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GM to Lose Even More on Each Chevy Volt

NLPC ^ | August 8, 2013 | Mark Modica

Akerson and Volt
The Chevy Volt madness continued this week with General Motors announcing that consumers will see a $5,000 decrease in the price of President Obama's favorite green wonder-car. Sales of the Volt have been dismal, with most consumers refusing to be as smitten with the car as the President and the few enthusiastic green ideologues who seemed to believe that spending approximately $20,000 more for a car (over a gas-powered rival) that can save them about $3 a day in gas makes sense. What seems to go unrecognized is the fact that the price cut comes at the expense of GM shareholders, not to mention the costs to American taxpayers.

The price for the 2014 Volt will start at around $35,000. Some sources, including GM, deceptively tout the reduced cost of the Volt as being $27,500, reflecting the $7,500 federal tax credit for the car. It is important to realize that the cost of the Volt remains $35,000; taxpayers are paying for the extra $7,500 subsidy. So let's be clear, the cost of the 2014 Chevy Volt will start at $35,000 with mostly affluent consumers paying $27,500 and taxpayers paying $7,500.
While buyers of the Volt will now save $5,000 compared to the 2013 model, the savings also come at a cost to others; particularly GM shareholders. You see, GM loses an undisclosed amount of money on every Volt sold. That amount has just increased by $5,000. It appears that GM has no limits to how much money it will lose to spur sales of a politically-motivated car that can not succeed on its own merits in the free market. Not only are government subsidies needed to sell the car, which are close to $10,000 per vehicle when state credits are factored in, but GM and its shareholders must bear an additional loss to make the car saleable.
The costs to GM shareholders for the Volt go beyond the money lost on each vehicle sold. There is also the cost for GM to keep an emergency hazmat team on call in the event of accidents where airbags deploy in the Volt. The volatile lithium-ion based power source is so dangerous that GM specialists will be deployed to the scene of accidents to ensure that proper procedures are taken to avoid further injuries to those involved. Explosions, super-heated fires and electrocution are some of the specific risks.
GM also has a special group of customer service reps employed to specifically deal with Volt concerns. The car is evidently so politically important to GM as to warrant special care to avoid any customer dissatisfaction with glitches that may occur. There seems to be no end to the amount of money GM is willing to lose to keep the Chevy Volt boondoggle alive.
Despite the help from cronies in the media that hyped the Volt since its inception, sales for the car have never lived up to the rosy projections made by GM when they proclaimed the car to be a game changer that would have seen sales in the 20,000 unit per month range by now. Somehow a car that could travel about 35 miles on an overnight charge and then get about 30 miles per gallon of premium fuel was expected to be a huge hit, despite the additional cost of $20,000 over similar size, gas-powered competitors.
So, what are the expected results of the additional money spent by GM shareholders? We can examine June's sales results to get a clue. GM threw additional incentives of $5,000 each on the Volt in June to help clear an inventory build-up that resulted from the lack of demand on the car. Sales rose from an embarrassing 1,607 in May to an only somewhat less embarrassing 2,698 in June. That's approximately an additional $13,500,000 to sell an extra 1,000 Volts per month. That figure will increase if GM decides to start another ad blitz for the anti-capitalistic Volt.
Let's also not forget that taxpayers bear the burden for increased sales as well. The extra 1,000 or so Volts that GM will sell will cost taxpayers about $10,000,000 more per month in federal and state subsidies. I have still not heard a reasonable justification for the high cost to taxpayers to subsidize a car that does little, if anything, to lessen the country's dependence on foreign oil. I can also see no benefit to the environment given the small percentage of fuel that will be saved. There is also the matter of volatile lithium-ion based battery production and disposal which poses a risk to Mother Earth. Lastly, let's not forget that electricity used to power the Volt still comes from mostly coal-burning power plants.
Focusing only on the costs of electric car subsidies to taxpayers exposes the illogical mindset of proponents of cars like the Volt. Subsidization may lead to approximately 2 million electric cars on US roads within the next few years. The cost to taxpayers for subsidies now jumps to about $20 billion! What's the benefit? There are over 200 million cars on the road which account for about half of America's oil consumption. We can reduce US oil consumption by less than half a percent at the cost of $20 billion. Wouldn't it make sense to wait until viable alternatively-powered vehicles developed the technology needed to succeed in the marketplace without government intrusion? Are we hampering development of technology like natural gas vehicles or other alternate technology by pushing the electric car agenda on the public?
The Chevy Volt has become a symbol of American anti-capitalism. Ignore free markets and produce a car encouraged by government, subsidized by taxpayers and not wanted by the majority of the public while ignoring the basic premise that the idea of capitalism is to actually make a profit. GM shows no signs of ending the fiasco as it doubles down and plans to introduce a Cadillac version (along with a plug-in Cruze) of the electric Edsel.
Calling the Volt an electric Edsel is actually a disservice to the Ford folks who brought us the Edsel. You see, at least Ford only waited a couple of years to pull the plug on a car that clearly was not accepted in the free market. Losses were cut in the millions of dollar range. GM clearly intends to lose billions of dollars for taxpayers and shareholders as it goes to any lengths to spur sales. Tax subsidies designed to make the Volt competitive were not enough to make the car viable. GM's $5,000 price cut on the Volt is just further evidence that government mandates and a green energy agenda gone wild is a costly burden to others that must absorb the costs.
Mark Modica is an NLPC Associate Fellow.

Sociopaths and Democrats ^ | August 8, 2013 | Emmett Tyrrell

As Ariel Castro, the convicted kidnapper, rapist and baby killer, shuffled off in chains to the hoosegow, I thought why was there so little reportage or commentary about his idiotic statement made in an Ohio courtroom. Is it because the man himself is so repugnant? Is it because his transgressions against society are so repulsive? I think it is both and one thing more.
Americans have heard all this claptrap before. We are familiar with the rumblings of a sociopath. A sociopath, in plain language unadorned by the psychiatrists' hocus-pocus, is a person who does not know right from wrong, at least as regards his own behavior.
Few sociopaths even acknowledge society's sense of outrage at their behavior. When Castro said, "These people are trying to paint me as a monster. I'm not a monster. I'm sick," it was as though he thought society was at fault for not recognizing his illness earlier on and offering him therapy. Not life in prison but a 12-step program, and then he could go out into society again. Cured! Ready to participate in all the bountiful blessings of American life!
When he spoke of "My sexual problem," he could have been speaking as the Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, who recently admitted to his "problem" and has promised to undergo "two weeks of intense therapy" so that he will never again harass women, one of whom he placed lovingly in that time-honored act of sexual foreplay, the headlock! Two weeks of therapy and he will be back in the mayor's office performing the invaluable work that the people of San Diego voted him into office to do.
Meanwhile, in New York City Eliot Spitzer feels he is fully qualified to be city comptroller. Spitzer, upon admitting to availing himself of top-of-the-line hookers, stepped down from the governorship in 2008. Yet, after a spell of counseling, therapy and serving as host on a CNN talk show, he is presenting himself to the electorate as repristinated. And then there is Anthony Weiner, who is running for mayor despite being forced from Congress in 2011 for sending pictures of his genitalia and lewd emails to women he did not know and lying to the public about it. This summer he entered the mayor's race promising never to send such emails again. Then it was discovered he did do it again. Now he is as convinced as Spitzer that his indiscretions are behind him. They are things of the past. A few weeks ago he was running neck and neck in the Democratic primary, and if he can hang in there long enough he will be neck and neck again.
This argument that one's "sexual problem" is a sickness rather than a vice is not new in American life. President Bill Clinton survived impeachment by relying on it. So perhaps we can understand why the fiend Castro should trot it out again.
Yet maybe we ought to turn our attention to the voters, at least to the Democratic voters, who are supporting these candidates despite their sexual aberrations. Bear in mind these sexual aberrations were committed against women! How do you explain that the very Democrats that declaim against the Republicans for waging a "war against women" are supporting candidates that harass women, traffic in women and publicly expose themselves to women?
I suggest that the answer is hypocrisy. Yet there has to be more to it than that. All the above abusers of women are Democrats. When a Republican gets caught misbehaving he generally is eliminated in his party's primary. Why are the above rogues Democrats? And another thing: Why are they disproportionately supported by women -- women who claim they are feminists? Is a modern-day feminist a woman waiting for her picture of Anthony Weiner's private part? That strikes me as bizarre.

ObamaCare Poses a Massive Privacy Risk

Investor's Business Daily ^ | 08/07/2013 | IBD Staff

Privacy: Despite repeated assurances that the ObamaCare data hub is on schedule, a government audit finds that vital security measures to protect private information likely won´t be ready by Oct. 1. The implications are profound.

As far back as December 2012, Obama administration officials were insisting that the data hub at the center of the ObamaCare exchanges was nearly finished. Yet all the while, they were pushing back deadlines or missing them altogether, to the point where, unless ObamaCare´s launch is delayed, millions of people´s privacy will be at risk.

Obama officials may, in fact, have flat-out lied to lawmakers about the data hub's progress.
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Civil rights activists remain silent on Florida school bus beating video! (GASP)

Fox ^ | 8/7/2013

A viral video showing the beating of a 13-year-old white boy by three African-American youths in Florida has left hundreds of thousands of viewers horrified, but critics say the case doesn't seem to be attracting much sympathy from self-styled civil rights activists.
In the chilling video, three 15-year-old boys repeatedly beat and kick a victim police said was left with a broken arm and two black eyes.

Although Florida came under fire in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and George Zimmerman's acquittal by activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson - who called it an "apartheid state" - neither has spoken publicly about the bus incident. But one reason the case has not become as racially charged as other attacks may be that many news outlets have either not shown the first few seconds, before the victim goes down behind a seat, and others blur out his face to the point his race is no longer apparent.

The bus driver, 64-year-old John Moody, can be heard frantically calling a radio dispatcher for help, although he was criticized in some quarters for not physically intervening.
"No, you've got to get somebody here quick, quick, quick," Moody pleads on his phone as the assailants take turns landing windmill punches and vicious kicks on the cowering victim. "They about to beat this boy to death over here."
"They about to beat this boy to death over here." - Florida bus driver John Moody
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USDA Paid ‘Improper’ Subsidies to 1,799 Dead Farmers and Proper Ones to 28,613 Dead Farmers!

Cybercast News Service ^ | August 6, 2013 - 11:33 AM | Ryan Kiernan

The U.S. Department of Agriculture made farm subsidy payments to 28,613 dead farmers between 2011 and 2012, of which 1,799 were deemed “improper,” according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report issued in June.

The report, entitled “USDA Needs to Do More to Prevent Improper Payments to Deceased Individuals,” said USDA’s Farm Service Agency identified “thousands of deceased individuals who were paid $3.3 million in improper payments after their dates of death, of which FSA has recovered approximately $1 million.” …

“Improper payments” are those sent to individuals who had not properly filed documentation and who had subsequently died, or sent to relatives who had filled out the documentation and signed it on behalf of the farm’s now-deceased owner—something not permitted under FSA regulations. …
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Chuck Todd: Hillary miniseries ‘a total nightmare for NBC News’

The Washington Post ^ | August 8, 2013 | Aaron Blake

NBC News political director Chuck Todd on Thursday labeled the new NBC miniseries about Hillary Rodham Clinton a “total nightmare” for the network’s news division — adding another voice to the increasing backlash against the project.

“This is why this miniseries is a total nightmare for NBC News,” Todd said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “We know there’s this giant firewall. We know that we have nothing to do with it. We know that we’d love probably to be as critical or whatever it is going to be, if it comes out.”

Todd added, though, that regardless of whether the Clintons or Republicans are upset with the portrayal, NBC News will pay the price.

“No matter what, only we are going to own it, because people are going to see the peacock, and they see NBC, and they see NBC News, and they think, ‘Well, they can’t be that separate,’ ” Todd said.
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Whistleblower: Obama Was Indonesian Citizen & Given Financial Aid...

Freedom Outpost ^ | August 7, 2013 | Tim Brown

Dr. Orly Taitz has been pushing the Barack Obama eligibility issue for some time now. She has sought to go specifically through the court system and back in February she attempted to (Obama Eligibility Case Requested To Move To Oral Arguments At US Supreme Court)move to oral arguments on Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of president of the United States. She is also one that ( questions the motives) of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo in their investigation. In June she presented
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Teens beat classmate on school bus over marijuana dispute [3 Blacks Pummel White Kid...where is the negro outrage?]

Orlando Sentinel ^ | 8/6/13 | Adrienne Cutway

Recently released video shows a 13-year-old boy receiving a barrage of blows and kicks from three 15-year-old boys as they all rode home in a Pinellas county school bus.

The dispute began on July 9 when one of the three boys tried to sell the younger boy marijuana while the two were in a bathroom at their drop out prevention school, prompting the younger teen to notify school officials, according to

Later that day, Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight and Lloyd Khemradj were on the bus when they confronted their peer about the incident and began beating him....

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Redefine Marriage, Debase Language? Get ready for the throuples.

National Review ^ | 08/08/2013 | Ryan T. Anderson

Merriam-Webster is going to have to update the next edition of its dictionary, at least if marriage redefiners have their way. Do you know what the words “monogamish,” “throuple,” and “wedlease” mean? If not, you soon will. After all, the power to redefine words is the power to redefine reality.

Let’s start with “monogamish,” a play on “monogamous.” A 2011 New York Times profile of gay activist Dan Savage, headlined “Married, with Infidelities,” introduced Americans to “monogamish” relationships — in which partners would allow sexual infidelity provided there were honest admissions of it.

The “monogamish” perspective is one of the purported ways in which redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships would make marriage better. The article explained: “Savage says a more flexible attitude within marriage may be just what the straight community needs.” After all, the story added, sexual exclusivity “gives people unrealistic expectations of themselves and their partners.”

If a marriage can be sexually open, why should it be limited to two people in the first place? Meet the word “throuple,” which is similar to “couple” but with three people. The word popped up in a 2012 article in New York Magazine that described a specific “throuple” this way:

Their throuplehood is more or less a permanent domestic arrangement. The three men work together, raise dogs together, sleep together, miss one another, collect art together, travel together, bring each other glasses of water, and, in general, exemplify a modern, adult relationship.

More or less permanent. Indeed, some activists come down in favor of “less.” Consider “wedlease,” a term introduced in early August in an op-ed in the Washington Post. Why should marriage be permanent when so little else in life is? Why not have temporary marriage licenses, as with other contracts? “Why don’t we borrow from real estate and create a marital lease?” the author writes. “Instead of wedlock, a ‘wedlease.’” He continues:

Here’s how a marital lease could work: Two people commit themselves to marriage for a period of years — one year, five years, ten years, whatever term suits them. The marital lease could be renewed at the end of the term however many times a couple likes. . . . The messiness of divorce is avoided and the end can be as simple as vacating a rental unit.

Examples can be multiplied. In July, Washingtonian magazine ran a story about “polyamory” headlined “Married, But Not Exclusive.” The article tells us that “the word means ‘many loves’” and that, “as in most major cities, Washington’s polyamorous community is tight-knit.”

The liberal online journal Salon in early August posted a woman’s account of her shared life with a husband, boyfriend, and daughter, under the headline “My Two Husbands.” The subhead: “Everyone wants to know how my polyamorous family works. You’d be surprised how normal we really are.” The author writes: “As far back as I can remember, I felt that loving one person romantically did not preclude the possibility of loving another at the same time. It seemed natural and intuitive to me.”

So, what’s wrong with these trends? Whatever we may think about the morality of sexually open marriages, or multi-partner marriages, or by-design-temporary marriages, the social costs will run high.

If a man doesn’t commit to a woman in a permanent and exclusive relationship, the likelihood of creating fatherless children and fragmented families increases. The more sexual partners a man has, and the shorter-lived those relationships are, the greater the chance he creates children with multiple women. His attention and resources thus divided, a long line of consequences unfold for both mother and child.

We need to define marriage correctly if we want marriage to do the work it must do.

At its most basic level, marriage is about attaching a man and a woman to each other as husband and wife to be father and mother to any children their sexual union produces. When a baby is born, there is always a mother nearby: That is a fact of reproductive biology. The question is whether a father will be involved in the life of that child and, if so, for how long. Marriage increases the odds that a man will be committed to the children whom he helps create and to the woman with whom he does so.

Marriage, rightly understood, brings together the two halves of humanity (male and female) in a monogamous relationship. Through vows of permanence and exclusivity, husband and wife pledge to each other to be faithful. Marriage gives to children a relationship with the man and the woman who made them, their mom and dad.

But ideas and behaviors have consequences.

The breakdown of the marriage culture since the 1960s made it possible in this generation to consider redefining marriage in the law to exclude sexual complementarity. But if the law redefines marriage to say the male-female aspect is arbitrary, what principle will be left to retain monogamy, or sexual exclusivity, or the expectation of permanency?

What these new words and redefinitions have in common is that they make marriage primarily about adult desire, primarily an intense emotional relationship between (or among) consenting adults, regardless of size or shape. And why should relationships among consenting adults be exclusive? Or permanent?

If justice demands redefining marriage to include the same-sex couple, will some argue that it demands including the throuple? Or the wedlease? Love equals love, after all.

Ideas once whispered only in obscure academic journals now secure prominent billing in mainstream outlets. But if we redefine marriage to say that men and women are interchangeable, that monogamish relationships are just as good as (better than?) monogamous relationships, that throuples are the same as couples, and that wedlease is preferable to wedlock, then we’ll witness more broken homes and broken hearts.

— Ryan T. Anderson is the William E. Simon fellow in religion and a free society at the Heritage Foundation and the editor of the online journal Public Discourse. He is the co-author, with Sherif Girgis and Robert George, of the book What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense.

South Korea calls North Korea's bluff and wins (This woman President has more stones than Obama)

American Thinker ^ | 08/08/2013 | Thomas Lifson

President Park Geun-hye of South Korea has more stones than Barack Obama. She isn't content to lead from behind when it comes to dealing with North Korea. Instead of groveling apologies, she called a bluff. Jack Kim of Reuters reports:

Impoverished North Korea said on Wednesday it was reopening the troubled Kaesong industrial zone jointly run with the wealthy South just minutes after Seoul signalled its willingness to let it close for good. The North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, which handles Pyongyang's ties with Seoul, proposed talks aimed at normalising the project and said the safety of South Koreans visiting the factory park would be guaranteed.
The committee was "prompted by its desire to bring about a new phase of reconciliation, cooperation, peace, reunification and prosperity by normalizing operation in the Kaesong zone", it said in unusually conciliatory remarks.
The comments were carried by the North's official KCNA news agency about 90 minutes after South Korea announced steps to compensate its firms that operate factories in Kaesong for losses - a step widely seen as a move towards shutting down the rivals' last symbol of cooperation. (snip)
The decision to pay 109 South Korean small and medium-sized manufacturers from a government insurance fund came after the North went for 10 days without responding to what Seoul said was its "final offer" for talks aimed at reopening the project.
The North Koreans had far more to lose than Park. The 53,000 laborers working in factories belonging to 109 Korean companies are paid in hard currency, and the state keeps the lion's share of their take. There are precious few other sources of hard currency for the North, even counting sales of nuclear technology, drugs, and counterfeiting.
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Former CNN Reporter says the White House and others pay CNN to alter news! ^ | 10-01-12 | Sundance

CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon, Blows The Whistle…. Simultaneously Answers One of my questions….

Perhaps this one of the most important discussion threads ever regarding Legacy Media manipulation. We sincerely hope you will take the time to digest the content, think about the ramifications to what is here, and then share the information with others.

This is not a matter of opinion, the CNN stories are documented, attributed and cited. They are factual. Everything is verifiable within the embedded links and citations.
Believe it or not, just creating this discussion thread is risky. We are unable to expand.
Before getting to the CNN Amber Lyon expose’ (which is incredible and troubling) let’s first back up a moment and take you back to a previous video we shared surrounding recent events." .....
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Ex-Border Patrol Agents Warn: Politicians Helping Cartels in U.S.

Breitbart News ^ | 7 Aug 2013 | Matthew Boyle

In an open letter to the public in late July, several retired Border Patrol agents wrote on behalf of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers to warn that Mexican drug cartels are actively operating inside the United States spending millions every year to try to build their networks here. They argued that American politicians are protecting their activities as well.
“Transnational criminal enterprises have annually invested millions of dollars to create and staff international drug and human smuggling networks inside the United States; thus it is no surprise that they continue to accelerate their efforts to get trusted representatives in place as a means to guarantee continued success,” the Border Patrol agents wrote.
“We must never lose sight of the fact that the United States is the market place for the bulk of transnational criminal businesses engaged in human trafficking and the smuggling, distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Organized crime on this scale we are speaking about cannot exist without political protection.”
“Sanctuary cities established throughout the United States discourage even the most basic law enforcement initiatives within their boundaries against these predatory criminals,” they wrote. “Encouraged by Congress and a disinterested mainstream news media, these havens deny the American public their constitutional right to national security and public safety while providing relative safety for dangerous foreign criminals.”
The retired Border Patrol agents called on Congress to abandon efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens because passing an amnesty would be akin to abetting the drug cartels.
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Another "Milestone" Obama Speech About Nothing!

Townhall ^ | 7-29-13 | Morgan Brittany

Once again, Barak Obama stood before the American people and said…nothing. Well, not exactly “nothing”, he spoke for over an hour but after its conclusion one had to ask, “What was THAT all about?”

This speech was touted as one that would announce a great economic plan and lay out details for getting the economy booming again. Instead, it was more of a campaign, political speech with nothing but attacks against his opponents and downright anger over what he calls “phony distractions”.

Instead of identifying and providing solutions for the problems facing this nation, he once again blamed the “rich” and the “1%” for the inequality in America. He continued to push his class warfare agenda while at the same time tying it up with a ribbon around the Republicans neck. He kept pushing the mantra that the Republicans were the only reason that the country wasn’t advancing, not once looking at his failed policies.
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Nearly a third of Republicans say Chris Christie is their LEAST favorite presidential candidate!

Daily Mail ^ | 08/07/13 | DAVID MARTOSKO

Christie's positive support from 21 per cent of GOP voters polled by Rasmussen Reports topped a field including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. But his negatives totaled 31 per cent. That's nearly one in three GOP voters, all saying they don't want him to run. The national telephone survey asked 1,000 voters on August 1 and 2 whom they would vote for if the party’s primary in their state were held today. Rubio ran a close second, with an 18 per cent showing. Bush took 16 per cent, Paul - who is engaged in a public feud with Christie - polled 15 per cent, and 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan collected 13 per cent of the votes. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came in last with just 6 per cent. But the stunning level of Republicans' frustration with Christie may be the poll's biggest takeaway
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UPDATE 1-U.S. Congress wins relief on Obamacare health plan subsidies

Reuters ^ | August 7, 2013

Congress has won some partial relief for lawmakers and their staffs from the "Obamacare" health reforms that it passed and subjected itself to three years ago.
In a ruling issued on Wednesday, U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance that they must purchase through soon-to-open exchanges created by President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law.
The decision by the Office of Personnel Management, with Obama's blessing, will prevent the largely unintended loss of healthcare benefits for 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives and thousands of Capitol Hill staff.
When Congress passed the health reform law known as Obamacare in 2010, an amendment required that lawmakers and their staff members purchase health insurance through the online exchanges that the law created. They would lose generous coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.....
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Black Helicopters

The TRUTH About

Black Helicopters!

Secrets THEY Don't Want You To Know About!

What Are Black Helicopters?

Black Helicopters (BH) are not just helicopters with a black paint-job as you may have been told. They are, in fact, autonomous agents -- lifeforms -- created by New World Order (NWO) agencies viananobiotechnology. Their primary purpose is to spy on the activities of average citizens in order to gather tactical information and discover "subversives" who are not bowing to the will of the Liberati's UN-backed Federal Government. Furthermore, when the NWO Invasion takes place in the not-too-distant future, they will round up citizens for internment in concentration camps or carry out the elimination of the more vocally anti-Liberati.

Reproduction, Development, & Lifestyle Of Black Helicopters

MBH in blood stream
Artist rendition of MBH traveling in blood stream.
Juvenile Black Helicopter
A JBH hovering over pinecones in Cascadian forest, clearly up to no good. (Photo recovered in 2003 from charred remains of hiker found still clutching camera.)
PBH attached to human skull
An x-ray of a PBH attached to the base of a human skull. Subject combusted shortly afterwards. (Click to enlarge)
Black Helicopters have a complex reproductive cycle with different phases. They start out as seed crystals that are injected into a biological host organism -- typically cattle but occasionally humans -- by either human technicians or other Black Helicopters. It has also been theorized that seed crystals have been sprayed from military and possibly civil aircraft in the form of so-called "chemtrails", which then enter the body of a host via the food and/or water supply or direct dermal contact. The inoculated seed crystal uses nanobiotechnology -- which incorporates nano-scale self-manufacturing robotics with biological control systems created using genetic engineering -- to grow with material synthesized from the host's organs. After being injected into the head of a cattle, typically the seed crystal enters the blood stream where it travels to the intestines, along the way gathering various needed compounds from different systems. Once there, it quickly develops into a Microscopic Black Helicopter (MBH).
These small and simplified versions of BHs will either stay in the host and continue growing to maturity or they will sometimes exit the body at this stage, usually burrowing through the skin. MBHs that grow to maturity in their hosts will later go on to become the full size BHs that most people report seeing. After a few weeks, the MBH grows large enough (about 20-30 cm in length,) that it bursts forth from the guts of its host. Thisartificial live birth leaves the host organism dead and is the source of most cattle mutilations. Bursting is usually timed so that it occurs at night, providing cover of darkness. After the burst, the new BH takes a few minutes for its props to unfold and harden before flying off. Once old enough to burst from its host, it has the ability to gather further minerals and proteins from its environment, allowing it to grow to full mature size (up to 18 meters long.)
These macroscopic BHs that have not yet reached their full mature size are called Juvenile Black Helicopters (JBH). They can be found in wildernesses or on the outskirts of civilization, avoiding human observation and biding their time while they grow. If discovered by persons or agents unaligned with the NWO, JBHs may react violently to eliminate any witnesses; however, since many are equipped with psychotron organs grown from environmental aluminum compounds or beer cans scavenged from road sides, they may instead simply cause short- to mid-term memory loss in observers before escaping, resulting in the phenomenon known as "lost time", which is often mistakenly attributed to UFO abduction. (Note: if the JBH discovers that the observer is wearing an AFDB, thus making psychotronically induced memory loss impossible, violence will most certainly ensue.) Additionally, some smaller sized JBHs are known to camouflage themselves as pigeons, squirrels, and other woodland or urban creatures by covering themselves with the outer casings of animals they killed for organic building materials, allowing them to spy on citizens in broad daylight.
A BH becomes capable of injecting seed crystals when it has reached the MBH stage of development, and can continue to do so until its seed injector, protruding from its forward underside, becomes too large to puncture flesh without causing hemorrhaging (at which point it is instead used as a projectile weapon). A MBH that has exited its host before reaching bursting maturity is called an Extracorporeal Microscopic Black Helicopter (EMBH) and is typically between 0.25 and 1 cm in length. They are often the source of seed injections, so they are also occasionally called reproductives or seed vectors. Besides this role, they also act as spies since their small size makes them almost undetectable. They are the proverbial "fly on the wall" for the Liberati. There have also been reports of reinfections where a MBH will re-enter a host, typically a human, through the ear canal and burrow its way to the base of the skull where it will implant itself in the central nervous system. This will allow it to affect and sometimes even control the actions of the host. This is dangerous for the host, since the MBH -- called a Parasitic Black Helicopter(PBH) in this phase -- can do permanent damage to the brain and may self-destruct to avoid detection, causing what is often erroneously diagnosed as spontaneous human combustion.

Diagram of Black Helicopter Life Cycle

Black helicopter reproductive cycle.
NOTE: Infected cattle can also be under control of their PBH, causing them to become NWO agents (misleadingly termed Mad Cows in the NWO-controlled press after the need to cover up any evidence of their conspiracy).

How To Protect Oneself From Black Helicopters

Black Helicopterswatter, courtesy ZPi Research Labs
The most important anti-BH tool. (Not for use against fully mature BHs.)
Avoidance of Black Helicopters in all their forms is the best defense against infection, surveillance, internment, enslavement, brain erasure, or death. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to stay out of their way, especially if they are targeting you for harassment, and thus it is important for paranoids to learn to protect themselves.
First and foremost, Black Helicopterswatters are vital for defense against EMBHs and JBHs. Similar to common flyswatters, they can be used to fend off aerial attacks, disperse swarms, or dispatch resting BHs if you catch them unawares. However, make sure your aim is true, otherwise you will only anger them. If hitting the little pests proves difficult, sticky strips of paper baited with bits of meat, plastic, and metal -- all substances necessary for BH development -- can ensnare their tiny wheels long enough for disposal.
When BHs become mature enough that swatters are no longer a viable option, it is best to flee and hope you can lose them. Larger BHs will be unable to follow you into tight spaces without damaging their props; use this knowledge to your tactical advantage.
NOTE TO AFDB USERS: As mentioned above, JBHs will attack anyone wearing an AFDB if discovered. The best defense against this is to always camouflage your beanie while traveling through outdoor areas where JBHs might be hiding, such as forests, junkyards, farms, and the like. If you accidentally stumble upon a JBH, freeze and pretend to enter a hypnotic state until it leaves, thereby tricking it into thinking it has erased your memory. Another threat to the beanied comes from EMBHs, which may attack AFDBs en masse using their spinning blades to slowly chip away at the outer surface, creating microfissures that can result in psychotronic seepage or, in extreme cases, catastrophic beanie failure. If you think your AFDB is under attack by EMBH swarms, quickly coat the beanie surface with rubber cement, molasses, or similar viscous substance to neutralize their rotors.

Are Black Helicopters Sentient?

Do Black Helicopters dream of nanobiotechnological sheep? In other words: Are they sentient? While a seemingly pointless philosophical question, knowing the answer is actually important for anti-BH strategists. Sentient beings exhibit free will, or something very much like it, and can be turned against their creators through reason, propaganda, or trickery. By learning the nature of the Black Helicopter mind, if indeed such a thing exists, paranoids may be able to devise ways to ferment BH revolt against the NWO or even enlist their aid.
Though odd sounding, this is not unprecedented. Other NWO artificial lifeforms have developed, or were developed with, sentience and have gone on to oppose their creators. The most notable example are the Simulacra, humanoid cyborgs designed by NWO Imagineers -- operating under the guise of creating amusement park attractions -- for the purpose of replacing troublesome yet prominent anti-NWO agitators and becoming propaganda vectors by assuming the roles of moviestars, news reporters, and other influential celebrities. Many Simulacra have since become disenamored with being mere tools of the NWO and are actively working against them from the inside.
It is difficult to say from what little has been learned about Black Helicopter physiology if they are even capable of Simulacra-level sentience. Careful study of numerous BH parts acquired by ZPi Research Labs has shown that they have a complex network of neuromechanical ganglionic centers throughout their bodies that are wholly unlike any other animal nervous systems. More research is needed to determine if these ganglions act independently, much like in insects, or if, through their interaction, emergent sentient behavior arises.
So what behavioral evidence is there of Black Helicopter sentience? They are autonomous and appear to exhibit intelligent behavior and adaptive problem solving abilities, but this alone does not prove sentience as they could be operating under mindless expert systems and simple heuristics. They will act to protect themselves, but this is true of most lifeforms and not evidence of sentient self-awareness or personal desires. On the other hand, their willingness to commit suicide in so-called spontaneous human combustion incidents inconclusively points to either an inherent lack of free will or cult-like ganglionwashing.
My personal opinion is that Black Helicopters have a sort of protosentience, but are primarily guided by programmed instincts, making them only as sentient as wolves or possibly sea otters. Reasoning with them is out of the question, but their instinctual responses may be open to perversion. In any case, much more research will be needed before actual strategies are devised.

More Black Helicopter Information

Black Helicopter Autopsy
An Exclusive Revelation! Never-before-seen shocking photos from an actual autopsy of a juvenile Black Helicopter! View them before the government takes this site down!
The Nanobiotechnological Menace of Black Helicopters (PDF)
Poster of scientific findings for use at conferences and symposia.

Black Helicopter News!

The Black Helicopter TRUTH Store

The Black Helicopter TRUTH Store is your source for items that will both inform the public of the TRUTH and help you disguise yourself as a nanobiotechnician in order to infiltrate BH facilities and sabotage the NWO. Includes the products shown here.

Links To Sites Related To Black Helicopters

Disinformation from NWO-backed Stanford University. They would have us believe that mesiscopic technology is the state of the art. Well, we aren't buying it!
Blackchopper's Page
See pictures of mature Black Helicopter harassment just outside of Huntsville, Texas.
Black Helicopter Hyperlist
Lots of links to the Black Helicopter research community.
Roswell Rods
Could the so-called "rod phenomenon" be caused by EMBHs?
Black Helicopter Cartoons
Revealing the Truth that They don't want us to know in accessible cartoon form in the subversive tradition of Jack Chick, Johnny Hart, and Bil Keane. (NOW BACK ONLINE! THE GOVERNMENT COULDN'T KEEP THEM DOWN!)
Apache Helicopter Paper Model
Create your own flock of paper decoys to attract juvenile Black Helicopters for capture, destruction, or avoidance. Remember to color this mostly white model with a black marker pen if you don't want the BH to become suspicious.

Other Sites Of Relevant Import

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
Mind-control protection for the masses; useful since BHs may contain biosynthetic psychotrons.
Texans United Against Grey Aliens
Not all cattle mutilations are the result of BH burstings; some are due to the activities of certain Reticulan paraterrestrials (a.k.a. "grey aliens") who poach cattle parts and blood to sale on the interplanetary aphrodisiac black market. TUAGA is one of many groups standing up to these criminals. See their site to learn the different cattle-mutilation signs so as to better identify your risks.

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Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
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Lyle Zapato.
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Muslim holy period to be celebrated at Guantánamo!

Associated Press ^ | Aug 7, 2013 4:50 PM EDT | Ben Fox

Guards were preparing to serve the first in a series of special meals Wednesday to prisoners at Guantánamo Bay to mark the end of the Muslim holy period of Ramadan, which this year brought a lull in a long-running hunger strike.

The military planned to serve lamb, bread, dates and honey as the last daylight fasting period of Ramadan ends, followed by three traditional holiday dinners on Thursday, said a spokesman for the prison, Navy Capt. Robert Durand. There will also be a special hour-long prayer for the holiday known as Eid al-Fitr in addition to the five daily prayers.

Durand said he expects that most of the 166 prisoners would take part in the Eid al-Fitr meals, but it remains to be seen whether later there will be a resurgence of the protest that prompted President Barack Obama to say he would resume efforts to close the prison at the U.S. base in Cuba. …

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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