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IRS commissioner: Hey, turns out it was mainly just two “rogue” employees who targeted tea partiers!

Hot Air ^ | May 15, 2013 | Allahpundit

Via Mediaite, it took a few days but at last we have some fall guys. It’s ludicrous, of course, to think the problem was limited to two people — the IG report last night specifically blamed ineffective management and, as Guy Benson reminds us, we already know that knowledge of the harassment went all the way up the chain — but pay attention to the fine print in the video clip at 1:22. Miller, the commissioner, apparently acknowledged that the IRS’s mishandling of this went beyond the two “rogues.” Evidently they’re setting up to put most of the blame on the two employees and then appease critics with some perfunctory “mistakes were made” shinola-eating from the higher-ups. All we need now is for some IRS exec to whine that the agency’s gotten too big to manage effectively and the self-serving scandal narrative will be complete. An obvious question: When they say the employees went “off the reservation,” are they suggesting that they’re prepared to acknowledge that they had a malevolent political agenda as opposed to just being “overzealous” in policing 501(c)(4)s or whatever? I’m keen to know what “going rogue” means in this case.
Meanwhile, Sean Higgins asks a good question: Why do the IG report’s timelines of what happened in this case begin with a heavily redacted entry?
On top of page 13 is a graph titled “Figure 5: Timeline of Events and Delays Involving the Processing of Potential Political Cases (******1***** through May 2012)” that redacts the first item, not even giving a date. A spokesman for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee confirmed the “****1****” item was Treasury’s style for redactions.
The mystery date was apparently February 25, 2010, based on two appendixes in the back of the report…
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

S.E. Cupp: Handing his enemies a cudgel

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS ^ | Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | S.E. Cupp

Boy, oh boy. What many called the worst week yet for the Obama White House has spilled over into another, with news that the Department of Justice secretly obtained telephone records of Associated Press reporters and editors to root out the cause of a (rare unwanted) leak of national security information.
Is it a fishing expedition, a witch hunt or something in between? Time will tell — if, that is, anyone ever comes forward with an explanation. Whether on Fast and Furious or Benghazi, the typical M.O. of the administration has been to slow-play answers and hope that we all forget.
That will be hard to do now that the list of administration travails is growing. There was White House spokesman Jay Carney’s struggle to answer pool questions last Friday about a flood of Benghazi emails revealing the State Department’s desire to scrub terrorism links from talking points. There was, the same day, news that the IRS has been unfairly targeting conservative non-profits for their tax-exempt applications.
Through it all, the powers-that-be have either insisted, “We had no idea,” or calmly stated, “Nothing to see here.”
There is, in fact, lots to see. The Benghazi, IRS and AP stories threaten to prove what conservatives have claimed all along: that this isn’t just Big Government, but government with a vengeance, one that will dispatch its tax collectors if it doesn’t like your politics, or unleash the FBI if it doesn’t like your reporting, or punish you for whistleblowing.
Of course, the administration insists it has legitimate explanations for each and every infraction — but those are getting increasingly tough to take. And this government, which suddenly seems less reverent of the First Amendment than any recent predecessor, is led by a former constitutional law professor.
The White House, liberal media and Democratic elected officials have swatted away all these assertions as nothing more than right-wing conspiracy, political propaganda, black helicopter paranoia and, most routinely, unadulterated hatred for President Obama.
All of that may in fact animate many of the inquiries — and the passion with which they’re spun by political opponents. But it doesn’t make any of the accusations themselves untrue.
While the IRS’s actions may, in the end, be written off as low-level staffers run amok, the implications of the other simmering scandals are far more damaging. Look closely, and the AP story appears to bolster claims by the right that the administration was reluctant to implicate Al Qaeda in the attack on the Libyan mission for political reasons.
Follow the logic:
The story that allegedly drove the DOJ to pull all those phone records revealed that the CIA had intercepted a 2011 airliner bomb plot in Yemen. Good on the CIA — except that bombshell contradicted an earlier statement from the White House that it had no credible information that Al Qaeda was plotting an attack to coincide with the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death.
It isn’t surprising that the administration would want to bury the terror threat after assuring voters in an election year that Al Qaeda had been “decimated.”
For those of us looking to draw attention to all these issues, it’s been infuriating to see many in the press — the very victims of this government overreach — ignore and dismiss them even as their sources were being prosecuted under the Espionage Act more times than all previous administrations combined.
Hopefully, though, now that these stories have become impossible to ignore, the press will finally wake up.
Even before news of the AP story broke, last Friday it seemed as though many in the White House press pool had finally had enough. Almost to a person, reporters pressed Carney on statements that seemed categorically untrue. The press pool seemed united in its sheer contempt for the way the administration had withheld, manipulated and distorted information.
With the latest revelations that potentially dozens of reporters at one news organization alone were secretly investigated, one can only hope the outrage over these abuses of power continues to guide a media that has been reluctant to ask too many tough questions.

Obama Finally Acknowledges IRS Did In Fact Targeted Conservative Groups! ^ | May 15, 2013 | Katie Pavlich

After days of using the term "if," President Obama finally acknowledged the IRS did in fact inappropriately target conservative groups in a statement released last night. IRS official Lois Lerner admitted last Friday that the IRS had specifically singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny.
I have now had the opportunity to review the Treasury Department watchdog’s report on its investigation of IRS personnel who improperly targeted conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. And the report’s findings are intolerable and inexcusable. The federal government must conduct itself in a way that’s worthy of the public’s trust, and that’s especially true for the IRS. The IRS must apply the law in a fair and impartial way, and its employees must act with utmost integrity. This report shows that some of its employees failed that test.

I’ve directed Secretary Lew to hold those responsible for these failures accountable, and to make sure that each of the Inspector General’s recommendations are implemented quickly, so that such conduct never happens again. But regardless of how this conduct was allowed to take place, the bottom line is, it was wrong. Public service is a solemn privilege. I expect everyone who serves in the federal government to hold themselves to the highest ethical and moral standards. So do the American people. And as President, I intend to make sure our public servants live up to those standards every day.
If you notice the first sentance in the second paragraph of Obama's statement, he has passed the responsibility of holding these people accountable off to someone else.
UPDATE: White House blaming the Treasury Department for IRS scandal?
NBC's David Gregory: Obama Admin Frustrated At Obama Treasury Dept Over IRS

Ted Cruz: Just tell us the truth, Mr. President ^ | 5/14/2013 | Ted Cruz

It's never comforting to have one's longstanding fears confirmed. Yet, that's exactly what's happened over the last week as Americans have been presented with a stunning array of facts that diminish faith in our government.
Whether it's on foreign policy, taxes, or the health-care system our lives depend on, members of the Obama Administration are making it harder to trust them to perform the most very basic functions of public service.
Next, the Department of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has found that conservative and Tea Party groups, after complaining for years of being unfairly targeted by the IRS, were indeed, singled out for extra scrutiny - harkening back to the dark tactics employed by the Nixon Administration and its "enemies list."
Likewise, it appears that Jewish and pro-Israel groups were also targeted. Senior officials at IRS have known since 2011 that the agency had inappropriately flagged these groups, yet, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified - falsely - to Congress in March 2012, "There's absolutely no targeting."
Finally, there's Obamacare--legislation that was passed for the stated purpose of making healthcare more affordable. News stories are published almost daily showing how it's destroying jobs and driving up the cost of care.
The Associated Press reported this week that now the law could make life-saving cancer drugs prohibitively expensive, possibly increasing prices to $2,000 a month.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

America's Growing Social Security Disability Problem

RCM ^ | 05/15/2013 | Richard Burkhauser

The latest Social Security Administration data document that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) rolls reached a record high of 8.85 million in March 2013, an increase of 1.6 million or 21 percent since the start of the Great Recession in 2007.
This recession-induced growth exacerbates the long time trend in SSDI program growth that has resulted in its real expenditures increasing sevenfold, from $18 billion (2010 dollars) in 1970 to $128 billion in 2010, a trend the CBO reports will result in program insolvency as early as 2016.
This long running disability epidemic, which hit its pandemic stage in the aftermath of the 2007 recession, has almost nothing to do with a decline in the overall health of working age Americans or in the severity of their health-based impairments. Rather, it is primarily the consequence of fundamental flaws in the SSDI program and its administration which have increasingly made it a long term unemployment program rather than the last resort transfer program for those unable to work due to their health-based impairments that Congress intended it to be. These flaws become most evident during severe during economic downturns but will remain long after we recover from the Great Recession.
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Graewoulf | May 15, 2013 | Graewoulf Who were the US Congressional RINOs who stated in public that the IRS should investigate, block or otherwise harass the various Conservative Groups, and especially TEA Party groups? Are they hiding now from public view while their Democrat "best friends" are being called on the carpet?
It is time to identify those RINOs who opposed us then, and expose them in the same manner that the Obamanation Administration, and Democrats are being currently exposed who urged, or otherwise supported the use of the IRS to harass the TEA Party and similar groups.
These Congressional RINOs will try to hide under the false doctrine of "Party Unity," or the dreaded Liberal Agenda PC Control term of "Republicans are split wide open."
It is not what is said that is the most important, it is what has already been done that is the most important. The Congressional RINOs excluded us then, and we should have every confidence that they will do so in the future.
Now is the time to expose these Republicans In Name Only, encourage them to resign ASAP, and encourage Conservative Candidates to run for the US Congress in the National Elections of 2014, and 2016.
We give gut-wrenching lip service to voting the rascals out, but keep on voting the same old rascals in because they are a lesser evil. Thus, our sorry US Congress stays evil, since a lesser evil is still evil.
Stand up for America and expose all politicians in "both" political parties who have opposed Conservative Groups by urging the IRS to do their dirty work.

NAACP Chair, Julian Bond, is a Liar! ^ | 5-15-2013 | Lloyd Marcus

LloydMarcus & Jimmie in Albany NY
Chairman emeritus, Julian Bond, of the NAACP said the tea party is “admittedly racist”. Mr Bond, I challenge you to show us the video, article, facebook post or the tweet in which the tea party admitted it is motivated by racism.
As a black tea party activist who has participated in over 400 tea party rallies, I am confident that your claim is bogus. Therefore Mr Bond, you sir are a despicable liar, severely compromising your image as a statesman. You and your ilk purposely inspire hate in low-info black voters against tea party patriots who simply said no to Obama's socialist agenda and trashing of the Constitution. Shame on you Mr Bond.
The NAACP leadership has abandoned it's commitment to traditional marriage, family, education, self-reliance and hard work. The once great well-intentioned organization has morphed into a far-left radial liberal racist hate group which exploits race, using it as a bludgeon to silence any and all opposition to Obama and the Democrats' government overreaching, ever expending entitlement programs and Obama's vowed redistribution of wealth. MLK would not approve.
Sadly, the NAACP feels embolden to lie about the tea party, confident that the mainstream media will not challenge them or demand proof of their outrageous allegations. The MSM gleefully distributes the NAACP's lies.U
Remember when NAACP president, Ben Jealous said he saw tea party protesters carrying signs which read, “Lynch Barack Hussein Obama” and “Lynch Eric Holder”?
Folks, the MSM hates the tea party. If the signs that Jealous claims to have seen existed, the MSM would have made sure they were posted everywhere. And yet, no one other than Mr Jealous has seen the lynch Obama and Holder signs. So, in plain English, Ben Jealous is a liar. The MSM never challenged Jealous to show them the signs. The MSM simply reported Jealous' divisive hate-inspiring lie as fact.
Has anyone in the mainstream media asked Julian Bond to show them when and where the tea party admitted it is racist? No. Mr Bond is a black hate-filled liberal. The MSM loves blacks who say they are victims of a racist America. Thus, Bond's accusation is reported as gospel.
What happened to the once great NAACP? What happened to Julian Bond, the dignified civil rights statesman? What seduced these trusted advocates for racial equality to the dark side, stumping for the socialists/progressives' radical anti-America agenda? Money? MSM approval? A seat at the liberal Democrat massa's table?
Mr. Bond, the NAACP and associates have lost their way, abandoning their mission of black empowerment. Their betrayal of black America includes re-enslaving them; making as many blacks as possible slaves of Obama's welfare-state government subsidized and controlled America.
If true to their mission of real black empowerment, the modern civil rights movement would embrace and celebrate extraordinarily successful blacks such as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and entrepreneur and presidential candidate Herman Cain.
But rather than holding the blacks I have mentioned up to black youths as shining examples of what can be achieved in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet via education and hard work, these successful blacks are despised by the black liberal plantation overlords.
The NAACP and company thrives on black Americans believing themselves victimized, disenfranchised and hated. Their mantra to black voters is Conservatives, Republicans and whites want you to fail. Keep voting for us and we will keep them at bay. Folks, I am talking big-time evil.
Rush Limbaugh appropriately calls the NAACP the NAALCP. The “L” is for liberal. Blacks who are Conservative – who bypass government programs to achieve success and who love their country are on the NAACP and company's excrement list; targeted for destruction.
I say again, Mr Bond, you are a despicable liar. The tea party would never say it is racist because it is not. As a matter of fact, my personal experience bears witness that the tea party seeks the best for all Americans. The Left are the ones relentless in their attempts to make the tea party's opposition to Obama's agenda about race in an effort to slander and intimidate the tea party into silence. In reality, the tea party considers Obama's race irrelevant.
The tea party is motivated by love; love for the greatest nation on the planet and their refusal to see it transformed into an Obama-nation of the vision of our Founding Fathers.
By the way Mr Bond, I am the black singer/ songwriter who penned the “American Tea Party Anthem”. Check it out on Youtube. It has a great hook! God bless.
Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

Arpaio Cold Case Posse Affidavit, Alabama Supreme Court Obama eligibility challenge, Mike Zullo

Citizen WElls News ^ | May 15, 2013 | Citizen Wells

Arpaio Cold Case Posse Affidavit, Obama alleged birth certificate, Alabama Supreme Court Obama eligibility challenge, Mike Zullo prepared and signed
“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense, to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells
“When asked where I believe Obama was born I answer, I don’t know. There is zero proof he was born in Hawaii. The only evidence of his birth location that we have is much circumstantial evidence and that points to Kenya.”…Citizen Wells
“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed –if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″
From PPSimmons May 14, 2013.
“Cold Case Posse Affidavit Now Before Alabama Supreme Court”........
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The betrayal of the Western World by the Obama administration.

5-15-13 | misanthrope

It seems very odd that the MSM would be participating so vigorously in the reporting on the various scandals that have exploded on the scene since mid last week.
I've seen numerous comments scattered about skeptical of the motives behind this uncharacteristic attack by the MSM on the Obama administration.
Buried within the Benghazi debacle is information that I believe this administration has carefully kept as obscure as they possibly could for years now, and are now muddying the waters in an effort to keep commentary on the core nature of the Benghazi situation minimalized.
The subject they wish to avoid at all costs is the fact that the Obama administration has actively assisted in the overthrow of two major secular governments by fundamentalist islamic forces and is now working on the third. Whether they call themselves Al Quaeda, or Muslim Brotherhood, or whatever, they are all the same in most respects, they are all fundamentalist muslim Sharia law enforcing factions.
The West has invested an enourmous amount of blood and treasure in the last few hundred years to beat back and contain fundamentalist Islam and Sharia. This administration is unleashing on humanity what the West had pretty effectively bottled up.
No one I know personally understands the nature of what is happening in the Middle East. No one I know even has an inkling of a clue about Islam's murderous conquest of the vast territories of Northern Africa and Southern Europe hundreds of years ago. No one sees that it is happening again, this time enabled and aided by the Obama administration.
That is how effective the administration's manipulation of "talking points" has been over the last four years. They labelled these secular government overthrows "Arab Spring" and convinced us this was all a move from oppressive dictatorships to open democratic societies.
The truth is, what is happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa is that the old brutal Sharia Islam is re-conquering that which was taken from them by the West, and there should be no doubt that this trend will continue and accelerate in the years to come.
The reason the Benghazi episode is threatening to the administration is that to understand what happened there, one has to be familiar with the background and goings-on in the Middle East in regards to the Islamic overthrow of the secular governments. The administration cannot have the discussion turn to what America is REALLY doing over there, and that is assisting fundamentalist Islam in overthrowing secular governments, re-establishing a vast caliphate, and the re-institution of Sharia law over hundreds of millions of people.
So, the administration and the MSM are carefully crafting the Benghazi debate around some "talking points" and the lies told about the video. The moving hand is also showing us some mostly non-actionable stuff that the IRS and State dept have been up to. They're getting us all lathered up and focusing our attention away from the issue we should all be looking at.

A Tale Of Two CBO Forecast: 2008 Vs. 2013 (Miles And Miles Of Deficits Thanks To Obamacare)

Confounded Interest ^ | 05/14/2013 | Anthony B. Sanders

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has released its budget forecast from 2013 to 2023. Their forecast? Deficits as far as they eye can see … and then some.
Here is the CBO’s budget forecast from 2008. The budget forecast was actually rosy!
Here is a comparison of the two forecasts:
Why the change from a rosy forecast to a gloomy one? Healthcare and interest costs. Both are expected to rise until 2013 (and beyond).
A recent study by Congress revealed that Obamacare (aka, the Affordable Healthcare Act) will increase healthcare insurance premiums by 100% up to 400%.
“Affordable” health care?
With growing government spending, interest costs will increase even if the rate remains the same. We shall see if interest rates rise when The Fed slows down its asset purchases.

Sweet Irony: Obama admin obsession with Tea Party comes back to bite it!

Legal Insurrection ^ | May 14, 2013 | Leslie Eastman

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it better: A rebel group of engaged activists, derided and harassed by authorities, becomes the obsession of a powerful political machine, leading to the demise of … the machine.
Now, because today’s Internal Revenue Service scandal involves rebellious conservatives pitted against a progressive government, this true story is not likely to hit the big screen. However, given the fact that misuse of the IRS was one of the charges that brought about the end of the unpopular Nixon administration, the irony of potentially having something similar happen to the press’ favorite president is sweet, indeed!
Frankly, I am a little stunned as to why this story is getting such attention now, as it has been known that the IRS was targeting conservative citizen groups for quite some time. In fact, over a year ago, Professor Jacobson linked to this piece I did: And So it Begins: IRS Targets Tea Party Groups for “Special Attention”!
Our own group, the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC), had real challenges filing for tax-exempt status. SCTRC President Dawn President had this to say about the recent media scrutiny, “No one gave seemed to care when SCTRC was refused 501c4 status long before this issue became news. We actually saw the writing on the wall then, back in 2009. I am very proud of us, and all the other Tea Party groups out there, who persevered in the face of this very daunting challenge.”
And daunting it has been. As a citizen activist, once of my favorite organizations to recommend is True the Vote, a non-partisan organization whose sole purpose is to train poll workers to maintain voter integrity. Seems harmless, no?
However, during the group’s quest to seek tax exempt status, founder Catherine Engelbrecht had her family business targeted....
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Carney: WH notified of IRS targeting tea party ‘several weeks ago’; Obama: I found out Friday!

Daily Caller ^ | May 14, 2013 | Sarah Hofmann

Full title: Carney: White House notified of IRS targeting tea party ‘several weeks ago’; Obama: I found out Friday
White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a press conference Tuesday that the White House was notified about the IRS targeting tea party groups “several weeks ago.” This comes a day after President Obama said he found out about it from news reports on Friday of last week.
During a press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday, President Obama was asked about the IRS scandal. He responded, ”I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday.”
However, Carney said Tuesday that first a report had to be compiled by the IRS’s inspector general and then when it was completed, it was passed on to the administration.
“A notification is appropriate and routine and that is what happened and that happened several weeks ago,” Carney said.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

EPA Accused of Playing Favorites with Green, Conservative Groups: Another Scandal for White House? ^ | May. 14, 2013 9:30pm | Becket Adams

    Before we get into the meat of this story, let’s do a quick recap of the Obama administration’s most recent scandals:
    • Testimony provided last week by the Benghazi whistleblowers has raised serious questions about the Obama administration’s actions before, during, and after the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya
    • The Internal Revenue Service admitted last week to harassing conservative groups
    • HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Friday asked companies in an industry she has an enormous amount of influence over to donate money to help implement Obamacare
    • The Department of Justice was caught Monday with at least two months worth of the Associated Press’ phone records
    Needless to say, it’ll take an incredible amount of concentration and political savvy for the Obama administration to make it through the next few weeks (months maybe?).
    Could things get any worse for the president and his cabinet? Maybe.
    The Washington Examiner’s Michal Conger reports:
    Conservative groups seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency have been routinely hindered by fees normally waived for media and watchdog groups, while fees for more than 90 percent of requests from green groups were waived, according to requests reviewed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
    CEI reviewed Freedom of Information Act requests sent between January 2012 and this spring from several environmental groups friendly to the EPA’s mission, and several conservative groups, to see how equally the agency applies its fee waiver policy for media and watchdog groups. Government agencies are supposed to waive fees for groups disseminating information for public benefit.
    “This is as clear an example of disparate treatment as the IRS’ hurdles selectively imposed upon groups with names ominously reflecting an interest in, say, a less intrusive or biased federal government,” said CEI fellow Chris Horner.
    Most green groups, including EarthJustice, The Waterkeeper Alliance, and Greenpeace, saw their fees waived. In fact, according to the report, 92 percent of requests from green groups were waived by the EPA.
    But of the requests that were denied, “the EPA said the group either didn’t respond to requests for justification of a waiver, or didn’t express intent to disseminate the information to the general public,” Conger reports, citing documents obtained by the Examiner.
    And here’s where things could become a headache for the Obama administration:
    CEI, on the other hand, had its requests denied 93 percent of the time. One request was denied because CEI failed to express its intent to disseminate the information to the general public. The rest were denied because the agency said CEI “failed to demonstrate that the release of the information requested significantly increases the public understanding of government operations or activities.”
    Similarly, requests from conservative groups Judicial Watch and National Center for Public Policy Research were approved half the time, and all requests from Franklin Center and the Institute for Energy Research were denied.
    “Their practice is to take care of their friends and impose ridiculous obstacles to deny problematic parties’ requests for information,” said Horner.
    “This is a clear pattern of favoritism for allied groups and a concerted campaign to make life more difficult for those deemed unfriendly,” he said, adding that he thinks the EPA is stonewalling CEI because it’s one of the few groups that tries to keep the fed agency accountable.
    “The left hand of big government reaches out to give a boost to its far-left hand at every turn. Argue against more of the same, however, and prepare to be treated as if you have fewer rights.”
    Exit Question – From conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn: “Where do you go to vote out the EPA?”*

A Brief History of Slimy Dem Snoops and Dumpster Divers

Michelle Malkin ^ | 5/15/2013 | Michelle Malkin

It’s always the “low-level” peon’s fault, isn’t it? When Democrats get caught red-handed abusing government powers and bullying their political enemies small and large, nobody at the top knows nuttin’. The buck stops…in the janitors closet or something.
Here’s what I know: While they pretend to champion privacy rights, top left-wing operatives have routinely ransacked and plundered through the private documents and personal records of conservative groups, business owners and public figures. Through it all, those on the right standing against government tyranny have refused to stand down.
During the Clinton years, senior IRS official Paul Breslan revealed that the administration’s auditors specifically targeted conservative critics. On the hit list: Judicial Watch, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, the National Rifle Association, National Review, The American Spectator, Freedom Alliance, National Center for Public Policy Research, Citizens Against Government Waste, Concerned Women for America, and the San Diego Chapter of Christian Coalition.
Steven Miller, one of the Clinton IRS agents who helped conduct those witch hunts in the 1990s, is currently the head of the Obama IRS department that has now admitted it discriminated against tea party groups. Jackboot history repeats itself.
In 1997, far-left Congressman Jim McDermott obtained and leaked an illegally taped phone call involving House GOP leaders to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The New York Times. Far from a low-level underling, McDermott was the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee at the time. Ohio GOP Rep. John Boehner won a $1 million civil lawsuit against McDermott. McDermott’s leak was condemned by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Hogan as “willful and knowing misconduct (that) rises to the level of malice in this case.”
In 2005, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — headed by New York Sen. Charles Schumer — targeted then Maryland GOP Lt. Gov. Michael Steele as he considered a U.S. Senate bid. Two of Schumer’s staffers illegally obtained Steele’s credit report by using his Social Security number, which they got from public documents. They set up a fake email account and then impersonated Steele on a website to filch his financial information.
Democrats framed the sleazy move as the work of junior staffers. But the supervising operative involved, Katie Barge, was senior research director of the DSCC, a former researcher at the George Soros-funded attack group Media Matters for America and a researcher for presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards.
Schumer’s other document plumber, Lauren Weiner, was a DSCC researcher who had worked for Dick Gephardt and the Democratic National Committee. She pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining a credit report and escaped jail time. After she was fired, she earned a journalism degree at the Columbia University School of Journalism.
In 2006, longtime Democratic operative Bob Fertik called on his minions to attempt to obtain the private phone records of prominent conservatives through shady online information brokers. “If money is scarce,” Fertik vowed, “ will reimburse you if you buy the records for an important phone number and discover gold when you get the records.”
In October 2008, top Ohio Democrats targeted real plumber Joe Wurzelbacher after he challenged then presidential candidate Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth” radicalism. Helen Jones-Kelley, then director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, ordered underlings to scour government databases for dirt. In addition to pawing through his child-support papers, her agency also checked Wurzelbacher in its computer systems to determine whether he was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes.
Jones-Kelley was not just a high-level state official. She was also an Obama campaign donor who volunteered to arrange an event for Michelle Obama and provided the campaign with nearly 20 names of potential donors ahead of a Dayton campaign stop. Three years after resigning, she found herself back on the taxpayer dole with another government job. Corruptocrats protect their own.
Also in 2008, Obama’s allies at a Soros-tied outfit named Accountable America sent out “warning” letters to 10,000 top GOP givers “hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions.” Witch hunt leader Tom Matzzie, formerly of Soros-funded, promised “legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives.” Matzzie also advertised a $100,000 bounty for dirt on conservative political groups “to create a sense of scandal around the groups” and to dissuade donors from giving money.
The effort was supported by Judd Legum, founder of Think Progress, which is run by former Clinton scandal manager turned Obama confidante John Podesta‘s Center for American Progress.
During the 2010 midterms, the Obama bully brigade waged a similar campaign against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its donors as payback for the organization’s ads opposing the federal health care takeover. During the 2012 election season, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina declared war on free-market philanthropists Charles and David Koch and private donors to their nonprofit activist group Americans for Prosperity.
As I warned in my column in March 2012, it seemed “no small coincidence” at the time that Team Obama was threatening conservative activists publicly “just as numerous tea party organizations (were) reporting that the Internal Revenue Service (had) targeted them for audits. According to Colleen Owens of the Richmond (Va.) Tea Party, several fiscally conservative activist groups in Virginia, Hawaii, Ohio and Texas (had) received a spate of IRS letters. The missives demand(ed) extensive requests to identity volunteers, board members and … donors.”
The latest confession by Obama IRS officials that they targeted tea party, pro-Constitution and pro-Israel groups isn’t a sign of “rogue” behavior. It’s tyrannical Democratic business as usual.

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Tough talk in Obama statement, but no mention of firing IRS employees!

Washington Examiner ^ | 5/15/2013 | Charlie Spiering

President Obama released a statement last night reacting to the release of the Inspector General’s report revealing that the IRS unlawfully targeted Tea Party and conservative groups.
Obama called the behavior “intolerable and inexcusable” vowing that he had asked Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to “hold those responsible for these failures accountable.”
The president, however, did not indicate whether he planned to fire any government employees as a result of the scandal.
Since the scandal broke last Friday, members of the media and members of Congress have demanded that the IRS employees responsible for the illegal activity be fired.