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Front Page Truth ^ | March 5th. 2012 | Patriotic Pundit

Last November the American people sold their freedom for free stuff and traded their birthright for trinkets. The"messiah" stood before the unknowing masses and with lies and deception promised the people he would care for them, that while others sought to oppress them, he like Moses would lead the downtrodden to the promised land.
With the self-assured manner of a snake-oil salesman promising to cure all ills with his magic tonic, Barack Hussein Obama gave the people what they wanted...hope! But the hope he gave them was not based in reality, but on lies and deception, on a promise he wouldn't keep any more than the last promise he made, or the promises that were yet to be made.
As his followers hung on his every word with tears in their eyes, they were blinded to the truth, that the way "forward" would be into a land filled with darkness as the transformation of America started to take shape, and the betrayal by the "savior" began.
From the very beginning Barack Obama's past has troubled many, and his close association with subversives like Bill Ayers and fanatics like Louis Farrakhan should have been a warning that this was a man who intended on destroying the American way of life, that his own dream was not of democracy but as a dictatorship, a land not of freedom but of oppression ruled under sharia law.
While this may seem to be paranoia, there can be little doubt Barack Obama's actions are indeed troubling, and so are those of his administration. Why else would a man like John Kerry so suddenly be attracted to a theocratic ideology like Islam if the Islamization of America not be in the works.
It was Obama that demanded Hosni Mubarak invite the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech in Cairo, and it was Samantha Power, the head of his security council that met with the Brotherhood the year before the fall of Mubarak. Again it was Samantha Power's idea to use "The Responsibility To Protect Act" to invade Libya, something developed by Power herself and helped along with the assistance of another enemy of America..George Soros.
Now we've learned there have been over 400 visits to the White House by radical Islamic organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood front groups CAIR, ISNA and the notorious Muslim Student Association. Organizations with ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda, and which have openly stated their intent to make Islam the dominant religion in America, and ruled by sharia law.
America must understand who they are dealing with, and what the future holds. In Texas students are made to wear burqas, say the pledge of allegiance in Arabic and now the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Mustafa Carroll, who recently said Muslims are above the law of the land.
While liberals believe they can co-exist with Muslims such as Mustafa they continue to berate the tea-party and claim they are the real danger to America. Janet Napolitano has said those on the right were a greater threat to national security than al-Qaeda, yet she allows known terrorist organizations such as the Muslims of America to train for jihad here on American soil....the question is why?
Also troubling is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama said there must be a civilian army as strong as our military, especially in the light of Homeland security and other government agencies buying up ammunition at an alarming rate, ammunition I might add that is against the guidelines set up by Geneva Convention, such as hollow point bullets.
National leaders throughout the world are catering to Muslim demands, and even the major banks have become sharia compliant. The Muslims have grown so strong that in countries such as France and Britain police cannot even go into Islamic communities, they govern themselves. Even in our own nation, cities such as Dearborn Michigan are totally controlled by Muslims and Christians are jailed for speaking the truth.
We must also ask why training materials in the intelligence community were scrubbed of all references to anything that may be offensive to Muslims, including terms such as Islamic extremists, and that it was removed at the behest of radical Islamic organizations....again, we must ask why?
Though conservatives are condemned for saying there are Muslim Brotherhood members operating in the White House itself, Egyptian news agencies openly boast of this achievement. Even many "conservatives" such John McCain, Lindsey Graham and even the "darling" of the Tea-Party Marco Rubio excoriated Michele Bachman and the others when they inquired into the security issue of Hillary's top advisor, Huma Abedin.
Abedin's father was a member of the Brotherhood, her mother a member of the Muslim Sisterhood and herself involved with the Muslim Students Association, and yet those entrusted with the security of this nation allow her access to America's top secrets, and only a few seem to care.
Even as our own nation continues to dive into an economic collapse Barack Hussein Obama still manages to give Egypt money that we ourselves have to borrow. Islam's newest adherent John Kerry, announced Sunday the anti-Semite put into office by Barack Obama, Mohamad Morsi will receive $250 million even as Morsi continues to persecute the Coptic Christians and calls for Muslims to retake Jerusalem.
Even as Islam rises in America the attacks on the Tea-Party have also increased. Bill Clinton's former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has come out accusing the Tea-Party of conspiracy, and claiming they are working to destroy the U.S. Government.
Charging they are committing acts of treason Reich said, "...the president should let the public see the tea partiers for who they are, a small radical minority intent on dismantling the government of the United States, As long as they are allowed to dictate the terms of public debate they will continue to hold the rest of us hostage to their extremism."
The propaganda machine is in full swing, and the Islamists are close to achieving their goal of an Islamic America ruled under sharia law. Those in positions of power know what's about to transpire, how else can one explain a man such as John Kerry so suddenly falling in love with Islam?
The betrayal by America's first black president may come as a shock to those who believed the lies, and thought he really cared for them. These "useful idiots" as Stalin called them dreamed of an Utopian Society were no one had to work for what they wanted, but they are about to awake only to find the dream was a nightmare, and they themselves are slaves to a god who loves only death.
The Patriotic Pundit
The Patriotic Pundit both manages and writes daily at Front Page Truth.com as well as being a regular contributor at Liberty News Online. He is also the author of THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR which is available at Amazon.

Email tells feds to make sequester as painful as promised [Mainstream Media Ignores]

Washington Times ^ | 3/5/13 | Stephen Dinan

The Obama administration denied an appeal for flexibility in lessening the sequester’s effects, with an email this week appearing to show officials in Washington that because they already had promised the cuts would be devastating, they now have to follow through on that.
In the email sent Monday by Charles Brown, an official with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service office in Raleigh, N.C., Mr. Brown asked “if there was any latitude” in how to spread the sequester cuts across the region to lessen the impacts on fish inspections.
He said he was discouraged by officials in Washington, who gave him this reply: “We have gone on record with a notification to Congress and whoever else that ‘APHIS would eliminate assistance to producers in 24 states in managing wildlife damage to the aquaculture industry, unless they provide funding to cover the costs.’ So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”
(Excerpt) Read more at washingtontimes.com ...

Obamacare may cost you your home!

TheTownCrier ^ | Mar. 5, 2013 | TheTownCrier

If you are an illegal alien, criminal or other various leeches on our society, this won't concern you. Your health care will be paid for by US CITIZENS and you will never have to pay it back!

This concerns the typical US citizen who has worked for decades, followed the rules, sacrificed to pay off his house, or most of it. Buried deep in Obamacare (remember Nancy Pelosi told us we had to pass it to find out what was in it!) is a provision taken from the Budget reconciliation act of 1993, signed into law by Bill Clinton. Often states have not bothered to enforce this provision, it was left to their discretion. But no more! Under Obamacare, the IRS will be in charge of enforcement, and they WILL collect! FROM YOU!

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh had a caller who stated that under obamacare anyone receiving medicaid would have their home attached for the cost of coverage & benefits.
TRUE! I was very ill in the 90's, could not work and checked into medicaid..YES, they can LIEN your home for the cost of coverage...that was Oregon. I refused to apply with this rule and sold my home to get medical care, since I knew I could handle my assets better than the government. I also checked out California...same thing. Either way, I lost my home, didn't I? And so will you.
The difference now, is that the IRS will be charged with compliance and YOU WILL lose the equity in your home if you get 'government health care'!
I was curious... I knew Clinton signed the act...Interesting WHO threw all us homeowners under the bus....from Wikipedia...
"Ultimately every Republican in Congress voted against the bill, as did a number of Democrats. Vice President Al Gore broke a tie in the Senate on both the Senate bill and the conference report. The House bill passed 219-213 on Thursday, May 27, 1993.[1] The House passed the conference report on Thursday, August 5, 1993, by a vote of 218 to 216 (217 Democrats and 1 independent (Sanders (I-VT)) voting in favor; 41 Democrats and 175 Republicans voting against)"
That's right...ALL DEMOCRATS and socialist Bernie Sanders! The party of criminals, illegal aliens and the 'gimmeee crowd'. They care NOTHING about those of us who worked hard and played by the rules.
Read it from the government web site: ALL HERE http://aspe.hhs.gov/daltcp/reports/estaterec.htm
[snips] Medicaid Estate Recovery WHOSE ESTATES ARE SUBJECT TO RECOVERY?
Such property includes assets that pass directly to a survivor, heir or assignee through joint tenancy, rights of survivorship, life estates, living trusts, annuity remainder payments, or life insurance payouts.
The home is considered to be part of the recoverable estate unless it is protected for the spouse or certain other close relatives, or is conveyed outside of the State’s definition of “estate” (e.g., through a life estate). HOW MUCH IS SUBJECT TO RECOVERY? At a minimum, states must recover amounts spent by Medicaid for long-term care and related drug and hospital benefits, including Medicaid payments for Medicare cost sharing related to these services. However, they have the option of recovering the costs of all Medicaid services paid on the recipient’s behalf. The majority of states recover spending for more than the minimum of long-term care and related expenses.19 Recoveries may not exceed the total amount spent by Medicaid on the individual’s behalf at or after age 55.21 Surviving family members or heirs of Medicaid recipients must not be asked to use their own funds to repay Medicaid, except, possibly, in the case of an estate that includes the deceased recipient’s home. When home equity becomes part of the estate, it is subject to Medicaid estate recovery. The survivors may either sell the home and use the proceeds to satisfy the Medicaid claim or, if they wish to keep the home in the family, satisfy the claim with their own personal funds.[snip]
(That's right, kiddies...don't expect to get a dime out of your parents home if they need medicaid/obamacare! )

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell: Tag-teaming Obama

http://thehill.com/opinion/columnists/john-feehery/286101-tag-teaming-obama ^

Don’t tell the Tea Party, but the tag team of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are currently mopping the floor with Barack Obama.

The president convincingly won a second term in November, but since that time, the congressional Republican leadership has outfoxed, outmaneuvered and plain out-strategized him on just about every issue.
On taxes, McConnell (R-Ky.) just flat-out beat Joe Biden. He preserved 98 percent of the Bush tax cuts in perpetuity, which from a policy perspective is huge. He also made sure that the payroll tax holiday came to a conclusion, thereby making sure that every American would feel the tax increase that President Obama has long been fighting for.
By agreeing on a smaller tax increase, McConnell also inoculated Republicans from Obama’s demands for higher taxes later on. Hey, Mr. President, we just raised taxes, and you want to raise taxes again? That dog simply doesn’t hunt with most voters, and Obama has taken to the less politically explosive position of closing tax loopholes. Boring.
On spending, the Republicans haven’t gotten everything they wanted. But they did get the rebranding opportunity that they so desperately needed. They are once again champions of spending cuts, and the American people now believe them.
And thanks to Boehner’s (R-Ohio) nimble reshuffling, they were able to get rebranded as spending cutters without having to resort to defaulting on the debt or closing down the government.
For those who have forgotten, Boehner agreed to a short-term debt increase — setting up the crisis to hit after the sequester went into effect and before the continuing resolution expired at the end of March.
The president took the bait by warning darkly about the apocalypse that would surely result if the government cut the growth of government spending by 5 percent. My good friend Ray LaHood, the U.S. Transportation secretary, complained about long airport lines related to the already unpopular TSA, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned that she would have to let illegal immigrants out of jail, and Attorney General Eric Holder assured voters that America would be less safe if government spending growth were curtailed.
And for their efforts, Team Obama was roundly mocked. “Saturday Night Live” did a hilarious skit over the weekend that had the president trot out the Village People to show how deep the cuts would hurt. When they are laughing at you, Mr. President, you aren’t winning.
On immigration reform, the president stepped on the efforts of the Senate to come up with a comprehensive bill by leaking out his own plans just as the immigration gang was nearing an agreement. His administration looked foolish, and he got the blame for the delay.
Even on guns, Republicans have outmaneuvered the president by insisting on a Senate-first strategy. The White House, not knowing how to legislate, immediately decided to launch a new outside-the-Beltway campaign presumably aimed at GOP members, when just about everybody knows that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was the real immovable force against more gun control. How do you campaign against your own majority leader? Good question.
As a result, the White House has gotten nowhere on its two biggest non-fiscal legislative agenda items, immigration and gun control. On the fiscal issues, the Republicans have succeeded in getting 98 percent of the Bush tax cuts made permanent. On spending, they have been successful in rolling back spending to 2009 levels.
And what has the president achieved in these first two months of the new year?
Outside of putting new Cabinet secretaries in place — and not without some controversy — he hasn’t accomplished much.
The Tea Party might not know it, but the congressional Republican leadership is doing an amazing job of outmaneuvering this president on issue after issue. They deserve a pat on the back.
Feehery is president of Quinn Gillespie Communications and spent 15 years working in the House Republican leadership. He is a contributor to The Hill’s Pundits Blog and blogs at www.thefeeherytheory.com.

Revealed: Holder Letter Leaves Open Possibility of Drone Strikes on U.S. Soil

The Blaze ^ | March 5, 2013 | Billy Hallowell

This morning, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told Glenn Beck’s radio team that he had some new information about the U.S. government drone program — information that some individuals might find troubling. Later in the day, TheBlaze obtained letters that were sent to the senator by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama’s chief counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan.
It is select contents in Holder’s letter that citizens might find most problematic. After Paul sent an inquiry to learn more about the government’s drone program and to ask whether “the president has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial,” he received a response that is sure to be scrutinized.
The senator’s inquiry was certainly specific, however the government’s response was not so concise — or at least not pointed enough to put critics like Paul at ease.
In a response dated March 4, 2013, Holder wrote that the U.S. government “has not carried out drone strikes in the United States and has no intention of doing so.” The attorney general went on to note that federal officials believe that in areas where there is “well-established law enforcement,” these officials serve as the preferred mode of handling terrorist threats; military options inside U.S. borders are, thus, “rejected.”
“We have a long history of using the criminal justice system to incapacitate individuals located in our country who pose a threat to the United States and its interests abroad,” the letter reads. “Hundreds of individuals have been arrested and convicted of terrorism-related offenses in our federal courts.”
While this would likely set at ease anyone worried about the potential use of drones on U.S. land, Holder doesn’t conclude there. It is the next section of the letter
(Excerpt) Read more at theblaze.com ...

Chavez is DEAD

Proof the Fed is juicing the markets

Fox News ^ | 5 March 2013 | Elizabeth McDonald

Charles Brady, senior editor of the FOX Business Network, has put together a remarkable chart that clearly shows the Federal Reserve’s monetary easing policies are not going into the U.S. economy, but instead into the stock market. The chart here compares the Dow Jones Industrial Average with the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank’s adjusted monetary base. It shows the effect of Fed purchases of mortgage-backed and Treasury securities from Fed dealers, whereby the Federal Reserve buys $85 billion total every month from the big banks, hastening the growth in the Fed’s balance sheet to more than $3 trillion.
The central bank has been creating bank reserves out of thin air since September 2008, making it an official enabler to the federal government’s massive fiscal expenditures that now has the federal deficit at more than $16 trillion, with about $6 trillion added since the president took office, more than any other U.S. president combined.
(Excerpt) Read more at foxbusiness.com ...

Climate Change Runs Up Against Green Fatigue

Science 2.0 ^ | March 1st 2013 | Hank Campbell

Environmental activists make money telling us all how terrible things are; climate scientists appreciate the help promoting their data, we do have a bit of a train wreck coming at us emissions-wise, but climate scientists also know there is a risk of backlash if there are too many hyperbolic claims, and that 'green fatigue' will set in if every change in temperature and every storm is attributed to global warming. That's why even the IPCC, no wallflower when it comes to using media talking points, wishes media would not attribute local weather to climate change(PDF).

And then there is the money aspect to just taking a 'sequester' approach to emissions. While activists seem to believe a sequester approach to taxes and spending - egalitarian, across-the-board cuts without regard to merit - is bad, they have an idealized vision of what it will do in the economy regarding emissions. We should just do it, they insist. When activists said America just 'needs' to get down to early 1990s levels of emissions, they painted a perfect scenario where everyone would somehow be employed in either green energy production or white-collar environmental awareness jobs. Yet America is back at early 1990s levels of emissions right now - and the economy we have is what that looks like. Stagnant business climate, high chronic unemployment and food stamp recipients are numerous enough to pick a president, but the stock market is up so the government claims that higher stocks and higher taxes will eventually help poor people who bridge a wider chasm from the rich than ever.

The ironic downside for activists who have gotten the lower emissions they wanted is that in the hierarchy of needs, broad environmental issues are not all that important. When people can't pay...
(Excerpt) Read more at science20.com ...


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