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On Night Conv Booed God, Out-of-Touch Dems Think They Won Election Because of Clinton's Speech! ^ | September 6, 2011 | Rush Limbaugh


RUSH: All right, here's the truth. Yesterday, including most of last night, was perhaps one of the worst, flattest, most embarrassing days for a political party at its convention in the history of conventions. And yet, the media and a lot of Democrats think the election's over because of last night. They think last night's convention was a home run, a grand-slam home run. I'm telling you, the truth is that in terms of average Americans watching what's going on, yesterday and last night was an absolute disaster for the Democrats.

There must be a lot of fear on our side. 'Cause I got people left and right that have been e-mailing me Clinton fact-check articles. "Rush, you gotta set the record straight on Clinton." I didn't even watch Clinton. I saw two or three segments and I got bored. I got bored. I don't think he helped Obama at all last night. You know, Obama's waiting backstage to come out and accept accolades and stand in the great light of Bill Clinton, and what did Clinton do? Make him wait 'til 11:30, when the football game is at its most exciting. Everybody's watching the wrap-up of the Giants and the Cowboys. That convention last night on the broadcast networks, the early numbers didn't even get a full rating point. It got a .9. The TV numbers are in.

Now, they're quick and they're subject to revision, but it's fascinating for me to look at my e-mail of what people send me, because I can determine who's frightened or who's worried about what mighta happened last night. I want to dissect this and share with you my opinions of it, as always. We'll have some audio sound bites of some of the things that happened. I want you to try to understand. I don't know how many of you are panicked because you think Clinton did well last night, but you have to keep in mind, the Democrat Party and the media all wish they were sleeping with Clinton. There is a slavish, irrational love-like attachment to this guy that is irrational, and it's not rooted in reality. And, of course, they think last night fixed whatever problems happened earlier in the day, or whatever mighta gone wrong earlier in the evening or whatever mighta gone wrong the last four years.

I'm telling you, they see Bill Clinton in a way that the vast majority of Americans do not. Tell me, do the candidates that Clinton endorses win? No! A sizeable percentage of the American people looked at this convention last night, and they hear contraception, abortion, women, victims, women this, women that, War on Women, and then who do they see? Bill Clinton. Any party that would bring Bill Clinton out and highlight him and Ted Kennedy, while at the same time claiming to have love and devotion, respect for women, is insane. In the real world, the connection doesn't work. (laughing) For me, it is fascinating to watch what idolatry does to people's ability to be reasonable and rational. I'll show you what I mean when we get to the audio sound bites. There's a couple other observations.

I don't think Clinton intended to help Obama that much. I think Clinton's out there for Clinton, he's being loyal to the party first, loyal to himself second. I don't know if it's got a name for it, a device, but what he wanted to do was tell the audience that his four years smoked Obama's. He couldn't just come out and say it that way, but he wanted them to conclude that. So what he did, and I'm paraphrasing it, (imitating Clinton) "I just went through my record and all the job creation, bipartisan, I mean, I worked with the Republicans." There were so many slams of Obama in that Clinton speech, I can't begin to catalog 'em all. "I was bipartisan. I worked with the Republicans. I was able to do that. I was able to get it done. This guy can't." He didn't say that, but that's the implication.

And then he recounts his record. (imitating Clinton) "I took office in the worst economy in the last 50 years, and look what happened. I raised taxes, job creation, economic recovery. Now, I don't want y'all thinking here that the last four years have been... I mean, my four years clearly outdid the last four, everybody knows that. But I don't want you thinking that. That would be very unfair. I don't want you making that kind of comparison." But he wanted everybody to make the comparison. So he told the audience, (imitating Clinton) "I know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I know more about what I'm doing than this clown does. I don't want you thinking that way. It would be wholly unfair. It would be very unfair for you to think I'm so much better at what I do than Obama is." That's exactly what he was doing.

I know this guy, folks. I can channel this guy. I know liberals. I know how they do stuff, and there's Obama sitting back there waiting to come out. He doesn't even want to have to bask in Clinton's limelight, but that's all he's got. Obama is standing back there waiting to come out and bask in the glow, and Clinton goes on and on. I was going back and forth from Clinton to the football game, and I'm not kidding you, every time I went back to Clinton, that room looked flat. Now, I know there were periods of time where it wasn't. I'm not lost in my own illusion. But I'm telling you, he mighta owned that room the first five or ten minutes, but after that, he got lost in "I, me, my," and his time and his ego, and that convention hall last night was a microcosm, a small microcosm of the small percentage of thinking in this country that is categorized by liberal. They are nowhere near the majority of the population, majority of the thinking or what have you, and the media is in the same body.

So there's a vast misunderstanding in that hall. For crying out loud, this is the bunch that got mad when they tried to put God back in their platform. They got mad! They booed God! They booed the process of putting God back, and they think they had a winning convention night last night. They think they won the election last night. We come to find out, the news came from on high. It was reported that when Obama found out that God had been taken out of the convention, he called somebody, "You put it back in." Well, guess who was in charge of taking it out in the first place? Obama. Presidents are the platform. He knew that it wasn't in there, and he knew this business about Israel and Jerusalem wasn't in there. He wanted it that way. Then all hell broke loose and he had to put it back in.

I had to feel sorry for poor Villaraigosa going out there, 'cause look what this guy's up against? And what does it say for the democrat process when the vote was ignored, the real vote was ignored, and the convention leaders just did what they wanted to do anyway. That convention doesn't want God in their platform. That bunch of Democrats wants God nowhere near 'em. And there's no other way of analyzing it. So Villaraigosa goes out there, calls for the vote, and you can see on his face, "Oh, my God. What do I do?" The teleprompter told him what to say, but the "no's" clearly outnumbered the "yay's", in terms of putting God back in. He had to sit there and pretend that the "yay's" won. He couldn't do it the first time. Here, let's just listen to it. I have to play this myself. I have to get it on the record on this program. The Democrat Party, as you will hear with sound bites, as we get into the rest of the program, they think they won the election last night. That may be one of the best results last night. They think it's in the bag now, strictly because of Bill Clinton. They think it's in the bag.

Oh, folks. You know, CNN has a stalker, Carol Costello. She's the correspondent that follows me, and she was interviewing Alex Castellanos. And Kit, be on the lookout. Every time I mention Castellanos, he calls and filibusters and demands to come on the program to "correct" what I say about him. Or he sends you an e-mail. Whatever. He's a Republican consultant, Alex Castellanos. He's on CNN last night, and Carol Costello's desperately worried that Obama's not going to be able to outshine Bill Clinton.

Castellanos says (summarized), "Yeah, I'm gonna tell you: This election's over. I got an e-mail from a woman who said she watched Clinton last night and she wanted to do two things: 'I want to sleep with him; I want to vote for him.' This is over, Carol." Costello says, "Well, you know, Obama just does so much better outdoors than indoors. Is there any way, Alex, that Obama can...?" I have the sound bites. You will hear this. The Republican consultant on CNN last night said, "It's over."

Cokie Roberts thinks it's over. Gloria Borger thinks it's over. But Joe Trippi on Fox was so embarrassed. Joe Trippi, right before Warren. Right before they went to Warren there was a little time for a panel up there. And Joe Trippi (who ran Howard Dean's campaign in '04), when it was his turn to comment, he didn't want to say anything. He was so depressed. (paraphared) "Yeah. Look, yeah. It's a little flat tonight. Yeah it's not what it was the night before. Yeah, it's a little flat," and then he started with the excuse making.

And Joe Trippi had it right.

Dick Morris was tweeting all throughout Clinton's speech just thrashing Clinton on what a horrible speech Clinton was giving. The contrast is amazing. The people who think it's over because Clinton gave a great speech are a testament to how in the tank the media and Democrats are for Clinton. They have no ability to relate to reality, particularly as it affects real people. Now, here's Villaraigosa as they're desperately trying to put God back in their convention. It's one word: "God-given." That's the phrase: "God-given." One little mention, and it's torn the convention apart.

One mention of God, and it sent this place into a tizzy.

We have two of these. Here's the first of two sound bites, the LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

VILLARAIGOSA: (convention noise) All those delegates in favor, say, "Aye."


VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates opposed, say, "No."


VILLARAIGOSA: In the opinion of the... (pause) Let me do that again.

RUSH: Yeah, do it again.

VILLARAIGOSA: All of those delegates in favor, say, "Aye."


VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates opposed, say, "No."


VILLARAIGOSA: (4-second pause)

DELEGATES: (grumbling)

VILLARAIGOSA: I, um... (2-second pause)

DELEGATES: (grumbling)

VILLARAIGOSA: I guess... (3-second pause)

WOMAN: (to Villaraigosa) You've gotta rule, and then you've gotta let them do what they're going to do.

VILLARAIGOSA: I'll do that one more time.

RUSH: That was a woman standing next to him. She looked a little bit like Elizabeth Warren, but it wasn't her. She said (summarized, "You gotta rule, Mayor. You gotta rule, and then you gotta let 'em do what they're gonna do. You've gotta rule. You just gotta do it." He kept looking off to the side, looking for guidance. He doesn't want to sit there and act happy and proud that God is not requested to be present at the Democrat convention. So here's how it ended.

VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates in favor, say, "Aye."


VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates opposed, say, "No."


VILLARAIGOSA: In the opinion of that chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative.

DELEGATES: (grumbling and jeers)

VILLARAIGOSA: The motion is adopted --

DELEGATES: (booing)

VILLARAIGOSA: -- and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.

DELEGATES: (grumbling and jeers)

VILLARAIGOSA: Thank you very much.

DELEGATES: (grumbling)

VILLARAIGOSA: Th-thank you.

RUSH: They're booing a couple of things. They're booing the process. We have to admit that, because there was no democratic process here. The votes didn't matter. Delegates, it didn't matter how they were gonna vote. This was a preordained decision. The Messiah called 'em and said, "God's gonna be back in there tonight," and they booed. They booed not only the process, but they booed the fact that they had to put God back in. In front of the whole country. Now, you might be saying, "Yeah, but, Rush, it happened like five or six at night." Ah! No, no.

This has been replayed in more places than Bill Clinton's speech.

This has been everywhere. This is on YouTube. Wherever anybody can watch video, this is, and has been, and will continue to be. And then, of course, we have the Huffing and Puffington Post accusing the Democrats of caving by putting God back in the convention. And they think they won last night. They think that the election's over after last night. Let's take a brief time-out my friends. We'll come back. We'll just start with Elizabeth Warren, because I have to tell you, she's a persuasive speaker. She convinced me that things are so terrible in America right now that there's no way we should reelect Obama.


RUSH: They have revised the weather forecast in Charlotte, North Carolina. The chance of rain tonight is zero. Literally zero! Not 5%. Not 10%. There is a 0% chance of rain tonight. This convention is in chaos, if you want to know the truth. Their platform is in chaos. Here is the sentence that sent this convention over the edge. The platform calls for a government that, quote, "gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential." That's what it was all about.

It wasn't even devotion to God. It wasn't even acknowledging God or asking God for blessing. It was simply an acknowledgement that potential is God-given! And that sent this convention into a tizzy, and there is no speech that can recover from the pictures and the sounds of that convention when they tried to get God back in. They also booed recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and it is the capital. It's where the Knesset meets. So the delegates were very hostile to Israel. The Republican Party is clearly the pro-Israel party now, without question.

But this convention is in chaos.

The president of the United States is responsible for it. The outdoor speech can't be sold out, and a 0% chance of rain is blamed. God, booed on the convention floor. Israel, booed on the convention floor. The GOP is compared to Nazis now by four different Democrats in two days. I don't know if you know this or not, but hundreds of credentialed delegates and media were locked out of the arena for hours last night. They couldn't get in. They were at capacity. Fire regulations or whatever it was. And the debt finally reaches $16 trillion during this convention.

And they think they won it last night.

Together! (Another cliche we use for the word: "Government")

National Review ^ | 09/06/2012 | Jonah Goldberg

It is a real burden not to cite every other paragraph spoken from the stage as a vindication of my book, The Tyranny of Clichés (or, for that matter, Liberal Fascism). Over and over again the Democrats spout, to paraphrase De Tocqueville, clear-but-false ideas. The overarching one of the whole convention: Government is the only thing we all belong to. Such bogus appeals to unity and community as a justification for activist government drive me batty. That’s what Elizabeth Warren’s speech was all about and countless other lesser luminaries as well. Here’s Bill Clinton’s soundbite of the night: “You see, we believe that ‘We’re all in this together’ is a far better philosophy than ‘You’re on your own.’”
According to this, and countless other formulations, the choice is binary. Large, ambitious, government action or dystopian anarchy. It’s as if the only thing keeping us from raping and pillaging defenseless widows is the government. This, to borrow one of Clinton’s favorite phrases, is a nakedly false choice. Despite all of the b.s. we hear about the Randian captivity of the GOP, no Republican makes anything like that argument. What is it about liberals that makes them think all that stands between them and total Road Warrior–style anarchy is a bloated, inefficient, government in Washington?
UPDATE: What the Heck, from Tyranny:
Logically, the idea that “government is simply the word for those things we choose to do together” is an obvious fallacy. We do many things together, some of them involve the government, most don’t. An estimated 111 million people watched the 2011 Super Bowl. Weren’t we as “together” for that as we are for, say, an OSHA hearing on the efficacy of toilet flush regulations?
Even if you allow for poetic license, this idea is a mess. We aren’t all employees of the government, and so we don’t all do what the government does together. We do all benefit together from a few things—a very few things—the government does, such as: ensuring the health of the water supply, enforcing the rule of law (broadly understood), and defending America from foreign enemies. But we don’t really do those things to- gether, do we? Consider the military, one of the few national institutions truly intended to serve all Americans equally. Military service clearly is not fulfilled by everyone, even if everyone pays for it. Indeed, one of the reasons we honor the fallen on Memorial Day and those who served on Veterans Day is precisely because we don’t all do it together. Those who wear the uniform carry the extra load so the rest of us don’t have to. The Korean War Memorial that reads “Freedom isn’t Free” might be more accurate if it said “This Freedom brought to you by the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines”—but it’s too hard to make that rhyme in a Toby Keith song.
And even when considering those very few things that benefit everybody, or nearly everybody, it’s a misunderstanding of our form of government to suggest that they are good or worthwhile because everybody agrees on their merits. We do not have a system of government that de- pends on the consent of everybody. In fact, no system ever has the consent of everybody, but plenty of systems have claimed they have support from everybody and have tried to prove it by killing anybody who disagreed.

We have a system of government that depends on the consent of the majority of citizens. And even then, majorities do not always win the day—nor should they. We have a Bill of Rights and a Supreme Court precisely so that the majority cannot always win. At least theoretically, the majority cannot revoke my freedom of religion, speech, or association.
It cannot take away my property nor rescind my right to bear arms. Now, obviously, in practice the majority can sometimes do these things, but only for reasons that pass various constitutional tests. But those tests are invariably applied when at least someone disagrees enough to go to court to complain.
More to the point, when Barack Obama or Barney Frank say that government is just a word we use for those things we all do together, they’re doing so inevitably to make the case for spending money on things: entitlements, high-speed rail, Head Start, windmills, teacher sal- aries, mohair subsidies, whatever. And it is hardly the case that we’re “all in it together” when it comes to paying for these things. The average person on Medicare gets three times more out of it than they paid in.1 The rest is carried by other taxpayers, living and unborn. Sixty percent of households get more from the U.S. government than they pay into it. 

The President's Fountain of Youth Is Drying Up!

Wall Street Journal ^ | 09/06/2012 | Karl Rove

Thursday night at the Democratic convention, President Barack Obama could continue relentlessly assaulting Gov. Mitt Romney, put the best face on his own record, or offer a substantive vision for the future. But no matter what themes he emphasizes, we know his acceptance speech will target groups that propelled him to victory in 2008 and remain critical to his re-election, especially Hispanics, women and young people.

The good news for Mr. Obama is that he has maintained his 2008 margin among Hispanics. The bad news is that less than half (42%) of Hispanic respondents said they were "very interested" in November's election, according to an Aug. 20 NBC/WSJ/Telemundo poll.
The news is worse among women. Despite a summer of Democratic attacks on the GOP for waging a "war on women," the president's "unfavorable impression" rating among women is up 11 points since April to 50% unfavorable/46% favorable in this week's ABC/Washington Post poll.
This has depressed his overall favorable/unfavorable rating to 46%/49%, only slightly better than Mr. Romney's 43%/48%. The percentage of women with a "favorable impression" of Mr. Romney is up eight points since April.
Then there are voters ages 18 to 29, among Mr. Obama's most important supporters in 2008. The roughly 23.7 million "millennials" who voted in 2008 were 18% of the electorate, up 2.9 million voters over the previous presidential race. They gave Mr. Obama 66% to Sen. John McCain's 32%, according to exit polls. This margin of roughly eight million votes was a major chunk of Mr. Obama's overall edge of 9.6 million.
But youthful enthusiasm for Mr. Obama has waned. In October 2008, 78% of voters 18-29 told Gallup they would definitely vote that year. Now it's 58%.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

CBO Report Confirms Taxmageddon Equals Recession for 2013

ATR ^ | 2012-09-05 | Rhett Brooks

The Congressional Budget Office released a report that gave a grim outlook for the U.S. economy. The CBO predicts a 0.5% decline in real GDP between the fourth quarter of 2012 and 2013 if the Bush Tax Cuts are allowed to expire and scheduled spending cuts are made.

The CBO also predicts unemployment to rise to 9% for the second half of 2013 under the same scenario.

Although these circumstances could prove hazardous for the U.S. economy in 2013, the outlook for the deficit, according to the CBO, would improve significantly. If tax increases are made, the deficit would be expected to shrink to about $641 billion.

One of the problems with the CBO report is the correlation made between tax increases and a decreasing deficit. The CBO report fails to acknowledge the largely positive affect of the Bush Tax Cuts on the deficit. Below is a table that shows tax revenue from the end of the Clinton Administration to 2011. As shown in the table, there is a steady increase in tax revenue after the Bush tax cuts in 2003. Tax revenue eventually peaked in 2007, then declined in 2008, and dropped drastically in 2009 as a result of the recession.
People often mistake the large deficits under the Bush administration as being proof that tax cuts for the so-called “wealthy” inevitably lead to growing deficits. As illustrated in the table below, however, tax cuts can have a positive effect on tax revenue.
The real issue in regards to decreasing deficits is lowering spending, not tax hikes.
YearTax Revenues(in Millions)Expenditures(in Millions)Surplus/Deficit(in Millions)
2000 $2,026.2 $1,789.0 +$236.2
2001 $1,991.1 $1,862.9 +$128.2
2002 $1,853.1 $2,010.9 -$157.8
2003 $1,782.3 $2,159.9 -$377.6
2004 $1,880.1 $2,252.9 -$412.7
2005 $2,153.6 $2,472.0 -$318.3
2006 $2,406.9 $2,655.1 -$248.2
2007 $2,568.0 $2,728.7 -$160.7
2008 $2,524.0 $2,982.5 -$458.6
2009 $2,105.0 $3,517.7 -$1,412.7
2010 $2,162.7 $3,456.2 -$1,293.5
2011 (estimated) $2,173.7 $3,818.8 -$1,645.1

Michelle Obama: People 'growing to understand' Obama's UNaccomplishments

The Hill ^

By Alicia M. Cohn

First lady Michelle Obama said Thursday that people are "growing to understand" just how much better off the country is now than it was four years ago.

"We're growing to understand just how much we’ve accomplished," the first lady said in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer set to air Thursday evening on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

Republicans are arguing that voters should ask themselves if they are truly "better off" than when President Obama took office four years ago, betting that most Americans think the answer is no. In recent days, Democrats have been grilled on their answers to the same question. Obama's campaign says "absolutely," but Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley (Md.) over the weekend said "no." O'Malley's stumble, combined with Obama grading his performance in office as "incomplete," has given the Republican presidential ticket further ammunition to say the country needs a "turnaround."
“President Obama can tell you a lot, and he’s good at doing that, but he cannot tell you that you’re better off," GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said at a campaign stop in Ohio on Tuesday. “You really can’t look at the data, the suffering family, or the jobs losses … and honestly say we’re better off than we were four years ago.”
Former President Clinton directly confronted the question in his speech to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, defending Obama's performance in office.
"Are we where we want to be?” Clinton asked. “No. Is the president satisfied? Of course not. But are we better off than we were when he took office with an economy in free-fall, losing 750,000 jobs a month? The answer is yes.”
Asked if she wished Democrats would address the "better off" question as strongly as Clinton did, Michelle Obama said: "I think that they are."
The first lady went on to list some of the accomplishments she said she touts "nearly every day when I go out on the campaign trail."
"He ended two wars, our economy was on the brink of collapse, we're now consistently creating jobs," she said. "Our grandparents can afford their medicine, our kids can stay on our health care until they’re 26 years old. I could go on and on and on."

Twilight Zone Week (Limbaugh nails it)

Creators Syndicate ^ | September 7, 2012 | David Limbaugh

The Democratic National Convention is an elaborate effort to sanitize a failed record that cannot be rehabilitated, even by the glib sophistry of former President Bill Clinton.

President Obama has often lamented that it is not that his performance has been inferior but that he has failed to fully explain the wonders of it all in terms we bitter clingers can grasp.
It's not that his policies are misguided or that they've yielded objectively horrendous results; it's that he just hasn't figured out a way to condescend far enough to our level to make us understand. The convention gives his team one last chance to put his theory to the test and change our misperceptions.
Charlotte, N.C., is a desperate Hail Mary to turn Obama's ears into a silk purse. Unfortunately for Democrats, it involves a series of contradictions.
On the one hand, it is an orchestrated charade to depict his disastrous record as a striking success, and on the other, it's a simultaneous admission that it is a failure — a failure caused solely by dastardly Republicans. By day, it is an embarrassing freak show, with speaker after speaker exhibiting contempt for traditional American values, and by night, it is toastmasters cunningly presenting the Democratic Party as the guardian of those values they've spent the entire day trashing.
The daytime and early evening speakers are angry, loud caricatures eerily redolent of Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream," hand-picked to feed the frenzy of the malcontented base. The prime-time roster features more polished figures — Julian Castro, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton — carefully selected to present a reasonable and winsome face to the American public. But as the Democrats don't have a deep enough bench to fill all the prime-time slots, they are forced to — or happily choose...
(Excerpt) Read more at ...


Miss Sandra Fluke - The Left's Martyr of Lawlessness

IFB ^ | 9/6/12 | -

Miss Sandra Fluke - The Left's Martyr of Lawlessness!

Sandra Fluke the new star of the New LAWLESS Democratic Party has been exalted by the reprobate Left here in America as a queen and a martyr for the radical Democratic pro abortion movement here in America. Miss Fluke came to the national stage when she addressed the House Democrat Steering Committee in favor of a private mandate for contraception coverage. In Miss Fluke's speech she insisted that her advocacy was for the enforcing on Catholic institutions, which adhere to a Pro- Life policies mandatory contraceptive coverage. Miss Fluke stated that during the time she spent as a law student, birth control "could" cost as much as $3,000 or more for the practicing woman. Miss Fluke also stated that about 40% of Georgetown Law School's female population suffered financial hardship as a result of birth control costs not being covered by the student health insurance plan. Sandra's final plea was that the lack of free contraception coverage for women in the university insurance plans would cause many "low income" students who attend one of the most expensive colleges to go without contraceptives. Sandra then played the victim card and shared "heart breaking" stories seeking to arouse sympathy from the lawless Left of the many women who engage in immoral behavior who could not afford birth control. This whole pre -planned speech was all organized by the Left to go after institutions which prohibit birth control and adhere to Pro-Life policies and cross the line of separation of Church and State.
It was the Right and Rush's righteous indignation against the LAWLESS Left and Miss Fluke which led to the immortal exaltation and martyrdom of Sandra Fluke.
The separation issue is what drove the Right and Rush Limbaugh so crazy. Rush then took the LAWLESS and IMMORAL Miss Fluke to the moral woodshed and as a result Rush was brutally demonized and slandered by the Left. It was the Right and Rush's righteous indignation against the LAWLESS Left and Miss Fluke which led to the immortal exaltation and martyrdom of Sandra Fluke in which she has now been exalted by the Left as a Martyr of Left's LAWLESSNESS and DECADENT agenda.
This LAWLESS exaltation has gotten Miss Fluke a spot to speak at the Democratic Convention where she will be preceding Bill Clinton; the Left's most committed womanizer, adulterer and sexual offender. How rich is that!! How tragic it is when any woman becomes an agent and champion of a godlessness agenda for their war is not with the Right or even Rush Limbaugh but with the ETERNAL CREATOR, ALMIGHTY GOD (Rom. 1:18-32, Heb. 13:4).
We have seen since the beginning of the social and sexual revolution here in America that the American man has been made base, feminine and weak by the subtle charms of the lawless intellect, licentious behavior, dominating spirit and position in the new social order of our post Judeo/Christian culture. Satan’s hand is all over this. Tragically with this rise of the godless woman and the promotion of secular feminism here in America there has come a ravishing price tag for this delusional “liberation”. The American woman of today is plagued with compounding guilt, personal unfulfillment, sex, drug and alcohol addiction, plaguing STD’s, physical abuse, deep dark depression, psychological trauma, rage, hatred, bitterness, a vindictive spirit and emotional instability. They are personally unfullfilled and spiritually vacant (Gal. 6:7,8). These women have drunk the lawless kool-aid of the secular liberation movement's message and have been sold a demonic bill of wares. They have forsaken and rebelled against Almighty God’s Divine purpose and design for them and it has affected them all according to their own personal application of this secular and lawless ideology. Tragically they have become shipwrecked on the lawless shores of godlessness and have been reaping the lawless consequences continually (Gal. 6:7-8). Instead of humbling themselves to the love, mercy and grace of Almighty God they have tragically only hardened their hearts and have become bitter and even more vile in their manner of living.
Satan's delusional and lawless ambitions for godless liberation have only shackled these women with iron battleship chains and have imposed a lawless tyranny upon themselves.
Almighty God created the woman to be finer than the man. She was created to balance the dominant nature of man, to hold him accountable, to be his help meet, to be loving, motherly, caring, compassionate and the anchor of the Divine design of the family unit (Almighty God being the bedrock) - Prov. 31: 10-31, Matt. 7:24-26). One can always tell the temperature of a culture and society by the state and condition of its women. When women are in a right relationship with Almighty God, Satan is limited in his corrupting powers. When she adheres to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God there is a healthy restraint, order and harmony in a fallen society, to preserve it and to keep it from corruption. Since 1962 - when prayer and Almighty God were removed from our nation’s schools - the lawless dam here in America broke wide open and the American woman has been swept away and has been its greatest victim. Satan's delusional and lawless ambitions for godless liberation have only shackled these women with iron battleship chains and have imposed a lawless tyranny upon themselves (Gal. 6:7-8).
One can always tell the temperature of a culture and society by the state and condition of its women. When women are in a right relationship with Almighty God, Satan is limited in his corrupting powers.
As we come to the end expect evil men and women to get worse and worse as the day approaches (2 Tim 3:1-7). The Day of the Lord is at hand and His time for global judgment on all those who hold the TRUTH, physical and spiritual ABSOLUTES and RIGHTEOUSNESS of Almighty God in unrighteousness is drawing near (Rom. 1:18-32, Rev. 6-16). When the women of a society have sold themselves to lawlessness and have given themselves over to Satan's lawless and tyrannical designs as we have seen for these last 50 years. We witness yet another sign that we are indeed at the end of our nation’s journey. . The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!

Judge rules Fort Hood shooting suspect must be 'forcibly shaved'!

NBC News ^ | 9/6/12 | staff

A judge ordered Thursday that Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist charged in a 2009 deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood, must shave or be forcibly shaved before his trial. Judge Col. Gregory Gross had said he would deliver a definitive order this week after a hearing to determine whether Hasan would be allowed to keep his beard, which he started growing while in jail earlier this summer.

Gross barred him from appearing in military court, citing the Army’s strict regulations regarding grooming standards. Hasan's attorney, Lt. Col. Kris Poppe, said his client grew the beard as a “deeply sincere”
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Hackers try to blackmail Mitt Romney with his own tax returns (Claim to Steal Returns For Ransome)

Yahoo News ^ | 9/6/2012 | Yahoo News

Is there some great big secret buried in Mitt Romney's old tax returns? Though the Republican candidate for president has made his most recent years' returns public, Democrats have been demanding he release them all, presumably so they can mine the forms for things to attack him over. But maybe it's not Democrats Romney has to worry about: A group of computer hackers claim to have stolen Romney's tax returns from accounting firm PWC, and are threatening to release them to the public if the former Massachusetts governor does not fork over a million dollars.

According to the hackers, the break-in occured at a Tennessee PWC office on August 25. They claim to have gained access to the third floor via a man who works in the building. Once inside, the team allegedly entered a second floor suite containing a number of Mitt Romney's tax documents. The thieves supposedly copied all Romney's available financial documents, put them on encrypted flash drives, and mailed them to the local Republican and Democratic parties.
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Drew Peterson, Swaggering Cop, Convicted of Murdering Third Wife!

NYP via AP ^ | September 6, 2012 | AP Staff

JOLIET, Ill. — Drew Peterson, the swaggering former suburban Chicago police officer who generated a media storm after his much-younger fourth wife vanished in 2007, was convicted Thursday of murdering his third wife in a case based mainly on secondhand hearsay statements from the two women.
Peterson, 58, sat stoically looking straight ahead and did not react as the verdict was read, but several of Savio's family members gasped before hugging each other as they cried quietly in the courtroom. Illinois has no death penalty, and Peterson now faces a maximum 60-year prison term when sentenced on Nov. 26.
The trial was the first of its kind in Illinois history, with prosecutors building their case largely on secondhand hearsay thanks to a new law, dubbed "Drew's Law," tailored to Peterson's case. That hearsay, prosecutors had said, would let his third and fourth wives "speak from their graves" through family and friends to convict Peterson.
Hearsay is any information reported by a witness that is not based on the witness' direct knowledge. Its use at the trial could also be grounds for an appeal from Peterson.
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‘Words Matter’: Amateur Compilation Reel Pits Obama Against Himself

The Blaze ^ | September 5, 2012 | Mike Opelka

Political commercials using a candidate’s own words to show that someone has changed positions, flip-flopped or lied, is nothing new. However, TheBlaze has discovered a new video that seems to take the idea a few steps further, expanding the :30 second commercial into a short, un-narrated documentary...

The YouTube description reads:

A short un-narrated documentary that looks at Obama’s first term with regards to transparency, healthcare, taxes, fairness, energy and the national debt – guaranteed to contain information of interest.

view at:

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Ronald Reagan Did it!

Sex! You Want Sex?

TRUE STORY. It broke the place up.

Planned Parenthood Prez: Without Birth Control 'Few Women Had Opportunity to Finish School' (what arrogance)

CNSNews ^

Planned Parenthood Prez: Without Birth Control 'Few Women Had Opportunity to Finish School' By Terence P. Jeffrey September 6, 2012
( - Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday that before birth control was legalized in the United States women did not have the opportunity to finish school and did not live long past the age of 50.
"Nearly 100 years ago when Planned Parenthood was founded, birth control was illegal," Richards told the convention. "And as a result, few women had the opportunity to finish school, and we really weren't even expected to live much past the age of 50.
"But times have changed," she said. "Today, we're mothers and we are teachers and scientists and accountants and members of the armed forces. And because of President Barack Obama, more women than ever are serving in the U.S. cabinet and on the United States Supreme Court. We've come so far. We`ve come so far."
However, a study on historical trends in high school graduation rates for American born between 1900 and 1980 done for the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that throughout that period females had a higher graduation rate than males.
Statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dating back to 1900 indicate that in all periods since then women in the United States have had a longer life expectancy than men.
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Dems twist jobs numbers and GOP Medicare ideas ^ | September 5, 2012 | AP

On Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, speakers cherry-picked employment numbers to make President Barack Obama's record on jobs look better than it is and misrepresented Republican proposals on Medicare to cast them in the worst light.
A look at some of the claims from the stage, in speeches preceding former President Bill Clinton's featured address Wednesday night, and how those assertions compare with the facts:
Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, House Democratic leader: "Democrats will preserve and strengthen Medicare. Republicans will end the Medicare guarantee."
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., delivers a speech at the DNC, Wednesday, urging Americans to reelect President Obama.
Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: "Paul Ryan wrote the budget that turns Medicare into voucher care and could charge seniors $6,400 more every year, while funding tax breaks for millionaires. Here's their economic plan: if you're a millionaire, you win the lottery. If you're a senior, you lose your Medicare guarantee."
The fact: Both are on shaky ground in declaring that Republicans will end the "Medicare guarantee," and Israel's figure for how much more seniors could pay is outdated. It's actually based on a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the 2011 version of Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal, different in several important ways from the Republican vice presidential candidate's latest 2012 version.
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Obamanomics: Numbers Don't Lie, Unlike Bill Clinton!

 by xuberalles

Bill Clinton: Obama is showing America the path to a modern economy.

That was so funny I forgot it wasn’t a joke! How does verbally minimizing the accomplishments of the private sector –handcuffing businesses with excessive regulations while creating the largest pool of welfare recipients this country has ever known - aid in forging a vibrant economy? How does adding a record 5.5 trillion in debt in a mere four years - devaluing the dollar, the purchasing power of businesses and consumers - help create jobs, more disposable income, in a rising sea of inflation? Why is it, AGAIN, Democrats refused to agree to a balanced budge amendment, instead opting to raise the debt ceiling in lieu of slashing wasteful programs? Did America not just lose its AAA credit rating for the first time ever? Surely, the greatest industrial power the world has ever known did not just log a month with zero economic growth; the first time since the Great Depression? And after 41 straight months of unemployment above 8% - another Obama original - not to mention a record number of home foreclosures, is that floaties I see on the flailing arms of Middle America? Yes, I’m starting to sense our mystical travel guide is lost!
If the truth be known, our government is bankrupt - printing money to cover its socialist projects, to prop-up our over-speculated markets - and yet Barack Obama still hasn’t added one "net" job during his lavish spending spree; actually, he’s lost over two million. Will someone please explain to me, in the deep recesses of time and space, the fabled tenets of logic itself, the wholesome auspices of peanut butter and jam, how any of those facts translate into a coherent and effective economic policy? Once again, after the media’s thorough and exhaustive investigation in 2008, what was Mr. Hussein’s vast body of executive experience before being elected? Oh, that’s right, community organizer: not convenience store manager, Walmart checker, lemonade stand entrepreneur…just community organizer! Yeah, Barry wishes he had worked at Bain Capital! Too bad they cancelled their Marxist, affirmative action, propaganda program. Too much red tape! At least now Nancy Pelosi will have time to read the health care bill!
Sorry, Mr. Clinton, because liberalism is a mental disorder, neither prescribed nor protected under the Constitution, your ridiculous claim is denied! After all, wasn't it your Fair Housing Act - which you promised wouldn't cost taxpayers one cent - that paved the way for the credit collapse in the first place? Barack Obama doesn’t know a damn thing about economics, the free enterprise system, and you know it! In fact, he despises it! “We the People” – those patriotic Americans who built and own this country – are tired of picking up the pieces of failed progressive policies. Therefore, on November 6th, 2012, we’re foreclosing the White House and restoring integrity and fiscal responsibility to government! If this election is really about truth and dignity - not scaring seniors with Medicare or blackmailing minorities with welfare – why did you tell Ted Kennedy in 2008 that “Obama would be carrying your bags just a few years earlier”? Apparently, touting the party line is getting heavier and heavier. Please tip the lapdog media on your way out the door.

The Five 'Reasons' to Re-elect Obama ^ | September 6, 2012 | Larry Elder

The case for re-electing President Barack Obama rests on five arguments, the most important of which is that Romney/Ryan represent sexism, racism, homophobia and fascism.

1) Obama "inherited" the worst set of economic conditions since World War II.
False. Based on unemployment, inflation and interest rates, the recession of 1981-82 was worse. Unemployment during the early '80s reached 10.8 percent, inflation 13.5 percent, and prime interest rates reached 21.5 percent. During this so-called "Great Recession," the numbers peaked at 10.2 unemployment, 5.6 percent inflation and 7.25 percent for the prime interest rate.
2) Obama's economic policies "rescued the economy from falling off a cliff."
False. Nearly 350 economists, including several Nobel laureates, publicly urged Obama to following the path President Reagan pursued -- cutting taxes, slowing the growth of domestic spending and continuing deregulation.
Most business economists think Obama's "stimulus" plan accomplished little, if anything, with some academic economists, like Stanford's John Taylor, believing that stimulus actually made things worse: "I just don't think there's any evidence. When you look at the numbers, when you see what happened, when people reacted to the stimulus, it did very little good."
TARP, begun under President George W. Bush, supposedly prevented financial institutions from collapsing. But Neil Barofsky, in his new book called "Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street," argues that TARP completely failed in its mission: to increase liquidity to jumpstart lending.
The reason for intervention in the first place is that banks had become "too big too fail." Not only did the banks park the money and make risk-free profits off the spread, but banks became bigger than ever after TARP.
ObamaCare promises to provide health insurance to nearly 30 million Americans currently uninsured. Obama said it would bend the health care cost curve down, that it would decrease the deficit and that if you like your doctor or your current health insurance plan, you can keep it.
But Jonathan Gruber, the economist who designed both RomneyCare and ObamaCare, now admits some are going to pay more -- and some a lot more -- for their health insurance: "It is true that even after tax credits some individuals are 'losers,' in that they pay more than before (Obama's) reform." Rick Foster, the chief Medicare actuary, testified that it is "false, more so than true" that ObamaCare bends down the cost curve. He also said it is "not true in all cases" that if you like your plan you can keep your plan.
What about the "investments" in the green jobs of the future? At $529 million dollars of lost taxpayer money, Solyndra is one of many money-hemorrhaging "clean energy" flops. Other belly-flops backed by federal loans include Beacon Power and Abound Solar. A Washington Post investigation traced $3.9 billion in grants and financing to 21 companies that were backed by firms connected to five Obama administration staffers and advisors. Cronyism?
3) Bush's irresponsible tax cuts and "unpaid-for wars" of Afghanistan and Iraq caused the deficit.
False. Obama frequently bemoans the "cost" of $700 billion in tax cuts for "millionaires and billionaires." CNN's Fareed Zakaria blames the "Bush tax cuts" for the deficit. But the $700 billion Obama speaks of is spread over 10 years. This comes to a mere 5 percent of the deficit.
As to the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a study by Brown University estimates the costs at between $3.2 trillion and $4 trillion. This, too, is over about 10 years (the approximate duration of the wars), or an average of $360 billion per year. This comes out to about 25 percent of the estimated $1.5 trillion deficit.
4) We are better off now than four years ago.
A new poll for the Washington paper The Hill found 52 percent of likely voters believe the country is now in "worse condition" than four years ago, while 31 percent believe it's in "better condition." After accounting for inflation, median household income dropped 2.6 percent during the 18-month recession. It fell another 4.8 percent from the start of the "recovery" through June 2012. Unemployment stood at 7.8 percent when Obama entered the White House. It is 8.3 percent right now. We've added over $6 trillion in new debt in the last four years -- and the deficit tripled since Bush's last full year in office.
5) The other guys -- former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan -- are worse: sexist, racist, homophobic and fascist.
The chairman of the California Democratic Party, John Burton, following the Republican convention, gave us this preview of coming attractions: "(Republicans) lie, and they don't care if people think they lie. As long as you lie, (Nazi propaganda minister) Joseph Goebbels -- the big lie -- you keep repeating it."
Welcome to the 2012 Democratic National Convention: Republican attendees are advised to keep their sheets and hoods at home.

Democrats reinsert 'God' and 'Jerusalem' as delegates boo (Democrats hate God and Jerusalem)

The Examiner ^ | 9/5/2012 | Larry Clifton

On the night Democrats wanted the media and party faithful swooning over former president Bill Clinton’s every phrase, two words have taken center stage during the Charlotte convention: “God,” and “Jerusalem.”

Democrat’s ill-fated decision to omit all references of God from their party platform brought the wrath of persons of many faiths while their decision to omit language describing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel curried no favor with Jews, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

By Wednesday evening the Democrats were getting as much attention for the omissions than for the much vaunted speech of Clinton.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

How Did We Survive Before Barack Obama?

Political Realities ^ | 09/06/12 | LD Jackson

Let me get this out of the way. I have not watched one second of the Democratic National Convention. Between other obligations and Wednesday night being church night, it just hasn't been in the cards. Not that I would have watched if I hadn't been busy, but you get the idea. I also will probably not watch Barack Obama accept his foregone nomination for a second term as President. I just don't have the stomach for it.

What I have done is catch a bit of news on the DNC and I have also read an extensive number of blog posts, from people I trust, about what the Democrats are doing in Charlotte. It appears they are in the process of conducting the coronation of Barack Obama as the second coming of Christ and portraying Republicans, in general, and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, in particular, as devils and demons, incarnate. I fully expect our ticket to sprout forked tails at any moment.
The main line of attack by the Democrats seem to be that we all need or want abortion to be freely accessible, right down to the last moment of pregnancy. They liken any opposition to that as a war on a woman's right to choose. From the reports I have read and the short video segments I have watched, the Democrats are digging in their heels and drawing a line in the sand on abortion. As far as I am concerned let them give it their best shot. Slowly, but surely, I believe we are winning the fight against the killing of unborn children in America.
Going back to Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention, I want to quote an opinion article that I believe describes what they are doing perfectly.
(Human Events) Government is the only thing we all belong to — but, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for any of it. That about sums up the Democratic National Convention’s case to America, a place where whatever isn’t handed to you is actually just being taken away. Democrats like to claim that Ronald Reagan and William Buckley would be simply horrified if they saw the modern-day GOP; but please take a moment to ponder the spectacular display of bonkers in Charlotte, N.C., this week.
Here you’re free to imply or even say that a Republican is unpatriotic (I’m old enough to remember when that sort of thing was frowned upon) for conducting business outside the country. Here politicians celebrate the president’s courageous ability to use taxpayer funds to bail out a company that can only avoid another bankruptcy (barely) on the strength of foreign sales. This is called “economic patriotism” or, more familiarly, protectionism or, maybe, Hooverism — the kind of ism Democrats once rejected. Forward!
In short, the Democrats have absolutely lost their grip on reality. They are making all kinds of outrageous claims against the Republicans. They are trotting out speakers who are declaring the evils of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They claim Mitt Romney destroyed job growth in Massachusetts, but the statistics show otherwise. At the same time, they are declaring the wonderfulness of Barack Obama, grading his first term as "incomplete", and saying he needs another four years to finish the job.
Outright lies? There were many. For example, the claim that the auto bailout was paid back. Or the claim that Romney-Ryan’s Medicare plan would cost seniors $6,400 per year and force them into voucher programs. There is no study — not even one authored by an Obama aide — that backs such an assertion. Ryan’s plan allows seniors to stay on the traditional Medicare program if they choose — but we all know that choice only works in tandem with government guidance. And when Castro, Michelle Obama, Deval Patrick and Rahm Emanuel assert that the president created 4.5 million new jobs … also not true. If a person were to be extremely generous and pretend that government created productive jobs, he’d still be hard-pressed to avoid the very real fact that though 4.5 million new jobs have been created during the Obama administration, 5.1 million jobs have been lost. As Clinton told us Wednesday night, sometimes we have to use arithmetic.
You know the other accusations: Republicans want to privatize, deregulate, voucherize, embrace unfettered free markets and cut government down to the bone. And boy, do I wish any of that were actually true.
Democrats say that things are a lot better than they used to be. And if you believe all the things we’re hearing, you might wonder: How did we survive in this Godforsaken place before 2008? Were children really left to die on the slab? Were college kids forced to pay for their own journalism degrees? Were people expected to head over to the CVS and buy their own condoms? Did we really suffer through year after year of 5 percent unemployment?
Were we really so immoral before He showed up? Apparently.
If we are to believe the story the Democrats are telling, Barack Obama has been a wonderful President. He has a lot of people convinced of that, but as I set here writing this post, I can not think of one thing he has done that has positively affected the lives of Americans. And no, repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell and investing in bankrupt solar energy companies doesn't count. Trying to list his accomplishments, I come up blank. I wouldn't give his first four years an "incomplete" grade. I was thinking more along the lines of disaster.
  • Less domestic energy production.
  • Freedom of religion restricted by way of policy changes and Obamacare.
  • Welfare reform, a significant achievement of the Bill Clinton and Republican Congress years, hamstrung. In spite of what the fact checkers say, the allowing of waivers for the work requirement completely defeats the purpose of the legislation.
  • Continued high unemployment.
  • Obamacare and the vast number of regulations it imposes on small businesses and corporations.
  • Class warfare, pitting the 99% against the 1%.
Need I go on? How many more "accomplishments" can you name that have been the direct result of Barack Obama and his first four years (hopefully, his last) as President? Honestly, how did we make it before the era of Barack Obama?

I'll Prove It!

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Judge upholds Arizona "show-your-papers" measure in mixed ruling

Reuters ^

A U.S. judge ruled on Wednesday that a controversial Arizona "show-your-papers" immigration provision that has been upheld by the Supreme Court may go into effect, but in a split ruling blocked another measure making it a crime to harbor illegal immigrants.

The measure that was upheld, part of a broader law to combat illegal immigration in the state bordering Mexico, home to an estimated 360,000 undocumented immigrants, requires police to check the immigration status of people they stop and suspect are in the country illegally.

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