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World's Shortest Books

By Tiger Woods
By Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan
Illustrated by Michael Moore
Foreword by George Soros
By Rev Jesse Jackson & Rev Al Sharpton
By Bill Gates
By Dennis Rodman
By Al Gore and John Kerry
By Amelia Earhart
By Dr. Jack Kevorkian
By Ellen de Generes and Rosie O'Donnell
By Mike Tyson
By O. J. Simpson
By Ted Kennedy
By Bill Clinton
With introduction by The Rev. Jesse Jackson
My Complete Knowledge of Military Strategy
By Nancy Pelosi
By Barack Obama 

Gun Control Amendment: Apply Identical Background Check to VOTING

centermass ^ | 04/11/2013 | Uncle Milties / centermass

With thanks to centermass for the original idea:
I suggest that Rand Paul offer the following Amendment to the Gun Control Anti-Bill-Of-Rights legislation before the Senate:
"Any background checks, documentation, restrictions, waiting periods, or any other restrictions of this legislation on a citizen's G-d-given Second Amendment Rights must be equally applied to each citizen's right to VOTE and SPEAK."
If Liberals are going to destroy our G-d-Given and Constitutional rights, let's equally gore their ox. There is no logic to their position, of course, and putting the identical restriction on their pet rights will prove their hypocrisy.
Can anyone get this idea to a pro-Bill-of-Rights Senator in time to make a difference?

Chevy Volt Battery Technology Questioned After Billions Wasted

NLPC ^ | April 11, 2013 | Mark Modica

Akerson and Volt
It appears that the Mainstream Media folks may finally be starting to expose one of the worst cases of taxpayer abuse that this country has ever seen. Kudos to Deepa Seetharaman who wrote a piece for Reuters which questions the feasibility of the government-subsidized, lithium-ion based battery technology behind electric vehicles (EVs) like the Chevy Volt. While Seetharaman acknowledges the limitations of lithium-ion batteries, what remains unchallenged is the continued waste of billions of taxpayer dollars to support the failing, pseudo-green technology.
The evidence that the Obama Administration's EV subsidization has been a costly fiasco (particularly regarding the Chevy Volt hoax) continues to mount. While I'm certain that green extremists and General Motors' supporters will claim that the criticism is limited to right-wing parties with ties to the evil oil industry, a simple review of the facts reveals that some very credible and unbiased sources are admitting that, despite the billions of taxpayer dollars spent, plug-in EVs are not the solution for America's environmental and energy needs.
From the Reuters' piece:
Experts are certain to point out red flags. Indeed, a growing number of engineers now say the lithium-ion battery revolution has stalled, undercut by high costs, technical complexity and safety concerns.
"Smart people have been working on this for 10 years already and no one is close to a new kind of battery," said Fred Schlachter, a lithium-ion battery expert and retired physicist from the U.S.-funded Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Many experts now believe it will take at least another decade for lithium-ion technology to be ready for widespread adoption in transportation. Others, including Toyota Motor Corp, believe the solution lies beyond lithium-ion.
Interviews with two dozen battery executives, experts and researchers, including the founder of Securaplane, which made Boeing's battery charger, reveal an industry in which some are having second thoughts about using lithium-ion, and are instead looking to enhance previous technologies or to leap ahead.
Toyota spokesman John Hanson chimes in that, "We don't think that lithium-ion batteries are going to help us get to a point where we can dramatically increase volume and really call it a mass market; we're going to have a more significant breakthrough and probably go into some other area of battery chemistry." This sentiment by Toyota has been expressed before, as I previously reported. Toyota Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, the "father of the Prius," has been quoted as saying, "Because of its shortcomings - driving range, cost and recharging time - the electric vehicle is not a viable replacement for most conventional cars; we need something entirely new."
The list of credible critics of the Volt's technology goes on . Even General Motors' executive director of powertrain-engine engineering, Sam Winegarden, stated that "The rumored death of the internal combustion engine is premature." At an engineering symposium last year, Mr. Winegarden presented a chart ranking power sources that displayed "...lithium-ion batteries, used in electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and GM's plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, were ranked close to zero compared to gasoline and diesel fuels, which delivered the most energy for the least amount of weight and cost to the consumer."
In addition to the efficiency limitations, we have an even more troubling question as to the safety of the Volt's technology. GM keeps a team of Hazmat specialists on call to respond to any Onstar notifications of accidents involving a Volt. Firefighters, unless properly trained, must stay away from the complex, volatile power source which has more than 600 seals and cooling components to keep it safe. In fact, according to Josh Payne who worked on the first Volt battery and is now senior engineering manager at Energy Power Systems, "That's 600 seals that all have to stay for the entirety of its life otherwise you have catastrophic failures." That does not sound too reassuring!
The worst part of this mostly-untold story is the taxpayer money that continues to be wasted on the green pipe dream. The American people were lied to about the potential for the Chevy Volt, as well as for the technology behind it. Billions of dollars were spent on grants and failed loans for production of plug-in EVs, lithium-ion batteries and charging stations. Wealthy purchasers of $40,000 Chevy Volts and $100,000 Teslas receivefederal tax credits for $7,500 each. Subsidized battery makers like A123 Systems are bankrupt and government-supported, green automaker Fisker is not far from it. How are middle-class or poor Americans benefiting from any of this?
The evidence that taxpayer money is blatantly wasted on a misguided green agenda continues to build, yet few in the media or in Washington question the waste. The guilt lies with both Democrats and Republicans, neither of which seem to want to take a logical approach to our country's fiscal and energy needs. And you can be sure that politicians will continue to receive lobbying money from those cronies that are being enriched while taxpayers foot the bill for Obama's green energy scam.
Mark Modica is an NLPC Associate Fellow.

Bozell: ABC, CBS, NBC ‘Deliberately Censoring’ Bad News on Obamacare

Cybercast News Service ^ | April 11, 2013 | Michael W. Chapman

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, based on a new analysis, said ABC, CBS, and NBC “are deliberately censoring news and information” that is negative about Obamacare, an assertion that Stuart Varney, host of Fox’s Varney & Co., said was true, adding, “There is deliberate censorship of information about Obamacare.”

On the Apr. 11 edition of Varney & Co., Bozell said the network new outlets—ABC, CBS, and NBC—“are deliberately censoring news and information from the American people” that reveals some of the negative and unpopular aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the president’s health care law that is popularly known as Obamacare.
Bozell then cited an analysis by the Media Research Center’s (MRC) deputy research director, Geoff Dickens, which examines five major facts and developments about Obamacare that the networks have not covered—zero stories. The analysis shows that 33 Democrats joined with at least 40 Republicans in the Senate to repeal a 2.3 percent sales tax, vital to funding Obamacare, on medical devices. The networks did not report this story. …
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5 Things to Know About the Obama Budget

Heritage Foundation ^ | 4/10/2013 | Amy Payne

President Obama finally released his budget yesterday—more than two months late.
Heritage experts immediately went to work analyzing the mounds of new spending on education, manufacturing, “clean energy,” infrastructure, and small business.
But the President didn’t stop at more of the same failed stimulus and Solyndra-type policies. He also piled on the tax increases—including on seniors, the poor, and the middle class.
Five key things to know about President Obama’s budget:

1. It hikes taxes by $1.1 trillion.
Heritage’s Curtis Dubay says: “There was little doubt that President Obama would propose a huge tax hike in his budget. It is a bit surprising, however, that the total tax increase he proposes is almost double what he claims it to be.”
Dubay explains where all the tax increases come from—including the “Buffett Rule,” capping tax deductions, and hiking the cigarette tax and the death tax.

2. It underfunds defense.
Heritage’s Patrick Louis Knudsen explains that “While boosting domestic spending, the President remains indifferent to national security needs. His proposed defense spending, though somewhat higher than sequestration levels, remains inadequate.” Baker Spring says, “The result is going to be a defense posture that is too small in terms of both personnel and force structure, does not include modern weapons and equipment, and does not provide adequate levels of training and maintenance.”
3. It doubles down on Obamacare.
The Obama budget actually expands parts of Obamacare and even includes new changes to Medicare that create two sneaky new “taxes” on seniors. Obamacare’s “malignant new entitlements—its health insurance subsidies and Medicaid expansions—start in this 2014 budget,” Knudsen reminds us.
With their implementation, the misnamed Affordable Care Act will add a distinctly unaffordable $1.8 trillion in federal spending through 2023. Equally important, Obamacare commandeers the health care sector with a massive program that further distorts the market, intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship, and dismisses personal and religious liberty.
4. It doesn’t balance and never will.
As Knudsen says, “Because the budget never balances—it doesn’t even try—debt remains at dangerously elevated levels.” See how Obama’s non-balancing budget compares to the plans in the House and Senate, as well as Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan.
5. It’s irrelevant.
The President’s budget is more than two months late. The House and Senate have already passed their own budgets, and the next step is for the two chambers to come together to see if they can hash out a budget that both chambers can pass. At this point why is he bothering?

Undocumented Democrats; They’re Just Pawns

Canada Free Press ^ | Apr. 11, 2013 | J.D. Longstreet

The GOP is making a huge mistake chasing after the Hispanic vote. It is a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of effort. In fact, it is a pathetic joke the GOP is playing on itself.
Latino and Hispanic voters and the Democratic Party are MADE for each other. The Latinos and Hispanics now in the US , for the most part, hail from countries with strong central governments. The Democratic Party with its socialist philosophy is nothing if it is not a believer in and an advocate for a strong central government.
The illegal immigrants, otherwise known as “undocumented democrats,” are already comfortable with those strong central governments. They have already learned how to “milk” the system in their native lands and come here, in my opinion, to milk the American system—because it is much easier. Not to mention, we have a ruling government more than ready to make a deal. The deal, simply put, is this: Vote and support democrats and we will redistribute America’s wealth—TO YOU! Any attempt by the GOP to influence those Hispanic and Latino voters, at that point, is shot down in flames.
Part of the deal, we are told, to get Obama’s “Shamnesty” passed in Congress is that the border be secured first. Of course, that is not going to happen. If the democrats wanted the border secured it would already be secured. Heck, we have US troops securing, and assisting in securing, borders in several nations around the world, at this very moment, while our borders lie wide open—both north and south—as well as our seaports and air terminals. The plain truth is: The US government does not want US borders secured.
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Obama’s 1 percent lifestyle hits a nerve

The Washington Times ^ | April 7, 2013 | Joseph Curl

President Obama had another tough week in a second term filled with bad news and blunders — and he’s only 10 weeks in.
While the White House suddenly decided to drop its budget Friday in an effort to control the news, there was no covering up the disastrous jobless numbers: 90 million Americans out of the workforce, the highest level since 1979; another 663,000 joining the ranks of the long-term unemployed; a measly 88,000 jobs “created.”
But what seems stuck in the craw of a lot of you readers out there was last week’s column on the Obamas’ 1 percent lifestyle — the endless ski and beach vacations for the couple and their daughters, Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s nights in London and Paris that cost you more than $1 million, even the president’s 118th round of golf while in office.
“My kids asked me a couple of years ago why we never went on family vacations,” wrote Steve Gibson. “I told them that we had to pay all of our expenses first and there wasn’t any money left over for a family vacation. Then I keep seeing … stories about the administration taking trips everywhere and I don’t know what to think. I have been laid off twice in the past year and am currently in the job search mode again.”
Eric Zundell is in the same boat....

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