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Lawyers Have Already Drafted 13,000 Pages of Regulations for New ObamaTax Law!

Gateway Pundit ^ | July 5, 2012 | Jim Hoft

With the Supreme Court giving President Obama’s new health care law a green light, federal and state officials are turning to implementation of the law — a lengthy and massive undertaking still in its early stages, but already costing money and expanding the government.

The Health and Human Services Department “was given a billion dollars implementation money,” Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana said. “That money is gone already on additional bureaucrats and IT programs, computerization for the implementation.”

“Oh boy,” Stan Dorn of the Urban Institute said. “HHS has a huge amount of work to do and the states do, too. There will be new health insurance marketplaces in every state in the country, places you can go online, compare health plans.”

The IRS, Health and Human Services and many other agencies will now write thousands of pages of regulations — an effort well under way:

“There’s already 13,000 pages of regulations, and they’re not even done yet,” Rehberg said.

“It’s a delegation of extensive authority from Congress to the Department of Health and Human Services and a lot of boards and commissions and bureaus throughout the bureaucracy,” Matt Spalding of the Heritage Foundation said. “We counted about 180 or so.”

There has been much focus on the mandate that all Americans obtain health insurance, but analysts say that’s just a small part of the law — covering only a few pages out of the law’s 2700.

“The fact of the matter is the mandate is about two percent of the whole piece of the legislation,” Spalding said. “It’s a minor part.”

Much bigger than the mandate itself are the insurance exchanges that will administer $681 billion in subsidies over 10 years, which will require a lot of new federal workers at the IRS and health department.

“They are asking for several hundred new employees,” Dorn said. “You have rules you need to write and you need lawyers, so there are lots of things you need to do when you are standing up a new enterprise.”

For some, though, the bottom line is clear and troubling: The federal government is about to assume massive new powers.


Winston Churchill on Obama and others!

by ken5050

Recently I was searching for the correct text of a quote by Winston Churchill. I came across a slew of others, several of which are quite appropriate, and very applicable to today's political climate. I thought FReepers would enjoy the wit, wisdom, and prescience of Sir Winston.

So read, and marvel at the sheer brilliance of this great man.
On the Obamacare bill:
"This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.
On the fundemental differences between a free market capitalism and a socialist/progressive/Marxist worldview:"The inherent vice of Capitalism is the uneven division of blessings, while the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal division of misery."
"We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

"Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what really is - the strong horse that pulls the whole cart."
"A communist is like a crocodile. When it opens its mouth you cannot tell whether it is trying to smile or preparing to eat you."
"There is no such thing as a good tax!"
On RINOs and the GOPe :
"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
On Mitt Romney's ever-evolving positions, and the inept comments of his key campaign staff:
"I have always felt that a politician is to be judged by the animosities he excites among his opponents."
"Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room."
"When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber."
On Nancy Pelosi:
She:"If you were my husband I would put poision in your coffee."
He: "And if I were your husband, I would drink it."
She: "Mr. Churchill, you are drunk!"
He: "And you madam, are ugly. But I shall be sober tomorrow."
On Mitch McConnell:
"It is no use saying 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary."
"Everyone has his day, and some days last longer than others."
On RINO senators who voted to confirm Sotomayor and Kagan to the Supreme Court:
"The only recorded instance in history of a rat swimming towards a sinking ship."
On attempting to understand how Obama was elected:
"I sometimes marvel at the extra-ordinary docility with which Americans submit to speeches."
"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."
On why he believes that America is a nation of exceptionalism, and why her best days are still ahead:
"The Americans will always do the right thing...after they have exhausted all the alternatives."
"A love for tradition has never weakened a nation; indeed it has strenghtened nations in their hour of greatest peril."
Hope you all enjoyed!!!!

Big Labor, Big Money (NON PROFIT labor unions buying hotels, golf courses) 

Check in to the luxury $187 million Westin Diplomat Hotel on the beach outside Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and you’ll be impressed by sumptuous, art deco features, hotel suites overlooking the ocean, flowing fountains, waterfalls in its infinity swimming pool, the plush green golf course and the top-notch restaurants.

It’s a place even Donald Trump might envy.

You might also be impressed that this opulent hotel is owned by a labor union, and is frequently used for union junkets, government documents show. As is the $15.4 million Hillcrest Golf Club in Saint Paul, Minn. As is the $33 million lakeside resort and golf club in Onaway, Mich., owned by the United Auto Workers Union, a resort now hemorrhaging millions of dollars at a time of auto bailouts and auto job losses.

Labor officials routinely blast U.S. companies for not paying their “fair share” in taxes, and criticize fat-cat pay for executives, especially bankers in a time of bailouts.

“Corporations already pay too low an effective tax rate,“ AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka has said, decrying “astronomical CEO pay.” James Hoffa, Teamsters president, also has chimed in: “We`re the ones that are fighting the big corporations“ so as “to make sure [they] give their fair share back to the American worker.”

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Obama: Election will decide nation's economic fate (Says ObamaCare here to stay)

Associated Press ^ | July 5, 2012

MAUMEE, Ohio (AP) -- President Barack Obama has told an Ohio campaign crowd that he's betting they won't lose heart or interest in the November election despite political stalemates. He says the outcome will determine the nation's economic future for the next 10 to 20 years.

He also offered a stout defense of his health care law, saying: "The law I passed is here to stay."

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PBS: Re-Educating America’s Schoolchildren

Accuracy In Media ^ | June 28, 2012 | Mary Grabar and Tina Trent

When most people think of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s education programs, they remember the gentle Mr. Rogers welcoming children to his home, or documentaries offering exciting encounters with whales and other exotic creatures.

These shows still exist. But CPB today produces lessons that glorify the Black Panthers and riots and protests of the 1960s, present rocker Patti Smith as a “patriot” for singing songs that condemn President George W. Bush, vilify Wal-Mart, and sanctify environmentalist Rachel Carson. Although their educational materials claim to be objective, the truth is that their unrelenting ideological slant that promotes the politics of protest and civil disobedience is aimed at re-educating children into becoming far-left activists.

But whenever there are attempts to cut federal funding to CPB, the corporation points to its “educational programming” as proof that the approximately $450 million it receives annually from federal taxpayers is being put to good use. Big Bird and other members of the cast of Sesame Street show up in Congress to tell members of the educational value of CPB-funded programs.
The same justification is offered by state affiliates. For example, in 2011, Georgia Public Broadcasting’s marketing vice president, Nancy Zintak, defended their executives’ salaries by explaining that “80,000 Georgia teachers have downloaded data more than 5 million times from GPB’s educational website.”[1]
Georgia taxpayers directly fund half of GPB’s annual $29 million budget. Millions more are funneled through the state’s public university budgets.
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Holy Cow! Immigration Punishes Dairy Farmer Who Doesn't Hire Illegal Aliens

PJTV ^ | July 5, 2012 | Staff

Most cows are milked by illegal aliens. So what happens when dairy farmers hire legal workers to milk their cows? Would you believe that that they could be accused of breaking the law?

Hear/see more on this Trifecta video:

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Obama's Swiss Cheese Campaign

CNS News ^ | 7/5/2012 | Michelle Malkin

What's pale yellow, riddled with holes and not very sharp? President Barack Obama's renewed class-warfare attack on GOP opponent Mitt Romney.

To kick off the Independence Day holiday, America's fundraiser-in-chief took to Twitter to stoke wealth-bashing resentment against Republicans. "FACT," Obama's official Twitter account declared, "In 2010, Romney reported having a $3 million Swiss bank account." Obama for America campaign manager Jim Messina piled on, urging "every reporter covering Romney" to read left-wing Vanity Fair's new report on his offshore finances.
In a water-carrying news conference call, Obama campaign flack Ben LaBolt assailed Romney's "mysterious corporation in Bermuda, his funds in the Cayman Islands and the Swiss bank account he opened."
The Democratic wizards of election-year optics believe that such populist rhetoric demonizing foreign money will help shore up their left flank and win independents tired of crony, out-of-touch government. One problem: They launched their class war fusillade in the same week that Tinseltown tycoon George Clooney announced Obama fundraising efforts — in Geneva, Switzerland. Oops.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney will entertain 150 European elites at a swanky Swiss reception, "which will be followed by a more intimate — and expensive — dinner at which the star will be the guest of honor. Tickets for the latter event will go for $20,000 for singles and $30,000 for couples." As Reuters reported at the time, Clooney spearheaded a similar event in Geneva, "one of the world's most affluent cities," in 2008. "Some 170 contributors paid $1,000 a head to hear him speak at a cocktail party held at a museum in Geneva's Old Town. And 75 high-rolling supporters spent $10,000 each to attend 'an intimate seated dinner'" with the actor.
Swiss money for thee, but not for Romney, eh, Democrats?
Even more problematic for Obama: Some of his very best campaign finance bundlers and golfing buddies are architects and beneficiaries of the Swiss tax havens he purports to abhor.
Robert Wolf is president of Swiss financial giant UBS Investment Bank and chairman of UBS Americas. According to campaign finance records, this longtime friend and fat cat has personally bundled more than $500,000 for Obama, dating back to Obama's Illinois Senate days.
Obama and Wolf were introduced by radical leftist billionaire George Soros and have remained golfing and basketball buddies ever since. Wolf sits on Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board and the presidential Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. In August 2010, Obama's Internal Revenue Service dropped its lawsuit over UBS tax havens. The company forked over nearly $800 million to make the investigators all go away.
Wolf's no lone Swiss-based Obama wolf. The left-leaning BuzzFeed and right-leaning Washington Free Beacon websites both noted in April that another deep-pocketed Obama bundler, Charles Adams, heads the Swiss office of powerhouse law firm Akin Gump. He's raised at least $100,000.
It's fondue-savory to watch the current administration, up to its eyeballs in tax cheats and scofflaws from the Treasury Department to the Health and Human Services Department to the Labor Department, railing about Romney's purported tax evasion. It's even richer to watch Obama's operatives huff and puff about Romney's lack of transparency while using Romney's own disclosed tax forms to disparage his wealth, investments and private-sector success.
This is 100 percent, unadulterated envy politics, doused in hypocritical whine. Like Obama's favorite imported Swiss cheese, it reeks.

100 Maj. Hasans (Ft. Hood murderer) Inside Military?

Investors Business Daily ^ | 7/3/2012 | Investors Business Daily

Fifth Column: The FBI is investigating more than 100 Muslim soldiers and military contractors with the potential to carry out Fort Hood-style attacks. The administration has kept a lid on the growing threat.

It's covering up the truth about an alarmingly widespread Islamist penetration of the military. The dangerous fifth column was discovered more than two years after Army Maj. Nidal Hasan opened fire on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 and wounding 29.

The administration whitewashed the jihadist massacre as a run-of-the-mill case of "workplace violence." Now it's trying to postpone Hasan's trial until after the election to keep Islamic terrorism out of the headlines.

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Conservative “expert” purists have to recognize people are voting AGAINST Obama not FOR Romney ^ | Juky 5, 2012 | Kevin "Coach" Collins

The Drudge Report carries a picture of Mitt Romney jet skiing with his wife – “Oh no that’s it Barack Obama will cruise to reelection because all is lost!”
A few people, who we’ve heard of, have declared Romney’s campaign virtually dead because THEY don’t like his response to the two worst decisions from the Supreme Court.
These comments are, of course well meaning, but they remind us of the wide gap between grass roots activist TEA party conservative voters and conservative “leaders” who now want to run in front of the parade to appear to be relevant.
There is a huge surge of enthusiasm to get rid of Barack Obama that is happening in the streets and on conservative internet “meeting places” that will flush Barack Obama away in November. How can these “experts” not know this?

In my small but reliable poll 66% my overwhelmingly conservative readers said they were voting AGAINST Barack Obama and just 24% said they were voting FOR Mitt Romney! The large national polls won’t ask this question but that doesn’t alter the truth.

Our “expert” conservative leaders don’t yet understand that not only will conservative voters crawl through broken glass to vote against Obama, BUT more to the point, legions of Americans, especially White voters, who just desperately want Obama gone will see “ROMNEY” as the name on the toilet bowl handle that must be pulled down to flush away Barack Obama – America’s foulest mistake.
Over the past two years Obama’s nationally televised speeches have drawn fewer and fewer listeners. This is because Americans don’t care what he has to say, they want him gone.
Regardless of what he has done, Obama has not gotten ANY lasting “poll bounce” because Americans don’t care what he does, they want…..
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The Need For Speed and Detail On the Pledge of Repeal

Townhall ^ | Jul 05, 2012 | Hugh Hewitt

Do you trust the Congressional GOP to do everything they can to repeal Obamacare if Mitt Romney wins the presidency and if at least 51 GOP senators are elected and the House GOP majority maintained?

Do you trust them to move as quickly as possible to do so?

I do, because the political consequences of failing to do so would be so immense as to cost the GOP their newly won majorities in 2014. If empowered by the voters, the failure to repeal Obamacare will result a massive repudiation of the GOP by its own base.

But large numbers of voters don't see it the way I do. (I hear from them Monday through Friday, on air and off, in person and via the new media.)

These activists point to a disappointing 2011 as their reason for skepticism. They point to a series of House votes in 2011 that did not cut spending as deep as they had expected and to the negotiations over the supplemental appropriation in the spring and then the debt ceiling in the summer which did not bring home even one major symbolic victory like an end to NPR funding

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Romney’s Wife Says Woman Being Eyed For Ticket

CBS DC ^ | 7/5/12 | CBS DC

Mitt Romney’s wife says her husband is thinking about picking a woman to be on his ticket this fall.

Ann Romney says in an interview, “We’ve been looking at that and I love that option as well.”

She tells CBS News she thinks the person selected for the No. 2 spot should be “someone that obviously can do the job but will be able to carry through with some of the other responsibilities.”

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Human Events ^ | 7-5-12 | John Hayward

A fresh round of Democrats has announced they will not be attending the party convention in Charlotte. Most troublingly for President Obama, several of them are from North Carolina, and not only have they decided not to drop in on a convention held in their own state, they’ve refused to endorse Obama for president in 2012.

The latest round of Democrats fleeing from Obama include North Carolina congressmen Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell, plus candidate Hayden Rogers.

Additionally, news broke just before the Fourth of July holiday that Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas has decided not to attend the party convention, although he does support Obama for president.
The North Carolina trio hasn’t been particularly talkative about their decision, with McIntyre and Kissell refusing to return calls from the Asheville Citizen-Times.
Rachel Adams of the North Carolina GOP, on the other hand, was quite happy to discuss the situation with the press, saying “Hayden Rogers’ refusal to publicly support both President Obama and attend his own party’s national convention illustrates that North Carolina voters have rejected President Obama’s job killing, big government policies.
If President Obama can’t even capture enthusiasm from his own party, how can he expect to rally voters in November?”
It’s tougher to sell the “too busy campaigning to waste time at the convention” excuse when you’re talking about candidates in the very state where the convention is being held. In fact, Kissell represents the 8th Congressional District, where Charlotte is located. Furthermore, a busy schedule of campaign activities doesn’t explain why these folks refuse to endorse Obama for re-election.
There are some Republicans who have decided not to attend their party’s convention in Tampa, such as George Allen of Virginia, whose opponent Tim Kaine says he will be at the Democrat convention in Charlotte.
But far more Democrats are taking a pass on Charlotte, and some of them are making it clear that they want to distance themselves from an unpopular President while running tough races in red and purple states.
It’s also telling that a key early Obama supporter, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, is among those skipping the 2012 convention.
It’s tough to say if this is a “record” number of candidates and elected officials skipping a party convention. Both Republican and Democrat candidates skipped their 2008 conventions, generally with the same stated reason of being too busy with campaign activities to attend, but their numbers look to have been considerably smaller, with fewer refusals to endorse.
It also seems, from a review of 2008 news articles, that these announcements tended to come much later in the game, closer to the date of the actual conventions. The media didn’t make as much of a fuss about it as they are today.
Of course, there wasn’t an incumbent President on the ticket in 2008. (In fact, the most widely reported convention-skipping decision in 2008 was George Bush’s announcement that he wouldn’t attend the Republican convention, and he pointedly was not running for office at the time.)
Looking back to 2004, only three Senate candidates made any headlines by announcing they would skip the GOP convention in New York: David Vitter of Louisiana, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.
Greater attention was paid to the non-attendance of a non-candidate, Colin Powell. I think it can be said that the number and stature of Democrat candidates bailing on the 2012 convention is remarkable, if not historic.
Will all of this convention-skipping make a difference, once affairs in Charlotte have been concluded? No doubt the Republicans will make some hay of it, reminding presidential voters that candidates from Obama’s own party took pains to distance themselves from him, while the opponents of Democrats in tight local races will portray their refusal to attend the convention as transparent attempts to hide their liberalism and party loyalty.
The effectiveness of those tactics will probably depend upon President Obama’s standing in the polls as the election draws closer. If he’s doing well in the fall, it won’t matter that a sizable number of candidates chose to avoid his convention; if he’s down in the polls, the convention-skippers will be salt in his political wounds.
The tenor of the convention will probably have a lot to do with it as well, as a successful convention largely free of controversy or major political stumbles will go a long way toward erasing the memory of those who chose not to attend.

Obama censors the Declaration of Independence

Life Site News ^ | 7/4/2012 | Phyllis Schlafly

Who does President Barack Obama think he is that he can change the wording of the Declaration of Independence? Again and again he presumes to quote the great Declaration while making a significant change: he omits the word “Creator.”

Americans know that the Declaration of Independence proclaims as a matter of fact that they “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” But when Obama recites this line, he omits the word “Creator.”
Listen carefully to how Obama censors that famous line. Here are his own words: “all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed with certain inalienable rights.” He doesn’t say who endowed us.
Obama has done this so often that it can’t be a slip of the tongue or a glitch of the teleprompter. Changing the words of the Declaration of Independence is part of Obama’s determination to remove everything religious and every mention of God from every aspect of our public life in order to fundamentally transform us from “one nation under God” into one nation under the Federal Government, especially the executive branch, with no higher power recognized.
On this Fourth of July, we should remind ourselves that the great Declaration of Independence is not only the proclamation of our independence and sovereignty, but is also the official affirmation of our belief and faith in God. The Declaration asserts God’s existence as a “self-evident” truth, and states that the purpose of government is to secure our God-given unalienable individual rights.
The Declaration contains five references to God — God as our Creator, God as supreme Lawmaker, God as the Source of all rights, God as the world’s supreme Judge, and God as our Protector.
Shortly before we started hearing fireworks for this year’s Fourth of July, the movie “For Greater Glory” opened in local theaters. It is a compelling dramatization of the Mexican government’s persecution of Christians from 1926 to 1929, a bloody piece of history that has hitherto been ignored by historians and filmmakers.
This wasn’t in some faraway Muslim country; it was in our next-door neighbor. It’s instructive for Americans, who have peacefully enjoyed religious liberty for more than two centuries, to realize the depth of hatred that some people have for religion in general and Christianity in particular.
The movie is a worthy addition to the genre of successful religious films that portray Christian heroes who died for their faith, such as “A Man For All Seasons” (Thomas More), “Becket,” and “The Robe.”
In 1926, the Mexican president, Plutarco Elias Calles, brutally enforced laws to suppress religion. Soldiers on horseback broke into churches, vandalized church property, killed priests, and strung up dead bodies on posts to terrify the people.
Government officials, an elite openly admiring Soviet Communism, were determined to destroy all visible evidences of religion, including the cross and other Christian symbols, the wearing of traditional garments by Catholic priests and nuns, and religious processions. Soldiers could order anyone to repeat “Long live the Federal Government,” with death the punishment for refusal.
Mexico’s Constitution required the schools to be active participants in the battle to secularize the country and suppress religion. The Constitution stated: “Education services should be secular, and, therefore, free of any religious orientation.”
About 90,000 Mexicans died in the fighting that ensued as the Christians, calling themselves Cristeros, resisted bravely. They got little or no help from the Vatican, but eventually, in 2000, Pope John Paul II canonized 25 Cristero saints and martyrs. The U.S. government apparently was interested only in protecting its oil interests.
Our first reaction to the killings in this movie is “of course, this can’t happen here.” The bloody part may be improbable in the United States, but the contempt for religion here is already evident.
It’s not difficult to imagine the hateful words of the Mexican President being repeated in the United States by the ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and various atheist litigators who are aggressively pushing supremacist judges to ban the Ten Commandments, our national motto, and crosses from schools and from every public place even when their purpose is to honor servicemen who gave their lives on our behalf.
Through speeches and regulations, President Obama is trying to eliminate all public references to religion, to force religious worship behind closed doors, and to coerce religious institutions into financing drugs and procedures that violate their religious faith. ObamaCare will force Christian hospitals, colleges and schools to pay for abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilizations for their employees.
If they don’t obey Obama’s orders, the penalty is financial death. It’s no wonder that Obama campaigned as a messiah in 2008 saying, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Obama Betting On America To Make The Same Mistake Twice! ^ | 07/05/12 | CaroleL

The overall campaign slogan for President Barack Obama's re-election effort is Forward as in please don't look back at my record because I've failed miserably. 

His current two-day bus tour of northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania has a slogan too: Betting on America as in I'm betting I can get enough Americans to fall for empty promises and meaningless platitudes again in spite of my miserable record.

At his first stop in Maumee, Ohio, our Candidate-in-Chief told the crowd, "I'm betting you're not going to lose interest. I'm betting you're not going to lose heart. I still believe in you, I'm betting on you."

It's not surprising that this man who has become famous for his almost pathological use of first person pronouns and his constant self-aggrandizing references to his own life would stand before those he has been elected to serve and tell them what he expects from them.

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Negro Pastors Lay Down Gauntlet to Obama Over Same-Sex Marriage!

Christian Post ^ | 7/3/12 | P. Stanley

Coalition Calls on Black Christians to Withhold Support Until President Grants Meeting
The Coalition of African American Pastors demanded on Monday that President Obama meet with the group to address his stance on same-sex marriage. So far, the White House has refused to acknowledge the group's request but leaders say they plan to "turn up the heat" by asking black Christians to sit on the sidelines for the time being.

"We have requested a meeting with President Obama and until he meets with us, we are going to ask black Christians to withhold their support until he personally hears our concerns," the group's spokesperson, the Rev. Bill Owens, told The Christian Post on Tuesday after Monday's press conference in Nashville. "More than anything, this is an issue of biblical principles and President Obama is carrying our nation down a dangerous road. Many African Americans were once proud of our president but now many are ashamed of his actions." Owens said the group hasn't received a response from the White House and they are growing frustrated with each passing day. "We can't compete with the Hollywood folks who are raising the big bucks for the president," Owens said.

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Dump That Clunker

Turn Over




Tax or no-tax?


Who's going to pay?



Party in France

Message to BHO

“No jobs”? Bunk. ^ | July 03, 2012 | John Stossel

“There are no jobs!” That is what people told me when I visited this NYC “jobs center” near Fox’s studios. But it’s not true.

After people at that welfare office told me, “There’s nothing out there, nothing!” …“no jobs available”, my team of four researchers (two of them interns) walked the area within a few blocks of the “jobs center”. In a few hours, they found 40 job openings! 24 of the employers said they had entry-level positions—“no experience necessary.”...

Why, at a time of high unemployment, don’t more people apply for these jobs? The owner of the Pink Tea Cup, one block away from the welfare office, said, “They don’t want to get off the welfare system because they’re happy it’s taking care of them.”

Right. Why work if you can get a check from government without working?

At the welfare office, one healthy-looking man said, “I can’t work. I’m on disability.” One woman said “I can’t find work in my field.” She’d been a medical assistant. I asked her about the jobs we’d found. She said they didn’t pay enough. But what is “enough”?

Studies show that one third of all unemployed workers suddenly find a job only when their government checks stop.

Of course, the jobs we found are not great jobs. They often pay just minimum wage. I say, so what? A minimum wage job teaches you skills, teaches you to show up on time, to get in the habit of work. I referred one young man to the Pink Tea Cup restaurant. He got hired as a dishwasher, within two weeks was promoted to busboy, then to waiter. Waiters make up to $200 a night.

“No jobs”? Bunk.
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Surprise cost of Obamacare (No "surprise" here)

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washington times ^ | 7/4/2012 | By Donald Lambro

Million of Americans of modest means will pay more!

Several issues are being distorted in the wake of the Supreme Court’s contradictory, backdoor ruling that up-held President Obama’s health care law on a disputed word definition. Others are virtually absent from the discussion, such as who will pay the onerous penalty tax and what it will cost them if the uninsured refuse to obey Mr. Obama’s order to purchase medical insurance?

It turns out, the court’s decision means Mr. Obama’s tax will fall most heavily on lower- to middle-income people whom he has vowed to shield from his proposed tax increases. It will be a lot costlier than you think, but more on that in a moment.

First, it’s not exactly true, as often misreported on the network nightly news, that the high court found that the law did not violate the Constitution.
In fact, the majority opinion written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. specifically ruled that Congress could not order uninsured Americans to buy health insurance under the commerce clause of the Constitution - the legal grounds on which the Democrats and Mr. Obama built their statist plan and defended it in oral arguments before the court. “The federal government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance,” Justice Roberts wrote in the 5-4 decision.
Indeed, Justice Roberts went to great lengths to say he flatly disagreed with proponents of the law who argued that the commerce clause gave them the authority to force citizens “to act as the government would have them act.”
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Female Coach Arrested For Sexual Battery [Queers Assault Minors, Daily]

NBC MIAMI ^ | 7/4/12

The interim girls basketball coach of West Broward High School was arrested Tuesday, accused of having sexual relations with a 16-year-old girl on her travel team, Pembroke Pines Police said.
Marquita Adley, 25, of Miami is charged with three counts of sexual battery by a custodian on a victim under age 18, and was released from jail after posting $15,000 bond, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The victim told police that she and Adley had several sexual encounters between April and June, including during a sleepover party at a teammate's house, police said in the complaint affidavit against Adley. The 16-year-old said she actively participated in the encounters and never told Adley to stop or tried to push her away, police said, but her parents contacted them on Friday to report that their daughter was inappropriately touched by the coach.

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