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Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana Flee Obamacare Exchanges

Cybercast News Service ^ | August 7, 2013 - 5:16 PM | Elizabeth Harrington

Major health insurance companies—Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana—have fled the Obamacare health care exchanges in various states, which are scheduled to start on Oct. 1.
Insurance companies like Aetna and United have said, “thanks, but no thanks” to the public health insurance marketplace set up under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, which will facilitate government subsidies to individuals and small businesses to buy approved health plans to comply with the law.
The ACA requires every American to have health insurance, or pay a penalty. Individuals who are not covered by their employer can enroll in the state or federal government-run health care “marketplace,” which will provide subsidies to individuals between 100 and 400 percent of the poverty line. …
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Florida school bus beatdown goes unnoticed by self-styled civil rights activists!

Fox News ^ | August 07, 2013

A viral video showing the beating of a 13-year-old white boy by three African-American youths in Florida has left hundreds of thousands of viewers horrified, but critics say the case doesn't seem to be attracting much sympathy from self-styled civil rights activists.
In the chilling video, three 15-year-old boys repeatedly beat and kick a victim police said was left with a broken arm and two black eyes.

Although Florida came under fire in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and George Zimmerman's acquittal by activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson - who called it an "apartheid state" - neither has spoken publicly about the bus incident. But one reason the case has not become as racially charged as other attacks may be that many news outlets have either not shown the first few seconds, before the victim goes down behind a seat, and others blur out his face to the point his race is no longer apparent.

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Oprah Cries Racism Following Bad Customer Service (at Hermes)

Big Hollywood ^ | 6 Aug 2013 | by William Bigelow

Oprah Winfrey's conception of what constitutes racism is strangely egocentric. An assistant at a designer store in Switzerland did not recognize her and ignored her, so Winfrey assumed with her worldwide fame the incident reflected a racist attitude from the clerk. Winfrey related the incident when she spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Paula Deen's recent loss of work following her admission that she had used the N-word.
Winfrey said of Deen, whose home she had stayed at when she interviewed her for Oprah's Next Chapter show, "In the very first days I tried to reach her and then I decided to stay out of it as I saw it blowing up. In time she will be fine. For me, it all just felt kind of sad."
Winfrey said that once the brouhaha settles down from Deen's admission, there could be a real conversation about racism.
It shows up for me if I'm in a boardroom or situations where I'm the only woman or I'm the only African American person within a hundred mile radius. I can see in the energy of the people there, they don't sense that I should be holding one of those seats. I can sense that. I can never tell, "Is it racism? Is it sexism?
It might be egocentrism.
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Common People


John Boehner Not Only 'Made a Deal w/Obama' -but Fears Being Implicated in Benghazigate Himself!

Reaganite Republican ^ | 07 August 2013 | Reaganite Republican

Appearing on Fox, Pat Caddell said Monday that John Boehner quietly went-along the harebrained Libya-Syria gun running scheme that blew up in the Obama regime's face last year -without proper congressional approval- and now fears the consequences of his own grave errors. 

Thus, the House Speaker is no more interested in a real Benghazigate probe than Hillary Clinton would be- this despite 70% support for the appointment of a Select Committee among congressional Republicans...

So how can we force this duplicitous crapweasel to do the right thing?

As Mark Levin says, Boehner 'doesn't give a damn', and clearly has NO interest in getting to the bottom of what happened at Benghazi- his behavior over the last few months has made that readily apparent.
Levin purports that Agent Orange must have 'made a deal' with the White House- why else would obstruct an investigation that's actually traditional in such situations? 

The president sure isn't answering any questions- neither is his spokesman Jay Carney, who brushes-off any serious ones as preposterous nonsense, not worthy of his time. Alas, shameless liar Hillary Clinton got the kid-glove treatment from Boehner and his ilk, too- nobody involved in Benghazi has been forced testify truthfully -under oath- while residual witnesses are hidden like they're Sammy the Bull.

There's no logical, principled legal argument for not looking into Benghazigate, Mr Speaker- and owing to the lack credible explanation for your (non) actions, all we're left with is the conclusion that you've made some ill advised deal with the devil-- and may now have hell-to-pay.

Repealing Obamacare: Not a Waste of Time

Townhall ^ | 08/07/2013 | Michael Tanner

Speaking at a campaign-style rally last month at an Amazon plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., President Obama ridiculed Republicans’ economic agenda, claiming that “wasting the country’s time by taking something like 40 meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare is not a jobs plan.”

The president has a bit of a point about the futility of those 40 votes. Given the unwillingness of the Senate to even consider changes to the health-care law, continued repeal votes are more an exercise in political theater than in policy. However, by that measure, the president’s giving countless speeches calling for higher taxes and more government spending would seem to be equally lacking in substance.
But plenty of those anti-Obamacare efforts — such as the proposal by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to defund Obamacare — actually would help create jobs, and the president has hardly rushed to embrace them.
On average, it costs an American employer $4,644 to provide health insurance to a worker. For a worker earning the U.S. median annual wage of $40,300, that amounts to an 11.5 percent hike in the cost of employing him. Alternatively, the employer could pay a penalty of $2,000 per worker. That would hike the cost of employing a median-wage worker by only roughly 5 percent, but that money has to come from somewhere, too. (The president recently delayed enforcement of this mandate for a year, but this probably won’t change the decisions of most employers, since they’ll have to come into compliance soon enough anyway.)
While most businesses with 50 or more workers currently provide their workers with insurance, that doesn’t mean that they won’t see their costs pushed up by the mandate. That’s because in order to avoid the penalty, the business must provide insurance that meets the “minimum essential benefits” requirements, which may be more comprehensive and more expensive than what the business provides today. A business’s current insurance plan is “grandfathered” under the Affordable Care Act, but the business must come into full compliance if it makes any adjustment to the plan, such as changing deductibles or benefits. Moreover, noncompliant plans themselves are closed from adding new members (other than new employees at businesses with grandfathered plans). That means over time, most noncompliant plans will become unsustainable, because their insurance pools will shrink. Eventually almost all businesses will be forced to change their insurance to the more expensive Obamacare-compliant plans.
At the same time, outside a handful of states with exceptionally dysfunctional insurance markets, Obamacare will likely drive up the cost of whatever insurance employers do provide, making it more expensive to compensate even current workers.
And none of this even begins to take into account the impact of the roughly $1.2 trillion in new taxes and fees that Obamacare imposes over the next ten years.
It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, when employers are reluctant to hire new workers or when they shift to part-time workers (who are not subject to that mandate). According to a Gallup poll, 41 percent of small businesses have already held off on plans to hire new employees, and 38 percent have pulled back on plans to expand their businesses in other ways. Worse, 19 percent indicate that they have already laid off workers, and a similar number say they have cut back their hours.
And we have seen a dramatic increase in part-time workers. Since President Obama took office in January 2009, the country has added 1.9 million part-time jobs but just a net total of 270,000 full-time jobs. That means that 88 percent of all jobs added during President Obama’s time in office have been part-time.
No doubt, some of this can be chalked up to the recession, which meant job losses and slow growth early in the president’s term. But the trend has continued into the recovery and can be blamed at least in part on employers’ attempting to keep workers below Obamacare’s 30-hour cut-off for the insurance mandate.
For example, during the second quarter of this year, the number of Americans working 25–29 hours per week in their primary job rose by 119,000, or 2.7 percent. At the same time, the number of those working 30 to 34 hours fell by a monthly average of 146,500, a 1.4 percent decline. Of course, some part-time work is by choice — students working their way through school, retirees looking for a little extra money, or mothers juggling work and children. But more than 30 percent of part-time workers say they would rather be working full time. That’s considerably more than the 21 percent average over the past two decades.
Employers are also increasingly resorting to temporary workers as an alternative to permanent full-time employees. According to the Labor Department, a record 2.7 million people held temporary jobs in July — 200,000 more than a year before.
If President Obama really cares about creating more and better jobs, perhaps he should stop wasting the country’s time giving another speech about wasting the country’s time. He could do something that would actually help create jobs: Repeal Obamacare.
— Michael Tanner is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and author of Leviathan on the Right: How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution.

Sharpton's America

By Kevin Jackson/ American Thinker

If you follow the logic of Al Sharpton, black people must live in crime-free neighborhoods. I know that news is shocking, given the statistics that prove otherwise. We are told that black communities have the highest crime rates, but that these stats are demagogued to make black people look bad.

And though there is no crime in black neighborhoods, white cops routinely visit black communities to target black people. "Stop and frisk" is applied indiscriminately, at almost 100 percent, in black neighborhoods on black people. Then they plant drugs or guns on black people, which accounts for the disproportionate incarceration rates of blacks in the criminal justice system.

Given these heinous statistics against blacks, it makes sense then that there are no black cops in America, right?  All the cops in America must be white -- white racists, in fact. Because black cops would not arrest black people; at least not real black cops. Those cops would be sellouts. If there were black cops, they would know that their duty "to protect and serve" would apply only to black people.

I've watched Law and Order and other cop shows, and I have seen Hollywood cops, like Ice T, rapper-turned-cop. But he's an actor. In the real world, there can't be black cops, or else they would have to be part of the system that is keeping blacks down.

I know that it is customary for the police to put cops of the same ethnicity in their neighborhoods. According to law enforcement psychologists, sometimes people want to talk to people who look like them and have a common cultural bond. However this can't happen in the black community. The people arresting black people, unfairly of course, must be white cops.

If for some reason America allowed black cops, and I know there aren't any, there would certainly be no blacks in charge of law enforcement. Have you ever heard of a black police chief, police commissioner, or sheriff? And God-forbid that a black man be put in charge of the Department of Justice! What kind of country would America be, if blacks were to reach the pinnacle of law enforcement?

There is no black law enforcement leadership, because no self-respecting black in power would allow blacks to be targeted, arrested in record numbers, and then fed to the corrupt whitey-controlled criminal justice system.

And that is why there is no possible way there are black lawyers in America. Sure, there was one, but he died. The late great Johnny Cochran...{the Lawd done took him too soon!}. Oh and there was that "sellout" black lawyer who prosecuted OJ, who dated the white lawyer with whom he worked. He doesn't count, because he is a Stepin Fetchit black lawyer. The passing of Johnny Cochran took the only black lawyer for black people.

Because there are no more black lawyers, black people are convicted at outrageous rates. White lawyers can't possibly understand black people's problem; thus white lawyers collude with the prosecution to lock black people up. Because there is a conspiracy to arrest all black people...yes, including Oprah. How else could so many black people end up in prison in disproportionate numbers, if America allowed black lawyers?

But even if there were black lawyers, they would have to deal with white judges. America would never let a black lawyer become a judge.

I know what you think you see, when you watch Judge Joe Brown, but he's not a real lawyer, is he? He's an actor. Judge Greg Mathis doesn't count; because he was a criminal before he was a judge. There is no way a black man could come out of the criminal justice system as a perp, and become a judge for real. Don't be stupid...another actor.

Judge Lynn Toler, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Judge Glenda Hatchett...actress, actress, actress. Everybody knows that a black woman could never become a judge in white America.

The idea that a black person could get a law degree, then rise high enough to become a judge is ridiculous. What will they want me to believe next, that a black man could sit on the Supreme Court?

If we follow the logic of Sharpton, it's clear that there is no crime committed by blacks, there are no black cops, no black lawyers, and no black judges. We'd have to believe in an America that would not allow a black man to lead the Department of Justice, an America that would never elect a black president.

Oh, and we'd have to believe that there is a roving band of George Zimmermans terrorizing black neighborhoods, particularly black teenage boys.

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Mental disorders, not combat, tied to military suicide

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By Genevra Pittman
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Mental disorders including depression and alcohol abuse were linked to a higher risk of suicide among current and former military personnel, in a new study - but combat exposure and number of deployments were not.
Researchers said the analysis of 83 suicides between 2001 and 2008 does not support the assumption that experiences in combat - such as seeing dead bodies or firing a gun - and time spent in a war zone are directly tied to a higher suicide risk.
"It was suspected of course that the stresses of combat exposure would lead to bad outcomes such as suicide," said Dr. Edward Boyko, from the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle, who worked on the study.
"We suspected that there would be an association between combat and suicide, given that there's been a reported increase in suicide rates," he told Reuters Health.
The report included 151,560 veterans and current military personnel who were assessed in three waves starting in 2001.
Every three years study participants filled out a survey that asked about experiences in combat and included assessments for depression, manic-depressive disorder and alcohol abuse and misuse.
Researchers led by Cynthia LeardMann from the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego used Department of Defense personnel files to determine how many times and for how long each person was deployed.
Through 2008, 646 of the study participants had died, including 83 by suicide.
The researchers found no difference in the risk of suicide among military personnel who had and had not been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, nor were more cumulative days deployed tied to a higher suicide risk.
Suicides were equally common among study participants of different military ranks, service branches and occupations.
However, male service members were twice as likely to commit suicide as women, the study team wrote Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
When deployment history and gender were taken into account, depression was tied to a doubling of the risk of suicide, manic-depressive disorder to a four-fold risk and alcohol-related problems to almost three times the risk of suicide.
For example, five out of 1,227 people - or 0.4 percent - whose assessments showed they were manic-depressive committed suicide, compared to 76 out of 146,403 - less than 0.1 percent - without manic-depressive disorder.
"I don't think (the results) are surprising, in the broader sense," said Michael Anestis, a clinical psychologist from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, who has studied suicide in the military.
"They're saying that the risk factors in soldiers are not that dissimilar to the risk factors in civilians," Anestis, who wasn't involved in the new research, told Reuters Health.
He said the findings don't mean experiencing combat doesn't have any harmful long-term effects on military personnel - just that how people deal with combat mentally, and their situation and stress level at home, may also be important.
LeardMann said mental health prior to ever seeing combat was the main driver for later suicide risk.
"While it's possible that some of these behaviors are happening after deployment, most of our findings … are from people who are completing these surveys prior to their first deployment," she told Reuters Health.
Past studies have shown an increase in the number of active duty service people with mental disorders since the mid-2000s, according to the researchers, possibly due to the stress of being part of a military that has been at war for so long.
SOURCE: Journal of the American Medical Association, online August 6, 2013.

Hasan's Attorneys Motion to Stop Assisting Shooter ^ | August 7, 2013 | By

Standby attorneys for Maj. Nidal Hasan have filed a motion to cut ties with the man who said he carried out the Fort Hood shooting.
Lt. Col. Kris Poppe said it became clear yesterday that Hasan representing himself is moving toward a death penalty and as defense attorneys they can not be put in the position of assisting him to do that.
"Working in concert with the prosecution to achieve the death sentence is something we can't do," Poppe said.
The judge delayed testimony and the court room cleared to consider the matter further in private with Hasan.
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The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Pro-Abortion Movement

Townhall ^ | 08/07/2013 | Michael Brown

In the wake of a rising tide of pro-life sentiments and sensibilities in America, the utter bankruptcy of the pro-abortion position is being revealed, especially in its more militant forms.

The pro-abortion side is now faced with:

• The beautiful reality of 3D and 4D ultrasounds, making clear that the fetus in the womb is really a carefully formed, developing baby. It is now impossible to deny that the little one seen with such clarity on the screen is a human life that is about to be snuffed out.
• The brutal reality of the houses of horrors run by men like Dr. Kermit Gosnell (and others), with the unavoidable conclusions that: 1) the same doctors who killed babies in the womb had no problem killing babies outside the womb; and 2) there is virtually no moral difference between killing a 20-week-old baby in the safety of its mother’s womb and killing it seconds after it emerges from the womb.
• Moving stories from abortion survivors like Gianna Jessen. They even have their own network called
• A younger generation that values fairness, equality, and the rights of the victim. Although this is often more gut-level than rational (leading many young people to wrong side of the homosexuality debate), it also explains why so many are becoming pro-life.
• Court rulings against Obamacare’s pro-abortion mandates.
• Undercover videos by Lila Rose and others, revealing the greed and heartlessness of abortion providers.
What has the pro-abortion side offered in response?
• Planned Parenthood dropping its “pro-choice” moniker, once considered an impregnable (no pun intended) winning concept, in favor of the hopelessly self-defeating, “Your Baby Will Thank You” (but only, of course, if the baby manages to escape the Planned Parenthood clinic alive).
• Completely inane statements by the media, like this one, from MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, who said: “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling -- but not science. The problem is that many of our policymakers want to base sweeping laws on those feelings.” (Aside from the ludicrous nature of saying that the parents determine when life begins -- where does this kind of thinking lead? -- the question remains: Which lawmakers are trying to “base sweeping laws” on feelings alone?) Yes, this was the same TV host who recently wore tampon earrings to protest the Texas abortion laws.
• Absolutely murderous statements by so-called medical ethicists, leading to outlandish headlines like this, in Britain’s Telegraph: “Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say.” (Yes, the headline really says, “experts say.”) The article continues, “Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are ‘morally irrelevant’ and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.”
• Pathetic ads, like the one celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and featuring black actor Mechad Brooks. The ad was so dreadful that Eric Metaxas commented, “When I first watched this ad, I thought, this HAS to be a spoof. It employs the ugly racial stereotype of a smooth-talking [black] predator celebrating his freedom to use women at zero cost to himself: Hey, baby, hook up with me -- and then go have an abortion. Are they kidding? No; this was no spoof.”
• Despicable protests in Austin, Texas, against legislators who were simply voting for a ban on abortions after 20 weeks as well as for heightened health regulations at abortion facilities. As Katie Pavlich reported, “Apparently chanting ‘hail Satan,’ ‘f*ck the church,’ ‘bro-choice’ and holding signs that say ‘hoes before embryos’ just wasn't enough for pro-abortion protestors in Texas. According to reports on the ground, police have confiscated bricks, tampons, pads and condoms protestors planned to throw at pro-life lawmakers.” The police “also confiscated jars of urine and feces.”
• Students on campus videotaped as they signed a petition to legalize “aborting” fourth-trimester babies (meaning, already born, full-term babies -- but who said college students were good at math these days?).
• The rise of the “bro-choice” movement, as young men, surely moved by altruism alone (forgive the sarcasm), are now taking a stand. As expressed by Ben Sherman, “For those of us guys who like girls -- you know, like them like them -- and want to have relationships with them, that may last anywhere from a few minutes to many years, we need to think about how this bill (Texas HB 2), by curtailing the bodily autonomy and sexual freedom of women, hurts us, too. We need to stand with women in their fight to control their own bodies.”

It is little wonder, then, that the pro-life tide continues to rise.

Yet a recent Pew Research poll indicates that far less Americans think abortion is an important issue today as compared to just 7 years ago, with most Americans still opposed to the complete overturn of Roe v. Wade -– all of which means we have our work cut out for us. And so, rather than congratulating ourselves prematurely, we need to increase our efforts to expose the bankruptcy of the pro-abortion position and continue to emphasize the precious sanctity of life.

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RED ALERT Weekend Terror WARNING! says the WhiteHouse. IMO, this defines PHONY SCANDAL!

August 6 2013 | Lee Martell

A few days ago, the Obama Administration issued clear and prominent warnings for any Americans now living in most of the Muslim countries. They were told an attack was 'imminent', and were advised to leave now, if now sooner. I've always thought any westerner risked the loss of their life, limb or liberty while attempting to live in that part of the world, unless you were in agreement with the Sharia way of life. What's different this time is that our country's leaders seem to be hypersensitive as to what makes for danger. To me, the Obama Administration is once again saying too much, giving away too many areas of our knowledge. My question is why?
Are they spending time shouting warnings from the mountaintop like a Cassandra? Who is Cassandra, you may ask? I'm thinking back to the blurry, misty memory of a high school literature class, bear with me for a moment please. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, rulers of Troy. Her beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy. One version of her story says Cassandra 'spent the night' at Apollo's temple, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean, thus allowing her to hear the future. However, when Cassandra refused Apollo's advances, he distorted his gift so that none of her predictions would be believed. She is seen as a figure of tragedy and futility.
Bringing our attention back to right now, I think this administration has destroyed it's own credibility with much of the American public. The latest example is the Bengazi fiasco. They chose to blame all the fires, all , the Susan Rice Poker-Faced Lies, all the random killing on a complete unknown, an unpolished film maker who still has not fully paid his actors. Think of how shocking it was last year, to see an American Citizen dragged out of his home in the dark of night, while wearing some sort of beekeeper mask. This followed by the Hillary! saying "what difference does it make?" and hardly a PEEP from the republicans. How could this happen HERE and not truly be followed up by the media? Now they tell us we must run and hide from all these ugly mean, terrible terrorists, after months of saying Al Queda is destroyed. I think much of their recent rhetoric comes from a deep desire to make the public think, Well, maybe we need the NSA in place after all. Let's not change a thing. In fact, we LOVE the NSA, and cannot wait to throw another barrel of billions into that deep black hole.

73 Rules For Running For President As A Republican

RedState ^ | August 6th, 2013 | Dan McLaughlin

We do not yet know who the Republican presidential nominee will be in 2016. We do not even know for certain who the candidates will be, although several are visibly positioning themselves to run. We all have our own ideas about who should run and what the substance of their platforms should be. But even leaving those aside, it’s possible to draw some lessons from the past few GOP campaign cycles and offer some advice that any prospective candidate should heed, the sooner the better. Some of these rules are in a little tension with each other; nobody said running for President was easy. But most are simply experience and common sense.
1-Run because you think your ideas are right and you believe you would be the best president. Don’t stay out because your chances are slim, and don’t get in because someone else wants you to. Candidates who don’t have a good reason for running or don’t want to be there are a fraud on their supporters.
2-Ask yourself what you’re willing to sacrifice or compromise on to win. If there’s nothing important you’d sacrifice, don’t run; you will lose. If there’s nothing important you wouldn’t, don’t run; you deserve to lose.
3- If you don’t like Republican voters, don’t run.
4-Don’t start a campaign if you’re not prepared for the possibility that you might become the frontrunner. Stranger things have happened.
5-If you’ve never won an election before, go win one first. This won’t be the first one you win.
6-Winning is what counts. Your primary and general election opponents will go negative, play wedge issues that work for them, and raise money wherever it can be found. If you aren’t willing to do all three enthusiastically, you’re going to be a high minded loser. Nobody who listens to the campaign-trail scolds wins. In the general election, if you don’t convey to voters that you believe in your heart that your opponent is a dangerously misguided choice, you will lose.
7-Pick your battles, or they will be picked for you. You can choose a few unpopular stances on principle, but even the most principled candidates need to spend most of their time holding defensible ground. If you have positions you can’t explain or defend without shooting yourself in the foot, drop them.
8-Don’t be surprised when people who liked you before you run don’t like you anymore. Prepare for it.
9-Be sure before you run that your family is on board with you running. They need to be completely committed, because it will be harder than they can imagine. Related: think of the worst possible thing anyone could say about the woman in your life you care about the most, and understand that it will be said.
10-You will be called a racist, regardless of your actual life history, behavior, beliefs or platform. Any effort to deny that you’re a racist will be taken as proof that you are one. Accept it as the price of admission.
11-Have opposition research done on yourself. Have others you trust review the file. Be prepared to answer for anything that comes up in that research. If there’s anything that you think will sink you, don’t run.
12-Ask yourself if there’s anything people will demand to know about you, and get it out there early. If your tax returns or your business partnerships are too important to disclose, don’t run. (We might call this the Bain Capital Rule).
13-Realize that your record, and all the favors you’ve done, will mean nothing if your primary opponent appears better funded.
14-Run as who you are, not who you think the voters want. There’s no substitute for authenticity.
15-Each morning, before you read the polls or the newspapers, ask yourself what you want to talk about today. Talk about that.
16-If you never give the media new things to talk about, they’ll talk about things you don’t like.
17-Never assume the voters are stupid or foolish, but also don’t assume they are well-informed. Talk to them the way you’d explain something to your boss for the first time.
18-Handwrite the parts of your platform you want voters to remember on a 3×5 index card. If it doesn’t fit, your message is too complicated. If you can’t think of what to start with, don’t run.
19-Voters may be motivated by hope, fear, resentment, greed, altriusm or any number of other emotions, but they want to believe they are voting for something, not against someone. Give them some positive cause to rally around beyond defeating the other guy.
20-Optimism wins. If you are going to be a warrior, be a happy warrior. Anger turns people off, so laugh at yourself and the other side whenever possible, even in a heated argument.
21-Ideas don’t run for President; people do. If people don’t like you, they won’t listen to you.
22-Your biography is the opening act. Your policy proposals and principles are the headliner. Never confuse the two. The voters know the difference.
23-Show, don’t tell. Proclaiming your conservatism is meaningless, and it’s harder to sell to the unconverted than policy proposals and accomplishments that are based on conservative thinking.
24-Being a consistent conservative will help you more than pandering to nuts on the Right. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, don’t run.
25-Winning campaigns attract crazy and stupid people as supporters; you can’t get a majority without them. This does not mean you should have crazy or stupid people as your advisers or spokespeople.
26-Principles inspire; overly complex, specific plans are a pinata that can get picked to death. If you’re tied down defending Point 7 of a 52 point plan that will never survive contact with the Congress anyway you lose. Complex plans need to be able to be boiled down to the principles and incentives they will operate on. The boiling is the key part.
27-Be ready and able to explain how your plans benefit individual voters. Self-interest is a powerful thing in a democracy.
28-If you haven’t worked out the necessary details of a policy, don’t be rushed into releasing it just because Ezra Klein thinks you don’t have a plan. Nobody will care that you didn’t have a new tax plan ready 14 months before Election Day.
29-Don’t say things that are false just because the CBO thinks they’re true.
30-If you don’t have a position on an issue, say that you’re still studying the issue. Nobody needs an opinion on everything at the drop of a hat, and you’ll get in less trouble.
31-When in doubt, go on the attack against the Democratic frontrunner rather than your primary opponents. Never forget that you are auditioning to run the general election against the Democrat, not just trying to be the least-bad Republican.
32-Attacking your opponents from the left, or using left-wing language, is a mistake no matter how tempting the opportunity. It makes Republican voters associate you with people they don’t like. This is how both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry ended up fumbling the Bain Capital attack.
33-Be prepared to defend every attack you make, no matter where your campaign made it. Nobody likes a rabbit puncher. Tim Pawlenty’s attack on Romneycare dissolved the instant he refused to repeat it to Romney’s face, and so did his campaign.
34-If your position has changed, explain why the old one was wrong. People want to know how you learn. If you don’t think the old one was wrong, just inconvenient, the voters will figure that out.
35-If a debate or interview question is biased or ridiculous, point that out. Voters want to know you can smell a trap. This worked for Newt Gingrich every single time he did it. It worked when George H.W. Bush did it to Dan Rather. It will work for you.
36-Cultivate sympathetic media, from explicitly conservative outlets to fair-minded local media. But even in the primaries, you need to engage periodically with hostile mainstream media outlets to stay in practice and prove to primary voters that you can hold your ground outside the bubble.
37-Refuse to answer horserace questions, and never refer to “the base.” Leave polls to the pollsters and punditry to the pundits. Mitt Romney’s 47% remark was a textbook example of why candidates should not play pundit.
38-Hecklers are an opportunity, not a nuisance. If you can’t win an exchange with a heckler, how are you going to win one with a presidential candidate? If you’re not sure how it’s done, go watch some of Chris Christie’s YouTube collection.
39-Everywhere you go, assume a Democrat is recording what you say. This is probably the case.
40-Never whine about negative campaigning. If it’s false, fight back; if not, just keep telling your own story. Candidates who are complaining about negative campaigning smell like losing.
41-”You did too” and “you started it” get old in a hurry. Use them sparingly.
42-If you find yourself explaining how the Senate works, stop talking. If you find yourself doing this regularly, stop running.
43-Never say “the only poll that matters is on Election Day” because only losers say that, and anyway even Election Day starts a month early now. But never forget that polls can and do change.
44-Voters do not like obviously insincere pandering, but you cannot win an election by refusing on principle to meet the voters where they are. That includes, yes, addressing Hispanic and other identity groups with a plan for sustained outreach and an explanation of how they benefit from your agenda. Build your outreach team, including liaisons and advertising in Spanish-language media, early and stay engaged as if this was the only way to reach the voters. For some voters, it is.
45-Post something as close to daily as possible on YouTube featuring yourself – daily message, clips of your best moments campaigning, vignettes from the trail. You can’t visit every voter, but you can visit every voter’s computer or phone.
46-Never suggest that anybody would not make a good vice president. Whatever they may say, everyone wants to believe they could be offered the job.
47-If you’re not making enemies among liberals, you’re doing it wrong.
48- If you don’t have a plausible strategy for winning conservative support, you’re in the wrong party’s primary.
49-The goal is to win the election, not just the primary. Never box yourself in to win a primary in a way that will cause you to lose the election.
50-Don’t bother making friends in the primary who won’t support you in the general. Good press for being the reasonable Republican will evaporate when the choice is between you and a Democrat.
51-Some Republicans can be persuaded to vote for you in the general, but not in the primary. Some will threaten to sit out the general. Ignore them. You can’t make everyone happy. Run a strong general election campaign and enough of them will come your way.
52-Don’t actively work to alienate your base during the primary. Everyone expects you to do it in the general, and you gain nothing for it in the primary.
53-Don’t save cash; it’s easier to raise money after a win than to win with cash you saved while losing. But make sure your organization can run on fumes now and then during dry spells.
54-If you’re not prepared for a debate, don’t go. Nobody ever had their campaign sunk by skipping a primary debate. But looking unprepared for a debate can, as Rick Perry learned, create a bad impression that even a decade-long record can’t overcome.
55-The Iowa Straw Poll is a trap with no upside. Avoid it. Michele Bachmann won the Straw Poll and still finished last in Iowa.
56-Ballot access rules are important. Devote resources early to learning, complying with them in every state. Mitt Romney didn’t have to face Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum in Virginia – even though both of them live in Virginia – because they didn’t do their homework gathering signatures.
57-If you can’t fire, don’t hire. In fact, don’t run.
58-Hire people who are loyal to your message and agenda, and you won’t have to worry about their loyalty to your campaign.
59-Don’t put off doing thorough opposition research on your opponents. By the time you know who they are, the voters may have decided they’re somebody else.
60-You can afford to effectively skip one early primary. You can’t skip more than that. You are running for a nomination that will require you to compete nationally. (Call this the Rudy Giuliani Rule).
61-Use polling properly. Good polling will not tell you what to believe, but will tell you how to sell what you already believe.
62-Data and GOTV are not a secret sauce for victory. But ignoring them is a great way to get blindsided.
63-Don’t plan to match the Democrats’ operations and technology, because then you’re just trying to win the last election. Plan to beat it.
64-Political consultants are like leeches. Small numbers, carefully applied, can be good for you. Large numbers will suck you dry, kill you, and move on to another host without a backward look.
65-Never hire consultants who want to use you to remake the party. They’re not Republicans and you’re not a laboratory rat.
66-This is the 21st century. If you wouldn’t want it in a TV ad, don’t put it in a robocall or a mailer. Nothing’s under the radar anymore.
67-Always thank your friends when they back you up. Gratitude is currency.
68-Every leak from your campaign should help your campaign. Treat staffers who leak unfavorable things to the press the way you would treat staffers who embezzle your money. Money’s easier to replace.
69-Getting distance from your base in the general on ancillary issues won’t hurt you; they’ll suck it up and independents will like it. Attacking your base on core issues will alienate your most loyal voters and confuse independents.
70-If you are convinced that a particular running mate will save you from losing, resign yourself to losing because you’ve already lost.
71-Don’t pick a VP who has never served in Congress or run for president in his or her own right. Even the best Governors have a learning curve with national politics, and even the best foreign policy minds have a learning curve with electoral politics. And never steal from the future to pay for the present. Your running mate should not be a Republican star in the making who isn’t ready for prime time. In retrospect, Sarah Palin’s career was irreparably damaged by being elevated too quickly to the national level.
72-Never, ever, ever take anything for granted. Every election, people lose primary or general elections because they were complacent.
73-Make a few rules of your own. Losing campaigns imitate; winning campaigns innovate.

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Obama To Leno: 'There Is No Spying On Americans' [James Rosen's Parents? Bueller?]

NPR ^ | 8/7/13 | Greg Henderson

President Obama on Tuesday defended the U.S. government's surveillance programs,telling NBC's Jay Leno that: "There is no spying on Americans."

"We don't have a domestic spying program," Obama said on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "What we do have is some mechanisms that can track a phone number or an email address that is connected to a terrorist attack. ... That information is useful."

Obama also called the National Security Agency's surveillance a "critical component to counterterrorism," and defended the shutdown of U.S. embassies and travel warnings this weekend...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Where Were YOU?

'They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English.

I can't even talk the way these people talk:

Why you ain't,
Where you is,
What he drive,
Where he stay,
Where he work,
Who you be...

And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk.

And then I heard the father talk.


knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth
In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.

People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an Education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around.

The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.

These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids.

$500 sneakers for what?

And they won't spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.

I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit.

Where were you when he was 2?

Where were you when he was 12?

Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn't know that he had a pistol?

And where is the father? Or who is his father?

People putting their clothes on backward:
Isn't that a sign of something gone wrong?