Thursday, July 18, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

You probably already know this, but in case it slipped your mind,
here's a reminder of some current history....

President Obama was a no-show at Margaret Thatcher's funeral despite
being invited to attend and thus snubbing England's invitation as a
representative of the American people.

Joe Biden also refused, as did Hillary Clinton. (By the way, former
Secretary of State George Schultz went to the funeral)

The British took note of the fact that the Obama administration
chose not to send a single senior member of the Cabinet.

In fact, no actively serving, elected Democrat attended Lady
Thatcher's funeral.

The Obama Administration did, however, send a formal delegation, of
14, to the funeral of Socialist Dictator Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez,
who died last month.

Need any more red flags?

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Cracker and Uncle Thomas

FrontPage Magazine ^ | July 18, 2013 | Andrew Marcus

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I’ve got to hand it to the Left – they are gifted moralizers.  Nobody can put on a sanctimonious soapboxing spectacle like a Progressive Leftist.  Do you believe, for whatever reason, that marriage is between one man and one woman?  Then you’re a homophobe.  Do you believe that men are generally taller and have larger biceps than women?  Then you’re a sexist.  Do you believe that people who move to America ought to come here legally and become American?  Then you’re anativist.  Do you believe that 16 years of global temperature stability might mean that global warming isn’t actually happening?  Then you’re a flat-earther.  And, of course, if you disagree about any given issue with a Progressive, you’re a racist.  Yep, they have all sorts of fancy words to describe how you don’t agree with them, and they use them all – a lot.
But where the Left excels at preaching and condescension, they fall a bit short when it comes to self-awareness.  So convinced are they of their moral superiority that they fail to recognize their own flaws, and, dare I say, silly racism.  A famous and wise Jew once said, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”  Last week has revealed so many logs in so many eyes, you’d think the Left was planning on building a cabin – or a lodge.
After the Supreme Court ruled that it was no longer 1950 in the South and so southern states should not be treated as if it were, Democrat Minnesota State Rep. Ryan Winkler referred to Justice Clarence Thomas as an “Uncle Thomas,” presumably to suggest that Justice Thomas was little more than an obsequious and deferential slave, eager to please his evil White masters.  Witty!  Winkler, a Harvard graduate, later claimed that he did not understand the term to be a racist one – but, gosh, if people were offended by his choice of words, well then he sure was sorry for that.
During the George Zimmerman trial, we learned that Trayvon Martin referred to him as “a creepy-ass cracker” before he and the controversial White Hispanic got into a fight over Martin’s bag of Skittles.  We also learned that cracker is not a racist term.  Tamron Hall from MSNBC explained that cracker is certainly a pejorative, but not necessarily a racial slur – you know, like jerk or meanie.  I suppose that cracker isn’t considered a racial slur because then we might have to call it the “C-word,” and that might get confusing.
And then, to top it all off, Alec Baldwin had yet another low-blood-sugar-moment last week and tweeted – to the planet – that he was going to “track down” and “f**k up” some “toxic little queen” who wrote something about his wife that nobody cares about anyway.  Baldwin, predictably, has cancelled his Twitter account (again).  Capital One, predictably, has not cancelled Baldwin’s contract.  Why?  Because toxic little queen isn’t homophobic, per se, it’s just angry Baldwin-talk.  As it turns out, the only thing the Left is more gifted at than moralizing is circling the wagons when it comes to protecting one of their own from their own insane thought-crime standards.  In the meantime, Paula Deen has been scheduled for beheading by Nancy Pelosi for something she uttered during the Reagan administration.
Up is down.  One is Four.  Cracker is not a racist term.  Red is blue.  Day is night.  Uncle Thomas is not a racist term.  Death is hilarious.  Water is sand.  Toxic little queen means “I Love Gays!” Welcome to 2013, where language means whatever the heck the Left says it means because they say so and shut up or we’re sicking the IRS on you.
It’s all very sad.  The very idea of a “race traitor” seems so outdated – at least to people who do not view the world through the prism of race.  Among Whites (except among the goofball White Supremacist fringe), the idea of race betrayal died with Jim Crow – something last week’s Supreme Court ruling recognized.  In the world of the Progressive Left, however, only Blacks can be race traitors – and how, you may ask, does a Black person reveal their race betrayal?  By disagreeing with the Progressive Left.  You’ve got to admit, it’s a handy setup they’ve got going.  Among the Democratic base, White liberals like Ryan Winkler are in charge of telling Blacks how and what to think – and if they stray a bit from their prescribed politics, they become an Uncle Thomas.
Or, perhaps better, a toxic little Cracker Lover.

TSA searches valet parked car at airport! via Drudge ^ | July 18,2013 | Berkeley Brean

Rochester, N.Y. -- She says she had no warning that someone was going to search her car after she left to catch her flight. So the woman contacted News10NBC.
We found out it happened to her because she valet parked her car. Those are the only cars that get inspected.
So if security feels it is necessary to search some cars in the name of safety, why not search all of them?
Laurie Iacuzza walked to her waiting car at the Greater Rochester International Airport after returning from a trip and that's when she found it -- a notice saying her car was inspected after she left for her flight. She said, “I was furious. They never mentioned it to me when I booked the valet or when I picked up the car or when I dropped it off.”
Iacuzza's car was inspected by valet attendants on orders from the TSA. But why only valet parked cars? That's what News10NBC wanted to ask the TSA director about. We reached him by phone.
Berkeley Brean asked, “Are the cars in the short term lots and long term lots getting searched as well?”
John McCaffery, TSA, said, “No, those vehicles that are in the garage, short term long term parking, even if they carry pretty large amounts of explosives, they would not cause damage to the front of the airport. But for those who use the valet, the car could be there for a half hour or an hour so there is a vulnerability.”
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Creep Me Out: Chinese is the 'New Nigga'?

American Thinker ^ | 7/18/2013 | C. Edmund Wright

I confess to being a very confused creepy ass cracka, trying desperately to go New School, as recently elucidated by Rachel Jeantel:

Nigga....the whole world say it's a racist word. ...around 2000, 2001 - they change it around. That means a male....any kind of male. Any kind, (even) Chino...but (say) nig-grrrrrrr - (and I) advise you not to be around black people, because they not gonna have it like that. - Rachel Jeantel on CNN, July 2013. (snip)

All of this is down right dizzying frankly, and it's getting hard to keep track of the playas without a program. For the record, Jenteal ironically spilled all of this info to Piers Morgan, perhaps the whitest man in the universe. To my knowledge, she did not call him a nigga. I guess we all have standards.
We also know from Miss Jeantel's information that cracka, as in creepy ass cracka, is not a racist term either, as cracka refers apparently to a cop, of any color -- and perhaps, a gay cop at that. Or, in the new school lingo, a cop who is "that kinda way." For some strange reason, this image reminds me of The Village People. Then again, so does Piers Morgan. (snip)

What this all boils down to is that the trial, and what the jury focused on, was not race.
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