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To Thank a Thief ^ | January 4, 2013 | Fritz Pfister

For the con man to get you to willingly hand over your possessions he must deceive your heart and mind that he cares about you. The success of the con man is sealed when the victim thanks him for taking advantage of them.

Exactly what happened when the people reelected Barack Obama! Not only did the masses reward him with another four years to plunder their possessions they now thank him with a 56% job approval rating.

How could Obama succeed in such a grand deception? The steady and methodical manipulation of reality.
In 2008 Obama convinced a war weary nation suffering from the shock of a financial meltdown that the cause of all their misery was the greedy institutions of capitalism. In other words America as founded. Hence the con man convincing the victim the need for a fundamental transformation of America.
In a nation of over 310 million people the con man needs accomplices to complete a deception of such great magnitude. State controlled education, Hollywood, and a compliant liberal media proved more than capable, they were and remain willing accomplices.
How does the con man win your heart and mind? By demonizing his opponent to make you believe that only he cares for you, and the opponent hates you. The opponents’ policies are the cause of your misery. Only the con man cares enough for you to change those policies.
The key to Obama’s deception was class warfare. People are easily fooled by class envy. Convincing them the greedy 1% who have amassed all the wealth aren’t paying their fair share, while the victim goes without, is an easy sale especially with accomplices in the media.
If only you give the con man the power to seize the property of the greedy he will return it to you and all will be fair in America. The victim doesn’t realize by giving the con man the power to seize the property of others they give the con man the power to seize theirs.
With willing accomplices Obama convinced America that a tax increase on the rich was a tax cut for the middle class. The reward for the thankful victims will be the true reality. The loss of jobs, opportunities, and raises.
However the con man’s job is far from finished. To gain absolute power over the victim the final phases of the plan must be completed.
During his first term the con man convinced the victim that only by ceding the control over their health care to him could he save those poor millions without health insurance. Now that the con man has control over the life and death decisions of the victim plus the power to seize their property, it is still not enough.
After four years of spending the victims children into debt bondage convincing the victim it was for their own good, Obama and his accomplices tell the victim the evil opponents, the Republicans, Tea Party, and conservatives are now blocking him from providing for their well being with a meaningless road block called a debt ceiling.
The con man is asking the victims being denied of his largesse to force their representatives to eliminate this insignificant road block to their care. This will forever prevent the evil opponents from stopping the con man from being able to borrow to pay for the victims every need.
There’s more, the con man sensing the opportunity to take advantage following the tragedies of mass shootings is convincing the victim they need to give up their right to the evil weapons that are the cause of these senseless killings. It’s for their own good. How delicious for the con man to disarm the prey?
The final phase of the con man’s plan is to convince the victim that only he can control mother nature. It is the evil rich capitalist and his industries that are causing violent storms that kill them and destroys their homes. If only the con man can tax those evil industries to stop them from polluting our pure atmosphere can future disasters be avoided.
The con man promised the fundamental transformation of America for the victims own good. Now we see the plan. For your own well being you must give the con man absolute power. For it is only the omnipotent leader who cares for you that can provide for all your needs by giving you what others have earned, provide for your health care, end the senseless killing of children, prevent disastrous storms, and deliver you into Utopia.
Please be sure to thank him before reality sets in.

NAACP Shamefully Plays Race Card With Tea Party Conservative Senator Tim Scott

True Conservatives On Twitter ^ | January 4, 2013

Racism: The once-proud NAACP has dissed a new African-American Republican senator as a token who knows nothing about civil rights because, well, he's a Republican — unlike, say, Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights Act.

NAACP President Ben Jealous made the claim Wednesday concerning Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. — the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction and the first black GOP senator since 1979, when Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts retired. Indeed, Scott is only the seventh African-American ever to serve in the chamber.

Jealous based his claim on Scott receiving an "F" on an NAACP scorecard of issues that can charitably be described as goofy since many items appear to have nothing to do with racial matters or civil rights. Item No. 3, for instance, concerns banning the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.
So now we have the bizarre spectacle of the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People slandering a black man who is advancing to the United States Senate. We are asked to believe that Scott, a black man who was raised by an indigent single mother in the deep South, knows nothing about the struggles for civil rights or racial equality.
When. Gov. Nikki Haley of the right-to-work state of North Carolina, another racist no-no, appointed fellow Tea Party Republican to the Senate, she was recognizing the content of Scott's character and someone who grasps free-market job creation and believes our rights come from our Creator, not from our government.
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Ex-CIA Officer: Yes, Harsh Interrogations Helped Us Nail Bin Laden ^ | January 4, 2013 | Guy Benson

This doesn't quite qualify as breaking news for those who tracked the extraordinary labyrinth of intelligence that emerged in the days following the 2011 Abbottabad raid, but the subject of US interrogation policy is again generating controversy in advance of the release of 'Zero Dark Thirty,' a film that dramatizes the bin Laden mission. Writing in today's Washington Post, a former top CIA counter-terrorism officer sets the record straight on what measures were, and were not, employed to help bring down the world's most infamous terrorist. Jose Rodriguez -- who made headlines last year when his book exposed Nancy Pelosi's lies about the Agency's interrogation practices -- argues that 'Zero Dark Thirty' grossly exaggerates the severity of American tactics when questioning captured terrorists, but accurately conveys the vital role enhanced interrogation techniques played in locating Osama :

The film shows CIA officers brutalizing detainees — beating them mercilessly, suspending them from the ceiling with chains, leading them around in dog collars and, on the spur of the moment, throwing them on the floor, grabbing a large bucket and administering a vicious ad hoc waterboarding. The movie implies that such treatment went on for years. The truth is that no one was bloodied or beaten in the enhanced interrogation program that I supervised from 2002 to 2007. Most detainees received no enhanced interrogation techniques, and the relative few who did faced harsh measures for only a few days or weeks at the start of their detention. To give a detainee a single open-fingered slap across the face, CIA officers had to receive written authorization from Washington. No one was hung from ceilings. The filmmakers stole the dog-collar scenes from the abuses committed by Army personnel at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. No such thing was ever done at CIA “black sites.” The CIA did waterboard three of the worst terrorists on the planet — Abu Zubaida, Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri — in an effort to get them to cooperate. Instead of a large bucket, small plastic water bottles were used on the three men, who were on medical gurneys. The procedure was totally unlike the one seen in the movie but was consistent with the same tactic used, without physical or psychological damage, on tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel as part of their training.

Most Americans probably think waterboarding was stopped by President Obama once he took office in 2009. Few know that the technique was last used in 2003, when Obama was still an unknown state senator in Illinois. Inspired perhaps more by past movies than first-hand accounts, “Zero Dark Thirty” shows detainees being asked a question, tortured a little, asked another question and then tortured some more. That did not happen. Detainees were given the opportunity to cooperate. If they resisted and were believed to hold critical information, they might receive — with Washington’s approval — some of the enhanced techniques, such as being grabbed by the collar, deprived of sleep or, in rare cases, waterboarded. (The Justice Department assured us in writing at the time that these techniques did not constitute torture.) When the detainee became compliant, the techniques stopped — forever.

I think most Americans would find it absurd that interrogators needed written permission from Washington to slap a terrorist in the face. Despite what many on the Left would have you believe, the public is actually quite amenable to the idea of using unpleasant interrogation methods to bring violent jihadists into compliance -- even beyond the scope of Bush-era practices, Indeed, many liberals now embrace many elements of the Bush/Cheney 'global war on terror,' to which they once feigned virulent opposition. Although Rodriguez asserts that spontaneous, widespread waterboarding never happened, he does confirm that a series of approved EIT's were used on detainees who provided essential strands of intel:

The film suggests that waterboarding directly contributed to obtaining vital information about bin Laden’s courier — a break that eventually led to the al-Qaeda leader. Opponents of the CIA are quick to insist that waterboarding played no role in tracking him down. Both the movie and those critics are wrong. The first substantive information about the courier came in 2004 from a detainee who received some enhanced interrogation techniques but was not waterboarded. Although we had heard the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, until that time we were unaware of the central role he played in bin Laden’s communications. Subsequently, as we always did, we checked out this information with other detainees. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who had been waterboarded, was by then cooperating with us to some extent. He denied any knowledge of the courier, but so adamantly that we knew we were on to something. We then intercepted secret messages that Mohammed was sending to other detainees, ordering them to say nothing about al-Kuwaiti. After obtaining this essential lead on the courier, years of meticulous intelligence work followed. Having the black sites and compliant terrorists allowed us to repeatedly go back to the detainees to check leads, ask follow-up questions and clarify information. Without that capacity, we would have been lost.

A bipartisan clique of Senators recently blasted the film for depicting torture as a successful tool in our nation's intelligence-gathering arsenal. Rodriguez agrees that genuine torture has no place in the American national security playbook, but contends that these critics are conflating "torture" with the harsh methods that were employed, and that bore significant fruit. President Obama has received, and deserves, a great deal of approbation for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. The dangerous, top-secret, late-night raid occurred on his watch, on his orders. But President Bush deserves at least equal credit for this outcome. Three of his most contentious and impugned policies reaped crucial pieces of information, without which the real-life 'Zero Dark Thirty' episode wouldn't have been possible: (1) A detainee at our Guantanamo Bay prison facility provided the first indication that bin Laden used a trusted personal courier; this individual eventually proved to be the cipher that unlocked the mystery of his boss' whereabouts. (2) Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, was "broken" by waterboarding. His words and actions confirmed the existence and importance of the courier. This was also true of another high-value prisoner, Abu Faraj Al-Libi, who was held at a CIA "black site" location. (3) KSM and the others only betrayed the courier's pseudonym, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. It look information extracted from a captured member of Al Qaeda in Iraq to ascertain Kuwaiti's real name, which ultimately led US intelligence officials to the urban compound in Pakistan.

One is welcome to argue that the ends don't justify the means, and that establishing Gitmo, using EITs and waging the Iraq war were all wrong-headed policies. But one cannot argue -- as liberals frequently do -- that these policies were ineffective, and that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the broader war on terror. (I've also never quite understood the mentality of those who find lethal drone strikes unobjectionable, but who denounce hard interrogation measures as a stain on our national conscience). 'Zero Dark Thirty' is a piece of entertainment. It weaves many facts into a piece of fiction crafted for public consumption, which is what non-documentary movies do. If it continues to trigger a national debate about actual policies, it's important to discern and separate the truth from the artistic license. The brutal, ad hoc torture is fiction. The efficacy of EIT's is fact. The film opens nationwide next week.

Your Answer When They Come For Your Guns

Freedom Outpost ^ | January 4, 2013 | Gordan Runyan

I have previously written here and here about appropriate tactics for patriots to take (including Christian patriots) when we come to the realization that the current government of our land is tyrannical, and moving in the direction of further, more intensive despotism.

I’d like to add another tactic to that list today; and, that tactic is deception.

I realize that as soon as I suggest that deception is an appropriate tool for the opposition of tyrants, I’m going to lose some of my fellow Christians. However, I beg a patient audience, as I will later try to show that the Bible itself endorses this idea. And when I suggest that Scripture endorses the move to deceive tyrants, I use that word advisedly. I don’t mean to merely say that Scripture allows deception in this case. I mean that the Bible endorses it. It commends it. It holds it up in more than one place as an act of faith.

Especially since we have moved into the Information Age, the American Federal government has sought to become a master collector of information. Information is the new currency, especially in endeavors such as the War on Terror. Information is so important that the government has launched an initiative, with the Utah Data Center, to (in fact) capture every piece of electronic communication that flies through cyberspace...

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Piecing Together a Tax Plan’s Effects (we've been had)

New York Times ^ | January 2, 2013 | RON LIEBER

It is tempting for people who earn less than $400,000 to think that they got off easy this week under the tax deal to end the fiscal impasse, given that only those with incomes above that level will be in a higher income tax bracket in 2013.

But the legislation that both houses of Congress have now approved could increase taxes on people with incomes that are not quite that high as well. That’s because the bill includes language that begins to do what both President Obama and Mitt Romney proposed at various points in the past: Limit certain tax breaks available to people who are affluent.

The new rules target two tax breaks: personal exemptions and many popular deductions like those for state and local taxes, mortgage interest and charitable contributions. For both breaks, single people with at least $250,000 in adjusted gross income and married people filing jointly with at least $300,000 in income are vulnerable. A hypothetical Texas couple could end up paying about $2,500 more in taxes, for instance. ...

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Egyptian Lawyers: Muslim Brotherhood Took BILLIONS From Obama

gateway ^ | January 4, 2013 | Jim Hoft

Egyptian lawyers today accused the Muslim Brotherhood of taking 10 billion Egyptian pounds (U.S. $1.5 billion) from the Obama Administration.

Egypt’s Chief Public Prosecutor Talaat Ibrahim has ordered an investigation in an accusation against the Muslim Brotherhood of receiving 10 billion Egyptian pounds from the United States, asking for the sources of the Brotherhood’s money to be revealed. According to Aswat Masriya, the two plaintiffs claimed that the United States granted the Brotherhood the money illegally to back its interests in the region.

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Petition To Declare the Tea Party A Home Grown Terrorist Organization, And To Exile Every Member!

Twitchy ^ | 4 Jan '12 | Twitchy Team
The Tea party is a Home Grown Terrorist Group, They are bringing our Government to it’s knees, They stock pile guns, The Republican Party should be considered a faction of the Tea Party, For they have killed Abortion Doctors, burned Abortion Clinics, They've been on the wrong side of every major issue in this Country, But The Tea Party carries guns to political Rallies, To Influence anyone that questions them, They Talk about succession, They Talk about a civil war, They Talk about Taking back this Country, Well I for one never want them to over throw our Government, and They need to be stopped NOW!!

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What Obama Deserves from GOP: DEFIANCE, Obstruction, + Political Sabotage- NOT Collaboration

Reaganite Republican ^ | 04 January 2013 | Reaganite Republican

'This government is completely out of control'

"What Obama deserves from us is defiance- what he deserves from Republicans in high elected office is obstruction -political sabotage- we shouldn't participate as political partners in our own demise, and that's exactly what's going on here- this is for all the marbles...

I don't care what Obama 'wants' -'Oh, I want 1.6 trillion'- who gives a damn what you 'want', Mr President...?

The US credit rating has already been downgraded, and it's going to be downgraded again- they're destroying the financial backbone of this country right before our eyes, and for what? For a few more weeks of unemployment? So more people can be on food stamps? So Obama can create his paradise? And take money from people who actually earn it... a high price to pay for this experiment, and it's a failed experiment- it's been tried over, and over, and over...

We have president of the United States who's chosen to not participate in the free-market, capitalist system - never, ever-
yet today he rules over it

We have a president who's only success is as a demagogue- where he trashes his opponents... lies and decieves in a serial fashion... he gets elected, and somehow -SOMEhow- he's qualified to run everything! He's qualified to re-write the Constitution... how did that happen? I dunno...

In America now we're supposed to despise people who actually achieve the American Dream... we're supposed to despise people who follow the law, follow the rules, though hard work, through intelligence... long hours... invest everything they have... many of whom began with very modest means- now suddenly, if they don't contribute to 50% of their income to Obama, to the Sentate, to the Congress, to the massive bureaucracy, SOMEHOW that's unfair- unfair to whom?

Like the mob, they've got their hands in our pockets- they're the first ones there!

This isn't only a financial disaster, it is a constitutional disaster- and that's the point, ever since the federal government became un-moored from the federal Constitution, it's become this: an insatiable leviathan monster, it can't stop- you heard Obama.

It's not about the rich... it's about YOU- (Obama) hasn't gotten enough, he wants more...

This fiscal cliff discussion- what happened? The Republicans sold their soul to a president who would make Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky proud...

A president who pretends to speak for the middle class and to represent the middle class when he resents the middle class.. he resents this entire society- that's why HE's NOT DONE,
he's going to push the envelope

This is not America, this is not a constitutional democracy-
this is something else

When they say 'government is broken' they don't mean because politicians aren't complying with the Constitution, they mean we need... a benevolent dictatorship'

The issue is no longer 'what can the government do, it's 'what can't the government do?'"

Audio @ TheRightScoop (h/t Doug Ross)