigators.
While claiming to steer you to the right coverage, they’re actually stealing your identity or selling phony health insurance. On top of that, they demand you pay a few hundred dollars for their services.
(MORE: How to Avoid the Latest Scams)

4. Obamacare websites that look real, but aren’t. Often after a natural disaster, websites pop up that appear to belong to well-known legitimate charities but actually aren’t. The same sort of thing is happening with Obamacare, except here, the sites are meant to look like ones from the insurance exchanges.
The “Pennsylvania Health Exchange” site was, in reality, run by a private insurance broker before regulators and news organizations got wind of it and the site went dark.

5. The Medicare scare tactic. AARP has received complaints from people over 65 who received frightening phone calls saying they’d lose their Medicare coverage unless they provided the caller with their Social Security number and other private information. Not true.

There’s apparently a lot of confusion about Medicare and Obamacare and the scammers have pounced on this.
According to a recent survey by Medicare prescription drug plan provider Express Scripts, 17 percent of Americans over 65 think the Obamacare exchanges might replace their Medicare plans.
Here’s the reality: It’s against the law for insurers to sell an Affordable Care Act health exchange policy to anyone on Medicare, as Reuters’ Mark Miller recently wrote in his column about Obamacare and retirees.

How to Stay Safe

So ignore any unsolicited calls or emails about Obamacare.
For legitimate information concerning the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance exchanges, go to, the federal portal for Obamacare with links to the state exchanges, or call the federal toll-free hotline, 800-318-2596.
To find out if you’ll qualify for subsidized health insurance through Obamacare and what a policy might cost you, try the free calculator created by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
And if you have particular questions about the Affordable Care Act, you can send them to my former Money magazine colleague, Frank Lalli, who is answering them at Parade’s website,
Similarly, the free TurboTax AnswerXchange lets you pose questions and read answers to queries submitted by others, ranging from “Will my health premium increase under the Affordable Care Act?” to “What if my employer’s health insurance is more than I can afford?”
Good luck. Stay safe and stay healthy.



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The Only Humane Thing

The Left is 'terrified out of their minds,' says Ted Cruz

Washington Examiner ^ | October 4, 2013 | CHARLIE SPIERING

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, believes the sharp rhetoric coming from Democrats about the government shutdown proves Tea Party Republicans are beginning to achieve changes that threaten the business-as-usual mentality in the nation's capital.

"Why are they screaming so loudly? Why are they getting so personal? Why are they so filled with hate and fear?" Cruz asked during an phone interview with Glenn Beck on his radio show Thursday.

Cruz suggested that it was because the American people were finally mobilizing against Obamacare.

"That has the Left terrified out of their minds," Cruz said.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

This Is All About a Liar Petulant President!

CNS News ^ | October 4, 2013 | Patrick J. Buchanan

In the showdown over the shutdown of the U.S. government, the Obamaites tipped their hand yesterday as what their strategy is.

Taking a page out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," the plan is to maximize the people's pain — to maximize the political damage to the enemy, the Republican Party.
What else explains it?

Consider this: Asked Wednesday if there were any danger of America defaulting on her debt, President Obama rushed to assure a reporter that, yes, indeed, there certainly is such a peril.

Why would a president act in so perverse a manner, were he not trying deliberately to rattle or panic the markets?

Obama's tactic worked. Thursday, the Dow plunged below 15,000.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

WH official: ‘Doesn’t really matter to us’ how long shutdown lasts! ^ 

Posted By Vince Coglianese On 9:04 AM 10/04/2013 In Politics | No Comments

The White House reportedly doesn’t care how long the government shutdown continues because President Obama is “winning” the political fight!

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, an unnamed “senior administration official” revealed that the White House is more interested in a political win than getting the government reopened:
Said a senior administration official: “We are winning…It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.”
White House allies, however, say a long shutdown could make the White House’s position less tenable. Mr. Obama is the most visible symbol of the U.S. government, they say, and will inevitably share in the blame as hardships mount and people weary of the infighting.

Obama’s response to shutdown is just ‘shut up’!

washington times ^ | 10/4/2013 | Rand Paul

It has been said that politics is the art of compromise. Try as they may, Washington leaders hardly ever get absolutely everything they want.
Polls show Americans are worried about the implementation of Obamacare — worried about keeping their current health insurance plans, the new law itself, the exchanges, potential fines, personal privacy, keeping their jobs, their work hours and a host of other issues too numerous to list here. Both the country and the Congress have much to discuss.
Right now, though, President Obama refuses to engage in any debate or discussion. The president is demanding that he get 100 percent of what he wants, and if he doesn’t, he and his Democratic allies in the Senate will keep the government shuttered.
Republicans have offered compromises that might stop or dull some of the negative effects of Obamacare but that would also pass a budget and keep the government functioning. Still, Mr. Obama refuses to budge. He will not even consider compromise.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Obama Showing His Vindictive Streak ^ | October 4, 2013 | Jonah Goldberg

Shutting down the government in an effort to use a budget fight to get rid of Obamacare is not the strategy I would have recommended for the GOP. And while Republicans can be blamed for starting the shutdown, it's increasingly apparent that President Obama and the Democrats deserve the lion's share of blame for not only prolonging it, but for making it as painful as possible.

Obama has always had a bit of a vindictive streak when it comes to politics. I think it stems from his Manichaean view of America. There are the reasonable people -- who agree with him. And there are the bitter clingers who disagree for irrational or extremist ideological reasons.
In his various statements over the last week, he's insisted that opponents of Obamacare are "ideologues" on an "ideological crusade." Meanwhile, he cast himself as just a reasonable guy interested in solving America's problems. I have no issue with him calling Republican opponents "ideologues" -- they are -- but since when is Obama not an ideologue?
The argument about Obamacare is objectively and irrefutably ideological on both sides -- state-provided health care has been an ideological brass ring for the left for well over a century. But much of the press takes its cues from Democrats and sees this fight -- and most other political fights -- as a contest pitting the forces of moderation, decency and rationality against the ranks of the ideologically brainwashed.
What's unusual is the way Obama sees the government as a tool for his ideological agenda. During the fight over the sequester, Obama ordered the government to make the 2 percent budget cut as painful and scary as possible.
"It's going to be very painful for the flying public," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood warned Americans.
"The FAA's all-hands furloughs managed to convert a less than 4 percent FAA budget cut into a 10 percent air-traffic control cut that would delay 40 percent of flights," The Wall Street Journal noted at the time.
The Department of Homeland Security announced it might not be able to protect the nation's borders, and in an effort to prove the point summarily released a couple thousand immigrant detainees, many of them with criminal records.
Obama, the avowed problem solver, set out to create problems for the American people, just to prove how great government is and how crazy Republicans were for wanting to cut spending -- much of the money borrowed from China -- a little. But don't you dare call him an ideologue!
Now, with the government shutdown and the looming fight over the debt ceiling, Obama's doubling down this ideologically perverse strategy.
The National Park Service, which has somehow become the unofficial goon squad of American liberalism, reversed course and let American World War II vets visit the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. This is obviously good news. (I was waiting to see if Steven Spielberg would come out with a new Obama-friendly director's cut of "Saving Private Ryan" in which the old guy at the end is dragged off in cuffs before he can reach Tom Hanks' grave.)
Still, it cost the government more money to try to keep WWII vets out of an open-air memorial than it would have to just leave it be. In Virginia, the NPS ordered the Claude Moore Colonial Farm to shut down, even though it's privately funded.
Far worse, Obama told CNBC's John Harwood that Wall Street should be far more panicky about Republican efforts to use the debt ceiling to win concessions from the White House. I don't blame Obama for being annoyed with Republicans for trying to use the debt ceiling the exact same way he did when he was a senator. But normally the president doesn't try to talk down the economy just to win a political point.
Whenever the Bush administration issued terror warnings, Democrats insinuated that it was all a cynical political stunt. But this week, the White House sent out National Intelligence Director James Clapper to whip up fears that national security would be imperiled by a shutdown less than 48 hours old.
When Republicans vote to fund essential or popular parts of the government, the response from Democrats is, in effect, "How dare they?" Nancy Pelosi calls the tactic "releasing one hostage at a time" -- as if negotiators normally refuse to have hostages released unless it's all at once.
In the 17 previous government shutdowns since 1977, presidents have worked to avoid them or lessen their impact. Obama has made no such effort out of an ideological yearning to punish his enemies, regardless of the collateral damage.

Obamacare: Obama's Signature Chemistry Set Experiment ^ | October 4, 2013 | David Limbaugh

The arrogance of this president is staggering. He is so convinced he is immune from accountability that he thinks he can thumb his nose at Republicans and refuse even to come to the table and negotiate.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent a memo to his party membership providing an update on the government shutdown, lamenting that Obama wouldn't negotiate and quoting author Bob Woodward's describing Obama's refusal as "baffling" and "in stark contrast to" President Clinton's approach.
But unfazed, Obama will not come to the table. This is always the attitude he cops with Republicans. "I don't want you to do a lot of talking." "I won." "I'm the president."
"I, I, I, me, me, me." It has long been apparent that Obama fantasizes at times that he has the plenary power of a king.
As I said on Sean Hannity's show this week, President Obama acts as though America is his chemistry set and he can experiment all he wants because he is the president.
His liberal media sycophants cheer him on. NBC's Matt Lauer gushingly approved of his colleague Chris Matthews' assessment that Republicans are patently unreasonable to expect Obama to let Republicans diminish his "signature piece of legislation" in any way. "It's his baby."
Don't you see? This fight is about Obama, not the nation's best interests. Never mind that Obamacare is almost universally recognized as a disaster. Obama -- one person -- must be protected at all costs, even if that means destroying America's health care system.
What do I mean by Obama's chemistry set? President Obama carried his radical ideas into the White House with the idea of implementing them and fundamentally transforming America through a series of policy "experiments." Despite all the failed statist ideas already tried and failed in our nation's history, Obama planned on more of the same -- only on a grander scale. All he needed was party support to play with his test tubes.
He has proceeded to play with this nation, wholly assaulting our founding principles -- and with grievous consequences. He ramrodded through Congress a nearly $1 trillion stimulus that not only didn't stimulate the economy but greatly exacerbated our debt. There was colossal waste, and little of the promised infrastructure improvements were made. And it led to the most anemic "recovery" in 50 years. Yet not one mea culpa from Obama. He once joked that all the "shovel-ready jobs" he'd promised didn't materialize, but he cynically laughed it off, as if the hundreds of billions he wasted were Monopoly money. Far from repenting, he demanded billions more for infrastructure and high-speed rail.
He did the same thing with Solyndra, promising that boatloads of federal money would create thousands of green jobs. When that chemistry experiment went down in flames of corruption, waste and bankruptcy, he wrote it off to growing pains and brazenly threw more money at similar boondoggles.
His Environmental Protection Agency is conducting its own experiments with a spate of new Corporate Average Fuel Economy and coal standards -- just throwing concoctions together like a mad scientist or a kid with no parental supervision -- with little science behind his figures and no concern for negative economic consequences.
But Obama's most dangerous experiment is Obamacare. Everything about it has been a lie. The driving premise for Obamacare was that it was unconscionable that "47 million people were uninsured." In fact, some 18 million of these people could afford but chose not to purchase health insurance. Millions more were eligible for government benefits but didn't sign up. Millions were only uninsured for part of the year. Health care expert Sally Pipes estimated that there were closer to 8 million people who earned too much to qualify for government benefits but not enough to comfortably afford health care. Obama knew this -- and that there were far better and more efficient ways to help these people -- but had to grossly inflate the figures because his main goal was not insurance or health care but to expand government control over our lives.
Further proving that Obama's "coverage" goals were a shameless ruse, a new report reveals that some 25 million of the almost 50 million uninsured would remain uninsured even with Obamacare. And Obamacare is going to raise prices, lower quality, cause delays and shortages, cost twice as much as he promised, destroy full-time jobs, and rob people of their doctors and their plans. Lies upon lies.
That Obamacare was a reckless experiment is further borne out by the uniform ignorance, even among congressional Democrats, as to the contents and effects of the law. When some unintended consequences materialized, Obama just got out his chemistry set again and unilaterally and lawlessly exempted whomever he wanted from its clutches.
Now, as the formal rollout is unfolding, every American is seeing what a sick experiment has been conducted on their lives and on America's health care system. Yet Obama urges us, with no credibility left, to be patient. We're all going to end up loving the system.
Besides, say Obama and his Democrats, it's the law of the land. "Quit messing with it, Republicans." Well, the Constitution is the law of the land, as well. So is the separation of powers it establishes. So is Congress' watchdog role over a mischievous president. So is the cynical Democratic Senate's duty to provide a budget, a responsibility it's repeatedly ignored.
More power to Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the so-far-courageous House Republicans for trying to stop Obama's destructive health care chemistry experiment before he lights the entire house on fire.

Harry Reid is holding our government hostage!

FoxNews ^ | Oct 3, 2013 | Matt Kibbe

“It’s my way or the highway.” That’s the message D.C. Democrats are sending to America. “I will not negotiate,” says President Obama.
“There’s no need for conversations,” says Harry Reid. “We’ve spoken loudly and clearly, and we have the support of the president of the United States.”
This could have all been avoided, of course. The House has already sent three bills to the Senate that would fully fund the government.
In a desperate attempt to preserve the last remnants of the president’s wilting legacy, Harry Reid is holding government funding hostage.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The Sadistic Strategy of Obama & Reid ^ | October 4, 2013 | Pat Buchanan

In the showdown over the shutdown of the U.S. government, the Obamaites tipped their hand yesterday as what their strategy is.
Taking a page out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," the plan is to maximize the people's pain -- to maximize the political damage to the enemy, the Republican Party.
What else explains it?
Consider this: Asked Wednesday if there were any danger of America defaulting on her debt, President Obama rushed to assure a reporter that, yes, indeed, there certainly is such a peril.
Why would a president act in so perverse a manner, were he not trying deliberately to rattle or panic the markets?
Obama's tactic worked. Thursday, the Dow plunged below 15,000.
Equally telling is what happened at the World War II Memorial.
This is an open memorial on the mall, to which the old soldiers of the Greatest Generation, flown here on honor flights, come to a last roll call with their comrades. The memorial is dedicated to them, to what they and their buddies did, and to those who never came home.
But when the old soldiers got here, the Park Service, apparently acting on orders from the White House complex, had thrown up steel barriers and crime-scene tape to keep them from visiting the site on what is surely the last trip many will ever make to see their memorial.
What kind of sick mind does something like that?
To their credit, the vets and their families pulled aside the barriers to walk through their monument, singing songs in memory of the heroes who had gone before.
Now one reads that Obama has ordered the cemetery and beaches at Normandy closed. Again, what kind of mindset produces this?
Undeniably, Republicans have voted to defund Obamacare, to suspend it for one year, and to reform it. But in each of these three votes, the House also voted to fund the entire government.
Why, then, is the government shut down? Because Harry Reid and Barack Obama have issued an edict: Either Obamacare is fully funded and untouched in the continuing resolution, or we kill the CR, shut down the government, and blame you.
And this is exactly what is going on.
This is all about a petulant president whose prize program the people do not want, but who insists it be imposed upon them, to assure himself a paragraph in the history books.
This week, Republicans tried to pass legislation that would keep open all memorials and monuments, all tourist sites in Washington, D.C., and all programs for America's veterans.
Who stonewalled that? Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.
Why would Reid sabotage the funding the National Institute of Health.
Why would Reid sabotage what is transparently a humanitarian act?
Again, Reid and Obama do not want to ease the pain of the people. They want to intensify that pain, ratchet it up, maximize it, to put maximum pressure on and do maximum damage to the GOP.
The Obama-Reid strategy is, in a word, sadistic.
They are inflicting pain on fellow Americans -- to break their political enemies. And they can only succeed in sustaining their Big Lie -- that it is Republicans who want to keep the government shut down -- because of a collaborationist press.
Case in point: The Washington Post.
Several days ago, the Post wailed that Republicans were endangering the nation's health by failing to fund NIH. But now that the Republican House has tried to fund NIH in full, where is the editorial denouncing Pelosi or Reid for blocking funding for NIH? Nowhere. Which suggests the Post's real concern was never about funding NIH but about bashing the GOP.
In Thursday's lead editorial: "National Security at Risk," the Washington Post asks, "At a time of war, how can Republicans justify furloughing much of the intelligence workforce?"
Excellent question.
Yet, not a word in the editorial about the indispensable role of Reid and our commander-in-chief in preventing America's security agencies from being funded.
What should the House Republican do before week's end? Pass bills funding the Pentagon, State, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and any other agency having to do with the national security. But when Harry Reid again balks that he is not going to "play this little game," anyone think the Post will hold him accountable?
The Obama-Reid strategy -- inflict maximum pain on the country for maximum gain for themselves -- coupled with a refusal to talk with the GOP -- reflects this city's contempt for conservative Republicans.
Yet, the sadistic strategy of Obama and Reid, and the poisonous atmosphere it has created, is telling America that: In its assessment of this city's ruling establishment, the Tea Party has more than a small point.
Yet, with Reid now on the defensive, trying to justify his refusal to cooperate in funding any agency, the truth may be gaining on the Big Lie.

People Without Email Addresses [available for free] Face Difficulty Enrolling In Obamacare Exchanges ^ | October 2, 2013 | Becca Aaronson

Down in South Texas, health care providers are reporting an unusual problem with the federal marketplace: Many patients don’t have email addresses and, therefore, can’t sign up online.

The Brownsville Community Health Center had 50 people show up on Tuesday ready to sign up for health coverage -- many even brought pay stubs and income documentation -- but not a single one of them had an email address.

"If you don’t include an email address, they won’t let you through," said Christela Gomez, the special projects coordinator and lead certification application counselor at the center. Although the center considered helping people sign up for an email account, Gomez said many weren't comfortable with the idea because they did not have a computer to access the email address later. "Quite a few didn’t even know what an email address was," she added.
The center’s certified application counselors helped the patients fill out paper applications, but they'll have to wait for a written response from the federal government to find out whether additional documentation is needed or whether those applicants qualify for tax credits.
Some of the questions on the paper application were difficult for patients to answer, said Gomez. One man who came in to receive assistance finding health coverage currently works as a truck driver, she said. He earns 30 cents per mile, and his income can range from $50 to $100 a week.
"We didn’t really know how to fill in the income part with him," she said, adding, "We kind of just wrote it in on the side, his situation."
Paula Gomez, the executive director of the center, said her patients are mostly adults who are too young to qualify for Medicare. Although most of her patients have jobs, pay taxes and want to cooperate with the health care system, there are extenuating circumstances like language barriers that make it difficult.
"I'm sure there are pockets like ours all over the country," Gomez said. She added that the federal government should be more flexible and consider the different situations people are facing across the country. "They think in terms of everything that's going on in Washington, D.C., but they don't look at the reality of the rest of the world in the United States," she said.
Ongoing technical difficulties on the new federal health insurance marketplace's website have created road blocks for Texans trying to sign up and review coverage options under the Affordable Care Act.
"We keep getting kicked off the network, but we've screened some patients," said José Camacho, executive director of the Texas Association of Community Health Centers. "People, from what we can gather at the centers, are quite excited."
Although Tuesday marks the beginning of a six-month enrollment period, Camacho said many Texans have already shown up at federally qualified health centers to receive assistance applying for coverage in the exchange. He described one woman who has a master's degree but recently started a job that doesn’t offer health benefits coming to Lone Star Circle of Care in Georgetown seeking help. Unfortunately, glitches on the federal website prevented the certified application counselors at the center from helping the woman create an account and begin exploring her health plan options.
"With any new product launch, there are going to be glitches as things unfold," Marilyn Tavenner, a federal administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said on a media conference call. She said that 2.8 million people have visited the federal marketplace since midnight, and more than 81,000 calls have been placed to their call center. "This is Day 1 of a process. We're in a marathon, not a sprint, and we need your help," she added.
Although the federal marketplace will eventually be able to determine whether an applicant is eligible for state programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees those programs, said the federal website isn't yet able to send applicants' information directly to those plans. The agency is encouraging people who think they may be eligible for those programs to apply directly on the state website, Your Texas Benefits.
"This federal glitch could lead to delays in children getting health coverage," Dr. Kyle Janek, executive commissioner of HHSC, said in a statement. "We've let workers in our offices around the state know about this issue so they can make sure families have accurate information."
Sixty-seven federally qualified health centers that are members of TACHC collectively received $10 million to provide outreach, in-reach and enrollment assistance. So far, they’ve trained 230 certified application counselors. Some centers, such as Su Clinica Familiar in Harlingen and Brownsville, recently received certification and will finish training additional counselors in the coming weeks.
After signing himself up on around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Carl Dahlquist, a certified application counselor and the outreach and enrollment supervisor at the Gulf Coast Health Center in Port Arthur, couldn’t get back into the system.
"We had a lot more come in today than we’ve had in the last several weeks because today was Oct. 1," said Dahlquist.
While most people wanted some advice and literature to take home and consider, Dahlquist said he used old-fashioned pen and paper to determine the eligibility status of one man. Although the man didn't qualify for coverage in the federal marketplace, Dahlquist said he was eligible for Texas Medicaid's program for the elderly and disabled. Ironically, Dahlquist said the state's website was also down.

Obama Administration Caught in Open Lie About Needing to Close Memorials ^ | October 3, 2013 | Eric Odom 
Posted on 10/4/2013 9:54:43 AM by Kaslin

The Obama administration has deployed an army of feds to barricade public AND private parks, memorials and statues in the name of a government shutdown. Clearly this move is calculated with the intent to project pain upon the American people, with the hope they will rebuke Republicans and force a clean CR.
The Obama administration is actually telling a lie when they say they cannot avoid barricading sidewalks that pass memorials. This is obvious in that it actually costs money to create the barricades, whereas it costs nothing to leave them out of the way. But it goes beyond that… War Memorials have NEVER been closed off during a shutdown.
Via Daily Caller.
Although President Obama claims that he can’t avoid shutting down public sites and monuments, war memorials were in fact kept open during the 1995/1996 government shutdowns. The administration’s decision to barricade the Lincoln Memorial marks the first time in its history the memorial has been totally off limits to visitors during a shutdown.
The administration has also balked at efforts by non-governmental groups to maintain access to public sites. (Related: RNC offers to pay to keep WWII memorial open)
But during the Clinton-era shutdown, World War II veterans kept the Pearl Harbor memorial open.
When an Obama official says it cannot be avoided, he/she is telling a lie. And that’s a shame.


Women often receive warnings about protecting themselves at the mall and in dark parking lots, etc. This is the first warning I have seen for men. I wanted to pass it on in case you haven't heard about it. A 'heads up' for those men who may be regular customers at Lowe's, Home Depot, Costco, or even Wal-Mart. This one caught me totally by surprise. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends.
Here's how the scam works;Two nice looking, college-age girls will come over to your car or truck as you are packing your purchases into your vehicle. They both start wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. (It's impossible not to look). When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say 'No' but instead ask for a ride to McDonald's.
You agree and they climb into the vehicle. On the way, they start undressing. Then one of them starts crawling all over you, while the other one steals your wallet.
I had my wallet stolen Aug. 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, again on the 17th, 20th, 24th, and the 29th. Also Sept. 1st, 4th, 8th, twice on the 16th &17th, and very likely again this upcoming weekend.
So tell your friends to be careful. What a horrible way to take advantage of us older men. Warn your friends to be vigilant.
Wal-Mart has wallets on sale for $2.99 each. I found even cheaper ones for $.99 at the Dollar Store and bought them out in three of their stores.
So please, send this on to all the older men that you know and warn them to be on the lookout for this scam. (Times to be careful are just before lunch and around 4:30 in the afternoon.)