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US-Based Trans-Pacific Failure by President

LATIMES ^ | 12/01/2012 | La times Reporter

President Barack Obama attended the November summit to sell a US-based Trans-Pacific Partnership excluding China. He didn't. The American led-partnership became a party to which no-one came.

It is symptomatic of the national condition of the United States that the worst humiliation ever suffered by it as a nation, and by a US president personally, passed almost without comment last week. I refer to the November 20 announcement at a summit meeting in Phnom Penh that 15 Asian nations, comprising half the world's population, would form a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership excluding the United States.

Instead, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, plus China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, will form a club and leave out the United States.

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ObamaCare Fallout: Walmart Ends Insurance For New Hires

Breitbart ^ | 1 Dec 2012 | John Nolte

And so the government takeover of our health care system begins:

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, plans to begin denying health insurance to newly hired employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week..
By making the fine for not providing health care cheaper than providing health care, this was always the plan: to encourage employers to send us to the government.

Remember how Obama's big ObamaCare sell was, "You get to keep the health insurance you have"?

It was all a lie, a hustle, a con, a ruse…

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The No-Tax-Hike Pledge Is an IQ Test for Republicans! ^ | December 1, 2012 | Daniel J. Mitchell

Eugene Robinson is one of the group-think columnists at the Washington Post. Like E.J. Dionne, he is an utterly predictable proponent of big government. So it won’t surprise you to know that he wants taxes to go up and he’s a big fan of Obama’s class-warfare agenda.
He’s also a very partisan Democrat and wants the GOP to lose. Again, that’s not exactly a stunning revelation.
So when someone like Eugene Robinson starts offering advice to the Republican Party about tax policy, a logical person instantly should be suspicious that he’s actually trying to advance his own ideological and partisan agenda.
An obvious analogy would be me giving the Alabama coaches some advice as they prepare to play my beloved Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday night (“hey, Coach Saban, you should have your quarterback play like he’s left-handed…that surely will surprise the Georgia defense…oh, and have your secondary and D-lineman trade places…I’m serious, that would be a brilliant strategy…I only want what’s best for you guys”).
In this spirit, Mr. Robinson wants the GOP to abandon the no-tax-hike pledge.
…we’re seeing the first signs in years that on the question of taxation — one of the fundamental responsibilities of government — the GOP may be starting to recover its senses. …the anti-tax pledge never made a bit of sense. …Grover Norquist…has dangerously loopy ideas about the proper size and scope of government. …Republicans who signed the pledge — and who now find themselves in a box — have only themselves to blame. …They pretended it was possible to provide the services that Americans need and want without collecting sufficient revenue.
In other words, a columnist who wants bigger government and a stronger Democratic Party is telling Republicans to raise taxes.
And he’s not alone. Some Democrats have openly admitted that their top political goal is suckering Republicans into a tax hike.
So if you’re a Republican, there are two possible reactions to Robinson’s column.
“Where’s Bob Dole when we need him?”
1. “Gee, Eugene is a swell guy to offer this advice. He really cares about my best interests, so I’m going to tell Grover to get lost and then I’m going to vote to give my opponents more money so they can create more dependency and make it harder for me to win future elections! I bet Chris Matthews will praise me for being a statesman.”
2. “Hmmm, let’s think about this. My opponent wants me to do X and I can see how doing X will be good from his perspective. Since my IQ is above room temperature, I’m going to explore doing Y or Z instead.”
For most of us, the answer is obvious. But, then again, there’s a reason the GOP is known as the “Stupid Party,” which is why the modified cartoon in this post showing Charlie Brown, Lucy, and a football is so appropriate.
“The DC cesspool isn’t bad once you get used to it”
But that’s not completely fair. Some Republican do the wrong thing with full knowledge and forethought. These are the politicians who perhaps came to Washington many years ago thinking it was a cesspool, but they’ve since learned to work the system and now they think it’s a hot tub.
P.S. This post is based on real-world analysis. Yes, there are hypothetical scenarios where even I would agree to a tax hike, but they’re about as realistic as the possibility of me throwing five touchdown passes for the Bulldogs on Saturday (hey, I have still have four years of eligibility!).
P.S.S. Here’s another example of a Washington Post columnist offering self-help suicide advice to the GOP.

Bend me, shape me: Flexible phones 'out by 2013' (Bendable Phones)

BBC ^ | 11/29/2012 | BBC

Imagine treating your phone like a piece of paper. Roll it up. Drop it. Squish it in your backpack. Step on it - without any damage.
Researchers are working on just such handsets - razor-thin, paper-like and bendable.
There have already been prototypes, attracting crowds at gadget shows.
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Dear Leader

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Jerry Sandusky Laws: Sick and twisted

WorldNetDaily ^ | 11-30-12 | Matt Barber

In recent months, “progressive” lawmakers, activist attorneys and militant homosexual pressure groups have launched a fierce campaign to ban therapeutic help for child victims of monsters like homosexual pedophile Jerry Sandusky. California has already passed such a law (SB 1172).
On Friday, Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Mat Staver challenged this twisted ban in federal court, seeking a preliminary injunction to halt the law from taking effect on Jan. 1. Judge Kimberly Mueller will likely issue a decision within a week or so. Ads by Google
Top 10 Swing KillersThese Faults Make It Impossible To Play Good Golf. Fix Yours (Free)... 3 Fatal Guitar MistakesIf you do either of these 3 things, you will never play well.
SB 1172 would make illegal any counseling to diminish or eliminate same-sex sexual attractions or high-risk behaviors, even when, as is often the case, those attractions and behaviors derive from sexual abuse.
Thousands of people, many of whom once identified as “gay,” have received positive, life-changing benefits from such counseling. Yet, among other things, the fact that people can, and do, leave homosexuality bulldozes the politically motivated, scientifically discredited “born that way” meme.
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Should Republicans just put forth Simpson-Bowles for the fiscal cliff? ^ | 11/30/2012 | Mary Katherine Ham

My friend Guy Benson and I were talking about this idea the other night, and I liked it when compared to all our other dismal options. It was also the same night we saw "Lincoln," so I wondered if we were high on celluloid optimism about what's possible in politics.
But Guy fleshed out the idea in this must-read post today, and I think he’s onto something. You should go over there to read the whole thing, but here's the gist:
Of the commission’s 18 members, six Democrats and five Republicans endorsed the final document, while the seven ‘no’ votes split four-to-three along Left/Right ideological lines. Paul Ryan was the most prominent opponent of the plan. The eleven-member ‘yes’ camp was ideologically diverse, ranging from Sen. Tom Coburn on the right to Sen. Dick Durbin on the left. Like many conservatives, I continue to harbor significant concerns about various elements of the plan. I’m troubled by some of the tax provisions, especially the revenue cap at 21 percent of GDP (far higher than the historical average of 18 percent). The defense cuts are also worrisome, as is the fact that despite some cuts and tinkering, Medicare — the largest long-term driver of our debt — escapes a desperately needed overhaul. The framework also assumes the retention of Obamacare, which Paul Ryan has cited as a primary cause of his ‘no’ vote. But here is today’s reality: (1) Unhappy tax news is coming, one way or the other. The president is not budging. (2) The fall election guaranteed that Obamacare is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. (3) Sequestration’s defense cuts would be even more punishing and abrupt than Simpson/Bowles reductions. (4) Democrats have shown themselves to be totally unserious about any reforms or reductions to entitlements. In short, even if the major players manage to hammer out an eleventh-hour deal before January 1, it’s probably going to reek. It will have been negotiated in secret, and will almost certainly be jammed through in a rushed and unsavory fashion. This is no way to govern.
Simpson-Bowles, for all its faults, was conducted in an open and transparent manner and brought disparate political players into a room to forge a serious compromise. It overhauls and streamlines our byzantine tax code, takes some important first steps on entitlements, and reduces and caps federal spending. On substance, I’d wager that it would be considerably better than anything Obama and Boehner might produce after weeks of behind-closed-doors acrimony with the proverbial gun to their heads. Politically, it paints Democrats into a tough corner. Republicans could make a grand show of reluctantly supporting Simpson-Bowles for the betterment of the country. Ideally, the press conference would be led by Paul Ryan, who might explain why he voted against the plan as a commissioner, but is now willing to set aside some of his strong ideological preferences to move the nation forward. They would remind viewers that the proposal they’re now backing only exists because President Obama specifically and publicly asked for it. Plus, more Democrats than Republicans voted for it, including Harry Reid’s top lieutenant in the Senate. Put simply, Simpson-Bowles represents the very embodiment of bipartisan collaboration and problem solving — precisely the sort of thing “moderates,” the media, and the public are always demanding. It would be exceedingly difficult for Democrats to paint the plan as radical or draconian in light of the commission’s origins and participants. The GOP’s “party of no” problem would also be hugely diminished; after all, they would have just signed on to the president’s commission, with the previously recalcitrant Paul Ryan magnanimously leading the way. It would be fascinating to watch the president and his allies try to denounce and reject the very proposal he called for.
There are things I don’t like about Simpson-Bowles, though I’ve never been a hater. I think the country would have benefited if President Obama had ever shown enough leadership to address some of its recommendations, and said so on “The O’Reilly Factor” in January 2011. Despite its faults, it comes closer to reckoning with our real problems than Obama ever has. There are other plans I would like more than Simpson-Bowles. But here’s the thing. Simpson-Bowles is far more responsible than what President Obama is currently offering and probably far better than a slapped together grand bargain made by Obama and Speaker Boehner behind closed doors as a deadline closes in. It was created in a more transparent process, and though it certainly focuses more on revenues vs. spending than I’d like, it gives Republicans some of the trade-offs they’re hoping for in a deal with Obama— some simplification of the tax code, some entitlement reform, a cap on spending as a percentage of GDP.
It is also a fully formed plan with on-the-record bipartisan support and near-universal acceptance as “reasonable” and “sober” by the media and Beltway types. A lot of that is lip service from folks who felt rather certain the plan would never be seriously considered, but it still makes it hard to frame Republicans as obstinate obstructionists when they offer up the plan of none other than Mssrs. Simpson and Bowles. On the other hand, liberals hate it. Paul Krugman:
So, a public service reminder: Simpson-Bowles is terrible. It mucks around with taxes, but is obsessed with lowering marginal rates despite a complete absence of evidence that this is important. It offers nothing on Medicare that isn’t already in the Affordable Care Act. And it raises the Social Security retirement age because life expectancy has risen — completely ignoring the fact that life expectancy has only gone up for the well-off and well-educated, while stagnating or even declining among the people who need the program most.
Cue the Democratic infighting. The president has been avoiding this plan like the plague since his own commission finished it, but it is still his commission. Rejecting it out of hand to allow liberals to continue living in debt denial might be a move so irresponsible as to make even the press notice. Republicans would demonstrate they know the calculus in Washington has changed, but that doesn’t mean they must make a flagrantly irresponsible deal when a more responsible one is available.
This idea got a good reception in the Greenroom, when I half-expected it to get torched, which seems to me an indicator that all-important conservative constituents might not be as opposed to something like this as Republican leaders might think they are. But have at it in the comments, here. I’m anxious to see what y’all think.
In the end, it does seem a more philosophically palatable way to change the course of a very bad political situation. And, in the end, the part that’s really important— I think it’d genuinely be better for the country if something like Simpson-Bowles were to pass instead of us going over the cliff or adopting some terrible deal. Worth a thought.
Exit question (Allahpundit™): Who foretold this? Why, Ed Morrissey, of course.
And, read this great, comprehensive Allahpundit post for a flashback to reaction as Simpson-Bowles was first announced. Pelosi: “Unacceptable.”
Update: In addition to general concerns about the contents of Simpson-Bowles, I should add the very reasonable worry some have voiced in comments at the Greenroom, which is that if you make Simpson-Bowles your opening offer, it just turns into a worse Simpson-Bowles by the time a deal is final. Yep, worries me too. But I think Republicans would certainly be on much more solid negotiating ground touting this plan and saying they’ve done lots of compromising than where they stand now. Thoughts?
Update: Food for thought for the “let it burn” crowd, of which my id is intermittently a member. Howard Dean is, too, because it gives him everything he wants. Yikes.
Update: Please also read Randall Hoven, who did a good, detailed write-up of this idea earlier this week. I had not seen it until it was mentioned in comments, or I would have linked it above.
As it is, Obama can wash his hands of it, saying even the commission itself did not pass it. But if it passes, Obama must own it. If Republican congressmen Paul Ryan, Jeb Hensarling, and Dave Camp would switch their votes, it would be enough to pass that hot potato to the Democrats. They should say, “the people spoke on November 6″ and that they listened to the voice of the American people telling us all to work together, yadda yadda. Then let the Democrats own what comes after. 

Double-Barrel 1911 Lands ATF Approval, Importation To Begin Next Year ^ | 11.27.2012 | Max Slowik

Double-barrel 1911 lands ATF approval, importation to begin next year
The ATF has given Arsenal the green light to import their double-barreled, double-everything 1911. Arsenal turned a lot of heads a few months back when they announced their truly unique handgun, the AF2011-A1, but many assumed that the gun would never wind up for sale in the U.S., because it fires two cartridges with one pull of the trigger, making it a machine gun according to federal law.
Arsenal maintained that their double trigger design, and matching pair of sears and hammers, would not raise the hackles of the gatekeepers of the guns, and they were right on the money. From their press release:
"The US Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has officially granted import permission and sale in the United States of America of the AF2011-A1 Second Century double barrel pistol, with a total score of 120 Points, according to Form 4590.
"Arsenal Firearms Group proudly announces the official distribution to America of the whole line of double barrel firearms and dedicated accessories starting on January the 1st 2013, through the appointed US Importer of Record, Apex International LLC of Middletown, CT and according to a 'Direct Dealer Distribution.'
"The Company wishes to take this opportunity to thank warmly the millions of followers, enthusiasts and supporters in the United States of America and worldwide: they are part of the dream and indeed our main reason to be."
We can't help but be excited about this crazy handgun. Yes, it's ridiculous, we completely agree with that. It's two inches thick and weighs four pounds unloaded. Even with a full set of magazines it's got a capacity of 8+8+1+1 rounds, and it's probably going to cost a cubic foot of money.
It's just… we're so surprised that this gun is going to even be available. How can we not want to get behind one?
Arsenal says that they will have a full line of firearms and accessories and they will launch all of it at the 2013 SHOT Show. This may mean just the AF2011-A1, but we hope it means their Second Century double 1911 chambered in .38 Super and also their highly-anticipated Strizh pistols.
Their Strizh, or Strike One as they plan to market it in the U.S., is a truly 21st century handgun, a striker-fired pistol built on either a polymer or alloy frame designed for law enforcement and competition use. The Russian ministry of defense has already announced that they intend to retire the Makarov and replace it with the Strizh.
Arsenal is a joint Russian and Italian firm that's still just a couple of years old, but they have our attention to say the least. Their designs are innovative and promising, and the wait between now and SHOT Show is going to kill us.


Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

Need a good laugh? Here’s one to tickle your funnybone: giggling keeps your heart stronger, might lower your blood sugar levels and even enhances your friendships. Researchers studying the health benefits of laughter agree: unlike stress and worry, laughing doesn’t hurt us, physically or emotionally—and it may very well cure what ails us.
Nor does it take long for our systems to respond to something funny. Less than half a second, in fact, is all the time our brains need to see or hear a joke,“get” it, and tell our bodies that it’s time to smile or laugh. Laughter truly is as spontaneous as we’ve always believed it to be.
The 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Smile

Can laughing each day keep the doctor away?

Joking around may not heal every ailment, but the health benefits of a good laugh are far-reaching. Here are a few:
  • You can laugh your way to a healthier heart. Researchers first linked laughter to healthy blood vessels in 2005, when they showed two movies to volunteers and found that when watching a funny movie, brachial artery flow increased 22 percent. Watching a movie that caused mental stress had the opposite effect, slowing blood flow about 35 percent.
  • Laughing will help your heart, but a healthy heart also will help you laugh more easily. Michael Miller, MD, director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center, conducted both the 2005 study and more recent research that found individuals with heart disease laughed less than healthier people—and affirming that not only laughter but an ongoing sense of humor may keep heart attacks at bay. “The ability to laugh—either naturally or as learned behavior—may have important implications in societies such as the US where heart disease remains the number one killer,” he said.
  • It’s a workout! A researcher at Vanderbilt University, Maciej Buchowski, found that 10-15 minutes of laughing burned off 50 calories, while another laughter scientist, William Fry, said that one minute of robust laughter sent his heart rate to the same level as 10 minutes on a rowing machine. The fact is, laughing is a physical act—not just an emotion—whose physical nature helps laughers find a stimulus pleasurable, or funny.
  • Laughing is good for your blood sugar. In a study of 19 people with diabetes, subjects attended a boring lecture after they ate a meal. The following day, the group watched a comedy after eating an identical meal. Their blood sugar levels were lower after watching the funny movie than after hearing the dry lecture.
  • Laughing makes you smarter. Noticing that his lectures literally put his students to sleep, Ron Berk, PhD, retired psychologist from Johns Hopkins Medical School, began telling jokes in class and noticed his students performed better in exams. He launched a formal study to prove his observations and published his results in the October 2012 issue of Humor: students kept awake by laughing at the prof’s jokes scored significantly higher on their exams.
  • Laughter attunes people to each other. Humor binds people in a unique way, syncing the brains of the joke-teller and listener, says neuroscientist Robert Provine, PhD, author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation (Penguin Books, 2001). That connection clears the way for relationship-building, he says, concluding that men are attracted to women who laugh (and women laugh 126 percent more than men), and that laughter, like yawning, is contagious in social situations.
10 Foods To Help Ease The Winter Blues

Join the “laughter movement!”

Not everyone is funny—or chuckles easily—by nature. But even if you have to fake it, laughter can boost your health. Here are a few tips for getting more laughter into your life:
  • Just decide to laugh. You don’t need a reason, but you can train yourself to laugh more often and more heartily. “Act Happy. Talk Happy. Behave Happy. Think Happy. Ignore the negative. Focus exclusively on whatever is positive in your life,” writes Sebastien Gendry, founder of the American School of Laughter Yoga.
  • Try laughter yoga. Originating in India, laughter yoga combines laughter and Yogic Breathing (Pranayama) with the aim of enhanced health and happiness. Today, it’s practiced in more than 175 countries, with many participants coming together in Laughter Yoga Clubs. Number-one item on the meeting agenda: laughing, of course.
  • Hang out with happy people. Just as laughing is contagious, so is complaining. Avoid negative people when you can.
  • Make laughter and positivity your personal mission. Consider joining the 21-Day Complaint Free Challenge. More than 10 million people have succeeded in not complaining, gossiping or criticizing for 21 days, earning Complaint-Free Bracelets for their contributions to a happier planet. You’ll be in good company: the 6 millionth bracelet was awarded to poet Maya Angelou.
26 Images that Will Make You Smile

Huge Powerball Payout Inspires “Ingenious” Fiscal Idea

Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 1 Dec 2012 | John Semmens

The nearly $600 million payout to the two winners of this week's latest Powerball lottery drawing has inspired what Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner called “an ingenious and painless way out of the government's chronic debt crisis.”
Geithner's “ingenious and painless” plan calls for the Federal Reserve to buy a minimum of $30 billion in Powerball tickets every week. “Over the course of a year this would generate a minimum of $1.5 trillion in lottery winnings,” Geithner calculated. “As the holder of more than 99% of each week's outstanding tickets, the federal government would almost certainly win each week's jackpot. The cumulative weekly winnings would totally cover the annual budget deficits.”
The Secretary congratulated himself for “pioneering a truly innovative solution to government finance. It would completely bypass any need for higher taxes or more borrowing. The whole 'fiscal cliff' thing would be blown away. In fact, if we wanted to provide even more government services than currently contemplated we could boost Fed lottery purchases to $40 billion, $50 billion, or whatever amount we wanted each week. A true 'golden age' of unlimited leisure for nearly every American would be within our grasp.”
President Obama is said to be “peeved” by Geithner's proposal. “While I appreciate Secretary Geithner's enthusiasm I am disappointed that he has lost sight of my number one fiscal priority: raising taxes on the top 2% of earners,” Obama said. “Using lottery winnings to cover deficits ignores our obligation to impose fairness in our nation's income distribution system. Those who's greed has driven them to take more than their fair share of the country's wealth have to be made to give back the excess. I won't settle for anything less.”

Obama: Identifying priorities for a second-term ‘black agenda’

The Washington Post ^ | November 29, 2012 | Rahiel Tesfamariam

While President Obama has been a unifying force in the black community during his first term in office, his presidency has also fueled deep divisions among many African Americans. The president’s first-term policies sparked heated debates among a host of well-known black intellectuals and political observers who argue that the president has ignored the issues of his most loyal base.
These tensions will likely remain throughout Obama’s second term unless he quickly reverses course.
Critics, such as Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, will likely continue to press Obama to address the needs of black America, while others will struggle to determine how to best capitalize on Obama's second term and get him to push forward a “black agenda.”
But what should this “payback” look like? Unlike other interest groups, such as gays and Hispanics, who responded positively to symbolic gestures from the president, African Americans appear as if they cannot come to an agreement on what a priority list should be. The community seems to lack a unifying issue that Obama could address. And we seem to also lack a clear strategy for implementing what those community-friendly policies might be.
But that doesn’t negate the president’s responsibility to address the concerns of black Americans and respond to their call for social policy that addresses their greatest needs. Indeed, there are a mix of specific issues that might delicately satisfy his most loyal followers. These direct policies could address the disproportionate loss of wealth among black families; a reinvigorated, targeted civil rights agenda; a more holistic approach to family cohesion; and a commitment to Africans around the globe...
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Over the Cliff

Sultan Knish ^ | November 30, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield


Here's how the game is played. No matter what happens with the fiscal cliff negotiations the Republicans will get blamed. There is no scenario, perhaps short of agreeing to Obama's proposal to give him the power to borrow unlimited amounts of money, raise taxes and do the same crap that got us into a sixteen trillion dollar hole to begin with, and then maybe appoint him king, that will change that. And even that brief moment of praise will last about six seconds.

Republicans are playing into the hands of the enemy by emphasizing the fiscal cliff negotiations. There is very little to negotiate here. Obama, fresh off a stolen election, carved out over the bodies of hurricane victims, is daring Republicans to say no to him. And a dispirited Republican establishment is still feeling beaten and too willing to give in.

There are two scenarios here. Either Obama is bluffing or he isn't. And it doesn't really matter which one is correct. The crisis is being exploited with nonsense about fixing the giant hole in the economy created by Obama, by raising taxes on the rich. Even though the tax hikes wouldn't even begin to cover a month of spending.

The fiscal cliff is a strategic crisis weapon, but it's the wrong crisis for Republicans to focus on. The crisis here is spending, not the fiscal cliff. The crisis is the viability of Social Security. The crisis is in the personal things that people care about. The crisis is not how to find ways to let politicians spend more money.


1. How can a place with no elected officials be considered a state?

2. How can Palestine be a state if it’s actually two mutually hostile states run by two different governments?

3. How can a place that is almost entirely subsidized by foreign aid qualify for statehood?

4. How can a place that has made no progress in 20 years qualify for statehood?

...from 4 Questions for Anyone Who Supports a Palestinian State


Short answer, because Israel isn't allowed to kill them or even deport them.

Twenty years ago, on December 1992, Israeli forces responded to Hamas atrocities by arresting over a thousand Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists and deporting 415 of them into Lebanon.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 799 which “strongly” condemned the deportation of “hundreds of Palestinian civilians” and expressed “its firm opposition to any such deportation by Israel”. It further demanded that Israel “ensure the safe and immediate return to the occupied territories of all those deported.” United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali called for taking “whatever measures are necessary” to compel Israel to take back the terrorists.

In a story headlined, “Deporting the Hope for Peace”, Newsweek sympathetically described the Hamas terrorists “shivering in the cold.” The New York Times reached for the poetic describing the hillside they were camped out on as “desolate”; though it’s hard to see how desolate it could have been when it was surrounded by reporters. The Christian Science Monitor wrote of them huddling “under heavy rain.” The media spent more time providing weather updates from Lebanon than it did covering the local weather.

Despite the truckloads of supplies, a few days later Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, the future leader of Hamas, described by the Associated Press only as a Gaza physician, demanded that the UN and the Red Cross bring them food, water and fuel because they were already starving and forced to fast to stay alive. The media breathlessly reported that the temperature had dropped to below freezing and the men were on the verge of death.

In reality, the deported terrorists had food and water brought in from local villages and their “desolate hillside” would become an enclave of television sets, fax machines, copy machines, cell phones, a fridge filled with soda and a satellite dish beaming Iranian television shows to them. Rantissi, who would later boast, “By Allah, we will not leave one Jew alive in Palestine” was living better than many of his victims.

One Associated Press story described a deportee eating a breakfast of jam, cheese and bread or beans and chickpeas with lemon sauce, and then a lunch of tuna fish or sardines, and then complaining, “I’m so sick of this food. I eat only to stay alive.”

That was 20 years ago. And today Hamas is still chowing down and whining that Gaza is starving. They did an excellent job of learning the lesson that the media taught them. Always play the victim.


Saudi Offers “Castrated African Slave” for Sale on Facebook


There have been false claims made by Jewish liberals that Obama won or broke even with the Orthodox vote. I've seen Beachwood, OH, repeatedly, and misleadingly, brought up.

But the numbers from the heartland of American Orthodox Judaism in New York City are not even close. Instead you see isles of blue (Romney votes) trapped inside a sea of a red (Obama votes) across Orthodox parts of Brooklyn.

Here's what Williamsburg looks like.


In my piece on the Asian vote, I take a closer look at what happened to the Asian vote. And the answer appears to be, a sizable growth in Chinese and Indian immigrants, who are very closely linked to the Democratic Party.


Egypt Sentences Mo Filmmaker to Death, Obama Sentenced Him to Only One Year

Truly we live in a moderate Muslim country. One year in the Federal pen for insulting Islam is pretty mild compared to a death sentence.

Sure we criticize Obama a lot and often justly. But it’s important that we also show our appreciation for living in a country that Obama described as “one of the largest Muslim nations in the world” where people who offend Islamic theocracy get sentenced to a mere one year in prison.

Obama may be a terrible leader by American standards, but compared to Assad, Erdogan, Morsi, Ahmadinejad and Karzai, he’s really not so bad.


Obama Considering Directly Arming Syrian Al Qaeda

School District with %58 Graduation Rate, 50 Million Budget Deficit Spent 2.7 Million on Plastic Surgery for Teachers

At one point the school board offered to cancel 100 teacher layoffs if the union would drop the cosmetic surgery program for a year, according to The Atlantic. The union declined the offer.

AP Under Attack for Removing Islamophobia, Homophobia from Stylebook

Islamic Foundation Pays Indonesian Parents 9 Dollars to Mutilate their Daughters’ Genitals

Israeli Mother-of-Four Fights off Terrorist with Martial Arts

What most upsets David Carr at the New York Times is the idea of a woman fighting back when members of the news media hit them. As a member of the news media who has hit a few women in his time, Carr would consider this an Israeli action that is truly over the line.

Obama Donors Got $21,000 in Government Money for Every $1 They Gave

British Court Convicts Woman of Racism for Calling Woman from New Zealand “Australian”

How Obama’s FEMA Criminally Botched the Hurricane Recovery Effort

"I asked, ‘Why haven’t you been sent out?’” he says. “Then he just lays the story on me, tells me about all the personnel they have out there, more than 100 ambulances, two paramedics per ambulance, everybody waiting for marching orders.”

Horrified, the logistical worker offered to help transport them to a place where they could be useful.

“He said they couldn’t do it because FEMA had them all under contract, and they couldn’t go out without FEMA’s say-so.


Over-educated tourists often make a pilgrimage to Cannery Row, lined with rows of defunct canneries, but named after John Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row. The novel with its eccentric characters exists, the real life canneries are gone.

Not only have the sardine canneries of Cannery Row closed, but little noticed, the last sardine cannery in America closed this year, with the end of Stinson Seafood in Eastern Maine.

Now Obama has succeeded in shutting down the Drakes Bay Oyster Company, the last oyster cannery in California.

Hope, change and hopelessness. The Death of the Drakes Bay Oyster Company


I have two articles this week on Front Page about Oliver Stone's propaganda Showtime series.

The Untold History of the Left

There is a reason why old terrorists become academics. On the college campus there is no historical revisionism of the left so discredited that it cannot find credulous audiences among the young. And there is no one better than Oliver Stone for the job.

Stone’s specialty is turning left-wing propaganda into pop entertainment. From “Platoon” to “Born on the Fourth of July” to “JFK” to “Nixon” to “W,” Oliver Stone has played Andy Warhol to the red soup companies of men like Robert Scheer. And pop entertainment, whether it’s the Obama campaign or Oliver Stone’s Showtime series, is a vital weapon in winning the hearts and minds of a generation that is overeducated but lacks the ability to burst its own intellectual bubble.

And... The Atom Bomb and the Truth Bomb

Stone’s untold history isn’t just revisionist; it’s seventy-year-old revisionism from a regime and an ideology every bit as ugly as Nazism. It’s the revisionist history of the aggressor power in the Cold War looking to retroactively justify its aggression against the free world by accusing the leading nation of the free world, that had fed and provided for its soldiers and civilians, of conspiring against it.

Like William Carlos Williams’ red wheelbarrow, all this edifice of bad history depends on Henry Wallace, FDR’s Vice President, and at the time, a Soviet dupe. Stone is obsessed with imagining a different policy that would have emerged if Wallace, not Truman, had become president. There is just one little problem with that. Wallace, despite being fooled by the Soviet Union, did eventually figure out the truth.

In 1952, Wallace wrote an article titled, “Where I Was Wrong” in which he said that, “Before 1949 I thought Russia really wanted and needed peace. After 1949 I became more and more disgusted with the Soviet methods and finally became convinced that the Politburo wanted the cold war continued even at the peril of accidentally provoking a hot war.

“As I look back over the past 10 years I now feel that my greatest mistake was in not denouncing the Communist take-over of Czechoslovakia in February of 1948… my analysis failed to take into account the ruthless nature of Russian-trained Communists whose sole objective was to make Czechoslovakia completely subservient to Moscow.”

Henry Wallace had learned from his mistakes. Sixty years later, Oliver Stone still has not.

And Wallace's candidate of choice was Eisenhower. So much for Stone's Wallacian utopia in which America lived in idyllic peace and friendship with the USSR.


We are all Socialists now. We are all Nazis now. At least those of us who vote monstrous systems like this into power and then look away from the atrocities that our governments commit.

One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone.

Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’.


That teen’s first mistake was throwing a ham at a mosque. If he had done something respectable like smashing the windows of a Jewish shop while chanting “Free Gaza” then the judge would have hailed him as an idealistic model to the nation’s youth. If he had only groomed young girls from broken homes for sex, the way so many mosque worshipers do, then the police would have looked the other way. But sadly he chose to commit a truly unpardonable act for which there can be no possible excuse. He hammed up a mosque. He offended Muslims.

British Police Arrest Teen Who Threw Ham at Mosque, Osama Bin Laden’s Right Hand Man Still Free in London

Susan Rice, Incompetent or a Liar?

This is not a good position to take if you want an upgrade to Secretary of State. Rice’s entire defense is that her understanding of what happened in Benghazi was so crippled by the talking points that she was unable to understand what was going on. Is this supposed to be an argument for making her Secretary of State?

How the Muslim Brotherhood Drove Out the Jews of Aleppo, Syria

In Aleppo, Syria, the Jewish community was devastated by a mob led by the Muslim Brotherhood. At least 150 homes, 50 shops, all 18 synagogues, five schools, an orphanage and a youth club were destroyed. Many people were killed, but the exact figure is not known. Over half the city’s 10,000 Jews fled into Turkey, Lebanon and Israel.
How Chicago’s Two Worst Congressmen Gave Us Eight Years of the Worst Man in the White House

Reynolds had been elected to the House in 1992 succeeding Democrat Gus Savage, who’d been condemned by the House Ethics Committees over allegations of sexual misconduct with a Peace Corps volunteer during an official visit to Zaire.

Savage made racist and anti-Semitic statements against both white and Jewish people. Savage once gave a speech in which he listed the names of all of the Jewish donors living outside of the Chicago area who donated money to his opponent. This led to a backlash, to which Savage responded that only white people could be racist.

Savage’s excuse for trying to rape a Peace Corps worker? You guessed it. Racism!

Savage denied the allegations and blamed them on the “racist press.” The Savage – Reynolds election was good clean Chicago fun.

Savage claimed that “racist Jews” were donating to Reynolds, while Reynolds claimed that Savage was involved in a drive-by shooting that injured him.

During the 1994 House campaign, Reynolds was indicted for sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse. The married congressman had developed an attraction to a 16-year-old female constituent.

Reynolds denied the charges, said they were racially-motivated, continued his second House campaign and, naturally, was easily reelected in November 1994.

Chicago. Would it really be so bad if the earth opened up and swallowed it whole?


Come on guys, you don't think an Obama supporter would actually pay his taxes. That's for little people.

There are are two recent cases where Warren has done everything possible to AVOID paying taxes that he actually owes. The first case involved a 14-year fight over the dividend-received deduction that was finally settled with the IRS in 2005. The second case is still pending after 10 years in which he owes just over $1 BILLION in back taxes.

A billion here, a billion there and soon you're shilling for Obama.

A Letter to His Unborn Child

When they refuse to treat you, a Jew, as an ordinary person, you shall become extraordinary. When they treat you, an Israeli, as the exception to the rule, you shall become exceptional. Where I shed the rags of the Diaspora, you will wear the robe of kings. Where I was “the return,” you are “the renaissance.” צהייל will be emblazoned on your chest, where there was once a star. You will cry at the sight of Zion, where we once cried to return. You will speak the tongue of the prophets, rather than the language of the exile. (Your heroes will be legends from the land, rather than stars from the screen.) You, my child, will be the first of our line to be born in the Land of our Fathers...

from Times of Israel via Boker Tov Boulder


What is far, far stranger—and really is a surprise—is that 27% of Republicans or Republican-leaners also had a positive attitude toward socialism.

The only explanation I can think of—other than that the world has gone mad—is that a lot of people are unaware of what the terms “Republican” and “socialism” mean.

... or alternatively they are very aware of what it means. Sure ignorance is a convenient explanation, but it's dangerous to prematurely rule out malice.


Now he has started clearing the way to make good use of that prize. Morsi is on the move. He is moving very quickly to consolidate power, and position Egypt as a force to be reckoned with in the “race to Jerusalem.” No longer a sleepy, despotic backwater, Egypt is now ready to play on the same field as Iran and Turkey. We can expect Morsi to play off Turkey and Iran, remaining on good terms with both as he will seek to do with the US and Europe. It won’t be time for a “break” with anyone until Morsi has acquired an advantageous position for inducing the fall of Jerusalem – the denouement sought eagerly by the Muslim Brotherhood, and hollered about often by Morsi himself.

...from J.E. Dyer at Optimistic Conservative. There's a New Pharaoh in Town


Living like animals or being forced to live like animals. It's all one and the same.

The saga now playing out in La Jolla Cove is the epitome of regulatory stupidity. In a rocky area by the cove once open to people but now fenced off for safety reasons, the feces of cormorants and seagulls just keeps piling up, generating a stench that can carry as far as a mile. Dry conditions, a hot summer and other factors have made this a gross everyday problem for the cove area, not an occasional annoyance.

So why can’t city work crews simply take care of the problem? Why can’t biodegradable cleaning products be used to make the stench disappear, as suggested by San Diego Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, who represents the area? Why can’t any reason or common sense come to the fore?

Because of complex environmental rules stemming from the cove’s designation as a state-protected “Area of Special Biological Significance.” Officials say it could take two years to get various state agencies to OK cleaning procedures.

Life under Liberalism from Never Yet Melted



Around half of the 400,000 refugees live in camps, deprived of many rights. Refugees don't have any property rights, no access to the Lebanese healthcare system and there are certain restrictions on jobs we are allowed to do.

Also, FYI, Lebanon naturalized more than 100,000 Palestinian Christians and Shiites. Second, who do you think was funding the militarization of the PLO? THE ARAB GOVERNMENTS, whether it's Saudi Arabia or Iraq or some other Arab country.


Kuwait expelled more than 450,000 Palestinians when Arafat declared his support for Saddam during the Gulf war.


Surprisingly, refugees there are treated quite well, almost like a citizen. Although this is changing and the Palestinians are being forced to choose sides in the Syrian uprising.


Palestinians enjoyed full rights under Saddam's reign, however after the 2003 war they were severely targeted with discrimination or killings and the majority fled the country.


You can read this report here. Not only are they discriminated against (no free education) but they receive no UN assistance whatsoever. If they go out of the country for more than 6 months, their residency permit might be revoked. Imagine being born and living in a country your whole life and needing to renew your residency permit every couple of years.


It's the only country that naturalized Palestinians after the annexation of the West Bank, perhaps because they needed the population back then.

Moral of the story: Israel naturalized over 1.5 million Palestinians. They enjoy full citizen rights and many of them would remain in Israel even if a Palestinian state is established.

Crony-Capitalist Obama Supporters to Keep Your Money FAR Away From this Holiday Shopping Season!

Reaganite Republican ^ | 01 December 2012 | Reaganite Republican
Screw them, there's other places to shop

Patriots can choose to spend their money WISELY,
in a way that starves the Obama-enabling scum that
have been helping to raze this country to the ground
(while benefiting from it greatly themselves)...

Obama operates his regime not unlike Mussolini's Fascist Italy: a crony-capitalist, 'corporatist' arrangement where the Big Boys of industry and media are mostly in bed with the Il Duce -General Electric being a prime example- and everybody sitting at the big, shiny table gets WELL taken care of at the expense of the little people, small business, and ANY who dare not back the dictatorship... who needs to be helping them with any of that?

Think before you shop... here's some key political donations this last cycle, as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics:

-Clothing/Personal Products (ya don't need)-

ShoppingPrice Club/Costco donated $225K,
99% went to Democrats

Magla Products (Stanley tools, Mr. Clean) donated $22K,
100% went to Democrats

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia donated $153K,
99% went to Democrats

Warnaco (Calvin Klein swimwear, Speedo, Chaps)
donated $55K, 73% went to Democrats

Estee Lauder donated $448K, 95% went to Democrats

Guess, Inc. Donated $145K, 98% went to Democrats

Calvin Klein donated $78K, 100% went to Democrats

Liz Claiborne, Inc. Donated $34K, 97% went to Democrats

Levi Straus donated $26K, 97% went to Democrats

Olan Mills donated $175K, 99% went to Democrats

-Swill You're Better Off Without-

Southern Wine + Spirits donated $213K,
73% went to Democrats

Joseph E. Seagrams + Sons (incl. Beverage Business and considerable media interests) donated $2M+,
67% went to Democrats

Gallo Winery donated $337K, 95% went to Democrats

-Fast Food to Avoid-

Sonic Corporation donated $83K, 98% went to Democrats

Tri-arc Companies (Arby's, T.J. Cinnamon's, Pasta Connections) donated $112K, 96% went to Democrats

And I wouldn't stay at no Hyatt hotel, neither... 80% of their $187,000 in political donations went to the 'progressive' left.

PLEASE download/print this and take it shopping with you... TIA! anti-Obama Christmas shopping boycott