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The Butler from Another Planet

Townhall ^ | 8/22/13 | Michael Reagan

There you go again, Hollywood.

You’ve taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies.

You took the true story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986, and turned it into a clichéd “message movie.”
“Lee Daniels’ The Butler’” stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, a fictional character supposedly based on Eugene Allen’s real life.
But let’s compare the two White House butlers.
Guess which one grew up in segregated Virginia, got a job at the White House and rose to become maître d’hôtel, the highest position in White House service?
Guess which one had a happy, quiet life and was married to the same woman for 65 years? And who had one son who served honorably in Vietnam and never made a peep of protest through the pre- and post-civil rights era?
Now guess which butler grew up on a Georgia farm, watched the boss rape his mother and then, when his father protested the rape, watched the boss put a bullet through his father’s head?
Guess which butler feels the pain of America’s racial injustices so deeply that he quits his White House job and joins his son in a protest movement?
And guess which butler has a wife (Oprah Winfrey) who becomes an alcoholic and has a cheap affair with the guy next door? (I’m surprised it wasn’t the vice president.)
After comparing Hollywood’s absurd version of Eugene Allen’s life story with the truth, you wonder why the producers didn’t just call it “The Butler from Another Planet.”
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The Man Who Was Treated for $17,000 Less!

The Wall Street Journal ^ | August 21, 2013 | JEFFREY A. SINGER

When the man arrived at the hospital for surgery, the admitting clerk reviewed the terms of his policy and estimated the amount of his bill that would be paid by insurance. She asked him to pay his estimated portion in advance. (More hospitals are doing that now because too often patients don't pay their portions of the bills after insurance has paid.)
The insurance policy, the clerk said, would pay up to $2,500 for the surgeon—more than enough—and up to $2,500 for the hospital's charges for the operating room, nursing, recovery room, etc. The estimated hospital charge was $23,000. She asked him to pay roughly $20,000 upfront to cover the estimated balance.
Most people are unaware that if they don't use insurance, they can negotiate upfront cash prices with hospitals and providers substantially below the "list" price. Doctors are happy to do this. We get paid promptly, without paying office staff to wade through the insurance-payment morass.
I quoted him a reasonable upfront cash price, as did the anesthesiologist. We contacted a different hospital and they quoted him a reasonable upfront cash price for the outpatient surgical/nursing services. He underwent his operation the very next day, with a total bill of just a little over $3,000, including doctor and hospital fees. He ended up saving $17,000 by not using insurance
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The RINO type!

Double standard seen in white man’s killing: Critics point to Trayvon Martin case

The Washington Times ^ | August 21, 2013 | Ben Wolfgang

Five days after an Australian college student was gunned down by a trio of “bored” Oklahoma teens, the political and social reverberations continue to build across the nation and abroad.
While there’s been disgust and disbelief at the senseless death of Christopher Lane — who was studying in the U.S. on a baseball scholarship and visiting his girlfriend in Duncan, Okla., when he was shot while jogging on Friday — some former lawmakers and pundits say there’s a clear double standard in how President Obama and other political leaders, leading civil rights activists and the media have reacted to the case.
The shooting has sparked a different controversy in Mr. Lane’s native Australia, where much of the outrage has focused on what critics say is the American gun-friendly culture that made the killing possible.
The two teens facing murder charges in connection with the incident, James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, and Chancey Allen Luna, 16, are black. A third teen, 17-year-old Michael Dewayne Jones, who is white, has been charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact.
Contrasts have been drawn with reaction to the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and the subsequent acquittal of former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.
“Three black teens shoot white jogger. Who will [Mr. Obama] identify with this time?”(continued)
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The Federal Reserve Is Insolvent… Do You Still Think the Crisis is Over? ^ | August 21, 2013

The single dominant belief for investors since 2008 has been that the world’s Central banks will not permit the markets to fall to pieces.
There are primary two primary reasons for this:
1)   The Fed and other Central Banks managed to hold the system together in 2008-2009.
2)   Central Banks have stepped in time and again to prop up the markets every time they staged a significant correction since 2008.
The most obvious culprit here is the Fed, which has stepped in following every market correction in the last four year, either with the promise of a new round of QE or outright announcement of a new round of QE.
Other Central Banks have mirrored these moves. Indeed, since 2007, Central Banks have cut interest rates over 512 times. They’ve also expanded their collective balance sheets by over $10 trillion.
The problem with this is that all of these strategies were not fully thought through.
Consider the following. The Fed has only $50 billion or so in capital. With the Fed now owning over 30% of the ten-year market, every time bonds drop and yields rise, the Fed will erase ALL of this capital. Indeed, Mark Hussman of Hussman Funds notes that even a 100 basis point increase in yields will wipe out the Fed’s capital six times over.
And therein lies the core problem: by expanding its balance sheet so dramatically, the Fed has in effect spread the financial crisis from a private banking level to a public/ sovereign level. Put another way, when the next Crisis hits, it will not be Wall Street banks that go bust but the Fed itself.
Anyone who believes the Fed can “exit” this position is delusional. The single biggest trade for the last four years has been frontrunning the Fed’s asset purchases. When the Fed reverses course and begins selling assets, everyone will dump Treasuries in anticipation.
Indeed, we are already witnessing this with foreign nations selling Treasuries in record amounts in June when the Fed first hinted at tapering its QE programs. Japan and China alone dumped $40 billion that month (of a total $66 billion sold by foreigners that month).
By the way, this was the single largest Treasury dump by foreigners since August 2007. We all remember what followed that (the first round of this Crisis).
Sure, the Fed could print money to deal with this. But if Treasuries begin to collapse while the Fed is already buying them… and it can onlybuy more by money printing, then it’s GAME SET MATCH for Bernanke’s QE, the Fed, and the US economy.

Feds are building a detective squad to target consumers and companies that don't follow ObamaCare rules! ^ | 21 August 2013 | David Martosko In Washington

More than 1,600 new employees hired by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources in the aftermath of Obamacare's passage include just two described as 'consumer safety' officers, but 86 tasked with 'criminal investigating' – indicating that the agency is building an army of detectives to sleuth out violations of a law that many in Congress who supported it still find confusing.

On the day President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, HHS received authority from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to make as many as 1,814 new hires under an emergency 'Direct Hiring Authority' order.

The Obama administration ordered that employment expansion despite a government-wide hiring freeze.

-Post-Obamacare law hiring at the Department of Health and Human Services included 86 'criminal investigators,' but just two 'consumer safety' officers
-On the day President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, HHS received authority to make 1,814 new hires
-The authorization included positions for 50 criminal investigators. The agency increased that number to 86
-The agency was also authorized to hire 261 'consumer safety officers.' Only two such employees were hired

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“Beat Whitey Night”

'Black mob violence' – the forbidden words
WND ^ | 08/21/13 | Colin Flaherty 
Posted on 8/22/2013 1:46:53 AM by Anila
The murder of the Australian man in Oklahoma was horrific, but not unique. Or even rare.
A similar episode of black mob violence happened just a few days ago in Memphis. And a few days before that in St. Paul. And before that in Burlington. And before that in Delaware, New Haven, Madison, Denver, Flint, Peoria, Springfield, Greensboro, Green Bay, and on and on and on.

This is a long list with more than 500 cases of recent black mob violence in more than 100 cities, big and small, many on video – and all unreported as being part of an epidemic of black mob violence throughout America.

“Beat Whitey Night,” for example: Two summers ago, black mobs beat and robbed dozens of patrons at the Iowa State Fair for three nights in a row. They also attacked police.
Ever hear about it?
Didn’t think so. That is because most editors are not comfortable with the words “black mob violence.” No matter that black mob violence exists plainly and exponentially out of proportion.
This reluctance is curious in the most race conscious country in the world. Every day we read about the black caucus, black colleges, black labor unions, black doctors, black lawyers, black business owners, black TV stars. Many of these stories are written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists.
But these same hyper-racial reporters go blind when it comes to widespread and frequent and sometimes even fatal black mob violence. The psychiatrists say we are only as sick as our secrets. And nothing inspires more secrecy – and sickness – than racial violence and lawlessness.
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Liberals’ Ted Cruz Obsession: He’s the Taliban, Palin, and Father Coughlin all rolled into one!

The National Review ^ | August 22, 2013 | Andrew Stiles

The liberal media are obsessed with Texas’s freshman senator Ted Cruz. The most recent outbreak includes a Daily Beast hit piece about his “creepy” college years at Princeton, as well as a flurry of articles about whether his Canadian-American dual citizenship could complicate a potential run for the White House in 2016.
The Left’s animosity toward Cruz is approaching hysterical levels not seen since John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate. His oratorical prowess and Ivy League pedigree have stunned some liberals, whose natural instinct is to smear popular conservatives as anti-intellectual, but it hasn’t stopped a number of prominent journalists and politicians from hurling some rather deranged criticism.
“If Ted Cruz is really a Canadian, we are building a fence on the wrong border,” Roger Simon, the chief political columnist for Politico, tweeted on Tuesday. “Awesome!” replied former Democratic Senate candidate and Obama basketball buddy Alexi Giannoulias.
Some other things Cruz has been called or compared to over the past several months:
“I’m shocked that he would continue to use his seat in the judiciary committee to just mislead millions of Americans and put forward a willingly ignorant position on what the Constitution says and what it does not say,” said MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, in reference to Cruz’s questioning of Senator Dianne Feinstein about her proposed ban on “assault style” weapons, which Cruz argued was inconsistent with the Second Amendment. Scarborough has also referred to the freshman senator as a “total train wreck,” and accused him of lying about other Republicans and turning Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing into a “clown show.”(continued)
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