Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AFL-CIO blasts White House over Walmart veterans program

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AFL-CIO blasts White House over Walmart veterans program By Justin Sink - 05/07/13 10:00 AM ET
AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka blasted President Obama and Vice President Biden for championing a Walmart program that guarantees a job to returning veterans.
"Walmart’s recent announcement of a plan to hire returning honorably discharged veterans is more about public relations than honoring our heroes," Trumka said in a statement. "That this effort was valorized by President Obama and Vice President Biden reflects an acceptance of economic failure out of line with America’s history or future."
Last week, the president and vice president spoke at an event commemorating the first lady's Joining Forces Employment initiative, which looks to encourage private businesses to hire veterans.
"Walmart is telling any veteran who has served honorably that if they want a job in the year after they separate from service, Walmart is going to hire them. And their goal is to do it within 30 days of the veteran’s application," Michelle Obama said.
But in his statement, Trumka asked, "After facing enemies abroad, is an $8.81 an hour part-time job the best we can offer returning veterans?"
"Already, working families and our economy are struggling against an epidemic of low-paying, low-benefit, part-time work. Instead of legitimizing that trend, we need to treat the talents of our veterans—and of all of America’s people—as a critical national resource," he continued.
Trumka has been a vocal critic of the big-box chain, which has resisted unionization at its stores.

Don’t investigate Barack unless you can pay the tab!

By Coach Collins, on May 7th, 2013

by George Spelvin, staff writer

The social security number 042-68-4425 bearing the name Barack Obama has failed the United States’ Social Security Number verification check.

“I was outraged; nobody vetted this man,” said Seattle housewife Linda Jordon who filed a self-check investigation listing herself as Obama’s employer (as a U.S. taxpayer). Jordon exposed the absurdity of a man who has access to the code for America’s nuclear football, but couldn’t get clearance to pick tomatoes because his social security number has been flagged and kicked back! For her diligent efforts as a concerned American citizen, Jordon is being slammed with over $13,000 in fees and court costs because a judge deemed her investigation of the anomalies surrounding Obama’s social security number “frivolous.” ”I’m a mom, wife, homemaker,” says Jordon who compared the 1 1/2 year vetting process her son had to go through to become a deputy sheriff with the lack of investigation into Obama’s history and documents. “Something is very wrong here.” (1)
Three red boxes surrounded the SSN number claimed by Obama. One red box states: “The SSA record does not verify, other reason, SSA found a discrepancy in the record.” A second red box says: “Obama, Barack H. 08/17/2011-Date of Mismatch. The third red flag says, “042-68-4425, Employee’s SSN, Case Verification # 2011229111431GY.” The form letter sent to Obama, flagging his number, is posted online along with the mismatch information. (2)
Mrs. Jordon went deeper and researched the Social Security publication known as the POMS book. She learned that the designations given this SSN “are reserved for very few recipients and involve possible fraud.” Jordon began looking into the Obama document forgeries when she heard him say that his kids played with those of domestic terrorist Bill Ayres. “Bill Ayers’ kids were 23 years older than Obama’s kids. . .(Ayers) must have had (them) when he was 60, ” she said. Radio talk host Rick Wiles of www.TrueNews.com points out in their audio interview that Obama said his father got his education because of the GI Bill. However, “his father never (was) in the Military.” (2)
A picture of Barack SOETORO on a Columbia University “Foreign Student” identity card is posted at the end of a very long thread about the BC fraud. (3) Many have posted links to questions surrounding the Obama Selective Service card which Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has described as “poorly forged!” (4)

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